Memories of Lueders, Texas
Pirate Chat Line Chatter for 1st Quarter of 2010
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January 16, 2010

I thought this one appropriate for us Pirates and the School Chat Line.










E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 18, 2010
Hi Pirates,

I hope all of you had a Happy New Year and are off and running in this new year of 2010.

On November 11, 2009 I posted on the chat line a message letting everyone know the Hall of Fame Members were posted on the Alumni Web Site.

Also spoke of my surprise to learn at homecoming there even existed a Hall of Fame board and told you Danny Zips and I had discussed relocating it in the school auditorium to a more visible location.

Also mentioned my disappointment that there was no induction dates on any of the inductees name plates. Not mentioned was my disappointment in the overall condition of the board itself.

Having been created in 1993, it is understandable that over a period of 17 years there has been some wear and tear and inconsistencies developed in the engravings.

Also obvious was the fact very little room remains for future name plates and already those now being installed are among and below where name plates for the Gold Star members are located.

In short, it is time the board be over hauled. However, the name plates are installed using screws and to reposition or do something with the existing board to make room for the new names it would leave screw holes showing.

It so happened that I had just learned that B. A. Honey, Class of 61 is an excellent woodworking craftsman and anyone who has visited his museum of collectibles has also seen that.

I told Danny Zips if B. A. would build us a new board, I would pay for all new engravings of the metal name plates.

So, since Homecoming Danny, B.A. and myself have been discussing and looking into how we would go about creating a new board.

One of the first things we considered was to make a new and smaller board for just the Gold Star Members so they are not a part of the Hall of Fame board as this will allow maintaining the same size board for the Hall of Fame members which is already fairly large at 24 X 36 inches.

The new Gold Star board will also hang some place in the school lobby or auditorium.

B. A. is looking into making the boards out of Texas Mesquite which will be pretty cool.

What we have known and call engraving has now been replaced by a process called Sub-Lamination which is a special ink that is used for lettering and then heated to 400 degrees which causes this special ink to actually impregnate into the metal.

Some of you may be aware they can also now take pictures and laminate them on to metal plates in a process called "photo-foil."

Purpose of my message is to make you aware that I have now posted on a web page shown:..  HERE what Danny, B.A. and I are planning on doing in the way of creating a new Hall of Fame board for our school.

We wanted to put our plans before all Pirates on the chat line so your ideas can be considered and in case you have any also your objections on what we are planning on doing.

The Top and Bottom Plates are pretty much the same except an attempt was made to cosmetically improve their layout.

We have also made new Pirate and Raider Logos to replace those currently on the board. These are shown on the web page.

To install the induction dates and standardize the name plates so consistency can be maintained in future engravings all the past name plates are listed with the purposed new engraving.

We also had a 1912 and a 2007 picture of the school sub-laminated on metal plates and are currently planning on using them on the bottom of the board.

So, we now ask all Pirates to review the purposed plan and give us your suggestions and/or objections.

I might add another thing that has been discussed is to make the nominations for new inductees around 6 months prior to homecoming so, the inductees names can be engraved and plaques made ready for presentation and showing at homecoming.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 18, 2010

Maurese Putnam Vinson was on the faculty. Do you want to include her married name?

Thanks for all your work.

Carolyn Mullins Pearson, Class of 65

January 18, 2010
E Ray,

The new board looks great, and I certainly appreciate all of your work on this, as well as on the web site, chat line, etc..

I was an employee (Business Manager/Tax Assessor-

Collector) for Lueders-Avoca I.S.D. from 1978 until 1983.

Thanks, Gerrell Moore, Class of 52

January 18, 2010

Gerrell in the interest if maintaining a consistant format and having it correspond with what it says on the Qualification Requirements how about we do it like this. --

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 18, 2010

That looks fine to me.

Thanks, Gerrell Moore, Class of 52

January 18, 2010

Looks good. Ann Keesee was also faculty. I'm not sure of the years, but around 1966.

Thank you for all you and others do for this website. It's just great.

Myra Bennett Moreau, Class of 71

January 18, 2010

If anyone knows the years Ann Keesee was on the Faculty we will sure add it but, it is not currently shown on her name plate of the current board.

E. Ray, Class of 53

January 19, 2010

Hopefully, I have the correct phone number for Ann's sister Patsy Fuqua. I'll see if she remembers the years Ann taught us bookkeeping and typing in high school.

Carolyn Mullins Pearson, Class of 65

January 19, 2010

Our class was in typing with Miss Keesee when President Kennedy was assassinated. That was also the day Ramona Mullins Hamilton gave birth to her first son Lyle. I think he was born in 1962.

Carolyn Mullins Pearson, Class of 65

January 19, 2010

Myra, Don Latimer, the Chief of Pirate research sent me the following:

Ray, I checked on the Newspaper Archives for Ann Keesee and she taught in Lueders in 1964-65 and 1965-66 years. I've copied the articles and will transcribe them and send them to you.

The 1964 article says she was a returning teacher so she also taught for the 1963-64 school year.

As far as I know that's the three years she taught at Lueders. -------- Don

I have now revised Ann Keesee's name plate to reflect "Faculty 1963 - 1966" So a big thanks to you for contributing. That's what this was all about.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 19, 2010

Just a quick historical note that JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

Carolyn--you can tell Lyle Hamilton that someone on the Lueders Pirate chat line just made him one year younger.

Ron Latimer, Class of 65

January 19, 2010

Is that going to change Ramona’s child’s age?

Jim Fitzgerald, Class of 54

January 19, 2010

I believe you guys are bored and Lueders graduates may rewrite history yet. You could build a house with the information on the Board news that has been going around. Well they can't say we are g one as long as this chat line holds up.

Max Dillard, Class of 53

January 19, 2010

Here are two articles that I found on Lueders High School from 1964 & 1965:

Don Latimer, Class of 56

Abilene Reporter News - 21 Sep 1964

LUEDERS (RNS) - The following class officers for Lueders High School have been elected:

Seniors - president, Tommy Hart; vice president, Russell Mullins; secretary - Juanelle Anderson; treasurer, Marilyn Jean Smith.

Juniors - president, Margaret Ann Winkles; vice president, Karl Ford; secretary-treasurer, Carol Langford.

Sophomores - president, Betty Connell; vice president, Harriett Watts; secretary-treasurer, Brenda Hansen; reporter, Joyce Watts.

Freshmen - president, Victor Wilhite; vice president, Bob Doty; secretary-treasurer, Carolyn Jo Reves.

The school has an enrollment of 202 this year. A school band has been organized with Mrs. G. H. Hughes as director. Mrs. Fred Zercha will conduct a choral group. The band will have about 20 members.

Pep squad majorette is Linda Bean, with Carolyn Henderson, Janie Smity, and Judy Scott as twirlers. Cheerleaders are: Vicki Felts, Carol Watts, Kathy Will and Juanelle Anderson. Ann Keesee is Pep Squad sponsor.

G. H. Hughes is the new superintendent, coming here from Abbott where he had been superintendent four years.

Abilene Reporter News - 19 Aug 1965

Lueders (RNS) - The Lueders public schools will start the 1965-66 school year Monday, Aug. 31 at 8:15 a.m. with a full day of school.

All school buses will run at the regular time and lunch will be served in the school cafeteria.

There will be a faculty meeting and teacher workday or shop beginning at 9:30 a.m. Friday, Aug. 28.

New teachers in the Lueders public school are: Garland Black, high school math and physics; Mrs. Lynn Jackson, 5th and 6th grade math and social science.

In addition to the teachers already mentioned, the other teachers returning are: Mrs. Stanley Vinson, first and second grades, assisted by Mrs. Garland Black; Mrs. Burk Vaughan fourth grade, assisted by Mrs. Garland Black: Miss Ann Keesee, junior high departmental work and high school typing, book keeping and shorthand; Mrs. Fred Zehrer, junior high public school music and English; Truman Hagler, seventh and eight grade math and science; Mrs. Annie May Jones, high school vocational home making; John Quinby, high school vocational agriculture.

Mrs. Joe Jackson, high school English and public school music; Lynn Jackson, high school science and social studies; John Hayton, high school principal, coach, and driver education; and S. Wortham Crow, superintendent. v In charge of the cafeteria are Mrs. Nollie Lawrence, Mrs. Zora Latimer and Mrs. Guy Price.

The school custodians are O. T. Burton and Bunk Bounds.

January 19, 2010

The class of 1964-65 was not Tommy Hart, and Janelle Anderson; they graduated in 1966. They were Juniors in 64-65.

Gerry Baker, Class of 66-67

January 19, 2010

I have said that the reason that the inductees didn't have plaques to receive last year at homecoming was my fault entirely. I just simply didn't think of it and have apologized for that oversight.

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

January 19, 2010

I forgot to mention--I have the name plates for this year's Hall of Fame honorees. I really wanted to have the names, etc. written in black, but didn't in order for them to be the same as the others.

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

January 19, 2010

A question occurred to me--who will be paying for these changes? I don't feel that the homecoming association should before it is voted on by the association at the next meeting. We do want to remain legal!!

