Front Cover
1937 LHS Year Book
A word about the Year Book Pages:......

On June 30, 2002, The pages were scanned by Carlene (Burkman) Black, Class of 1972.

The yearbook was loaned to Carlene for this purpose by Henry Burkman, Class of 1941.

Including the advertisement pages, the year book consist of 87 total pages.

An additional scan of the photographs was made and the photos were then enlarged and enhanced for better viewing on the web site.

A total of 3 pages from the book were missing, Page 43 and 44 of the 3rd grade and Page 32 which is the 8th grade picture page.

Click here to load pages   1 through 42 of the 1937 Year Book
Click here to load pages   43 through 87 of the 1937 Year Book

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