Shirley Joyce Bailey

Date Of Birth:  January 22, 1939

Family:  My parents were Bill and Erma Bailey. I have one older sister, Betty Cain, that lives in Big Spring and one younger brother who lives in Odessa, Larry Bailey. I married Carl Anderson in Big Spring, TX and had three children, Greg, Tedd and Jana. Greg died in January 1993, Carl died in July 1993, and Tedd died in January 1997. Jana resides in Nashville, TN. I recently married a wonderful man, David Gettys, in Lake Tahoe, NV. He had two children, Lee, born in 1979 and Beth, born in 1981. My mom also died in March 1997. I have two grandsons, Skylar and Casey.

Church Affiliation:     Baptist

Schools Attended:     Grammer School - Grades 1 thru 2  -  Post Oak Community near Lueders, Texas
                                   Grammer School - Grades 3 thru 8  -  Lueders, Texas
                                   Lueders High School  -  Lueders, Texas
                                   Howard College  -  Big Spring, Texas
                                   Mclennan Community College  -  Waco, Texas
                                   UTA  -  Arlington, Texas

Occupation:  Worked for Waco Schools for 23 years then moved to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and worked for Delta Air Lines for five years. Currently employed with Arlington Independent School District at Roquemore Elementary School.

Places I Lived:  Big Spring, TX for 5 years - Lubbock, TX for 2 years - Waco, TX for 26 years - Mansfield, TX since 1981.

Hobbies or Favorite Pastimes:  Reading, Exercising, Calligraphy, and spending lots of time with my wonderful new husband and the children when we can.

Travels:  Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Saint John, Saint Thomas, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, most of the Caribbean as well as all over the United States from New York to California.

A Little History Of My Life:  Lived in Texas all my life. Met Carl Anderson in Big Spring in 1960, married and had three children, Greg, Tedd and Jana. Carl developed heart trouble in 1987 and cancer in 1988. He passed away July 27, 1993. Greg (oldest) died in January 1993 from suicide and Tedd (middle) died in January 1997 from Muscular Myleopathy (deterioration of the muscular / nervous system). David and I met in July 1994 at a Widow/Widowers meeting. We've dated for 3 years and recently decided to get married so we flew to Lake Tahoe, NV and married on Nov. 15, 1997. David is a Computer Engineer for Computer Sciences Corporation here in Fort Worth. He has two children, one in high school and one in College.

Special Accomplishments:  Having a good life and counting my blessings despite the fact that I have lost so many immediate family members. Having wonderful health, and energy and ability to do whatever I want and share these thing with special people.

Current Address:  Mansfield, Texas

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