Glenn Stanford
100 Year Tribute
Not often does one see the age of  1 again but, Glenn Stanford can now say he is age 1 having arrived at the age of  " 1  Century " on September 15, 2006.

Glenn Stanford served on the Lueders School Board all the years this author was in High School starting with the year 1949 and ending with 1953.

His son, Kenneth and I graduated together in 1953 - His daughter Joyce was not far behind having graduated in 1956.

I first met Mr. Stanford when I was age 9 and thanks to his alertness and quick action he has allowed me to live to a ripe old age.

Having lived on an oil lease in the Post Oak Community 3 miles east of Lueders until 1943, I had never been around a bicycle before and thus did not know how to ride one when we moved to town in 1943.

Barbara Cox who lived on the corner south of our house had a bicycle and was letting me ride it.

I had learned to ride the bicycle but, had not learned how to stop it.

On this occasion, I was peddling pretty fast from our house back down towards the Cox's house when I saw this Model A Ford Coupe coming down the road which ran south of the football field and it was headed towards the school house.

My plan had been to go on across the road towards the Digg's house but, I now needed to stop real quick and my brain knew how to do that but, the feet didn't and scared as I was I couldn't get my feet to go backwards to set the brake.

As I recall it, my feet came plumb off the pedals and I was at the mercy of a run away machine headed straight for disaster.

Thank God, Glenn was alert because he saw me and threw on the brakes and ran that Model A into the ditch in an attempt to avoid me.

I came on across the road and ran right into the side of his door and my head went practically inside the window.

He had gotten stopped and by the time I hit him I had slowed enough, nothing was damaged and I was ok except for my pride and embarrassment.

Kenneth probably doesn't remember it but, he was with Glenn.

This was my very first meeting with Mr. Stanford and Kenneth. Of course I had no idea who either was nor the notion that I would spend all my remaining growing up and school years with Kenneth.

I have always remembered the incident because it was a good lesson learned when I was but a dumb kid.

And as an adult I have always been thankful that Glenn was alert and quick to react.

I owe Glenn a special debt of gratitude for what happened on that sunny afternoon when I was 9 years old.

However, a lot of us who attended Lueders School also owe Glenn because of him having served on the Lueders School Board for several years.

I have the 1950, 51, 52, and 53 school year books and they reflect that Glenn served on the board all four of those years. I'm sure there were others.

To see Glenn and all who served us those years, Click:...   HERE

Glenn now lives in an assisted living place called "The Gables" which is in Granbury, Texas were his son Kenneth and his daughter Joyce Kelly now have their homes.

Kenneth and Joyce arranged for a 100 year celebration at the "The Gables".

Pictures and a newspaper article relative to the celebration may be reviewed by using the menu links below.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

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