Memories of Lueders, Texas
Pirate Chat Line Chatter for 3rd Quarter of 2009
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July 1, 2009

There is to be a memorial service and burial at the Lueders cemetary Friday, July 3, at 10:00 a.m.

Ada Wills , Class of 61

July 2, 2009

This is Patti Lynn Cox Nisbet, and just wanted everyone to know that graveside services for my Daddy, George Cox Sr., will be Monday July 6, 2009 at the Clear Fork Cemetary in Lueders at 10 am. I always thought it was the Lueders cemetary but Daddy corrected me. Haha! Sorry for the late notice but since Daddy wanted to be cremated there were several things that had to be done before we could set a graveside service. If you need any directions or anything (806) 891-3883. Thank you to all who called and talked with Daddy and checked on Daddy in his last days he really enjoyed being able to visit with you all 1 last time before he got to go home. He loved each and everyone of you and wanted you all to know that. Thank you!

Patti Lynn Cox Nisbet

July 20, 2009

I though you might enjoy this list of Jones County 'Sheriffs.

Don Latimer - Class of 1956

Sheriffs Of Jones County

J. P. Cole 01-01-1883 12-31-1884
George A. Scarborough 01-01-1885 12-31-1888
E. D. Tyson 01-01-1889 12-31-1894
J. D. Letcher 01-01-1895 12-31-1896
Wesley S. Swan 01-01-1897 12-31-1904
Will H. Hollis 01-01-1905 12-31-1908
Nathaniel G. Ferrell 01-01-1909 07-14-1910
J. W. Fowler 07-14-1910 12-31-1910
T. F. McClure 01-01-1911 12/31/1914
Eldridge K. Register 01-01-1915 12-31-1918
Thomas P. (Tom) Hudson 01-01-1919 12-31-1922
T. C. Birdwell 01-01-1923 12-31-1924
Thomas P. (Tom) Hudson 01-01-1925 12-31-1932
Jim Lee Gordon 01-01-1933 12-31-1938
W. A. (Bill) Dunworthy 01-01-1939 12-31-1952
David E. (Dave) Reves 01-01-1953 12-31-1968
J. W. (Woodrow) Simmons 01-01-1969 12-31-1979
Doyce (Gil) Gillilan 01-01-1980 11/30-1981
Michael (Mike) Middleton 12-01-1981 12-31-1996
Robby S. Wedeking 01-01-1997

July 21, 2009

It brings back bad memories of the days when an accusation was virtually a guilty verdict, giving a county sheriff, what amounts to judaiciary control, some families could make the mistakes of youth without prosecution, others were treated criminally.

Jackie Cox

July 21, 2009

My great grandfather George Newell was the Constable in Lueders for a while but I don't know what time period. I have heard that he was very fair to all. He also worked at the soda fountain shop in Lueders. I remember going to see him when he worked there. It's one of my favorite memories.

Donna Newell Wade

July 22, 2009

George Newell was a good man. I was wondering what became of Joe Newell, Went to school with him all those years, never heard a negative word from him, even as a boy, growing up, his christian attitude was above the rest of us.

Jackie Cox

July 22, 2009

Joe is my dad. He went on to UT, then graduated from Texas Tech. My sister and I were born around that time, then he joined the Army. We traveled around. He has lived in Arizona for the last 20+ years. He has 5 1/2 grandkids. He's doing great. I will let him know that you asked about him.

Donna Newell Wade

July 22, 2009

I just wanted to let everyone know that Eldridge K Register was my great-grandfather. Shirley Evetts Dad and Love Hughes grandfather. He had passed before I was born so I never got to meet him. But I do remember my grandmother saying she lived in back of the jail in Anson, Tx.

Linda Evetts Fulgham, Class of 63

July 22, 2009

Donna your old great grand pappy locked me up in jail one time and Don Latimer has wrote about it in his "A Little History of Lueders Texas"

In case you Newell descendants are not aware Marie and Georgia Watkins were our neighbors for many years and let me also tell you in case your not aware that two very much historical pictures of Mr. Newell are in the Lueders History Section under the "Memories in Snapshot section" and one is Photo 10 while the other is in the "Collection of Fredrick Lieb, Class of 51"

Mr. Newell worked at Shipps Drug part time and it really didn't have a per-se soda fountain. He ran the whole drug store which did have a cooler and sold Eskimo pies. pop cycles, soda pops and things like that but, no soda fountain.

A soda fountain did exist in the Williams drug store across the street but, I don't recall Mr. Newell ever working there.

Here is what Don wrote in the Lueders History:

Dave Reves was sheriff of Jones County, but the closest thing to law that Lueders had was a night watchman. Even before Lueders was incorporated they had a night watchman. Merchants would pitch in to pay his salary. Collie B. Walls (1884-1935) was one of the earlier night watchmen. Collie was working the night he died, December 6, 1935. George Newell was night watchman probably from the late 30s to late 50s. The jail was quite small, built of stone and located just west of White's Texaco Station. About 1952, a new city hall and annex was constructed and a jail was included in one of the rooms. Oil field sucker rods were welded to make the cage and they used the door from the old jail. High school students, Carol Felts and Everett Ray Smyth, were admiring the new jail one evening and George locked the door on them, turned out the lights and left. Well, Carol and Everett Ray managed to squeeze through the bars, crawl out a window and beat George back to his car. This caused them to weld some smaller rods between the larger ones to prevent a real prisoner from escaping. Marie Watkins recalls George Newell, who was her grandfather, doing the same lockup trick on her and some girl friends one night. He let them sit in the dark awhile before buying them some ice cream and turning them loose. According to Dave Reves, over the years there were several "real" prisoners in the jail. Pop McBride (Ruth Foster's dad) replaced George Newell as night watchman. Dave Reves was sheriff sixteen years, from 1953 through 1968.

Every body knew George Newell and YES he never was out to hurt anyone and was a pretty decent old guy as we kids of the time would refer to him.

Cheers, E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

July 22, 2009

I went to UT with you father, Joe--along with about 25,000 other students. We did get together a few times when we were both in Austin. Please do say hello to him for me. Or better yet, get him to join the Pirates line.

Oh yes, we were on the same bus route, and although he didn't have to ride nearly as far in the afternoon his morning commute made up for the short afternoon ride.

Ron Latimer, Class of 65

July 22, 2009


Thank you for the information. I will tell my dad you said hello.


July 22, 2009

Thank you for letting me know Joe is still alive and well, went into service at age 18, then GI Bill, out of country for 22 years, 1972 to 1994, things sure changed after I left.

I am kinda retired, Padre Island, way south. enjoy the ocean wind, and the beautiful birds, life is good.