The suggestions for improvement sound good to me.

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

January 19, 2010

Greta, If you will read my initial message regarding replacing the board you will find that B. A. Honey is going to provide the board and do the work of putting it together.

I am going to have all the names plates made here in Titusville, Florida as I have already done with the plate samples and the Logos as shown on the web site posted in my previous message on this subject.

I will ship the name plates and logos to B. A. and he will put it all together.

Between Danny Zips, B. A. and myself it will cost no one anything. When done you will find a new board hanging in the Auditorium at no cost or bother to anyone except Dandy, B.A. and myself.

Something has to be done as the old board is running out of room for new names and already names are being installed in the Gold Star area of the board.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 20, 2010

I didn't see his obituary but Dave Reves died yesterday.

ANSON — Dave Reves, 96, died Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010. Funeral will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at First United Methodist Church in Anson. Burial will be at Rockdale Cemetery, directed by Adams-Graham Funeral Home. Family visitation will be from 5 to 7 p.m. today.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

January 20, 2010

I did see that you were doing the name plates.. I wondered about the other things. After thinking about it, I think that the script looks much better on the name plates instead of printed letters. Just a thought. Others need to express opinions about that.

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

January 20, 2010

This will be published in the Abilene Reporter-News on Jan. 21, 2010

Dave Reves - Anson, Texas

Dave Reves, 96, died Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at Arlington Memorial Hosptial. Funeral services will be 2:00 p.m., Thursday, January 21, 2010 at First United Methodist Church with Skip Rodgers and Rev. Bob Kelley officiating. Burial will be in Rockdale Cemetery directed by Adams-Graham Funeral Home.

Born November 16, 1913 in Shackelford County, Dave was a son of the late E. T. and Marie (Rellihan) Reves. He graduated from Stamford High School and graduated from Hardin Simmons University in 1939. Dave was an U. S. Army Veteran of World War II and married Estella Winkles May 10, 1946. He was the Jones County Sheriff from 1953 to 1968. Dave was a member of the First United Methodist Church and numerous public and professional associations.

He was preceded in death by his wife, one brother (Frank Reves); two sisters (Pauline Sandefur and Naomi Mize) and one great grandson (Cody Dean Stewart).

Survivors include two daughters, Susan Holloway of Anson and Sharon Young of Arlington; two sons, David Reves, Jr. (and wife, Liz) of Denver City and John Reves (and wife, Nancy) of Allen; two sisters, Jane McKeever of Stamford and Grace Mataya of Houston; two brothers, E. T. Reves, Jr. of Schulenburg and Jerry Reves of Sweetwater; eight grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.

Memorials can be made to the Anson Meals on Wheels, 1225 Ave. J; Anson Jones Museum, 1300 Ave. K; First United Methodist Church, 832 Commercial, Anson, TX 79501 or Rockdale Cemetery Fund, % Joan Hager, 1213 Wells, Stamford, TX 79553.

Sandra Reves, Current Staff

January 21, 2010

Pirates, I was not aware Dave Reves was still alive.

Dave Reves has a few memories in my heart and perhaps it is appropriate to tell a couple.

I remember his running for sheriff the first time and recall Fred Sides and my daddy discussing the sheriffs election down on the side walk in front of Fred's shop as our dads were always doing.

I don't know how many of you remember the side walks being filled with our fathers spending lots of time on the side walk visiting. i.e. BSing At one time we even had what was called the whittlers benches in front of the stores which I think was a topic on the chat line once before.

Well as stated, we were down in front of Fred's shop discussing the upcoming election when Fred told my Dad. "Well ER, I'll tell you how I feel about it, no more need me and you got for a sheriff we would be a_ _ holes if we didn't vote for our home town boy." Nuff said, Dave won

Then there was another occasion when Dave came to the school house and wanted to use the Boy Scouts to serve dinner at a barbecue and rabbit drive he was putting on to garner votes at elections time.

Well, Carol Felts, Max Dillard, Kenneth Stanford and all us guys in the scouts thought that was something to get out of school for the day to go help Dave with his barbecue.

So, we all wore our uniforms to school that morning and then around noon time we scouts all went out to, a cow pasture on the Mullins farm as I recall and served dinner at the barbecue and then that afternoon the rabbit drive was to be held in those sections of roads over west of the Mullins place.

I recall Texas roads being in mile squares and for a rabbit drive, as it was done that day, a group of guys with shot guns were dropped off on one road and another group was dropped off and scattered up and down on the opposite road of the mile square and then one group would walk through the field or pasture towards the other group and the jack rabbits were running every where with shot guns blasting away.

Well, so happens I was one of the troop leaders and after we were through serving dinner for Dave and had all ate a plate ourselves I went up to Dave to thank him for the honor of letting us serve dinner and he said "Ya now you boys get out there and clean up all this mess before you leave." Of course paper plates, napkins and you name it was scattered from here to yonder in the cow paster and all of a sudden this honor crap went out the window and I felt like a slave when I realized why Dave really wanted us there. Ha!! :-)

But, we did clean it up and seems like it did take us a while.

I also recall my brother in law, Thorn Sheen telling the story of the time he was a trainer instructor at the Stamford airport during world war II. Thorn married my wife's oldest sister who was several years older then my wife and he was even several years older then the wifes sister.

The story goes that one day while out instructing in the T-6 trainers they used, Thorn saw this farmer on a tractor plowing in a wide open field and he pulled the throttle all the way back on the engine and quietly swooped down to about 10 feet off the ground and got right in behind the tractor and just before he got to there he threw the throttle wide open and when he did the farmer jumped off the tractor and took off running with the tractor still plowing and then the farmer had to go chase the tractor down.

After the war Thorn moved back to New York were he was from and that story never was told to me until he and my wife's sister moved back to Texas in 1955 about the time I was getting married and he told me the story. His reason being was because he had learned Dave Reves was now the Jones County sheriff who was the farmer he had buzzed and caused to jump off the tractor.

As I recall Dave was usually over in Stamford every Saturday night to keep law and order at the Round Up Hall where there was always a Saturday night honky tonk type dance.

I have other vague memories but, I don't recall ever having a sheriff type problem or being in trouble with Dave and I remember going in his office one time there in Anson but, can't remember why.

I was not aware that Dave was still alive and found it interesting he lived to be 96 as that is the same age my mother made it to.

Like Fred Sides said he was our Home Town Boy. My condolences to all his family.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 21, 2010

I've been trying to confirm what years Ann Keesee taught at Luedersl

I did speak with Rose Mary Oman Edwards, class of 63, who lives on the old home place north of Lueders.

Rose Mary confirms that Ann Keesee taught at Lueders her senior year, which she thinks was Ann's first year teaching at Lueders

That would have Ann teaching at Lueders four years.


Or as you would probably say, 1962 to 1966

Ann wasn't listed as a "new" teacher in Sep of 1962 but this may be just an oversight..

Abilene Reporter News - 4 Sep 1962

LUEDERS (RNS) - A reception for the faculty of the Lueders school will be held in the school cafeteria on Monday night, Sept. 10, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

The affair is to be hosted by members of the Parent-Teachers Association.

The Lueders school will begin on Sept. 4. The faculty is complete with three new teachers this year. Bill Anders of Rule, Lynn Jackson of Hawley, and Neal Tankersley of Eastland.

Tankersley will be the vocational agriculture teachers. He has been employed with the United States Agriculture Department and is a graduate of East Texas State College at Commerce. Anders taught school previously at Graham. Jackson received his master’s degree at North Texas University at Denton this summer.

Other members of the faculty are John Hayton, Mrs. Joe Jackson, Mrs. W. O. Nauert, Truman Hagler, L. W. Sheppard, Mrs. Charles Beal, Mrs. Reuben Nance, Mrs. Burk Vaughan, Mrs. Joy Phillips, Mrs. S. L. Vinson and Ann Keesee.

Wortham Crow is school superintendent.

The buses will make their daily run on opening day, and the lunch room will be open. Mrs. Ina Moorehead, Mrs. Nollie Lawrence, and Mrs. Zora Latimer are in charge of the lunch room. School custodian are Chester prince and O. T. Burton.

Abilene Reporter News - 28 Aug 1963

LUEDERS (RNS) - The Lueders schools will begin on Sept. 3 with a full day of classes on schedule. The buses will make their daily runs and the lunch room will be open. Classes will begin at 8:20 a.m.

All new students are requested to register anytime this week in the morning hours. A faculty meeting and workshop will be held Friday at 10 a.m.

Two new teachers are members of the system this year. Mrs. Fred Zehrer of Anson will teach junior high English and Mrs. Annie Mae Jones of Paris is the new homemaking teacher.

Other members of the faculty are: Wortham A. Crow, superintendent, beginning his sixth year with the system. John Hayton, L. W. Sheppard, Truman Hagler, John Quinby, Mrs. Joe Jackson, Lynn Jackson, Bill Anders, Ann Keesee, Mrs. Burk Vaughan, Mrs. Reuben Nance, and Mrs. Maurese Vinson.

