As shown below, When newly elected President, Danny Zips and I reviewed the board a few days after homecoming this was what we observed and considered:................

1. Only 1 or 2 Spaces left for Name Plates - (2009 name plates not installed when photo taken)
2. HOF names are being mounted in the Gold Star Area
3. Name Plates are mounted with different spacing between plates
4. A few plates are mounted crooked
5. The engravings are very difficult to read
6. None of the engravings use a standardized format
7. The Pirate and Raider logos are plastic and starting to crack
8. No Induction Dates are on the Name Plates

While additional space could be achieved on the board by moving the name plates closer together, you would then have the old screw holes showing and the Gold Star names would still require moving to another board.

We should consider the fact the board was established 17 years ago and over that length of time things were done differently by different people and it can be expected things go down hill a little and that is not a reflection on anyone.

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