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At the 50th Reunion of the Class of 53 held at the Cliff House in Stamford, Texas everyone was invited to say something and when Barbara Gray had her say it was so from the heart it touched all the class members and is worth being here among our Mementos

Several months ago when we first started talking about this Reunion, Rayleen had what I thought was a good idea and that was, that we tell how we came to live in Lueders.

I took her idea and I would like to share how we came to live in Lueders.

I am not very good at speaking in front of an audience as it makes me very nervous but, I don't think I could ever be content if I pass up this opportunity in revealing to all of you my feelings that I have had all these years.

We lived at a little place called Necessity, Texas. It is about 14 miles Southeast of Breckenridge, Texas. Our dad worked for a railroad company for years, but in the year of 1947, He was laid off.

There were 7 of us children, 6 of which were still living at home. There was no work to be found, so Daddy and Mama had to make some tough decisions. And I can only imagine the tough decisions that they were having to make.

We had a 29 model A Ford car, so Daddy cut the back off of it, put a pickup bed on the back of it, and a wagon tarp over it, and they loaded it with just the essential things for us to get by with. They sent us to school that morning of September 1947 and then they came by the schools and picked us up.

So there we were, Dad and Mom,6 kids, our dog, and what things we needed just to get by. So we headed out west to try to find work. We left Necessity at 9 o'clock in the morning, of that September morning and we arrived at a little place called Lueders, Texas at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. We stopped to get gas and the station that we stopped at was Jack Felts Station.

While Dad was paying for his gas, He asked some of the men there how far it was to Girrard or Jaton, Texas. Then one of the men that was sitting around outside, I think it was one of the Petty men, approached Dad and asked him if we were looking for work pulling cotton and Daddy told him yes, we were looking for work. He said just a minute, let me make a phone call. So He called someone and then He told Dad that He would drive him out there so he could talk to Him. That man that He talked to was Van Petty. When Dad came back to the station He had a big grin on his face and he told us that we had a job and a 2 room house to live in and the whitest cotton field that you ever saw.

So we moved into the little house and all of us that were old enough went to work pulling cotton for Van and Turk Petty (Harold Petty's Parents) and they treated us so good, they were really special people.

We had to stay out of school for 3 months before we were able to start. I remember how nervous and scared I was to start to school at a new school, with kids that I had never seen before, and 3 months behind everybody else. But all of those anxieties went away after a few days of school because of the way none of you even seemed to notice that I was late in starting and months behind everybody else.

You just accepted me. Little did I know that those scary and anxious times in my childhood would turn out to be a lifetime of friendship and special memories.

Even though we have gone our separate ways and lived our own lives. There has been and still is, a special bond that I feel for each of you and you all have a special place in my heart.

So that time of my childhood turned out to be a blessing from God for Friends that has lasted a lifetime.

May Gods richest blessings be upon each of you.

Barbara "Gray" Roseberry

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