Lunchroom workers are Mrs. George Lawrence and Mrs. Zora Latimer, and school custodians are O. T. Burton and Chester Prince.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

January 21, 2010

The 1962 yearbook list Ann Keesee as the 2nd grade teacher.

Bobby Reves, Class of 63

January 21, 2010

Humnnnnnn!!! --- Does that mean she was there at the start of school in 1961

E, Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 21, 2010
Thanks Bobby,

Ruth Gilstrap Nail (Mrs. John R. Nail) started the 1961/62 school year as the second grade teacher. I guess at some point that year, Ann Keesee replaced Mrs. Nail as the second grade teacher.

The Nails had a son, Ronnie Nail, who I think was in the class of 65. Was Mrs. Nail and or Ronnie shown in the 62 annual?

Don Latimer, Class of 56

January 21, 2010


The 1961 annual shows Mrs. Nail as second grade teacher but she is not in 1962 edition. I do not find Ronnie in 61 or 62.

Bobby Reves, Class of 63

January 21, 2010

Ronnie Nail in in the top left hand corner of the eight grade class in the 1961 annual.

Here's a newspaper article from the Sep 3, 1961 edition of the Abilene Reporter News, which lists the Lueders teachers for the beginning of the year.

Abilene Reporter News - 3 Sep 1961

LUEDERS (RNS) - Lueders schools will open Monday with registration beginning at 8:30 a.m. Regular bus runs will be made. The school lunchroom will be open.

Wortham Crow will begin his third year as school superintendent.

The school will have the same faculty and positions as last year. High school football coach is John Hayton, with Marion Shelton as assistant coach. Other members of the high school faculty are Robert Bradbury, mathematics; vocational agriculture, Leroy Groves; homemaking, Mrs. Louise Slites; commercial, Mrs. Charles Beal; English, Mrs. Joe Jackson; history, Marion Shelton; science, Truman Hagler.

Elementary school principal is L. W. Sheppard. Teachers include Mrs. Beal, eight grade; John Hayton, seventh grade; Sheppard, sixth grade; Mrs. Reuben Nance, fifth grade; Mrs. Burk Vaughan, fourth grade; Mrs. Joy Phillips, third grade; Mrs. John Nail, second grade; Mrs. Stanley Vinson, first grade.

Custodians are O. T. Burton and Chester Prince. Charles Helmer, school custodian for the past 25 years, retired in July.

Don Latimer - Class of 56

January 21, 2010

I have been debating with myself about whether or not to express this and had decided to not say anything. However, I am finding that there is quite a lot of resentment and hurt feelings about this proposal.

One of the comments made to me was "It's like everything we've done in the past is not worth anything." For many years, now--way before I moved back here--There have been homecoming committees involved in planning homecomings. One of the things planned for was the Hall of Fame--honorees and name plaques. The planners who have come before us planned the way they wanted the names portrayed and feel justifiably resentful that all that will be tossed aside like trash. What makes it more painful that these proposed changes did not come from a homecoming committee meeting, but from people never before involved.

I honestly do not say these things to hurt other feelings, but that is what I'm hearing and I believe it needs to be addressed. Also, the feeling is that some people voting on the chat line is not right as there are many who are not involved in that.

To my mind, if changes are proposed that involve a large group of people, as many of those people as possible need to be involved.

If you had not seen the Hall of Fame board that is too bad. However, I walked over to it to point out something--don't remember what--at a meeting one year. I will add that plans had already been made to move it to the rear of the auditorium and B.A. had agreed to make another board compatible with the current one on which we could add names from future years. I propose that those plans be followed now instead of adding to the controversy. That is my own suggestion.

I really do appreciate the suggestions and thought behind the "new board" suggestion, but in my opinion it is not worth the hurt feelings.

Greta Olson Corbitt, 1952

January 22, 2010

I had this message and the web page all done when Greta's last Chat Line message arrived and so didn't know if it was worth posting or not But, having gone this far and regardless of which direction we might now take, I finally decided we might has well get every ones font opinions that might have one. So, here it is.

I have always used Block type letters and have been using a Sans Serif or Arial font in my computers since 1987.

Fact is, most all my web pages are in the Arial Font and even my e-mail program is set to compose messages in Arial.

So, it was natural thing to go do all the Hall of Fame name plates in the Arial Font as that is the default setting in my programs.

However, I do also use other fonts when creating graphic images for web sites and Greta's suggestion to use a Script font on the HOF name plates prompted me to go back and take a second look for further evaluation of what Greta was suggesting.

I can now tell you that I concur with Greta with a slight variation which you will find if you will look the web page shown:...   HERE

Please review the page and offer us your comments.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 22, 2010

I was a little confused by Greta's last message posted to the Chat Line and want to make it plain that none of us have any intentions of hurting any ones feelings.

Since Greta's message arrived, Danny Zips, B.A. Honey and I have discussed Greta's concerns and I've also had a few private e-mail messages.

I want to address Greta's concerns on the chat line but, to keep the length of the message down I would like for all Pirates to be conscious of something before hand in case you've not gave thought to what I am going to point out.

I knew at this past homecoming we had not one person in attendance, after the Class of 1962 and only one person attended from that class. There may have been 1 other from around 1972.

I mentioned this to BA and he pointed out that the kids have graduated from High School at the Avoca school since 1967 and that is where their loyalty lies and their homecoming is located.

It suddenly dawned on me that the Lueders homecoming will cease to exist in about 10 to 12 years. Maybe less and maybe a little more.

This means we Pirates have about 5 or 6 more homecomings to attend and then that's it, as there will be no more Lueders homecomings and no more Pirates and no more Pirate Chat Line or Web Site.

Carlene, and I have already discussed preserving the Pirate web site in some manner because there are just too many pictures, memories and treasures to allow it to all be lost.

This also means there will only be around 10 or 12 additional members inducted into the Lueders Hall of Fame and then that will come to an end.

At the end of this period how ever and what ever the Hall of Fame Board's condition is there it will hang for an unknown number of years which I expect to be for some time based on the class pictures of years past still being there.

Perhaps I am wrong and all of you have gave thought to the end being around the corner but, in the event not, I would ask that you think on that as all of us and the homecoming committee evaluate what to do about the lack of space on the current Hall of Fame board.

One suggestion is before you now and if others have different ideas please submit them on the Chat Line because that is why the web page says on every item "Proposed".

There are currently 105 Pirates on the Chat Line so, what better place to ask for suggestion and obtain ideas relative to the Hall of Fame Board then here.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 22, 2010

I thought I was very clear in my message and in my suggestion that we retain the current board and add another for the additional names. As for just 5 or 6 more homecomings--well I pray that most of us will still be alive after that time and will continue to have homecomings. I also made it very clear that the concerns were not mine alone, but others, also.

Greta Corbitt, Class of 52

January 22, 2010

I underatand and share E Ray's concerns regarding the lack of attendance by those that graduated in recent years. It is not true, however, that "we had not one person in attendance after the class of 1962". I saw Rocky Moore, Don Stone, Charles Cossobone, Virgil Stone, Leticia Wills, and Ritchie Wills there at various times. As I recall, Leticia even helped with registration. All of these graduated in the 1980's, but may not have been present when the classes were recognized in the afternoon. Charles Cossobone even came from the Metroplex specifically for Homecoming (as he has done for the past two or three times).

I do not have an answer as to how to involve more young graduates in our homecoming, but I would hate to give up on them entirely. After all, it took some of us a few years before we had the desire (or the time) to attend homecoming at Lueders.

Gerrell Moore, Class of 52

January 22, 2010

L-A Senior Parker Prewit has recently earned the Eagle Scout. I know his troop and his mother are soliciting letters of congratulations to be displayed in a scrapbook at Parker's reception on February 13, 2010. If you would send a letter of congratulations, I know Parker would be very appreciative.

Parker Prewit
P. O. Box 55
Avoca, TX 79503

Parker is an outstanding young man who aspires to earn a degree in Computer Science from Angelo State University. He is such a delight at school, and he is a strong Christian young man.

I would really appreciate your help as we try to honor Parker in many ways.

Sandra Reves, Currant Staff

January 22, 2010

Well I suggest you go read your message again because that is not what you said or perhaps I can no longer read english.

If I now understand correctly your are wanting to build another seperate board and use it for furture names and leave the old board alone.

Would you mind explaining how you would like the new board built size wise with any amenities and such and what if anything you propose be done with the Gold Star names.

Should we move the HOF of Fame names now mounted in the Gold Star area to the new board or leave them mounted where they are.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 22, 2010

Gerrell, I stand corrected and glad to know that because I was, as you suggested, going by the class rolls when they where called up.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 22, 2010

I would suggest that the old board be retained as it is. This was agreed to by many homecoming committees and should be left alone.

The new board should be as similar as possible to the old and begin adding names to it. This, at least, would show respect to the previous planners.

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

January 22, 2010

It is obvious Greta is upset and I probably can't help her feelings. But, I will respond to her message in this manner.