Jackie Cox

July 25, 2009

The Leid farm and ranch was probably the best farmland around, just a bit better than the Gilbert Hanson place in the Lutheran/German district up and away from the Swenson ranch down from the dam on the Clear Fork of the Brazos. The cottonwood creek he chose to settle on would rise up onto his land in the spring and leave silt, the wild pecan trees lined the shore, in the winter a person could almost live on fried squirrel, once the leaves fell the squirrel nest were exposed to hawks, owls, eagles and the likes of johnny and buddy vickers and myself, when we went squirrel hunting we would just shoot through the densest part of the nest and the squirrels would just tumble down, cottonwood creek used to be boss fishing as far up as the underwoods place, where it started, then Buster Brown got a gusher, about half a mile from the mouth of the creek, when the spring rains came, the top water of the creek litup, sparkeling, a once in a lifetime sight, all the colours of the spectrum, I remember it was beautiful. What I didn't know was the underwater vegation that held the banks of the creek, died from asphyxation, then the banks caved in, the cottonwoods died, the fish moved onto the brazos, now its just little more than a gully, the final straw was when the rock quarry dumped tailings into the creek cutting it off from the brazos unless a really big rain comes. All the small lakes and stock ponds used to fill up with fish in the high water times, are gone, the fishing was so good back then, you could get a few dozen grasshoppers and a free meal, without murcury in them, There was actually fish in the reservoir, I went to look at it this spring and it was dry. Johnny Wyatts tank we used to sein every year for fish day. Dallas underwood used to be " The Man " when we went hog hunting and captured the wild hogs, Dallas had a wooden leg (from the war, I think) when we managed to get some hogs penned up, he would put his leg in the entrance to the trailer, the hogs would attack him and take his leg, then he would close the gate. George had a school teacher that called him a liar, said the wild hogs on the brazos were feral, some were as long as maybe 8 or 9 feet, brownish, and tusks as long as an axe blade, but not as wide. We managed to get one in the trailer and then invited the lady school teacher down to look at it so she could tell us what kind of hog it came from, she went up to the trailer and peered through the bars, the big hog attacked, almost broke out of the trailer, I can tell you for sure the hogs of the Brazos are not feral, I'm thinking Georges' teacher left with the same thought. I spent endless days on cottonwood and the clear fork, You kept your eyes and ears wide open, cougars, wild hogs, rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, copperheads, that would attack you if you got too close, rattlesnakes, On the Swenson Land and Cattle Company in Stamford, there is a 12' rattlesnake skin on the wall, about a mile from the river between Chester Omans place and town there is an outcropping of limestone, with more rattlesnakes than a man can count, bailing hay with Weldon Hanson around there we used to get a lotta bales with the snakes bailed up I miss those times and places, now gone with the new times. Grew up, next to the leibs, then we moved up on the hill on buster browns place. The well only pumped for a couple of years, all thats left is a greasy spot in the middle of the field , just down from the Mullins place, and the gully that was once the most beautiful piece of nature I have ever seen. I know how old man lieb must feel about these times, perhaps with the one book and the goodness of children will take us into a new direction, one with respect for nature, which we are a part of. I miss those times when a man said something, It was something you could believe.

Jackie Cox

July 25, 2009

Maybe there was a couple of lieb properties, one below where the Kenny Longs family lived, on the Clearfork, and another where the cottonwood flowed into the clearfork, above the dam, I was just a tiny lad in those days, One above the dam, and the one below the dam, both were really good land, perhaps someone else owned the property where the cottonwood flowed into the clearfork. I am not sure, but, The Coon hunting was really good in those days, in that area, there were a lotta armadillos, skunks, possums, fox, coyote, and when I was very young, I could hear the wolves howling at night (a beautiful sound) then there was a 20 dollar bounty on their ears, and they moved on. Trapping was one of the first things I learned, all my traps used to fill up with possums and skunks, near worthless hides, On a full moon I caught a coon or two, by wrapping the trip plate on the trap in tinfoil and putting it near the waters edge, you had to stay with your traps and get there in a few minutes, or the coon would chew his foot off and escape, like the fox, never even came close to catching a panther, or a wolf. Now I would just love to watch them, not trap them, but that was how my dad and grandfather used to make mney, in the days before the fox farms, and the like

Jackie Cox

July 27, 2009

Hats off to: Larry Searcy, Camp Manager of Big County Baptist Assembly/Lueders Baptist Encampment.

Last year Larry Searcy started a program to help those in Lueders with sub-standard housing. They repaired 14 or 15 homes and some were major. He has invested his own funds as well as those of othr donors. He took a crew of volunteer workers.

I tried to email a picture and a copy of his letter but it failed to go through.

If you have a desire to help with the Lueders Rehab, call Larry Searcy at 325/447-4542. The address is: Big Country Baptist Assembly, PO Box 248, Lueders, Texas 79533

Thanks for your help on this.

Marlin Felts, class '57

July 31, 2009

I'm working on a list of all the teachers that Lueders had duning the 50s and I may need a little help with a couple of years.

While working on the list I came up with a teacher I had in the 7th grade, 1950/51. Her name was June Nalley Reese. She wasn't much older than us so I looked her up in the white pages and she lives in Austin. I had a nice conversation with her. She's 81 years old. She taught 26 years but only one year in Lueders. Her husband, Hubert Reese, worked at the refinery beofre he went into the service in 1951.

Anyway, she said she learned a lot her first year and she still remembers some of the students and teachers. The 7th grade class was in the white building west of the school.

Don Latimer - Class of 56

July 31, 2009

I went to school in Lueders from 1951 to 1954, (1st through 4th grade). I can only remember two names: Mrs. Douthit and Mrs. Deaton

Sandra Martz

July 31, 2009

Don, I have annuals from 1955 thru 1959 ... Russell and Sally Mullins have earlier 50's annuals Not sure you wanted this..but I thought I'd send if it is any help. I put a question mark beside those whom I don't know if living or not. My mom cut out a newspaper article from 1990's regarding Miss Mac Daniel who had a long a varied career.

Troy Denham Superintendent...deceased
L. B. Howard - Coach, Math ..deceased
Mrs. Denham-
Mrs. Varley- Homemaking ?
Mr. T. A. Sharp- History ?
Mrs. E. L. Cowger- English ?
Mrs. S. L. Vinson - deceased
Mrs. John Nail - ?
Miss Peggy Houston - deceased
Mrs. B. Vaughn - deceased
Miss Lola Mae Daniels, 5th Grade deceased...but lived to be in her 100's
Mr. Gene Allison - 6th Grade ?
Mr. John Hayton 7th Grade deceased
Mr. J L. Varley 8th grade and Grade School Principal

Same as 1955 with the addition of L. W. Sheppard 6th Grade and Mr. Bill Pylant, AG.

Denham - sup. - deceased
Mr. Denham - business living
Mr. Morris Lemay High School Principal ?
Mr. Paul Mosley - coach (later there was trouble involving Mr. Mosley) ?
Mrs. Lewis Carman - homemaking Mary Alice's granddaughter is married to Mrs. Carman's grandson
Mr. James Hunt - Agriculture. ?
Mrs. C. Richards - English ?
Mr. Sheppard - Grade School Principal - deceased
Mrs. Vinson 1st grade - deceased
Mr. Hayton - 7th Grade / coach - deceased
Mrs. J. Nail - 2nd grade ?
Miss P. Houston- 3rd Grade - deceased
Mrs. Vaughn 4th Grade - deceased
Mrs. Glenn Morrison - 5th Grade ?

Mr. Fred Shelton - High School Principal and Social Studies ? I believe he is deceased
Mrs. G. V. Hilton Business and 8th Grade ?
Mr. Hayton- 7th Grade and Jr. High Coach deceased
Mrs. B. G Pruitt - Home Economics ?
Mr. B.G. Pruitt - Math ?
Mrs. J. Jackson - English (1st year at Lueders) living
Mr. Jack Richards - Ag.?
Mr. James Wood - Literature ?
Mr. L. W. Sheppard 6th Grade and Elementary Principal deceased
Mrs. Ruben Nance - 5th Grade deceased
Mrs. Vaughn 4th Grade deceased
Mrs. Fred Shelton 3rd Grade ?
Mrs. John Nail 2nd Grade ?
Mrs. Vinson 1st Grade deceased

July 31, 2009

Thanks Stephen, That's just about what I'm doing except I wan't marking them alive or deceased. I'll send you my working list.

