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2003 Homcoming Presentation   -   Class of 1953
Lou Wills started off the Class of 53 program and presentations by explaining the class started their Freshman year with 26 members and graduated with 14 members plus one in the Navy for a total of 15.

Harold Backus was remembered as the one non surviving member who graduated with the class.

All other graduate members were present on the stage except Robbie Garvin, John Miller, Judy Smart, and Edith Raughton who were unable to attend due to health and other reasons.

E. Ray Smyth explained the Class of 53 was LAST in a lot of things but also had a few FIRST some of which are:

1. FIRST to graduate in the new school Auditorium built in 1952.
2. FIRST to hold a Senior Class Play in the new auditorium.
3. FIRST to have a Class Photograph hung in School Entrance Lobby.
4. FIRST to put a local man in the Junk Iron Business.
5. FIRST to nearly go to Jail over Junk Iron Business.
6. FIRST to give something back to school by purchasing the FIRST game clock the basketball gym ever had with funds left over from their senior trip after selling junk iron to win the Halloween King and Queen contest.
7. AND, after 50 years the class wanted to be FIRST again and give something back.

The signing into law of Texas House Bill 219 on 6-20-03 authorized the displaying of America's National Motto "In God we Trust" in all Texas Public Schools. However, the bill did not provide for funding.

Class member Wayne Verble suggested the class make it their project to provide the funding to purchase the "In God we Trust" posters for the school.

Additional photographs in this section reflect the results of Wayne's suggestion.

On behalf of the Class of 1953,  E. Ray Smyth and Lou Wills presented two Framed "In God we Trust" posters to School Superintendent, Fred McNeil and School Board President, Sandy Wilhite.

One poster will be displayed in the lobby of the grammar school building at Lueders and the other will be displayed at the high school building in Avoca.

Additional unframed posters were also provided.

E. Ray Smyth explained the poster with the Black and Gold engraving would hang in the Lueders School and was engraved with:
Presented by the Class of 53 at Homecoming 2003
"Thanks for the Memories"
AND the Red and Black engraving was for the Avoca School and was engraved with:
"Presented by the Lueders Class of 53 at Homecoming 2003"
Max Dillard presented a check from the estate of his mother Effie Dillard who was a 1929 graduate of Lueders High and explained it was on behalf of the Class of 53 and would be used for the purposes of installing a "Lueders-Avoca ISD" sign in front of the Lueders School Building.
School Superintendent, Fred McNeil accepted the $2,000.00 check and explained the new sign being provided as a gift from the Class of 53 will be made from a large block of Lueders Lime Stone and will be installed with landscaping in front of the current school flag pole.
Class of 53...     Homer Swinson  introduces himself.......
Class of 53...     Wayne Verble  introduces himself.......
Class of 53...     Rayleen "King" Pittcock  introduces herself.......
Class of 53...     Delorus "Woodruff" Stephens  introduces herself.......
Class of 53...     Barbara "Gray" Roseberry  introduces herself.......
Class of 53...     Ernestine "Segerstrom" Heller  introduces herself.......
Class of 53...     Kenneth Stamford  introduces himself.......
Class of 53...     Max Dillard  introduces himself.......
Class of 53...     Lou "Wills" Sims  introduces herself.......
Class of 53...     E. Ray Smyth  introduces himself.......
Class of 53...   Carol Felts introduces himself and his mother Arlene Felts, a 1931 Lueders graduate and
a Sponsor of the Class of 53 who made the class behave on their senior trip.
Class Sponsor and Senior Trip Chaperone, Arlene Felts on stage with the Class of 53
Class of 53...
Lou Wills - E. Ray Smyth - Homer Swinson - Carol Felts - Rayleen King - Arlene Felts - Max Dillard
Wayne Verble - Delorus Woodruff - Barbara Gray - Ernestine Segerstrom - Kenneth Stamford
Class of 53...
Lou Wills - E. Ray Smyth - Homer Swinson - Carol Felts - Rayleen King - Arlene Felts - Max Dillard
Wayne Verble - Delorus Woodruff - Barbara Gray - Ernestine Segerstrom - Kenneth Stamford
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