Stephen Vern Miller

Date Of Birth:  October 1, 1936

Family:  My parents were Vern & Evelyn Miller. I have an older brother, John (Class of 53), a younger brother David (Class of 59) and a younger sister, Pat Kennedy (Class of 57) who lives in Artesia, NM. I have six children, ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. My children's names are Craig, Carol, Linda, Phyllis, Micky and Shelly.. My first wife Ruth died in 1978. My present wife is Sue.

Church Affiliation:     Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Not Mormon)

Military Service:       Failed Physical.

Schools Attended:     Grammer Schools at Abilene and Clyde, Texas
                                    Lueders High School  -  Lueders, Texas

Occupation:  Cable Tool Driller - Maintenance Foreman AMF Tuboscope.

Places I Lived:  Abilene - Clyde - Lueders - Artesia - Midland, all in Texas - Also lived in New Mexico.

Hobbies or Favorite Pastimes:  Rebuild old tractors and repair furniture.

Travels:  Have traveled in all states west of the Mississippi.

A Little History Of My Life:  I have lived a very happy life and learned some important lessons about life in this world. My success is not measured by what I have accomplished financially but in peoples lives that I have touched and that have touched me. This has brought a great deal of satisfaction to me. I have silicious from working around sand blasting equipment. This is a terminal illness but I'm doing well at this time.

Special Accomplishments:  I am an ordained minister in my church. I have found this to be the strength of my life. As I see there have been many people that have been touched by Gods hand from our group in Lueders. Must have been good values there.

Current Address:  Midland, Texas

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