I need 1952 and maybe a couple from 1954.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

July 31, 2009

Don't forget Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Galbreath. They took the 1950 Senior Class on our Senior Trip.

Rena McAlister Potter, Class of 1950

July 31, 2009

Pulled out my annuals and these are from 1950, 1951, and 1952.

1950:Pulled out my annuals and these are from 1950, 1951, and 1952.

C. O. Bragg, Superintendent
M. H. Galbreath, H. S. Principal, Science and History
Mrs. Sue Galbreath, Speech, Typing
Mrs. Ruth Hardwick, Homemaking
Mrs. Maurine LeBeau, H. S. English, Eighth Grade
Elbert H. Austin, English, Eighth Grade
E. C. Barry, Math, Coach
Mrs. Jewell Douthit, First Grade, G. S. Principal
Mrs. Eli Deaton, Second and Third
Mary McCorcle, Seventh
Mrs. Burk Vaughan, Fourth
Mrs. Odessa Wallace, Fifth
Maltha Cagle, Sixth and Music

C. O. Bragg, Supt.
Troy Denham, H. S. Principal, Science, History
Pat Denham, Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping
Adele Baker, English
Grady Baker, Coach
Ruth Hardwick, Homemaking
Mary Snyder, Homemaking
Brad Rowland, Agriculture
Truman Kidwell, Agriculture
Odessa Wallace, First
Estella Reves, Second
Mrs. Eli Deaton, Third
Mrs. Burk Vaughan, Fourth
Lola Mae Daniel, Fifth
Mary McCorcle, Sixth
June Reese, Seventh, Music
Mrs. Jewell Douthit, Eighth, G. S. Principal

Mrs. Jewell Douthit, First
Mrs. J. M. Glasscock, Second
Mrs. Eli Deaton, Third
Mrs. Burk Vaughan, Fourth
Virginia Creighton, Fifth
Lola Mae Daniel, Sixth
Mary Allgood, Seventh,
Mrs. Estella Reves, Eighth
Jim Davis Eighth
Nevva Carter, History
Truman W. Kidwell, Agriculture
J. M. Glasscock, H. S. Principal, Math
Adelle Baker, English
Grady Baker, G. S. Principal, Coach, History
Pat Denham, Business
Katherine Rowland, Homemaking

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

July 31, 2009

Hey, all of you are really coming through. I now have just about all of the 50s.

I may be missing some from the 53/54 school year. Mrs. Denham may not have taught the old year. She had a baby that year and I don't know who the 8th grade teacher was.

Superintendent Troy Denham
HS Principal, Coach & Math Leo B. Howard
English Mrs. W. T. (Pat) Denham
Social Studies & GS Coach John Hayton
Business Mrs. Bob Wilkerson
Home Economics Mrs. J. L. (Mary) Varley
Vocational Agriculture Truman Kidwell
First Grade Mrs. S. L. (Maurese) Vinson
Second Grade Mrs. Melvin (Thynell) Rosenquist
Third Grade Mrs. Eli (Lavelle) Deaton
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae) Vaughan
Fifth Grade Ernest Armstrong
Sixth Grade Miss Lola Mae Daniel
Seventh Grade & GS Principal Jesse L. Varley

Thanks - Don Latimer - Class of 56

July 31, 2009

Just curious as to where principal Howard went when they moved from Lueders. Does anyone know?

Terry Johnson Blackburn, Abilene High - Class of 66

August 1, 2009

Regarding Coach Howard.

I believe he went to Crowell (Southwest of Vernon) when he left Lueders. He ended up at Baird where he was quite successful. He had coached at Rotan & Roscoe, I believe, before he came to Lueders. His obit is below.

Don Latimer - Class of 56

Abilene Reporter New

Leo Burl (Red) Howard, 62, of Trent and a former coach in Baird, died at 9:45 a.m,. Wednesday, March 1, 1978, at the Methodist Hospital in Lubbock following a lenghty illness. Services will be at 2 p.m. Friday at the Trent Baptist Church.

The Rev. Eric Lowell, assisted by George Butterfield, minister of the Trent Church of Christ, will officiate. Burial will be in Newman Cemetery, directed by Starbuck Funeral Home.

Born Nov. 18, 1915 in Wilmeth, Mr. Howard married Florence Boyd Dec. 20, 1935 in the Newman Community (Fisher County).

He graduated from McMurry College where he played football. He began teaching in 1942. He had been a coach in several area high schools. He coached the Baird High School girls basketball team that won the state title in 1964. Ill health forced him to retire in 1971. He moved to Trent in 1972.

Survivors include his wife; three daughters, Mrs. H.D. (Bobbie) Elliott of Ballinger, Mrs. Richie (Sue) Crow of Floydada and Mrs. Eric (Joyce) Lovell; two brothers, Buford of Wichita Falls and Bill of Lamesa; and five grandchildren.

August 1, 2009

Don, We also had a Ms. McMurtry-Home Economics. I had her in 1958 or 59 I think.

Pat Culpepper, Class of 61

August 1, 2009

There is quiet an article in the Stamford Star dated Friday July 24, 2009. I am sure this could be added to the Lueders History. I don't know Larry Searcy but he seems to get things done.

Pat Culpepper Roberts, Class of 61

August 1, 2009

I don't believe Mrs. Jessie McMurtry was a teacher in Lueders until 1959/60. I don't know if Jessie was her name or Mr. McMurtry's name. There was a Jessie Lee Davis (1901-1986) that married a Jett McMurtry about 1929. That's the only Jessie McMurtry I've been able to find.

Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 2, 2009

I just spoke with Grady & Adelle Baker. Grady was coach and Adelle taugh English in 1950/51 & 1951/52. Grady is 91 and Adelle is 85 & they live in Denton.

Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 2, 2009

I always said that Adelle Baker was the best English teacher I ever had--including college.

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

August 2, 2009

Homecoming will be scheduled for October 10.

For those who are planning the 50's get-together in Abilene on Friday night, do you want to include that info in the letter that we will send out? If so, let me know what you want in there and I'll see if we can get it in the letter. I guess we can always use an 8x14 sheet if we need to. Because of complications, the letters won't go out until August 24.

The cheerleaders will be catering and serving again this year. The meal will be barbeque.

Hope to see a lot of you there!

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

August 3, 2009

Don I have all the annuals and have a largew selection of duplicates and will be offering them to you guys at the reunion. I am the librarian and have a pretty complete set..

Winnie Stapp Barton

August 3, 2009

For anyone who might remember Lola Mae Daniel... teaching in Lueders in 1955: This information is from an article acknowledging 13 women over 90 yrs. old which was published in the Austin American Statesman Newspaper in 1990

Born Sept. 22, 1902, in Stephenville, TX. Miss Daniel was a missionary teacher in Taiwan for many years after having taught in Texas public schools..Lueders among them. She was dean of boys at San Marcos Baptist Academy for five years. In her 80's she taught English in China. These days (early 1990's) she does personal counseling at Howard Payne College in Brownwood and does much public speaking. She wrote an autobiography: Never too Late, and has written another book entitled: Through the Red Gate about her experiences in China. She plans to retire next year (as of 1993). "My life has been spent trying to help other people," she said.

