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April 12 , 2008
Hi Pirates,

I thought I would interrupt your week end and get you off the couch to go look at something I put together.

A few months back I got one of those random e-mail's sent to me which makes you wonder and consider things far beyond this life and I was impressed enough to keep the document with it's images.

I then decided to put it on my web site for later reference and others to view because it really puts things in perspective when we sometimes get to thinking how big and important we are.

So, go take a look by clicking:...  HERE  and then tell me your thoughts.

Enjoy, E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 12, 2008

Taken from Abilene Reporter-News, April 12, 2008

Fred Shelton
Marble Falls, Texas

Loal Fred Shelton, 74, left his earthly home April 8, 2008. He was the fourth of eight children born to Alton B. Shelton and Zettie Gladys (Watts) Shelton.

He was born April 23, 1933 at home on the Red Hill just outside Anson, Texas. Later the family moved to the Whitamore Farm near Avoca, Texas where they resided most of their lives.

Fred grew up helping his dad plant cotton and maize, milking cows, and playing basketball on a full court he built. His love of basketball led him to McMurry College in 1951 with a scholarship to play for the McMurry Indians for four years. As a freshman and senior he was placed on the Texas Conference team and elected captain of the Indian Cagers in his senior year.

Fred was drafted by Uncle Sam in 1955 and sent to Southwestern Signal in Camp Gordon, Georgia. He was honored as the outstanding student in the graduating class. He was sent to Seoul, Korea during the occupation in December 1955 and was in charge of Troop Information and the recreation room. He joined the troop basketball team for two seasons. Fred played in the 8th Army Champion Basketball Tournament in Japan and made the All-Star game on the 38th Parallel Tournament.

After his discharge he began working at Oil Well Supply in Sweetwater, Texas where he met Elizabeth Browning, a 1957 graduate of McMurry College. On August 20, 1957 they were married in the Union Church in Grandfalls, Texas. They began their teaching careers at Lueders, Texas. He was the high school principal, basketball coach for boys and girls, taught history, kept registers, and drove the bus. They moved to Odessa, Texas in 1960 where he was the elementary coach and P.E. teacher at Ross Elementary School. He was transferred to Bowie Junior High as Dean of Students from 1965-1974.

Fred loved to play golf - even played 54 holes in cowboy boots, on a hillside at that and then golf took the place of basketball.

On August 31, 1968 a son, Steven Fred was born in Odessa. Fred moved his family in 1975 to Anson, Texas, where he taught high school history and P.E. and he and Steve enjoyed playing golf together and he instilled the love of golf in his wonderful son and partner. In 1986 when Steve graduated, Fred retired from teaching. Now he could continue full-time his love of raising livesock, gardening, planting peach, pecan and pine trees and continuing land development and beautification.

In 1996 Fred and Liz moved to Marble Falls, Texas to be near their granddaughters Madelaine Laola and Sadie Alaina and son Steve and his wife Deborah Lolly (Elkins) Shelton of Austin, Texas. He raised goats, llamas and enjoyed daily jaunts viewing the beautiful Hill Country deer, wild flowers and lakes and finding ways to incorporate a bit of the beauty into his own landscape.

Fred is preceded in death by his mother and father, sister Ruby Wynell Preston and brother Alton Harold Shelton.

He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Elizabeth (Browning) Shelton of Marble Falls; son and daughter-in-law Steve and Deborah Shelton of Austin; granddaughters Madelaine Laola and Sadie Alaina; sisters and brothers-in-law: Ileta Jewel and Paul Driskill of Wichita Falls, Shirley Jean and Jim Seay of Mineral Wells, Cynthia Ann and Rudy Raughton of Roscoe, Lou and Wayne Smith of Big Lake, and brother and sister-in-law Marion Lee and Jo Ella Shelton of Tuscola. There are also so many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and other relatives, Liz's family and friends through the years that are very dear to Fred's life.

In accordance of his deep and abiding love of God, family, and friends and his belief in the practice of random acts of kindness and in the idea of "Pay it Forward", the family requests that memorials in his honor may be made in keeping with this philosophy or to any hospice.

The prayers and love of all friends, neighbors, family and medical teams for Fred have been a source of comfort to the family and very appreciated.

Fred will have a beautiful Hill Country view at Lakeland Hills Memorial Park with a simple graveside service Saturday, April 12, 2008, at 11 a.m. led by his cousin Larry Watts of Freeport, Texas. This is a celebration of love of family, friends and nature.

Sandra Reves

April 13, 2008

Sandra has already post this but, here's a JPG image as it appears on the ARN web site.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53
April 27, 2008

I sent this out while ago and think I sent out to the wrong address. Anyway--the annual Fish Day will be Tuesday, May 6, at the American Legion Hall in Lueders. Serving starts about 11:30.

