Josephine Ann Burkman

Date Of Birth:  February 26, 1938

Family:  Father - Rudolph Burkman, died March 1, 1982; Mother - Bavis Burkman died in June 2001; Sisters - Pat Gill of Abilene, Texas - Bobbie Long of St Louis, MO; Daughter - Kathy Burt of Fort Worth, Texas - David Miller of Fort Worth; Grandson - Justin Burt (Age 9) of Fort Worth. My husband, James died July 25, 2002.

Church Affiliation:     Hillside Memorial Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)  -  Fort Worth, Texas

Schools Attended:     Grammer School Grades 1 thru 3  -  Hastings Community near Lueders, Texas
                                   Grammer School Grades 4 thru 8  -  Lueders, Texas
                                   Lueders High School  -  Lueders, Texas

Occupation:  Currently retired from Lockheed Martin after two decades of service.

Places I Lived:  Hobbs and Las Cruces, NM; Abilene - Big Spring, TX - Fort Worth, TX.

Hobbies or Favorite Pastimes:  I have a huge bell collection with bells from all over the world. I volunteer at Greenbriar Elementary School where my grandson Justin is currently in the third grade.

Travels:  My family and I have been very lucky and privileged to have visited from the east coast to the west coast of our great country. We visited the east coast in 2001, such places as Washington, DC - Philadelphia, PA - New York, NY and Boston, MA. We visited the state of Colorado in 2002. My dream is to visit my family's home country of Sweden.

A Little History Of My Life:  Upon graduation from Lueders High, I married James Perry Miller on June 3, 1956. We had our first child, Kathy on May 8,1957 and our second child David on August 29, 1962. We have lived in Fort Worth, Texas since 1962. My husband and I both worked and retired at Lockheed Martin. My world surrounds our grandson Justin and his many activities, one being the raising of show goats.

Special Accomplishments:  Having a great marriage, good kids and a very special grandson. My family has been been truly blessed.

Current Address:  Fort Worth, Texas

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