But, first let me remind all Pirates how this situation with the Hall of Fame board came up and the events that followed and I will try to be brief.

On homecoming day, I asked Edith Ham where I could obtain induction dates for the Hall of Fame members so I could add them to the school web site and I was surprised when she told me they were on the Hall of Fame board which I and lots of others did not know existed.

A few days later, newly elected Homecoming Committee President, Danny Zips and I met with the school superintendent and arranged for the HOF board to be moved to the back of the Auditorium so it is more visible and folks will know of it's existence.

On that day Danny and I took the board down so we could see the names and get the inductions dates. But, we discovered there were no dates.

We also observed there was very little space left for future name plates and discussed other issues with the board which are now on a web page for all Pirates to review and evaluate for themselves which is shown:..  HERE

Having visited with B A Honey just a few days before and learning of his wood working abilities, as we stood there and reviewed the board trying to figure out what and why the Gold Star members were on it. I told Danny if we could get BA to build a new board, I was willing to pay for all new engravings so we could have the inductions dates and name plates that folks could read.

A few days later I revisited BA and he said he would build us a new board.

I then met with Edith Ham and Fredrick Lieb to learn all I could of the history and establishment of the Hall of Fame and how the Gold Star members came about. Also learned Mary Alice Putnam donated the original HOF board at a cost of over $100.00.

At that time I told Edith the board had run out of space and I was talking to Danny and B.A. about us building a new board.

After returning to Florida I put up the web page with the purposed engravings for the 3 of us to use as a reference and discussion point and also involved Don Latimer at that time to assist our thinking and do any research we might need.

On November 11, 2009 I also posted a message on the chat line and told all Chat Line Pirates about the HOF board and the fact I had now posted pictures of it on the school web site.

I also told about Danny Zips and I meeting with and asking the superintendent to relocate the board.

I did not mention anything about a new board because in November we had not discussed too many details ourselves.

I did visit with my local engraving place and looked into the new type engraving process and what else we could do such as having photographs laminated to metal.

By the end of December I had the 3 sample name plates made up and laminated a couple of school images on to metal plates along with the new Pirate and Raider Logos.

I then put up the web page mentioned in my message of January 18, 2010 so Danny, BA and myself could discuss how things looked and after we 3 agreed, Danny said "Let's put her on the chat line and see how it flys with all the chat line Pirates".

I suggested we wait until after the holidays and everyone was back in the grove so we could get every body's attention and they had time to offer their suggestion and Ideas.

Accordingly, this past Monday January 18, I posted the message which gets us to today January 22, 2010

AND here is my reply to Greta's concerns embedded within what she wrote.

On November 11, I have been debating with myself about whether or not to express this and had decided to not say anything. However, I am finding that there is quite a lot of resentment and hurt feelings about this proposal. I would like to point out to Greta, that the other messages posted on the chat line have been positive and I have received a few private e-mails all positive. If there are others who oppose this and have ideas of their own then let them come forward.

One of the comments made to me was "It's like everything we've done in the past is not worth anything." Not True, the layout of the new board is practically identical to the current board. The proposed new board is same size with same identical identification plates top and bottom. Has same two logos (New ones) in same location on each side at the top. It is true we planned to add two metal laminated pictures of the school on the bottom to go with the bottom plate which says same thing but, is worded slightly differently.

In other words, this is a look alike of the original board and an opportunity to improve it's cosmetic appearance.

For many years, now--way before I moved back here--There have been homecoming committees involved in planning homecomings. One of the things planned for was the Hall of Fame--honorees and name plaques. The planners who have come before us planned the way they wanted the names portrayed and feel justifiably resentful that all that will be tossed aside like trash. I'll avoid commenting here and only ask everyone to review a portion of the current name plates shown:.. HERE and draw their own conclusion about how well the engraving was planned.

I will point out to Greta that in another e-mail she stated "I have the name plates for this year's Hall of Fame honorees. I really wanted to have the names, etc. written in black, but didn't in order for them to be the same as the others."I understand her wanting to do them in black because the current engravings are very difficult to read. If we will do all new engravings we can correct that and make them the same.

What makes it more painful that these proposed changes did not come from a homecoming committee meeting, but from people never before involved. This sort of hurts my feelings because I thought we were all Pirates and any could be involved. I was not aware other Pirates were not suppose to involve themselves or offer suggestions.

Additionally painful considering the fact I've been involved taking care of the School Web Site for over 10 years which incidentally requires full time attention and not a part time every two years job. So, I think I have been involved, just doing a different job. I might add that this has all been done with the New Homecoming Committee President, Danny Zips involved in every step. After all comments are heard including Greta's it will be left to the HC President which direction to go and I know for a fact he is planning on meeting with the homecoming officers to discuss his personal agenda for our next homecoming such as entertainment and other ideas he has mentioned to me. In other words Greta has gotten the horse a little before the cart.

I honestly do not say these things to hurt other feelings, but that is what I'm hearing and I believe it needs to be addressed. Also, the feeling is that some people voting on the chat line is not right as there are many who are not involved in that. Voting on what. The Pirates on the chat line have been asked to offer ideas and suggestions to a Proposal which will be turned over to the President of the homecoming committee. Far as I know, most all people on the chat line are full blood Pirates and the very idea of putting it on the chat line was so everybody could be involved in the process.

To my mind, if changes are proposed that involve a large group of people, as many of those people as possible need to be involved. I don't understand this comment because it contradicts the statement that only the committee should do it. The 105 people on the Chat Line is as many people as possible to contact and get involved without resorting to U. S. Mail. Does that not do exactly as Greta suggested above.

If you had not seen the Hall of Fame board that is too bad. However, I walked over to it to point out something--don't remember what--at a meeting one year. I assume the "you" Greta is referring to is me. My concern was not that I had never seen it. My concern was that lots of people who had attended most all homecomings had never seen it.

Frankly speaking it is my personal opinion the board should always be part of the induction ceremony with the new inductees name engraved and unveiled on the day of homecoming which I understand was done the first year in 1993.

I will add that plans had already been made to move it to the rear of the auditorium and B.A. had agreed to make another board compatible with the current one on which we could add names from future years. I propose that those plans be followed now instead of adding to the controversy. This paragraph also confused me because it was Danny Zips and I who met with the school superintendent to have the board moved. Further confused because it was I who asked BA to make the new board and that is the very plan we are now carrying out as Greta suggested above so I fail to understand what the controversy is since we are doing exactly as Greta suggested. Or perhaps Greta is confused and does not know what I asked BA to do and what the plan actually was and is.

So, for the record, My original request to BA and our plans since the beginning was to make a new board to replace the existing board and that has never changed in any of our discussions. Plan since beginning was to also make a new board for just the Gold Star members.

That is my own suggestion.

I really do appreciate the suggestions and thought behind the "new board" suggestion, but in my opinion it is not worth the hurt feelings.

Greta Olson Corbitt, 1952

Neither do I want any hurt feelings. But, the fact remains the HOF board is out of space for additional name plates and some of the current name plates are already installed among the Gold Star Members so I ask for Greta's specific ideas on where to mount the future name plates and what to do about the Gold Star Members.

After reviewing the situation using the web page as a reference the new Homecoming President, Danny Zip, B.A. Honey and myself came to the conclusion that the Gold Star Members should be moved to a new board and a New board fabricated for the Hall of Fame members due to screw holes left showing and the over all condition of the current board.

A new board also provides the opportunity to standardize the engraving so a consistence method can be maintained and the names made readable with the worst thing of all being corrected and that is the lack of induction dates.

Those are the ideas of the current president of the homecoming Committee and 2 other old Pirates. Those that don't like our idea should submit a detailed one of their own.

The new board, I might add, is totally free of cost because, BA planned to provide the board and I planned to pay for the engraving and other amenities.

However, if the majority of Pirates and the Homecoming Committee choose to do something different then that is OK.

But, thus far I have seen no one provide a different solution to the problem of no more space left on the board.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 23, 2010

I said that the old board should be kept as is. My understanding was that B.A. would make a similar board for the second one. If that is not true, however, one can be bought just as that first one was bought.

You have made this very personal, so I'll likely not answer any more. I do want to clear up a couple of issues: "You" can mean singular or plural. I meant "you" to indicate anyone who was not aware of the board. Also, when I pointed out the Hall of Fame board that year I mentioned, I meant that anyone who was there that year certainly was aware of it.

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

January 23, 2010

Great Greta, I think the committee and others now understand what you would like done.

But, you left off what to do with the Gold Star Members and those Hall of Fame name plates now mounted among the Gold Star Members names. Would it be your plan to leave the existing board exactly as is.

Also failed to mention how this new board should be obtained.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 23, 2010

Greta, I am very sorry if you think I made it personal -- I only tried to address those subjects you brought up so I think you got the personal thing backwards and here is a couple of private messages I received that seems to indicate that.

I am posting them with the senders permission. One ask their name be removed and the other said leave it on. I'll let others decide who made it personal.
Ray….please consider this a private e-mail to you. Although I did not graduate from Lueders, I still have very good memories of Lueders and some of my best friends are from the little town. Since I am not a Lueders graduate I would feel awkward expressing myself on the chat line under the circumstances.

