Donald Hudson Latimer

Date Of Birth:  October 16, 1937

Family:  My parents were Sundown and Della Brooks Latimer. I had an older brother L.D., deceased. I have an older sister, Billie Sue Offield who lives in Breckenridge, TX. I have two younger brothers that attended Lueders School, Jerry lives in San Francisco, CA and Ronnie lives in Santa Fe, NM. I married Dolores Cino of Buffalo, NY. We have two boys, Andrew, born 1969 and Kris, born 1975.

Church Affiliation:     Methodist

Military Service:       Navy  -  September 1956 to April 1969

Schools Attended:     Grammer School Grades 1 thru 6 - Albany, Texas
                                   Grammer School Grades 7 thru 8 - Lueders, Texas
                                   Lueders High School - Lueders, Texas

Advanced Training:  Navy Electronics Technical Institute - 1969 & 1970

Occupation:  Consumer electronics technician. Self employed . Owned & operated Mountain TV 1976 to 86. Ran VCR service department for Video Library & Blockbuster Video 1986 to 91. Owned & operated VCR Service Center 1991 to 94.

Places I Lived:  Jacksonville, Florida - Monrovia, Liberia - San Diego, California

Hobbies or Favorite Pastimes:  40's, 50's and 60's music - Family Genealogy - Reading - I enjoy talking with people.

Travels:  In the Navy from the North Pole to the equator. Newfoundland - Iceland - Greenland - Spain - Sicily - Africa - Morocco - Liberia - Sierra Leone - Ivory Coast - Ghana - Timbuktu - South Africa and Puerto Rico.

A Little History Of My Life:  I joined the Navy with Harry Prince, Aaron Petty and Durwood Taylor. While stationed at the U.S. Embassy on Attaché duty in Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa I met my wife, Dolores Cino who was working at the Embassy. We married in June of 1968. Stationed in San Diego, I was diagnosed as being diabetic in 1969 and received a medical discharge from the navy. We stayed in San Diego. Had more electronics training and went into consumer electronics. I had complications from diabetics in 1991 and had the toes on my left foot amputated. I closed my business in 1994. I worked part time after closing my business and then retired in late 1999.

Special Accomplishments:  I have my diabetics under the best control it’s been since I became diabetic in 1969.
                                             I recently went on insulin pump therapy.

Current Address:  San Diego, California

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