LHS   -   Graduate Thelma Mae Overfelt   -   Class of 25
Dorene McAlister, Class of 55 provided the following about the above...........
Thelma Mae was Dorene's mother and this photo was taken in 1958 when Thelma was 50 years old or 33 years after graduating from LHS.

Thelma had four daughters who attended Lueders School - Maxine, Rena, Dorene, and Pat McAlister. - Rena was Class of 50 and Dorene was Class of 55 - Maxine and Pat finished at other schools.

Additional history of Thelma and her family follows:............

Thelma's grand parents Mr. and Mrs. J P Morris were real Lueders pioneers and settlers having arrived from East Texas in 1901 by steam train.

Their 18 year old daughter, Maud who was to become the mother of Thelma Overfelt arrived with them.

Shortly after arriving in Lueders, the Morris purchased several lots just north of the school house property and also purchased a few additional lots where the current Lueders Bank is located.

The Morris also established the first grocery store in Lueders.

Maud married Emmitt Overfelt on December 18, 1906 and they raised five children which were, Thelma, Gladys, Lester, Inez, and Ruby.

Together the Morris and Overfelts purchased a farm northeast of Lueders and hence several generations of the family maintained the farm and many a family member from these generations have attended Lueders School.

After graduating in 1925 Thelma married A. F (Ted) McALister and four of those family members attending Lueders School were Thelma's daughters Maxine, Rena, Dorene, and Pat McAlister as indicated above.

The farm remained in the family for almost a hundred years with the last part of it only recently being sold.

Thelma's daughter Maxine still lives in Lueders as of 2003.

The Morris, Overfelt and McAlisters families have left many a footprint on the grounds of Lueders and in the halls of the Lueders School House.

"Courtesy of Dorene McAlister, Class of 55"

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