Lueders-Avoca Homecoming - 2007   -   John Tom Murray Photos
John Tom's photographs were taken the night before homecoming at the 1957 class reunion held at the Whitten Inn on I-20 in Abilene, Texas.

Those present were:...   David & Carolyn Edgar, Larry & Carol Ham, John T. Murray, Billy Patton, Marie "Watkins" Fuller and daughter, Cindy Walker, Ronnie & Norma Reynolds, Danny Wayne & Emily Weeks, Norman & Sharon Lambert, Shirley "Smith" & Weldon Chase, Marlin & Arla "Walls" Felts

Special Guests Were:...   Don Latimer, James Ray & Glenda "Walls" Cox.

John Tom Murrary
All Photos Courtesy of:.. John Tom Murray, Class of 57
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