Stephen Vinson ...Lueders 1954-1964 Abilene High 1967

August 3, 2009

Thanks for the reminder about Lola Mae /Daniel, There were several good articles written about her. She was born Sep 20, 1902 and died 13 Jul 2002, just shy of 100 years old.

Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 4, 2009

While speaking of teachers and students I am trying to get the addresses updated. If anyone has changed their address or knows of any address changes please send them to me at or via the chat line.

Ada Crawford Wills, Class of 61 - Secretary Homecoming Association.

August 4, 2009
Don I have 1954.

W T Denham
L B Howard
Mrs Bob Wilkerson
John Hayton
Mrs J L Varley
Mr T A Sharp
Mr Truman Kidwell
Mr J L Varley
Mr Gene Allison
Miss Lola Mae Daniel
Mr Ernest Armstrong
Mrs Burk Vaughn
Mrs Eli Deaton
Mrs John Nail
Mrs S L Vinson

Ada Wills, Class of 61

August 4, 2009

John Hayton has passed away. I think Mr. Denham has but others, like Edith would know if both have or not. I understand that Truman Kidwell has as well.

Mary Lou Odell Bavousett, Class of 51

August 4, 2009
Hi Ada,

I hope everything is going well for you, remember Dr.Shepphard, who taught the 6th grade, he was a disabled veteran, korean war, shot through the hips. He was the best teacher I ever encountered, He had me read the entire gradeschool library, 6th grade level and above. due to his teaching efforts, when I went to 4A schools, like Abilene High, and Clovis NM high, I got straight A's in all courses, and when I joined the naavy, because hayton and shelton wouldn't let me run track my senior year, I joined the Navy, they gave me a GED test and I got a grade level equivilent of 14.7 years. Dr. shepphard had a Phd in education, but, taught the 6th grade because he thought he could do the most good for the 12 year olds. I was a lucky boy for having had a professional educator at an impressionable age. After being taught by him for a year, I became less interested in spending my time in unproductive classes, which worked out well for me, because there was always work to do for the local farmers and ranchers, which was an education as well. Lueders was a great place to have grown up in, mostly the people were all like one big family, The adults had more or less unconditional love and respect for the children.

Jackie Cox

August 4, 2009

I need some help with this list of deceased ex-students or teachers. This would be only since the last homecoming in 2007. If you can add anyone to this list, thank you.

Greta Olson Corbitt 1952

August 5, 2009


I'm working on a list of Lueders teachers for the 50s to see who's living and who's not and I'm having a little trouble with Mrs. Mary Snyder, who taught Home Economics the latter half of the 49/50 school year. I understand that she was young, maybe just out of school and that's all I've been able to find out.

Does anyone remember any details about her? Was her husband in the service? Did they live in Lueders or a nearby town? Any detail might help.

Thanks, Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 5, 2009

Don, I can't remember a Mary Snyder, but Brad Rowland's wife, Kathleen, taught homemaking for at least part of a year while Brad was in the army. It must have been our Soph. or Jr. year. Also, Lola Mae Daniel taught algebra 1 our soph. year and was my favorite teacher.

Edith Atkison, Class of 53

August 5, 2009
Ok Guys,

I steered you wrong. Mary Snyder filled in for the last part of the 50/51 school year. Evidently Mrs. Charles (Ruth Michaels) Hardwick (1926-1995) resigned and Mrs. Mary Snyder took her place. I know she was there at the end of the school year in time for the junior/Senior banquet in April of 51. I believe she had just graduated from McMurry and was from Pampa.

Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 5, 2009

Get in touch with Edith Ham. She will probably know. I graduated in '53 so I would have been a Freshman that year. Seems like we had a Mrs. Harwick and she got pregnant that year. I remember how pretty I thought she was wearing this navy blue maternity dress with a pink collar.

Ernestine (Segerstrom) Heller, Class of 53

August 6, 2009

Johnny Vickers, and Kenneth Long, I am not sure of their dates but they were rather recent.

I need some help with this list of deceased ex-students or teachers. This would be only since the last homecoming in 2007. If you can add anyone to this list, thank you.

Richard Wills
Rayleen King Pittcock
Andrew (Andy) Jackson Reves
Helen Webb Patterson
Warren Randolph Olson
Fred Shelton
David R. Miller
Sandra Counts Hamm
Wayne Doty
John McCown
Boyd Newell Graham
Bobbie Jane Webb Lovett
Rose Marie Culver Bennett
George Cox
Jason Lefevre

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 1952

August 7, 2009

I'm working on a list of teachers that Lueders had during the 50s and if they're still living.

Here are the ones from the first two years of the 50s.

Lueders Teachers During the 50s

Superintendent Charles O. Bragg (1902-1979)
HS Principal, Science & History Moody H. Gal breath (1909-1976)
Speech & Typing Mrs. M. H. (Sue Cox) Gal breath (1913-1989)
Homemaking Mrs. Charles C. (Ruth) Hardwick (1926-1995)
HS English & 8th Grade Mrs. Pat (Maurine Schott) LeBeau (1930-Living)
English & 8th Grade Elbert H. Austin (1921-1994)
Math & Coach Emerson C. Barry (1924-1989)
First Grade Mrs. Guy (Jewel Ligon) Douthit (1898-1979)
Second & Third Grade Mrs. Eli (Lavelle Bagwell) Deaton (???-1991)
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae Stamps) Vaughan (1911-1999)
Fifth Grade Mrs. J. W. (Odessa Boozer) Wallace (1900-1991)
Sixth Grade Miss Maltha Cagle (1917-1999)
Seventh Grade Miss Mary Cebelle McCorcle (1901-1980)

Superintendent Charles O. Bragg (1902-1979)
Science, History & HS Principal Troy Denham (1922-2005)
English Mrs. Grady (Adelle Dixon) Baker (Living)
Typing, Shorthand & Bookkeeping Mrs. W. T. (Pat Hannah) Denham (Living)
Coach & Math Grady C. Baker (Living)
Homemaking Mrs. Charles (Ruth Michaels) Hardwick (1926-1995)
Homemaking Mary Snyder ???
Vocational Agriculture Brad Rowland (Living)
Vocation Agriculture Truman Kidwell (1924-1991)
First Grade Mrs. J. W. (Odessa Boozer) Wallace (1900-1991)
Second Grade Mrs. D. E. (Estella Winkles) Reves (1919-1999)
Third Grade Mrs. Eli (Lavelle Bagwell) Deaton (???-1991)
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae Stamps) Vaughan (1911-1999)
Fifth Grade Miss Lola Mae Daniel (1902-2002)
Sixth Grade Miss Mary Cebelle McCorcle (1901-1980)
Seventh Grade & Music Mrs. Hubert (June) Reese (Living)
Eight Grade & GS Principal Mrs. Guy (Jewel Ligon) Douthit (1898-1979)

Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 8, 2009

When the class of 56 graduated from the 8th grade on the stage of the old auditorium, one of it's members was Doyle Higgs. That was the only year that Doyle was in our class. Doyle was very smart but he had a physical problem, maybe he had MD.

Off & on over the years, I kind of looked for Doyle. With his problems, I'm sure he's dead, but you never know.

He may have been the son of Regis Nim Higgs and Geneva of the Nugent Higgs.They had a daughter by the name of Betty June that was born in Jul of 1940, which would have put her in the class of 58.

Does anyone remember either Doyle or Betty June?


Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 10, 2009

Don I think Doyle had polio

David Edgar, Class of 57

August 12, 2009

Below is the "second" installment of Lueders 50s teachers. There are a few blanks and may be mistakes.

Superintendent W. T. (Troy) Denham (1922-2005)
Coach, History & GS Principal Grady C. Baker (Living)
Business Mrs. W. T. (Pat Hannah) Denham (Living)
English Mrs. Grady (Adelle Dixon) Baker (Living)
Home Economics Mrs. Brad (Katherine Keith) Rowland (1929-1982)
Vocational Agriculture Truman Weldon Kidwell (1924-1991)
History Mrs. Neva (Patrick) Carter (abt 1905-1979)
First Grade Mrs. Guy (Jewell Ligon) Douthit (1898-1979)
Second Grade Mrs. J. M. (Gorum Vanderford) Glasscock (1895-1985)
Third Grade Mrs. Eli (Lavelle Bagwell) Deaton (???-1991)
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae Stamps) Vaughan (1911-1999)
Fifth Grade Miss Mary “Virginia” Creighton (1899-1988)
Sixth Grade Miss Lola Mae Daniel (1902-2002)
Seventh Grade Miss Mary T. Allgood (1900-1979)
Eight Grade Mrs. D. E. (Estella Winkles) Reves (1919-1999)
Eight Grade Jim or Gene Davis

Superintendent W. T. (Troy) Denham (1922-2005)
Coach & Math Leo Burl (Red) Howard (1918-1978)
Homemaking Mrs. J. L. (Mary Heartsill) Varley (Living)
Vocational Agriculture Truman Weldon Kidwell (1924-1991)
HS Principal & History Benjamin “Carter” Lambert (1905-1993)
English Mrs. W. T. (Pat Hannah) Denham (Living)
Biology W. T. (Troy) Denham (1922-2005)
First Grade Mrs. Carter (Susie Irene Nance) Lambert (1905-1970)
Second Grade Miss Thynell Thompson (Living)
Third Grade Mrs. Eli (Lavelle Bagwell) Deaton (???-1991)
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae Stamps) Vaughn (1911-1999)
Fifth Grade Ernest Edward Armstrong (1903-1998)
Sixth Grade Miss Lola Mae Daniel (1902-2002)
Seventh Grade Jesse L. Varley (Living)
Eight Grade & Business Mrs. Bob (Lorene) Wilkerson (???-1996)

Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 15, 2009

For all those who have an interest:.......... I have added some new pictures and revised some old ones of KSC and other Space related stuff all into one section on my web site.

A new one is images of the Saturn V 500F vehicle which is interesting to me because it includes a lot of engineering type close ups of the swing arm connection on the Mobile Launcher.

Probably the most interesting is some photographs of Launch Complex 39 in the beginning days when the VAB and Pad A were nothing but piles of sand.

Some of you may have seen the planet size comparisons. But, I have now added several images taken with the Hubble Telescope and I suggest you don't miss the one on the Planets.

I also spent a few months writing my memoirs of working at KSC and the story is laced with other pictures of Kennedy Space Center.

The old stuff and the new is now all combined into one Link Page:.... HERE

While it is mainly something I'm leaving my grand children I hope you enjoy it also.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

August 16, 2009

This covers the Lueders 50s teachers for the years 53/54 & 54/55.

There's a couple that I don't have complete information on.

After Gene Allison left Lueders in 56, he did some world traveling and taught a few years in San Antonio. I'm not sure what happened to him after he left San Antonio about 1970.

Superintendent W. T. (Troy) Denham 1922-2005)
HS Principal, Coach & Math Leo B. (Red) Howard (1918-1978)
English Mrs. W. T. (Pat Hannah) Denham (Living)
History Thomas A. Sharp (1900-1986)
Social Studies & GS Coach John Edward Hayton (1921-2007)
Business Mrs. Bob (Lorene) Wilkerson (???-1996)
Home Economics Mrs. J. L. (Mary Heartsill) Varley (Living)
Vocational Agriculture Truman Weldon Kidwell (1924-1991)
First Grade Mrs. S. L. (Maurese Putnam) Vinson (1917-1998)
Second Grade Mrs. Melvin (Thynell Thompson) Rosenquist (Living)
Second Grade Mrs. John (Ruth Gilstrap) Nail (Living)
Third Grade Mrs. Eli (Lavelle Bagwell) Deaton (???-1991)
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae Stamps) Vaughan (1911-1999)
Fifth Grade Ernest Edward Armstrong (1903-1998)
Sixth Grade Miss Lola Mae Daniel (1902-2002)
Seventh Grade & GS Principal Jesse L. Varley (Living)
Eighth Grade Gene Allison

Superintendent W. T. (Troy) Denham (1922-2005)
Business Mrs. W. T. (Pat Hannah) Denham (Living)
English Mrs. Ernest L. (Frances Burt) Cowger (1913-Living)
History Thomas A. Sharp (1900-1986)
Homemaking Mrs. J. L. (Mary Heartsill) Varley (Living)
Vocational Agriculture Truman Weldon Kidwell (1924-1991)
Coach & Math Leo B. (Red) Howard (1918-1978)
First Grade Mrs. S. L. (Maurese Putnam) Vinson (1917-1998)
Second Grade Mrs. John (Ruth Gilstrap) Nail (Living)
Third Grade Miss Peggy Elizabeth Houston (1928-2005)
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae Stamps) Vaughan (1911-1999)
Fifth Grade Miss Lola Mae Daniel (1902-2002)
Sixth Grade Gene Allison
Seventh Grade John Edward Hayton (1921-2007)
Eight Grade & GS Principal Jesse L. Varley (Living)

Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 16, 2009
Hello Alumni,

I'm starting to update some of the website pages. Who are the current Lueders Homecoming Committee officers?

The last I have on the website are the 2007 Homecoming Committee Officers:

2007 Officers

President: Greta Olson Corbitt
Vice President: Ernestine Segerstrom Heller
Treasurer: Marjorie Crawford Thomas
Secretary: Ada Crawford Wills

Would someone update me on who are the 2009 L-A Homecoming Committee Officers and send a photo if possible. "Current" email addresses of each would be great too!

Please email them to or

Thank you,

Carlene Burkman Black, Class of 72 --- admin.

August 17, 2009

Warren "Gene" Allison was born 1930 in Tom Green County and died 2000 in Lampasas, Lampasas County, TX. He taught at Lueders in 53/54, 54/55 & 55/56.

Gene taught overseas on military bases for a number of years. He was a good friend of Miss Lola Mae Daiel, another Lueders teacher..

Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 17, 2009

They are the same except for V.P. , Lottie Kay Purcell Doty.

Ada Wills, Class of 61

August 19, 2009

This list covers the 50s teachers from 1955/56 & 1956/57.

In the 56/57 list are two teachers that I couldn't find out anything--the Ag teacher, Mr. James Hunt and the fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Glenn Morrison.