We live in a free country and Greta Corbitt has every right to express her views. However, I personally do not understand or agree with her expressing the views of these so called Anonymous people whoever they may be and feel they should come forth on their own…….if they exist. I will say your responses to Greta have been very kind and more diplomatic than I would be able to respond.

For whatever its worth I thought your idea of a new board as originally presented to be timely and well thought out. Finally, I have enjoyed the web site and chat line and thank you for your effort in this regard.

Your friend, John Tom Murray Class of 57
When I asked for permission, John replied back with this: Sure. If you want, No need for me to be anonymous so you can show my name. Also, I see no sense in keeping the old board as all the names could be better organized on a single board (you can add this if you like).
The other e-mail I received was as follows and this person requested their name be removed. I don't blame the person because you will find it does not speak well of you. But, it is how they really feel and I think it important that you know and understand their feelings and please remember I didn't write it nor solicit it.
Good for you!! Someone needs to take that lady down a notch or so. If she had a beef with what you are doing, she should have sent you a personal email to that effect. When I read that, I wanted to make just that comment to her or the chat line...but that would put me on her level. I would bet she is the one with hurt feelings because she was not in charge. What is her position with the homecoming committee? I know she does a lot of the work and I give her a gold star for that, but her email was intended to hurt and embarrass. At least I, for one, didn't like the way she handled it. So there...enough said, just my opinion.

Greta, I know you will not like what they said but, I hope you will think about WHY they said it.

I'm sorry your feelings were hurt and considered it personal.

I hope you will continue to participate on the Chat Line, Everyone appreciates your past efforts and work on homecoming and I personally thank you for suggesting the Script font which I'm sure we will use if a new board is built.

I personally think it silly to have 2 boards. I wrote of it previously that in 10 or 12 years there will be no more homecomings and no more Inductees being added to the HOF board.

I believe, we should make sure at this time that a nice Hall of Fame board with readable and consistently engraved name plates will be left hanging on the wall for all our descendants to observe in the years to come.

It is pure nonsense to have two boards and one that frankly is a messed up piece of crap. Sorry, that's my frank opinion and a few others as well.

That is not being critical of anyone, that is what occurs when a board is 17 years old.

It is now out of my hands. I will leave it to the Homecoming President and others to decide what is done and I will pay for all new engravings if a new board is their decision.

Being 75 years old and 1400 miles from Lueders makes it doubtful I will ever attend another homecoming so it really don't matter does it. I am sadden by that fact but, not blind to it.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

January 23, 2010

Since E.R. is the man who actually does the real IT work on the website, I think his decision should be final, cheap words are cheap shots, we are better than this, or not, additionally, seems to me the students in attendance, at the reunion, who graduated after 1967 are not pirates,

I don't want to seem contrary to the verbage sent about E.R.'s comment about the limited time for reunions, but you can't argue with time. He is right.

Perhaps we should consider consolidating the reunions, then we could have twice the fun, and get to see how many are still around, at least annually.

E. R. had the Raiders and Pirates emblems already cast up, and they look good. I always look forward to reading whats up with where I grew up, now that I am getting on in years.

I went to school in Lueders for 11 years, then, when they wouldn't let me run track my senior year, I joined the service in 61, I had the GED-15.7 year grade level, and much more, before my 62 class graduated, Dr. Sheppard was a prince/saint, he taught me speed reading in the 6th grade.

I think E. R. makes the most practical presentation regarding the Lueders hall of fame, looking back on it all, objectively, given the honesty that lueders/anson was about how it treated the children of what it deemed a lower class population, what with regard to childhood behavior and all.

Hypocracy is appropriate, incidently, Judy Crowlson just died recently, she lived a life of goodness and mercy, one of forgiveness, always smiling, kenny long is dead, johnny vickers gone, Mack and Cloy Kersee, passed on, Bob Wiley, Jackie Culpepper, Ruth Vickers, BillyJoe Lawerence, Leon Chase, Carl Frazier, Kenneth Chase, and many many others from my time/class are also missing, Weldon and Evelyn Hanson who took me under their wing, the list is too long to name, I miss them all.

Hopefully E. R. Smyth will reappear at next homecoming, and the jealousy of not being an IT person will subside, and we will be thankful for his unselfish unconditional love, endowed on him by Alma Mrs. Smyth his wonderful mother, who taught me Sunday School for so many years.

Jackie Cox, Class of 62

January 23, 2010

Also, folks are still coming who graduated before 1920, so some folks will still be attending into their 90s as Dave Reves and others have done.

Lueders homecoming should not be expected to end in 10 or 12 years. Have a happy new year!

Carolyn Mullins Pearson, Class of 65

January 24, 2010

How many? dropping like flies we are, I don't want to seem negative, but the obituaries, partial they may be is whats really going on. I know you will probably live forever, what with hotrod/clevis, and a mom and dad like yours to watch over you in your youth. seriously. 6 more homecomings means 12 years, and 67 was the last lueders pirates year. that puts them at 60, right now, our life span has slightly decreased, 7 homecomings means 14 years, statistically that means the mean age of 74 for the last graduating class.

They will be serving oreos and a warm class of milk, we will have scooter races, and the footballfield ? the track field is grownup with johnson grass, no railroad, no refinery, whose gonna live in lueders, gas prices are approaching 3$, and minium wages triple every 10 years. the methane leakage from the wells doesn't create longivity, the pesticides and herbicides are in the wind. so many of my old friends are eaten up with cancer right now.

I have moved to south padre island 50 yards from a white sandy beach, with my friend, the ocean breeze and the birds. If I make it to the next homecoming I will be lucky, its great to see all your old friends, but then theres family to consider, you kmow those whom you've show unconditional love and respect, and are repaid with disrespect and slanderous lies.

I don't have the 1400 mile drive like E. R., but it is a days drive from south padre. Last time I was looking forward to seeing my old fried richard wills, but when I arrived, he was gone, I want to have a happy reunion, smiling faces, happy people, and if I'm lucky a donkey or two.

Why don't we simply merge the two homecomings, and perhaps enjoy life a little more. Two years is a long time for an old group of people, one year represents half the mortality rate and Gerald has noted there are Raiders present at home coming, graduating after 67, We should seriously consider merging the homecomings. E. R. has already gotter the headers cast up for both Pirates and Raiders, his suggestion for parity in the names is logically symetrical. If they don't consolidate the Raiders with a larger district, we may actually survive, who knows? Have a happy year.

Jackie Cox, Class of 62

January 24, 2010

Consolidating the two homecomings into one and having homecoming every year is probably a great idea!

Carolyn Mullins Pearson, Class of 65

January 24, 2010

Two cents: I appreciate EVERYONE's efforts to keep the Hall of Fame Board up to date and in good shape.

Having looked at the proposed new one...I think it is appropriate that the Plaque be in the auditorium so that we can all see it and that it is legible and looks good and all those things seem great.

Re: feelings...Welcome to being human! When any of us come together as a group...especially when everyone is concerned about the same issue...and has history in it...bound to happen...Question is CAN we RISE above it and get on with it? Hell, I've had my feelin's hurt but so what? They mend...IF I put it in perspective that everyone is doing the best they can! Most folks have good least that's what I see in the homecoming group. That's my 2 cents....

Thanks to EVERYONE for keeping it going.

Stephen Vinson, 1955 thru 1965

January 24, 2010

Hi....thought I'd mention that I think the dates my mom taught in Lueders were consistently 1st grade from 1952 to 1965...She may have taught in 1942...left and came back...I do know that after Frank Ferrell was missing in action she went to Wash. DC to work in the War Dept. in the division that dealth with those missing in action.

Stephen Vinson, 1955 thru 1965

January 24, 2010

Carolyn--I inadvertently deleted your next message before deciding to answer.

The two homecomings were supposed to be combined--thus "Lueders-Lueders/Avoca". However, many of the Lueders/Avoca graduates weren't interested and formed their own homecoming.

They are, of course, welcome, and some do come. Part of it is as Gerrell said that for many of us it took some years before we were really interested or were able to come.

I can understand, too, that Lueders means nothing to them and they want to return to their old school in Avoca. Lueders graduates feel the same way about our school.

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

January 24, 2010

I for one was under the influence that Lueders homecomings were on odd years and avoca were on even years, the data listed on the internet site clearly states this, Were they supposed to be combined, but not combined, or were they combined but ignored on the website?

Whatever, believing the later age groups will react to the idea of reunions the way we do is an interesting theory, no one is the same, From my thoughts, it is sad to see the small towns disappear along with the ever dwindling populations of reunion people, who remember the town in its day, long gone, lost to time.

