Betty Jane McCown

Date Of Birth:  June 14, 1938

Family:  My parents were W.C. and Effie (Reves) McCown. I had one younger sister who died in 1956. I married James Franklin and we have one son, James Dale Franklin, Jr. and a daughter-in-law, Angelique.

Church Affiliation:     Mission Baptist

Schools Attended:     Swenson a Grammer School near Lueders, Texas
                                    Berryhill a Grammer School near Lueders, Texas
                                    Lueders High School  -  Lueders, Texas
                                   Odessa College  -  Odessa, Texas

Occupation:  Long Distance Operator with SWBT and ATT-Retired with 30 years.

Places I Lived:  Ericksdahl Community - Berryhill Community - Lueders - Abilene - Midland - Stamford - Odessa, all in Texas

Hobbies or Favorite Pastimes:  Reading, shopping for collectibles and landscaping my new yard.

Travels:  Arkansas - Arizona - Florida - Louisiana - Nebraska - New Mexico - Nevada - Oklahoma - Tennessee - Mexico

Special Accomplishments:  I worked for the telephone company from 1956 until 1994 in Abilene, Midland, Stamford and Odessa, Texas. I met James in Stamford and we married in 1963. We moved to Odessa in 1975. We have bought a new house on six acres-this will keep me busy until I die!

Special Accomplishments:  "Being Alive". Raising a son I'm very proud of.

Current Address:  Odessa, Texas

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