Superintendent W. T. (Troy) Denham (1922-2005)
H.S. Principal, Math & Coach Leo B. (Red) Howard (1918-1978)
G.S. Principal Jesse L. Varley (Living)
Business, GS coach John Edward Hayton (1921-2007)
English Mrs. W. T. (Pat Hannah) Denham (Living)
History & Science Thomas A. Sharp (1900-1986)
Homemaking Mrs. J. L. (Mary) Varley (Living)
Vocation Agriculture Billy Gene (Bill) Plyant 1934-2000)
First Grade Mrs. S. L. ( Maurese Putnam) Vinson (1917-1998)
Second Grade Mrs. John (Ruth Gilstrap) Nail (Living)
Third Grade Miss Peggy Elizabeth Houston (1928-2005)
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae Stamps) Vaughan (1911-1999)
Fifth Grade Miss Lola Mae Daniel (1902-2002)
Sixth Grade L. W. Sheppard (1921-1964)
Seventh Grade Warren “Gene” Allison (1930-2000)
Eight Grade Jesse L. Varley (Living)

Superintendent W. T. (Troy) Denham (1922-2005)
Business Mrs. W. T. (Pat Hannah) Denham (Living)
HS Principal Morris Lee Lemay (1933-1995)
Coach Clarence “Paul” Mosley (1926-2003)
Homemaking Mrs. Lewis (Lucy Rowell) Carman (Living)
Vocational Agriculture James Hunt
English Mrs. Clements (Margaret Wendeborn) Richards (Living)
GS Principal & Sixth Grade L. W. Sheppard (1921-1964)
First Grade Mrs. S. L. (Maurese Putnam) Vinson (1917-1998)
Second Grade Mrs. John (Ruth Gilstrap) Nail (Living)
Third Grade Miss Peggy Elizabeth Houston (1928-2005)
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae Stamps) Vaughan (1911-1999)
Fifth Grade Mrs. Glenn Morrison
Seventh Grade & GS Coach John Edward Hayton (1921-2007)

Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 20, 2009

This is the last of the 50s teachers. The years are 1957/58, 1958/59 & 1959/60. We're missing info on the Billy G. Pruitts that taught in 1958/59

Superintendent W. T. (Troy) Denham (1922-2005)
Business Mrs. W. T. (Pat Hannah) Denham (Living)
HS Principal & Social Studies Loal “Fred” Shelton (1933-2008)
Coach & Math Clarence “Paul” Mosley (1926-2003)
Home Economics Mrs. Lewis (Lucy Rowell) Carman (Living)
Vocational Agriculture Jack Drummond (Jackie) Richards (1935-2001)
English Mrs. Clements (Margaret Wendeborn) Richards (Living)
GS Principal & Sixth Grade L. W. Sheppard (1921-1964)
First Grade Mrs. S. L. (Maurese Putnam) Vinson (1917-1998)
Second Grade Mrs. John (Ruth Gilstrap) Nail (Living)
Third Grade Mrs. Fred (Elizabeth Browning) Shelton (Living)
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae Stamps) Vaughan (1911-1999)
Fifth Grade Lewis Markwood (Living)
Seventh Grade & GS Coach John Edward Hayton (1921-2007)

Superintendent George V. Hilton & S. Wortham Crow
George Hilton resigned at the end of Sept and Mr. Crow took over 10/10/ 58
Business Mrs. Hilton - she stayed on after her husband resigned
English James Clark Wood Resigned at mid term (1905-1990)
English Mrs. Joe (Shirley Propst) Jackson (Living) started at mid term
Math Billy G. Pruitt
Homemaking Mrs. Billy G. Pruitt
High School Principal & History Loal “Fred” Shelton (1933-2008)
Vocational Agriculture Jack Drummond (Jackie) Richards (1935-2001)
Coach & 7th Grade John Edward Hayton (1921-2007)
First Grade Mrs. S. L. (Maurese Putnam) Vinson (1917-1998)
Second Grade Mrs. John (Ruth Gilstrap) Nail (Living)
Third Grade Mrs. Fred (Elizabeth Browning) Shelton (Living)
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae Stamps) Vaughan (1911-1999)
Fifth Grade Mrs. Ruben (Ruby Wedeking) Nance (1914-1998)
Sixth Grade L. W. Sheppard (1921-1964)

Superintendent Samuel “Wortham” Crow (1913-1970)
High School Principal Loal “Fred” Shelton (1933-2008)
Grade School Principal L. W. Sheppard (1921-1964)
Social Studies Loal “Fred” Shelton (1933-2008)
Business & Eighth Grade D. G. Williams
Seventh Grade & Coach John Edward Hayton (1921-2007)
Homemaking Mrs. Jessie (Davis) McMurtry (1901-1986)
Math Robert Benjamin Bradberry (1922-1986)
English Mrs. Joe (Shirley Propst) Jackson (Living)
Vocational Agriculture Jack Drummond (Jackie) Richards (1935-2001)
Science Truman Goodwin Hagler (Living)
Sixth Grade L. W. Sheppard (1921-1964)
Fifth Grade Mrs. Ruben (Ruby Wedeking) Nance (1914-1998)
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae Stamps) Vaughan (1911-1999)
Third Grade Mrs. Fred (Elizabeth Browning) Shelton (Living)
Second Grade Mrs. John (Ruth Gilstrap) Nail (Living)
First Grade Mrs. S. L. (Maurese Putnam) Vinson (1917-1998)

Superintendent Samuel “Wortham” Crow (1013-1970)
Business, 8th Grade & Spanish Mrs. Charles (Patty Elise Thornton) Beal (1922-1984) Patty graduated LHS in 1939
Math Robert Benjamin Bradberry (1922-1986)
Vocational Agriculture Thomas “Leroy” Groves (Living)
Health & Science Truman Goodwin Hagler (Living)
HS Principal, Coach & 7th Grade John Edward Hayton (1921-2007)
English, Pep squad & Choral Mrs. Joe (Shirley Propst) Jackson (Living)
A. HS Principal, BB Coach & Social Marion (Bud) Shelton (Living)
Home Economics Mrs. Addie “Louise” Stites (1917-1995)
Sixth Grade & GS Principal L. W. Sheppard (1921-1964)
Fifth Grade Mrs. Ruben (Ruby Wedeking) Nance (1914-1998)
Fourth Grade Mrs. Burk (Effie Mae Stamps) Vaughan (1911-1999)
Third Grade Mrs. Byrd (Joy Flynt) Phillips (Living)
Second Grade Mrs. John (Ruth Gilstrap) Nail (Living)
First Grade Mrs. S. L. (Maurese Putnam) Vinson (1917-1998)

Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 25, 2009
Hi Pirates,

For those not aware, Fredrick Lieb, Class of 51 is a walking history book when it comes to Lueders, Texas

Of course he has reason because, he had grand parents on both sides of the family that were there before Lueders was.

While there for homecoming in 2007 I recorded our conversation on a couple of occasions and did so without giving much thought to putting them on a web site.

However, as Vice President of the Space Walk of Fame Foundation I was involved with our obtaining a couple of Grants from the State of Florida which we used to video tape and record Oral History of Kennedy Space Center Workers.

Therefore, the other day when I ran across one of the tapes with Fredrick on it, the thought hit me to add some Oral History to the Lueders, Texas web site.

Accordingly, if you click   HERE  you will go to the Oral History on the Lueders, Texas web site.

Since the taping was made with out thought given to putting them on a web site there are a few minor cuss words. However, after a lot of messing around with some new software, I was able to edit out the worst ones.

Hope you enjoy the Oral History which includes some pictures.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

August 27, 2009

I had a short note from Mary & J. L. Varley, former teachers at Lueders. The Varleys taught at Lueders for four years, from 52/53 to 55/56. They thanked us for the invite but they'll be unable to attend Homecoming as their health won't allow the trip.

They said they had many fond memories of their "first school."

Don Latimer - Class of 56

August 28, 2009
Hello Alumni, friends and family,

Here is a copy of the homecoming newsletter that was mailed out by the homecoming committee.