I used to think people would wake up one day and realize the small towns had superior schools, what with smaller classes, and more respect for each other, and there would be a reawakening of values,and people would leave he cities, returning to the country, but that too has passed into time, the rulers of this world (society) has another plan, so lets just enjoy the time we have left by doing the right things, whatever they may be as, Pirate Raiders, or Raider Pirates,

I wonder where the reunion is held on the even years, Avoca or Lueders ? I was also wondering what happens to some of my posts, I thought the data was just lost on the internet, I was unaware original messages can be deleted, and wonder why the deletor doesn't advise the deletee of the deletion. It must be interesting to be able to judge what can be said or not said on the website, I wonder what the parameters are of exactly what is subject for deletion and what is not.

I am aware of the endora software agreement between users of this microsoft software and microsoft. I am also aware that microsoft deletes the websites use of their software when presented with evidence the agreement has been violated, as it is if you don't spam (write a message and send it to more than one website) deleting inputs are a serious offense when not done within the parameters of the agreement. I am not threatening to report violations to microsoft of arbitrary email deletions, just yet, because Endora is about the only forum software around and has intellectual patent rights in its usage, and are themselves forced to operate within the parameters assigned to the software.

Personalities are not an issue. Original Forum inputs are protected under the freedom of speech clauses within whats left of our constitution. Thusly while I am no lawyer, I am aware of Endora, Microsoft, the internet, and what individual gatekeepers, system administrators, can and cannot do, if they use endora, which is the software used in the lueders/avoca website, and, I keep a record of all my sent emails, and a list of all the lueders emails on the website. I find it fun to keep up with the goings on of my old friends, who are all the friends, associates, and aquaintences I have still living. Boring eh?

Jackie Cox, Class of 62

January 25, 2010

Ahhhh, Come on guys please don't fight over a silly piece of lumber. we all know who the hall of famers are and what they did to deserve the honor. Like John Tom I didn't graduate from Lueders but I still have fond memories of the school and all the friends we grew up with.

Sharon Rose Hines Hudson, Wichita Falls High - Class of 57

January 25, 2010

I think the hall of fame is a crock,,, People are on there that didn't do anything. And people that did aren't... I look at it just to wonder how they got their name up there.

Winnie Stapp Barton

January 25, 2010

FW Burkman class of 1939 passed away this morning, Monday January 25, 2010. Arrangements are pending.

Sincerely, Carlene Burkman Black, Class of 72

February 1, 2010

Wayne Verble's wife, Gloria phoned me early this morning to let me know of Wayne's passing yesterday evening at 7:42 PM - January 31, 2010

I had phoned Wayne only a few days before but, could only speak with his wife, Gloria because Wayne was asleep.

Gloria told me Wayne was not doing too good because of two leaky heart valves and the doctors had ruled out any surgery due to Wayne's weak condition.

Gloria said Wayne had prepared himself and had donated his body to scientist and was ready to go.

There will be a Memorial Service held at the First Baptist Church in Lueders but, the date and time has yet to be arranged.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

February 1, 2010

Edith Ham just called me--Wayne Verble passed away last night. No arrangements yet.

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

February 1, 2010

I just read a message where Sandra "Dillard" wrote that Charlie Ford passed away Monday evening. No funeral plans yet.

Terry Johnson Blackburn, Class of 66 - Abilene High

February 2, 2010
Posted from Sandra Dillard:

Funeral services for Charlie Ford are: Wednesday night at Tankersly Funeral Home 6-8pm Thursday at 2pm at Avoca Baptist Church.

Terry Johnson Blackburn, Class of 66 - Abilene High

February 2, 2010

I have a few comments to make on the discussion that has been going on about the Hall of Fame, and the homecoming in general. I had been off line for several weeks and had two different people call and ask me if I knew about all of the hullobulow.

My first comment is for the two people that asked how a person gets their name on the board. The person does not do it themselves. Someone sends in nominations to the homecomming comittie that year, then the people that are on the comittie that year read all of the letters. If anyone wants to discuss the nominations (for or against) they can. Then there is a vote the two getting the most votes gets selected.

As far as I know no one that has been nominated did the nomination themselves. I have only known of Three of the winners that have ever attended any of the comittie meetings.

This year was especially hard because we had more than two good nominations. some years it is hard because we hardly have anyone and sometimes we have questioned weather to have just one or go ahead with two.

While on the subject of HoF It was suggested by one of the writers that letters be sent out 6 months ahead for nominations. That would mean double mailing cost. We have about 580 exes that recieve our mailings.

Every year it has worked fine asking for the nominations with the announcement of the date of the homecoming.

It only had a glitch this year because of mis-communication.

For anyone that does not know the committie is made up by the officers and any other EX that we can get to come to the meetings. This year we actually had more than any year except 1 that I have attended.

As for getting all of the homecomings together I think it would be great. When I came back here in the early 70's it was a combined homecoming, and as long as we had the Hee-Haw program it was combined. What happened to make the change come about I do not know. But it would be good to try to get a combined one together. I know that the kids at school have a homecoming football game every year. Maybe we should try to find out when they are planning that and adjust our plans to work around that.

To me throwing away the board instead of fixing it, If it needs fixed is like finding some of the old trophies in the case and because some of them have mistakes or are made different then we should have them re made. Why not start from this year fresh on a new board? The question of the holes in the wood from the screws, anyone that knows how to work with wood can fill the holes and they would not be noticeable.

One of my other concerns is that someone made the remark that because someone had done such a good job on the chat line that they should have the right to make the decision about the boards for the hall of fame. These are two different concerns completely.

Well here is my can of worms.

Ada Wills, Class of 61- Secretary Lueders-Lueders-Avoca Homecomming Association.

February 2, 2010

Hi Ada, thanks for letting us know how it works, its nice to hear from you, If I said anything that displeases anyone, then I apologize. Can the nominations be made by email?

Thanks again for making it clear, how it all works, hope you're doing well Richards old school buddy, Jack

Jackie Cox, Class of 62

February 2, 2010

There will be a memorial service for Wayne Verble on Saturday at 2:00 at the Lueders Baptist Church.

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

February 2, 2010
Charlie Lee Ford

LUEDERS — Charlie Lee Ford, 87, died Monday, Feb. 1, 2010, in Stamford.

Funeral service will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at Avoca Baptist Church with burial following in Spring Creek Cemetery in Avoca. Services are under the direction of Tankersley Funeral Home of Stamford.

The family will be receiving friends at the funeral home from 6 to 8 p.m. today.

Sandra Reves, Current Staff

February 2, 2010

Tankersley Funeral Home

Charlie Lee Ford
August 17, 1922 - February 1, 2010

Charlie Lee Ford, 87 of Lueders, passed away Monday Feb. 1, 2010 in Stamford. He was a loving husband, father, and grandfather. Funeral services will be at 2:00 p.m. Thursday at the Avoca 1st Baptist Church with Rev. Les Mims officiating. Burial will follow at the Spring Creek Cemetery under the direction of Tankersley Funeral Home of Stamford. Visitation is from 6:00 until 8:00 Wednesday at the funeral home.

Charlie was born August 17, 1922 in Whitney, Texas to John and Lillie Ford. He moved to this area as a child. Charlie was a farmer, rancher, and a member of the Lueders 1st Baptist Church. He married Norma Willoughby on August 14, 1944 in Avoca.

Survivors include his wife of 65 years, Norma Ford of Lueders, 4 children, including Bruce Ford and wife Sherry of Snyder, Rex Ford and wife Cindy of Stamford, Sue Ellen Wunderlich of Abilene, and Ted Ford and wife Tamy of Lueders, 1 brother, Jessie Ford and wife Carolyn of Stamford, 1 sister, Hazel Williams of College Station, 10 grandchildren, Mandy Mims, Brandon Ford, Tiffany Ford, Tara Ford, Tristan Ford, Casey Wunderlich, Lacey Wunderlich, Buddy Ford, Trent Ford and Staci Ford, and 11 great grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents, 1 brother, Wylie Ford and 2 sisters, Thelma Dillard and Nadine Martin. Serving as pallbearers are Casey Wunderlich, Brandon Ford, Trent Ford, Buddy Ford, Darrell Richards, Jay Hager, Mark Lundgren, and Jessie James.

Sandra Reves, Current Staff

February 8, 2010

Jones Wayne Verble
October 5, 1934 - January 31, 2010

Obituary: Jones Wayne Verble was born on October 5, 1934 in Lueders, Texas, the son of the late Silas A. and Clara Beatrice Warren Verble. He married Gloria Bowman on June 4, 1983 in San Angelo. They moved back to the Lueders area in 1991.

He worked as a lineman for a utility company, owned and operated a drywall company and was a maintenance engineer for GTE Data Services in San Angelo.

He received his electrical engineering skills and graduated from Devry Institute. His hobbies included working with computers and ham radio operations.

Mr. Verble was instrumental in keeping communications open during the Albany flood and power outage for various law enforcement and safety crews.

He was a veteran of the United States Navy, a member of ARRL, a ham radio operations organization and was a member of the First Baptist Church in Lueders.

Preceding him in death were his parents; and a sister, Mary “Lynne” Cowley. Surviving Mr. Verble are his wife, Gloria Verble of Lueders; a brother, Wayne Harrison Verble of Valparaiso, Indiana; and a sister, Clara Ann Wright of Willis, Texas.

