60 Years of Memories in Pictures
Capitol Building  -  Washington DC
Arlington Cemetery  -  Unknown Soldiers Tomb
Arlington Cemetery  -  Unknown Soldiers Tomb
Madison Square Gardens  -  New York City
Empire State Building  -  New York City
Brooklyn Bridge  -  Arrow points to a man on the Cables
Cathedral  -  New York City
Grant's Tomb  -  New York City
Jack Fulwiler  -  Eagle Scout  -  Abilene, Texas
Blimp over Valley Forge
Statue is made from wood and is the entrance to one of the camping areas in Valley Forge
UnKnown Statue  -  Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Independence Hall  -  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nigeria Falls
Nigeria Falls  -  Maid of the Mist Boat Dock
1950 Jamboree Decal
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