Lueders High School Homecoming Committee 2009 Officers

President: Greta Olson Corbitt
Vice President: Lottie Purcell Doty
Treasurer: Marjorie Crawford Thomas
Secretary: Ada Crawford Wills

Cheers, Carlene Burkman Black, L-A - Class of 72

--------Copy of Newsletter-------------------------

Well, it's that time again and we are looking forward to seeing all of you back HOME again on October 10 for our homecoming celebration.

2009 is the 50th anniversary for the class of 1959. A reunion is planned for ALL the classes from the 1950s. It will be held on Friday evening, October 9 and it would be o.k. to fudge a little on the year you graduated or were in school at Lueders. We'll meet in Joe Allen's Corral Room, which is located directly behind Joe Allen's Pit Bar-b-Que at 301 S. 11th in Abilene. The cost of the meal, with tax and gratuity, is $15.00 and we'll need a firm commitment if you plan to attend. We'll meet at 5:00 p.m., eat around 6:00 and visit for an hour or so afterward. There will be a choice of grilled chicken breast or chicken fried steak for the entree. You'll have to decide on your choice of entree beforehand.

Responses should be directed to Connie Wylie (325-673-8517) or Don Latimer (619-479-5460). We need to have an attendance count and your choice of entree by October 1.

We are trying to update our mailing list. We need your help. If you want your name removed from our mailing list, know someone who wants to be put on the list, or someone whose address is incorrect, please contact Ada Wills,

Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m., with the morning session beginning at 9:30. The registration fee is $3.50. Registration is not mandatory, but the money goes to help with the homecoming expenses and for the scholarship fund.

We will be having a noon meal catered by the Lueders-Avoca cheerleaders. They will be serving a brisket lunch with trimmings, assorted desserts, and tea. The cost of the meal will be $8.50 and will be served in the school cafetorium. We will be ordering 150 meals, so be sure you send your reservations and money right away to insure that you have a meal. Ticket holders will be served first. We must have your reservations by September 26. Send them to Margarie Thomas, P.O. Box 382, Lueders, TX 79533.

The afternoon program will begin at 1:30. We will recognize classes and the Hall of Fame honorees will be presented. The coach was unable to get a Saturday game. The Friday game is out oftown.

We will need nominees for the Hall of Fame presentation. Two honorees will be inducted into the Hall of Fame and these may include faculty, students, school board members, or other former employees of the district. Ex-students must have been out of high school for at least 25 years and others must not have been employed by the district for 5 years or more. Nominees will be recognized by their contributions to their families, schools, churches, communities, and country. In your letter naming your nominee, please state your reasons for choosing that person. WE MUST RECEIVE THEM BY SEPTEMBER 26. Please send them to Greta Corbitt, 15118 Co. Rd. 250, Lueders, TX 79533.

Previous Hall of Fame winners are:
C.T. Burkman
Charlie Helmer
Edith Ham
Arlene Dodgen Felts
Mary Alice Putnam Vandeventer
R. C. (Clif) Cobb
Maurese Putnam Vinson
Carol Felts
Truett Latimer
Ann Keesee Tajchman
C.A. (Red) Taylor
Thurman (Buddy) Thomas
Dave Reves
John Hayton
Rose Marie Culver Bennett
Gerrell Moore
Ruth Anderson Olson
Harry Garvin

Gold Star Memorials were awarded to:
Ralph Stanley Herrick
Frank C. Ferrell
John Howard Reves

August 29, 2009

Carlene you Might tell the readers that if more than 150 meals are pre-ordered we will order more. Also, Treasure is Margarie NOT Marjorie .

Thanks, Ada Crawford Wills, Class of 61

August 31, 2009
Hi All,

Hope some of you might help with Some addresses. These are the names and the last city I have listed,of invitations I have recieved back. any help will be appreciated.

William Jamar -- Hawley
Scott Anders --- Abilene
Royce & Carolyn Burkman-- Stamford
Jessie Camacho--
Leslie & Ann Evetts Fisher-- Brownwood
Richard Glaze--- Baird
Quint Lindsey-- Vernon
David & Pam Lofton--- Abilene
David Lundgren---Hawley
Ruby Faye Martindale-- Haskell
Sandra Gregory Martz--Hollister, CA
John McCowan--Knox City
Mildred Grahm Morris--May
Karolyn Oman-- Ft. Worth
Evelyn Tyler-- Brownwood
Lewie & Imogene Peniz Thomas-- Snyder
Evedlyn Watkins--Abilene

Thanks for any help.

Ada Crawford Wills, Class of 61 - Homingcoming Secretary

August 31, 2009

Sorry to tell you John McCowan passed away this year.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

August 31, 2009

Thank You all who have helped on the addresses. I have a few more that have been returned.

Betty sue Hale Conrad-- Colorado Springs, CO
Jimmy Evetts--- Oklahoma city, OK
Mercedes Dillard Moore---Richardson, TX
Justin Bright--Aurora, CO
Alex Barnes--- Hart, TX
Ethel Youngquist Butler--Notasulga, AL
CW Taylor---Plano , TX

Thanks again for any help you can give.

Ada Crawford Wills, Class of 61

September 1, 2009

I just noticed that you have Mr. Morris LeMay High School Principal on the list of '57. He taught at Oregon State University for 30 years and retired in '94. He has since died and I don't remember just when it was. I think I may have seen the date, or year, just a week or so ago, but he has been gone for several years. He had sent me some things he put together for some McMurry Alumnis over a few years.

Fred Shelton is deceased as well, but you may already have this.

Mary Lou Odell Bavousett, Class of 51

September 1, 2009
Hi Ada,

About the addresses for the returns---l do know that John McCown passed away within the last few months. Also l THINK that Ruby Martindale passed away too, but l could be wrong on that one. Not a lot of help, but a little l hope.

Sincerely, Reba G Davis

September 1, 2009

Word was received this morning (Tuesday) that Truman Hagler passed away. I will post the obituary as soon as it becomes available.

Sandra Reves

September 1, 2009

Thanks. I am so sorry to learn that.

Carole Ann Felts Petty, Class of 54

September 2, 2009

It's Me Again. Need more help.

Bill & Wanda Rogers Ivy---San Antonio, TX
Ramona Mullins Hamilton--Irving, TX
Neva Chisolm Shina--Stephenville, TX
Lorena Watkins Huber--Lubbock, TX
Norman Shurley--Abilene, TX
Maxine Lawrence Willett--Albany, TX

Thanks again for all your Help.

Ada Crawford Wills, Class of 61

September 2, 2009

That is the address I sent it to. It came Back. -- Ada

September 3, 2009

I had an e-mail from Connie Wylie that she might be out of touch for a few days.

Her & Jimmy Wylie's 29 year old grandson was killed in a car accident in Alaska Monday and they are in the process of getting the body flown back to Texas and setting up the funeral in Funston The grandson is the son of Ronald Wylie. Funeral arrangments are pending.

Don Latimer - Class of 56

September 4, 2009

Here's the obit with funeral information in it for Jimmy & Connie Wylies grandson that they helped raise.

Chad Otis Wylie -- Eastland

Chad Otis Wylie, 29, stepped into eternity Sunday, August 30, 2009. He was killed in a traffic accident near Anchorage, Alaska.