Services: 2:00PM at First Baptist Church, Lueders on Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Sandra Reves, Current Staff

February 8, 2010

I have now posted Wayne Verble's and F. W. Burkman's Obituaries in the "In Memoriam" section of their respective class section i.e. Class of 1939 and Class of 1953

Mr. Burkman's may be viewed by clicking:...   HERE

Mr. Verble's may be viewed by clicking:...   HERE

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

February 13, 2010
Hello Carlene:

This is Nancy Burkman (John's wife). I am in San Antonio today trying to help out.

Can you do anything to remove FW from the Pirates distribution listing?

No one will be checking on his emails at all. Vera and Jerry have no interest - so I am trying to go through messages and clear/delete, etc..

I am going to put out message to some of the email groups I see he had, to announce to stop email, etc. Hopefully that will help slow the spam.

Thank you.

February 17, 2010

I was talking with Wanda Rogers Ivy and she wanted to make sure that whoever's keeping track of the addresses for Homecoming has their new address.

It's William & Wanda Rogers Ivy, 100 Antonio Perez, Blanco, TX 78606

Billy was in class of 1947 & Wanda in the class of 1948.

Thanks, Don Latimer - Class of 56

February 19, 2010

I thought all Pirates might like to see a Time Lapse Photograph of the recent Shuttle Night Launch

It is unusual and I thought the reflection in the canal was spectacular.

Interestingly enough this photo was sent to me by my niece who lives in Houston, Texas.

BTW: Ponte Vedra, FL is on the coast line about 120 Miles due North of Kennedy Space Center

Here is what the accompanying e-mail said:................ -- Enjoy -- E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

This is a time lapse shot of the STS-130 launch.

This picture was taken in Ponte Vedra from the top of the 210 bridge crossing the intracoastal looking south towards St, Augustine and Cape Canaveral.

He got up very early and took this picture of the last nighttime space shuttle launch and was kind enough to share with his co-workers and whomever else would appreciate the beauty of the space launch.

He took the picture using a tri-pod and the elapsed time for the picture was several minutes in order to get the full fire-trail (this is why the stars are little lines instead of dots).

Monday, February 8, 2010 @ 4:14 am

Top of the Intracostal Waterway Bridge in Ponte Vedra, FL. 115 Miles fro Launch Pad

February 19, 2010

Now thats a beautiful sight, imagine, a plane, going outside earths significant magnetosphere, to perform scientific operations. that are indeed, the leading edge of military technology, that for the moment insures our military security, here in the United States of America, and further consider the hundreds of thousands of engineering manyears, " lifetime careers " required to develop the technology to fruition enabling this great country to be where we are in the free world, respecting the rights of men women and children, families, communities, to live free, allowing us to provide for our country, community, friends and family.

I am happy to have lived , and contributed to this one of a kind country in mans existence.

On a shorter note it saddens me to see the end of " Constellation ". and the next shuttle generation, current plans to return to moon and mars. the last launch in the forseeable future, the loss of 8,000 position, or jobs and careers that would continue our dominence, insuring our view on the world, enabling us to win confrontations, with other countries having leaders who don't share the same view, with respect to individual, family, community and countries freedoms.

To see a sitting president take control of NASA and downsize the military and technology, while the other less respective countries are exponentially increasing their spending, research and development into the same endeavors. It brings me sadness to see the purposeful decline, an unecessary decline in the countries direction. I hope the few of us that remain will do what little we can to change the political direction our country is headed. Like the new afgani policy, don't fire, unless fired upon, sacrafices american lives, and fuels the criminality we are fighting against, and encourages them to continue their growth, and ultimate confrontations on a grander scale, simultaneous to taking down our ability to defend ourselves.

Its political, ethical, and logical insanity at a level I have not witnessed since the Clinton administration. I could say, I am entering the latter stages of life and will not even be around, by the time the otherside has gathered enough momentation to destroy this great country, and turn on the TV, and turn off the world, or read the newspaper, or get into talk football, or watch golf , or take a trip to wallys, or sams, and buy the chinese goods and give them money they will use to develop their military.

I could forget the future and believe the elected politicians will do the right things, like they have for the last 40 years, removing our american manufacturing infrastructure, sitting it up in china, making this country a goods and services country.

I must be getting old and grumpy, complaining about the last forseeable NASA shuttle mission, other than the present rumors about possibly another, a few years down the road.

The photo is boss. Thank you Everett Ray Smyth, a truely great american, someone beyond the lueders hall of fame, a contributor to not only NASA, but the ethical and moral aspects that have, in the past made this the indisputable leader in space technology, " The next frontier " a secor of military science, so vital to ensuring the american way of life, but, only if you consider innercity welfare virtually 100% more important than space technology, because thats how the national budget is structured. Done so at the hands of the lobbyst, who run washington DC, by controling what you read see and hear in the newsmedia of the USA, which they own and control the content of.

You may well ask, am I an enemy of the government, or just another complaining old man, babbling on about things I have no control of, Consider this, the world suddenly has one book, " The internet " a place where the children of the world can be on the same page, and the children always rebel against the old ways of doing things , and they always want to do the right things.

I am hopeful this will change the world into a better place, and our great country will alter its current direction, in the best intersts of all. That is my prayer, and I believe the one book, to be devine intervention.

Good luck to all and " God Bless " and may we all follow the great spirit of truth, the true leader ot the world and the ultimate victor. In my book.

Jackie Cox, Class of 62

March 8, 2010

We will have a Homecoming meeting (for 2011) at the Lueders school cafeteria on March 18 at 7:00 PM. We will discuss the 2011 Homecoming and all realated items, please try to be there and let us know the things that could be done for that special day.

Thanks, Danny (Pete) Zips - Class of 62 - Homecoming President

March 8, 2010

Danny: I will not be in the USA on March 18 but would like to assist as I have not been much help in last two years. My email address is

If you need help I just helped with homecoming for my daughters 30th year one. Makes you think doesn’t it.

Max Dillard, Class of 53

March 8, 2010

Stanley Oman (class of 1962) was found dead at his home today, no details available yet.

Danny (Pete) Zips, Class of 62

March 9, 2010
Dear Pete,

Its almost unbelievable, just a few weeks ago I was at his home, and we reminesced about the old days. He had saved all the annuals. He seemed in good health, good spirits

If there is anything I can be of assistance, I am willing to help. Its about an 8 hour drive from here to there.

Have a nice day, your old schoolmate.

Jackie Cox, Class of 62

March 9, 2010
Dear Pete

I am thinking about attending homecoming every year. My suggection would be to combine the two, since the last year pirates were a reality was 67, they are all over 60 now and becoming less and less, Hope I make it through another year.

Best Wishes to you and everyone

Jackie Cox, Class of 62

March 9, 2010

Pirates and especially the class of 48,

Back in October, someone from the class of 1948 gave me the following list of deceased class members from their class. I've forgotten who gave me the list but it's shown below.

Monte Lavelle Smart 09-01-1931 2-21-1958
Beverly Jo Delwaide Erickson 07-09-1931 5-11-1993
John Edward Wilhite 09-16.1931 1-28-1997
Harvey Lee Harendt 12-22-1929 12-14-1997
Horis Lee Davis 05-04-1928 04-02-2007
Anna Geraldine Coffman Ford 06-18-1931 03-24-2008
Wayne Doty 08-18-1931 12-07-2008

I've since realized that I didn't have a list of the graduates from the class of 48 so with a little help from Newspaper Archives I've come up up with the following 25 graduates from the class of 48.

If the list isn't accurate, please let me know. You'll note that some of the class members had married before graduation.

Members of the Class of 48

Frances Commons Arrington
Jane Baker
Anna Geraldine (Gerry) Coffman Ford
Wanda Cox
Jean Damron
Janet Davidson
Horis Davis
Beverly Jo Delwaide
Wayne Doty
Jane Winkles Eubanks
Charles Gafford
Richard Glaze
J. D. Hargrove
Gladiola Irwin
James Lewis
Patrick Mahoney
Darrel Jack Names
DeWayne Patton
Mary Patton
Ollie Petty
Wanda Fay Rogers
Billie Laverne Sanders
Monte Lavelle Smart
Barbara Taylor
John Edward Wilhite

Thanks, Don Latimer - Class of 56

March 10, 2010
Hi Don,

there is one more deceased person out of that class to add and it is James Lewis. We had a large get-to-gether at Joyce Sides house (she had one in Lueders then) as it was the class of 49's 40th yr. as alumnus'. He died ---l think----the following year and that would have been sometime in 1990.

Thanks for all you do.....By the way, l loved your sister! l had never met her before.

Reba Meil Davis, Class of 49

March 10, 2010

Stanley Doyle Oman
September 14th, 1943 - March 8th, 2010
Obituary: Mr. Oman was born September 14, 1943 in Stamford, Texas, the son of the late Earl and Mary Hageman Oman. He was a lifetime resident of Ericksdahl and the Berry Hill community, where he was involved in farming and ranching.

