Shirley Ann George

Date Of Birth:  April 19, 1938

Family:  Parents deceased, no spouse at present (not looking), four children and 11 grandchildren.

Church Affiliation:     Baptist

Schools Attended:      Lueders Grammer School  -  Lueders, Texas
                                    Lueders High School  -  Lueders, Texas
                                    Hardin Simmons University
                                    ATI Business School & School of Vocational Nursing.

Occupation:  Nurse - Retired/disabled

Places I Lived:  Iowa - Michigan - Texas

Hobbies or Favorite Pastimes:  I am a doll collector. I also dress dolls in period costumes. Love to read and crochet. Call me “Artsy/Craftsy”.

Travels:  So far, most of my travels have been in the U.S. and Canada.

A Little History Of My Life:  For 20 years (1974 to 1994), I worked as a nurse. Prior to that I had eight years in law enforcement and 12 years in Office Management. Due to a disability I was forced to retire in 1994. I now am able to spend more time with my hobbies. I also am inclined to gamble moderately.

Special Accomplishments:  To have come this far. What a great life! If I could travel the Road of Life a second time, I might alter the course a little, but for the most part, I wouldn't change a thing. The people I've met and places I've gone can best be described as incredible! The best part is I've still gotta lot of living left to do. I Don't want to waste one single, solitary second, because, once lost, it's gone and can never be replaced.

Current Address:  Burkburnett, Texas

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