Joyce Stanford & Rayford Kelly

Date Of Birth:  Joyce - August 23, 1938   *   Ray - September 2, 1937

Family:  Ray's parents Oneta and Leroy are both deceased. Joyce's Daddy, Glenn Stanford, now lives in Grandbury, but her mother, Cuyler Adams Stanford, died in March 1999. Ray's brother Ennis lives in Midland, Texas his sister, Glenda in Oklahoma City, OK and his sister Juannelle in Whitney. Joyce's brother, Kenneth lives in Amarillo, Texas. We have three children: Kerrie and Wesley who live in Amarillo and Russell who lives in Oklahoma City. We have seven grandchildren, three boys and four girls.

Church Affiliation:     Methodist

Schools Attended:     Joyce went to all 12 grades at Lueders, Texas.  -  Ray came to Lueders in the seventh grade.
                                   Ray has BBA from McMurry College in 1970.

Hobbies or Favorite Pastimes:  Lots of yard work and a little time for fishing.

A Little History Of My Life:  Joyce's dad was on the Lueders School board the 12 years she was in school. We married 10 days after graduation. We first lived in Lueders where Ray worked for Webbs Grocery which we later bought. In 1962 we moved to Abilene, Texas where Ray drove a transport for Mrs. Bairds Bakery and Joyce worked for Super Duper Grocery. Ray worked nights and went to McMurry and got his degree in 1970 after all three children were born. In 1971 we moved to Amarillo, Texas where Ray worked for Furrs Grocery as non foods manager and Joyce worked for the gas company. In 1973 we were transferred to Alamogordo and lived there until 1977, transferred back to Amarillo still with Furrs. At this time, a friend from Lueders, Marlin Felts, got Joyce a job at a bank (small world). Later she got her old job back with the gas company and Ray went to work for Pioneer Natural Gas also. We both took early retirement (with encouragement) from K N Energy in 1996 after five mergers of our company.

We have moved to Granbury, Texas built a home on the lake and are both working again. Joyce works for Texas Bank, and Ray works for Century 21 Real Estate..

Special Accomplishments:  We have had a wonderful life together, still a little fond of each other after all these years. We feel that a greater accomplishments are our three wonderful kids. Kerrie is a school teacher, Wesley is a juvenile probation officer and Russell is a buyer for a large company. They and our grandchildren are the joy of our lives.

Current Address:  Granbury, Texas

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