Stanley loved the outdoors, where you could find him visiting with friends and telling old stories. Stanley was always willing to help a friend.

He was preceded in death by his parents. Stanley is survived by one daughter and son-in-law; Cindy and Greg Smith of Longview, Texas, four grandsons ; Tanner, Rex, Jared, and Robert Smith all of Longview, Texas; one sister and brother-in-law Rosemary and Billy John Edwards of Ericksdahl, one nephew; Todd Hill of McKinney, and one niece Marcie Brow of Little Rock Arkansas and many cousins. Share your memories at:

Services: 2:00PM at Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church on Friday, March 12th, 2010

Sandra Reves, Current Staff

March 11, 2010

Mary Alice Putnam Vandeventer, of Lueders, is in Washington D.C., along with about 200 other former WASP pilots, to be honored with the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civillian honor given by congress.

It's estimated that about 300 of the more thatn 1000 WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) are still alive, all in their late 80s and early 90s.

Thirty-eight WASPs were killed in World War II, but they were considered civilians, not members of the military. They were formed to fly military aircraft in non-combat missions in order to free male pilots to fly overseas.

When they were disbanded in 1944, many of them had to pay their own bus fare home from Sweetwater, TX.

This is probably the last gathering of so many of the WASP pilots.

Don Latimer - Class of 56

March 11, 2010

Sandra Reves, Current Staff

March 11, 2010

I am so glad you sent this, Sandra. I had wondered if she made it there.

Mary Lou Odell Bavousett '51

March 11, 2010

I will be on Spring Break until March 22. Please contact me again on or after that date.

Sandra Reves, Current Staff

March 11, 2010

I was checking out the Lueders 1937 yearbook on line and it notes that several pages are missing which is true. One of the pages that is noted missing is for the 8th grade.

I don't believe the 8th grade is missing because there was no 8th grade. After finishing the 7th grade you went into high school and became a freshman as there were only 11 grades then. The freshman class is shown along with the sophomore, juniors and seniors.

Someone may want to check me out on this.

Don Latimer - Class of 56

March 13, 2010
Alumni and friends,

I received the below message from Mary Alice's daughter, Sheri Vandeventer, class of 1972.

Watch the WASP Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony tonight, Saturday March 10th, 8:30 pm, Eastern time on C-SPAN.

Regards, Carlene Burkman Black, Class of 72

March 13, 2010
Alumni, friends and family,

I found on C-Span's website the below link, looks like we can watch a live video online of the tv aired version at 7:38pm Central Time and you will probably be able to watch it anytime afterwards online.

WASP Congressional Medal of Honor on C-SPAN website link.

Regards, Carlene Burkman Black, Class of 72

March 15, 2010
Hi Pirates,

I was recently contacted by an Abilene man, Jack Johnson who has a deep interest in the ICBM Silos around Abilene. He had found the section of my web site that had some silo pictures I made in 2003 while home for our 50th class reunion and homecoming.

Jack had lots of questions for me and his enthusiasm and interest prompted me to write my memoirs of working on the silos in 1961/62.

Of course it didn't take much prompting since the writing is part of my on going effort to leave stories for my 8 grand children and now 6 great grands.

As part of this effort, I created an all new web site about the construction of the silos and there are 164 pictures of the construction plus another 102 photos made during the Installation and Check Out phase. Counting the pictures of personnel there are over 300 pictures total.

I wanted to do this in part to document a time in history and how the Cold War effected where I grew up. There are other web sites documenting the early ICBM history and the silos but, none I've found that provide many construction pictures and a personal side of working on them with a little about life in that era..

I obtained the construction pictures in 2003 from Bruce Townsley who owns the Oplin Site. The CD was put together by the "Abilene ICBM Historical Society" Other pictures came from here and there.

The Web Site is at:...   and once there you will see and understand why the domain name is "Spirit of Oplin"

Hope you enjoy a tour of "Days Long Past" --- E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

March 15, 2010

E. Ray, I didn't realize how massive the silos were. I remember driving by the one on FM 600 but never thought much about it. I didn't realize there were missle silos all over the Abilene area. This makes me wonder how many silos were in Texas. These are wonderful pictures.

Marlin Felts, Class 57

March 15, 2010

I thought the pictures were VERY impressive.

I'm not an expert on the subject, but as I understand it, there were about 10 Air Force Bases scattered across the US, most of them in the midwest that had a string of silo missile sites built around them. I think Dyess was the only one in Texas. I think there was one in Oklahoma, one in New Mexico, a couple in Kansas, one in Colorado and maybe one in Nebraska and maybe a couple of others.

Each base was in control of its missile sites.

By 1965, they had closed them all down and the properly returned to its original owners and in one case, even a school.

I may try and do a little reseasrch on the Abilene area ones.

Don Latimer - Class of 56.

March 16, 2010

Just a reminder, the Homecoming meeting is this Thursday at the Lueders school at 7PM, we need your input for Homecoming 2011....

Danny (Pete) Zips, Class of 62 - Homecoming President

March 16, 2010

Thanks E.Ray.My husband was on the ones in Kansas.There was as best I remember 3 in the Topeka area.Ed was on 3 of them at least.He was in the Air Force.

Alice Backus

March 17, 2010

Yesterday morning I awoke with the line from a poem we had in high school running thru my mind.

Not sure of the spelling, I ran it pass most of my classmates and a few others.In some versions the combatients are: Ivan Skavinsky Skivar & Abdullah Bulbul Amir.

No one else seems to remember it but I was able, with the help of google, to find it on the internet. Threre are several versions of the poem and of the spelling. So I'm expanding my field of inquiry to include all of you.

It was recorded and set to music about 1930. About 10 or 15 years ago I heard a nice version of it done by either a female folk singer or she could have been county as I mostly listened to country.

Below is the version that I believe we had in a high schoool literature book as it has the line that was running thru my jmind.

I'm now looking for a nice recorded version of the poem/song.

Don Latimer - Class of 56


The sons of the Prophet are valiant and bold
And wholly impervious to fear,
But the bravest of all was a man by the name
Of Abdullah Boul Boul Ameer.

If you wanted a man to encourage the van,
Or harass the foe from the rear,
Or to storm a redoubt, you had only to shout
For Abdullah Boul Boul Ameer.

This son of the desert in battle aroused
Could spit twenty men on his spear.
A terrible creature, sober or soused,
Was Abdullah Boul Boul Ameer

There are brave men in plenty, and well known to fame,
In the army that's run by the Czar,
But the bravest of all was a man by the name
Of Ivan Petrofsky Skevar.

He could imitate Irving, tell fortunes by cards,
And play on the Spanish guitar.
In fact, quite the cream of the Muscovite team
Was Ivan Petrofsky Skevar.

The ladies all loved him. His rivals were few.
He could drink them all under the bar.
As gallant or tank there was no one to rank
With Ivan Petrofsky Skevar.

One day that bold Russian, he shouldered his gun,
And with his most cynical sneer,
Was going downtown, when he came right upon
Brave Abdullah Boul Boul Ameer.

"Young man," said Boul Boul, "is existence so dull
That you hanker to end your career?
For, infidel, know you have trod on the toe
Of Abdullah Boul Boul Ameer.

"So take your last look upon sky, sea, brook,
And send your regrets to the Czar,
For by this I imply, you are going to die,
O you Ivan Petrofsky Skevar."

"But your murderous threats are to me but a joke,
For my pleasure and pastime is war,
And I'll tread on your toes whene'er I may choose,"
Quoth Ivan Petrofsky Skevar.

Then that brave Mameluke drew his trusty chabook,
Singing, "Allah! Il Allah! Akbar!"
And with murder intent he ferociously went
At Ivan Petrofsky Skevar.

But the Russian gave back not a step at th' attack,
For Ivan had never known fear,
And with quickly aimed gun, put a stop to the fun,
Of Abdullah Boul Boul Ameer.

Yet the whistling chabook did like lightning descend,
And caught Ivan right over the ear;
But the bayonet of Ivan pressed right through the heart
Of Abdullah Boul Boul Ameer.

The Russian commander spurred thither in haste,
To seek for his favorite Hussar.
Lo, pierced through the snoot from the fatal chabook,
Lay Ivan Petrofsky Skevar.

The sultan rode up the disturbance to quell,
Or to give to the victor a cheer,
But he arrived just in time to take hasty farewell
Of Abdullah Boul Boul Ameer.

Then Gotchikoff, Skabeloff, Menchikoff too,
Drove up in the Emperor's car,
But only in time to bid rapid adieu
To Ivan Petrofsky Skevar.

There lieth a stone where the Danube doth roll,
And on it in characters clear,
Is, "Stranger, remember to pray for the soul
Of Abdullah Boul Boul Ameer."

A Muscovite maiden her sad vigil keeps
In her home by the cold northern star,
And the name that she murmurs so oft in her sleep,
Is Ivan Petrofsky Skevar.

March 17, 2010
Nice Poem

Jackie Cox, Class of 62

March 17, 2010

Don--no recorded version, but I have the music. My Mother used to sing that.

Greta Corbitt, Class of 52

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