Hall of Fame - Lueders High School
The Hall of Fame Board Hangs in the School Auditorium / Cafeteria as shown above
The Board as it appears hanging on the wall to the right of the stage
The engravings on the board are shown below
The above engraving is the one at the top of the board
The above engraving is the one at the bottom of the board
There was four inductees the first year which was 1993 and they are on the top row of names as shown below
C. T. Berkman
Charlie Helmer
Edith Ham
Arleen Felts
The four 1993 inductees name plates were placed across the top row and it is not known how the others were placed on the board but, the following pictures were taken down and across from left to right.
Mary Alice Putman
Dave Reves
Gerrell Moore
Maurese Putman
C. A. Taylor
Carol Felts
Truett Latimer
Helen Ann Keesee
Thurman Thomas
John E. Hayton
Rose Marie Culver
R. C. Cobb
Harry Garvin - Inducted 2007
Ruth Olson - Inducted 2007
Each Inductee is given a Personal Plaque as reflected by the above
The Above ENDS the Hall of Fame Section of the Board
Also in 1993 there was four "Gold Star" names installed on the board and those names are to honor the Lueders High School graduates killed in a battle during war time.
The "Gold Star" Plate
Stanley Ralph Herrick
John H. Reves
Frank C. Ferrell
N. J. Tosh Jr.
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