Bring a side dish and come join us for good food and visiting with old friends. Hope to see some of you there.

Greta "Olson" Corbitt, Class of 52

April 28, 2008
Hey Greta,

Just got moved to Abilene--and am wondering--what was I thinking---lifting, tugging, toting and grunting at this age. Ha!

Don't know if I'll make it or not but I'll try. Thanks for the reminder.


April 29, 2008

Just so all of you will know, my Aunt Maxine Vaughn Payne's (class of '43 I think) husband Jesse Payne, passed away at 10:15 a.m. Tuesday morning.

I just got the phone call and so no details are available at the moment. He died in Wichita Falls.

Terry Blackburn, Class of 66 at Abilene High School

May 26, 2008
David R. Miller (1941-2008)

I just received this e-mail from David's wife, Esther. David & Esther lived in Milburn, OK. David was in the class of 59 and his siblings were:

John - Class of 53
Steve - Class of 56
Marion (Pat) - Class of 57

I am sending this same email to as many of those who sent emails to Dave as I can. If I miss anyone, maybe the rest of you can inform them.

I have the sad task of informing you that Dave will no longer be responding to email, nor will he be there for the class reunion.

He really liked hearing from you. he wasn't able to answer a lot of the email he received from classmates, but he was glad for each one.

He died peacefully in his recliner about 2pm Sunday, May 25, 2008. he remained fairly mobile up to the last. we feel blessed. We know he is now in a much better place. it is so good to know he is no longer in pain. he didn't have a PhD, but did have his master's degree in agronomy. he had retired at the age of 61 because of heart problems. we were married almost 40 very good years. He was a good husband and father.

I would have loved knowing him through his school days. We met through a mutual friend.

Esther Miller---wife of David R Miller for almost 40 years

Don Latimer - Class of 56

May 26, 2008

I do not know David Miller! I know however he did not Graduate from Lueders High in 1959

Frank Burkman, Class of 59

May 26, 2008

I don't recall exactly when the Millers left Lueders. -- However, the 1953 year book on the school web site shows David in the sixth grade meaning he would have been in the Class of 59 as Don indicated. But, apparently David didn't graduate from Lueders as indicated by Frank.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

May 26, 2008

David Miller may not have graduated with the class of 59. He may have moved before graduation.

I do know however that he was in the 59 class from the 5th grade at least thru the 10th grade.

He was on the 55 football team as a freshman. His picture is in the 56 & 57 annuals.

He was president of the class in the 57 annual (sophomore year)

His sister Pat Miller graduated with the class of 57 and the Miller family may have moved after that. David doesn't appear in the 58 annual.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

May 26, 2008

After looking in the last year book I have, Year of 1952, David Miller was in my Fifth Grade Class.

I moved from Lueders after the fifth grade and returned in the 11th grade. I am very sorry but now I remember David from back then after seeing his picture. I recall him and his deep polite voice that he had then.

We were all 10 and some 11 years old. I remember he was taller than I and had a curl always hanging down on this right side.Like I stated before a very polite, well manner and very smart young man and as I recall he was a great guy.

David will be missed by many, however I know he is in Heaven wih all the other Angels. Now he can rest in Peace.

Frank Burkman, Class of 59

May 27, 2008

Although I didn't know him, I do have the 1959 Pirate Annual and the senior class pictures are as follows in the order they appear in the annual:

1. Carrol Garvin
2. Arla Walls
3. Gary Barryhill
4. Sharon Newsom
5. Janice Higgs Vinson
6. Wayne Cox
7. Frank Burkman
8. Sonny Olson
9. Lily Gardner
10. Norman Shurley
11. Louis Lassetter
12. Eva Gray
13. Ronnie McIntosh
14. Vada Prince
15. Tommie Barron

James Wood and Jack Richards "sponsers." Janice Higgs Vinson, reporter; Gary Barryhill vice-pres; Sharon Newsom secretary; Carroll Garvin, president; Arla Walls treasurer.

I'm guessing the family was not living in Lueders in 1959?

Stephen Vinson, Attended Lueders 1955-1965

June 16, 2008

I am Winnie Stapp Barton and am so glad to see a note from you Mary Lou.

I graduated in 1940. You must remember Gene.

She graduated sometime about the time you did. Married Bill Ashburn. He died several years ago.

My Dad really liked your Dad. Give me a holler I am the Librarian in Lueders and Avoca and love to see e mail from people I know. thpooh@lueav.esc.14

Winnie Stapp Barton, Class of 40

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