Arlene "Dodgen" Felts graduated from Lueders High School in 1931 and 72 years later she attended Homecoming 2003 to help celebrate the 50th year reunion with the Class of 53 of which her son Carol was a member and she was a Room Mother and Chaperone on their senior trip.

Daughter Anita graduated in 1956 which was 25 years after mom.

Arlene was inducted into the Lueders Hall of Fame in 1993.

She can be proud that her son Carol also followed her into the Hall of Fame in 1999.

71 years after graduating, in June of 2002 Arlene at age 89 was asked about graduating from Lueders High School in 1931.

Her first memory was to recall that she graduated from the old square 2 story building that burned in 1934.

She recalled one of her teacher as being Mr. Berkman who had a student older then he was and Mr. Berkman also married one of his students, Margie Sides

Students in the Class of 31 were Viola Bigham, Hazel Compton, Gerrel Cooley, Zelda Mae Cooley, Arlene Dodgen, Nona Harper, Thomas Murray, Margie Sides, Selma Swenson, and Wallace Tosh whose dad had a drug store in Lueders. Rudolph Purcell was also a student but didn't graduate.

Her memories of the graduation night were that they didn't have caps and gowns. Arlene had a voile dress. Delphia Meil made her dress and Arlene's mother had washed clothes for Delphia to pay for making the dress.

1931 was during the depression and only 3 students were able to get a senior ring.

Arlene said that Ruthie Lee "Mitcham" Shipp has a picture of the class.

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