Funeral service will be 3:00 PM Sunday, September 6, 2009 at River of Life Church in Eastland, Texas, officiated by Pastor Jerry Maston and Pastor Mike Bradford. Burial will be in Bethel Cemetery in Funston, Texas under the direction of Kimbrough Funeral Home. Visitation with family and friends will be Saturday 5:00-7:00 at the funeral home.

Chad was born August 7, 1980 at Soldotna, Alaska to Ron Wylie and Lois Self Wylie. He spent his early years in Alaska moving to Texas at age eleven to be near his grandparents. He attended school in Hawley and Brownfield. He graduated from Brownfield High School in 1998. Shortly after graduation, he returned to Alaska, the place he loved so much. Chad worked as a carpenter while in Alaska. He loved nature, hunting, fishing, camping and being with family and friends.

Chad is survived by his father, Ron Wylie and his wife Rebecca of Cisco; his mother, Lois Fulton and husband Daniel of Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Two brothers also survive, Christopher Wylie of Anchorage, Alaska and Luke Wylie of Cisco. His grandparents, Jimmy (Buz) and Connie Wylie of Fort Phantom Lake; his nieces, Shyell and A?Ahna of Alaska; his uncles Mike Wylie and wife Katie of Plano and Stanley Self of Alaska; and one aunt Patricia Antonio of Abilene.

Also surviving are his ?big? cousins, James, Ricky, Rebecca, Andy, Tyler and Matthew. His ?little? cousins, Jasmine, Elias, Stellan, Avry and Raine. He is also survived by a host of extended family and friends. Chad was ?Uncle Monkey? to all little children who knew him.

Don Latimer - Class of 56

September 3, 2009

Well I recieved a few more returned invitations. Any help will be appreciated.

Una Ckevenger Wei---Grand Prairie, TX
Johnny Loudder--- Olney, TX
Elmon & Shirley Webb Higgs--Abilene, TX
Olga Shelley Jones---Cincinnati, Ohio
Hank Burkman---Morrison, CO
Sandra Gartman Stephens---Longview, TX
Pamela Avants Lowery---Waco, TX

Thanks for your help.

Ada Crawford Wills, Class of 61

September 4, 2009

Truman Hager, age 76 of Breckenridge, died Tuesday, September 1, 2009, at Hendrick Medical Center. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m., Saturday, September 5th, at Bethany Baptist Church with Rev. Mike Spencer and Rev. Jeff Miller officiating. Burial will follow in the Breckenridge Cemetery under the direction of Morehart Mortuary. Visitation will be held Thursday evening, September 3rd, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Truman Goodwin Hagler was born on May 12, 1933 in Anson, Texas to parents, Edward Everett "Boog" Hagler and Opal Goodwin Hagler. After graduating from Anson High School in 1950, Truman went on to serve in the United States Army during the Korean Conflict. Truman graduated from Texas Tech University in 1959 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture and Education. He later earned his Master's of Education from Abilene Christian University in 1962. Truman married Patsy Ann Spraberry on November 10, 1956 in Anson, Texas. They later moved to Lueders and then to Breckenridge where they settled in 1975. Truman was a teacher and administrator for over 33 years. He taught science at both the Lueders and Woodson school districts and later became the Principal of the Lueders-Avoca School District.

Truman owned and operated Papa T's Lawn Care for several years. He took pride in his business and enjoyed working alongside his children. Papaloved his grandchildren and watching them in all of their many sporting events. He was a member of the First Baptist Church of Breckenridge. Truman was preceded in death by his parents; two brothers, Max Hagler and Jim Hagler and one nephew, Douglas Hagler.

Truman is survived by his wife, Patsy of Breckenridge; four children, David Hagler and wife, Ronda of Anson, Angie Brown and husband, Aaron of Breckenridge, Chris Hagler and wife, Amanda of Breckenridge and Tamara Russell and husband, Rodney of Breckenridge; nine grandchildren, Kirby Brown and Lindley Brown of Breckenridge, Sara Hagler and Megan Hagler of Anson, Katie Russell and Rance Russell of Breckenridge and Drew Hagler, Emma Hagler and Ava Hagler of Breckenridge; one sister, June Adams and husband, Frank of Temple; five nephews and four nieces.

Because of Papa T's love for children, his family requests that memorials be made to the BISD School Supply Fund. Memorials may be left at Morehart Mortuary. Condolences may be sent online at

Chuck (Doug) Thomas, Class of 60

September 6, 2009

Although I am not a graduate of Lueders, (I am a fourth-grade dropout) I would have graduated in 1954 from Lueders if I hadn’t dropped out and moved to Abilene with my parents, Ennis and Mary Fitzgerald. Times were hard in the laundry business and my dad had a chance to get a steady job with good pay ($2.00 hr) in Abilene, so he figured it was more important for me (and them) to eat than it was for me to graduate with my friends in Lueders. Needless to say, I concurred, at least about the eating part. I could put away two of Hub Brown’s hamburgers any day I could afford them, which at twenty cents each, was not too often.

I almost got to graduate with you after all, when my folks decided to move back to Lueders in 1953. We even fixed up the old rock house and I enrolled for my senior year. But, things changed and I had to drop out again, this time for good, so I wound up graduating in Abilene instead of Lueders. So close and yet so far. I went to my 40th Abilene High reunion and nobody recognized me, nor I them.

When I see some of you at the reunion this year it will be for the first time in 55 years, and others for the first time ever. Be sure and wear a name tag (in large print) because I won’t recognize you either unless you still look like you did in fourth grade. You won’t recognize me either. I am more “sophisticated” now, so I won’t be throwing spitballs at the girls, but I am still the same kid inside.

Jim Fitzgerald

September 6, 2009

Sandy Davis is the son of Reba Gail Meil Davis. Please support him in his quest to become a TV chef.

This is a copy of a message received from Sandy--who you will all remember was on Food Network's show Chopped this past year. In case you do not remember, Sandy won that go-round so now it is the champions against one another. Please read the following message and respond as Sandy requests.

Be sure to set the recorder if you can't watch as scheduled on Tuesday night.

Sandra Reves

September 24, 2009

Don, I don't remember much about Tommy Vessels. As I recall he lived in the upstairs apartment that was at the old dance hall down by the Lueders park. I remember being there one time with someone else - a girl I don't recall who. But I do think that was where Tommy lived. Later, Connie

September 24, 2009
Thanks Jackie,

That put me on the right track. The ladies name was Emily Mae Smith McLaughlin Douglas. Emily married T. B. Douglas in 1933 in Abilene after her first husband, Jesse P. McLaughlin died. According to her obituary, over the years, Emily raised a total of 96 needy children. The only thing is the dates in her obituary are a little off to have been in Lueders in 1952, Her obit says she and T. B. Douglas moved to Noodle in 1934 and then to Hawley in 1952 and then to Lueders in 1954, which is about two years too late for Tommy Vessels to have stayed with them in 1952. The obit information could be off a little. They bought the old Douthit place when they moved to Lueders. Soon after they moved to Lueders there was a reunion of a bunch of foster kids they had helped raise.

Emily Douglas died 29 Oct 1971 and is buried in the Lueders Cemetery

Don Latimer - Class of 56.

September 25, 2009

Mrs Douglas was still taking care of children in the early part of 1971. When Richard and I moved back here, we were both working and she babysat for us. At that time she was still caring for a couple of children. I don't remember their names but it seems like one of the parents of the children was someone she had cared for when they were growing up. I remember her talking about how many children she had cared for over the years.

Ada Crawford Wills - Class of 61

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