Chat Line Protocol and Rules
The Pirate Chat Line is a private mail system which is setup on the host computer in Orlando, Florida where the Web Site is located.

You need do nothing except send a normal e-mail message addressed to:. and It works exactly the same as all other e-mail.

The system i.e. software on the computer in Orlando, Florida will make copies of your message and send your message to every one whose e-mail address has been inserted into the mail system.

Currently that is approximately 100 ex-Pirates the messages and replies are being sent to.

The Pirate Chat Line mailing system is provided to us as part of the web site hosting plan and therefore we have limited control with certain items in the way it works.

Purpose of the Chat line is to provide a means of communication so former classmates and old friends can stay in touch with one another. It is on the Chat Line we read interesting and sometimes funny stories about our childhood memories and the people who helped raise us. Sadly it is also the place we learn of illness or death of those we have known.

As we have all learned, computers don't accept "Close" or "That's good enough"

Accordingly, there are a few protocol rules that must be followed for the mail system to operate as designed.

New Messages and Replies must be addressed to and that address alone. --- NO Cc: and NO Bc: Use the one address ONLY or your message will be rejected and cause extra work for the Web Master.

To keep out Spam - Junk Mail and the Uninvited, messages will not go through unless the mail is sent from an e-mail address that has been entered into the Chat Line Database. In other words if you have more then one e-mail address you must use the address you registered to use on the Chat Line.

When doing a reply, you should leave all the previous messages on the reply but, delete the footer the system itself puts on the bottom of each e-mail message.

If you change your e-mail address or for some reason your messages can not be delivered by the system the software will after 6 attempts automatically remove your e-mail address from the database and you will no longer receive Chat Line Messages unless you resubscribe.

In the past, Pictures or other Attachments could not be allowed because of the bandwidth cost charged by the web site hosting company. They still charge but, have raised the allowed usage limits so we can now send message up to 200K in size which means you can attach small images to the Chat Line messages providing not too many of us start attaching images.

Please understand when the message goes out it is being distributed to many people and with a lot of images going through the system a high rate of bandwidth usage will occur.

As most are aware, we are archiving the Chat Line messages and one of the things I ask is that we be consistent in signing each and every message with your normal name and please use the same format as shown here:.. Your Name, Class of ?? --
i.e. like this:.. E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53 -- That means Class '53 is incorrect.

Ladies should use their maiden name or sign their name like this:.. Carlene "Burkman" Black, Class of 72

Matters not where you graduated from Lueders or not, still put in your high school year and if from another school feel free to add that on the end of your messages.

The whole point is to let folks know who wrote the message, Past - Present - Future and do so without creating extra work for the Web Master.

I ask this because it is a very boring and time consuming task to copy and program the messages into a web page. But, it is one I am willing to do in order to preserve the wonderful stories for our children's children and all that are to follow.

We should want our archived messages to be neat and consistent as they are leaving a small piece of history behind by telling the stories of how it was living in Lueders, Texas in another time.

The archived messages may be reached by the link provided:...   HERE

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