Memories of Lueders, Texas
Pirate Chat Line Chatter for 4th Quarter of 2007
The foregoing messages are displayed in sequences as recieved and without editing. However, when not provided, the author's name and class year were added........

September 4, 2007

Hi Pirates, You sure been quite lately.

A few months back i.e. July, Don Latimer sent me the attached photograph and asked me not to post it because he feared some one might think they were belittling Lueders since they could sit down in the middle of main street for a photograph.

I told Don, I didn't see anything like that in the picture at all. so, he said well ok if you want too.

I wanted too because:... What I saw was a loving and cute photograph of three sons of Lueders, Texas sitting in the middle of main street giving their Home Town, USA a great big hug and thank you for all the wonderful memories.

So, take a look at the three Latimer brothers left to right, Ron, Don and Jerry sitting in the middle of Main Street, downtown Lueders, Texas and I hope all Pirates can see what I see.

Most all of us at one time or another have expressed and wrote about our wonderful memories of growing up in Lueders, Texas and attending the Lueders School.

The picture just hit me as what a wonderful small home town community, USA it truly was for children to grow up in and what a wonderful bunch of parents and adults the community was derived of in those days we all can remember and here was 3 Lueders guys giving it a great big hug.

Sadly, we all know that Lueders has gone the way most all little towns have gone. I think they call that progress which I'm not so sure I personally care for as I often long for what they call the Good Old Days.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 4, 2007

When I and my brothers were visiting Lueders last summer, we really enjoyed driving around and about Lueders and remembering when.

My brothers got to ring the church bell at the Methodist Church, just as they often did in their youth.

In the picture of us on (in) main street, that's Ron (Ronnie) on the left, I'm in the middle, and Jerry (Gerald) on the right.

My brothers and I, along with most people who attended Lueders schools have fond memories of growing up there and wouldn't trade it for anything.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

September 4, 2007

Carolyn Stamford, wife of Kenneth Stamford, Class of 53 phoned today and asked I post on the Pirate Chat Line the following:.....

Glen W. Stamford Born September 15, 1906 Died October 5, 2007 in Granbury, Texas at the Granbury Retirement Center.

Funeral Services will be at Tankersley Funeral Home in Stamford, Texas on Sunday October 8, 2007 at 2:00 PM

You may recall that Glen served for many years on the Lueders School Board and last year we posted Glen's 100 Birthday celebrations on the School Web Site which can be seen by clicking:..   HERE

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 4, 2007

I'm sorry, I did not check the date on the note which was passed on to me by the wife and it had October 5 wrote on it which is sort of impossible:

Glen died today October 4, 2007 and the wife thought today was the 5th and I never checked and I never know which day it is. Then I caught the error right after I sent the previous message.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 4, 2007

Loved the picture. It reminded me of our marching and pep-rallies. As I recall we were in the middle of town and if a traveler desired to go through Lueders I guess they had to wait.

Marie W. Fuller, Class of 57

September 5, 2007

I tried again and hope I got it all correct this time. Thanks to those who pointed out my mistake.

I detest making mistakes but, I was tired and in a rush because right now my plate is pretty full with lots of things to shuffle around.

My own mother is in the hospital due to having a mild heart attack this past week end and I been up a few days and nights with most all of today spent making arrangements to get her into a rehab facility and making the decision of when and where to remove a blockage and put a stint in her heart since our local hospital can not do the stint job.

Mother comes first of course but, I done paid for a plane ticket and made plans to attend homecoming this year so part of my shuffling is to come up with a schedule that will allow me to continue with my homecoming plans.

The doctors tell me the blockage is of no immediate concern but, recommend it be ballooned out and a stint put it. Right now mother is pretty well traumatized from all the test and other things they have done to her in the hospital and I am thinking a rehab period to let her rest awhile and then do the stint job.

If the doctors consider that a reasonable plan and I'm assured mother is in good hands at the rehab/nursing home facility then I should be able to attend homecoming.

As some of you know, it is not easy making decisions and caring for a 95 year old mother.

Sorry for the mistakes. Here again is the Glen Stanford info with the errors corrected - I HOPE
Carolyn Stanford, wife of Kenneth Stanford, Class of 53 phoned today and asked I post on the Pirate Chat Line the following:.....

Glen W. Stanford
Born September 15, 1906
Died October 4, 2007 in Granbury, Texas at the Granbury Retirement Center.

Funeral Services will be at Tankersley Funeral Home in Stamford, Texas on Sunday October 8, 2007 at 2:00 PM

You may recall that Glen served for many years on the Lueders School Board and last year we posted Glen's 100 Birthday celebrations on the School Web Site which can be seen by clicking:..   HERE

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 5, 2007
Sunday is October 7th.

Ada Crawford Wills 1962

September 5, 2007

I just returned from out of state. Does anyone have the information for funeral arrangements and where one might send flowers?

Max Dillard, Class of 53

September 5, 2007

Ada Wills caught the Sunday date error on my second posting so, I will try one more time to get this all correct.

Just for info -- Carolyn Stanford could not post this herself because her e-mail system is broke. I did try to call her and Kenneth for additional information both yesterday and today but, got no answers.

Here is the info again:..................................................

Carolyn Stanford, wife of Kenneth Stanford, Class of 53 phoned today and asked I post on the Pirate Chat Line the following:.....

Glen W. Stanford
Born September 15, 1906
Died October 4, 2007 in Granbury, Texas at the Granbury Retirement Center.

Funeral Services will be at Tankersley Funeral Home in Stamford, Texas on Sunday October 7, 2007 at 2:00 PM

You may recall that Glen served for many years on the Lueders School Board and last year we posted Glen's 100 Birthday celebrations on the School Web Site which can be seen by clicking:..   HERE

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 6, 2007

This was taken from The Abilene Reporter News October 6, 2007 edition.

If you want to post a memorial to the family, click (or copy and paste) this link, then scroll to the bottom of the page to the Post a Memorial Section.

Glenn Wesley Stanford
Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lueders, Texas - Glenn Wesley Stanford, 101, passed away on Thursday, October 04, 2007 at a retirement center in Granbury, Texas.

Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Tankersley Funeral Home Chapel in Stamford with Rev. Harold Barnes officiating. Burial will follow in the Highland Memorial Cemetery. The family will be receiving friends at the funeral home on Saturday evening from 6-8 p.m.

Glenn was born September 15, 1906 in Lorena, Texas to Andrew Quincy and Avie Stanford. They moved to the Haskell area in 1918. He married Cuyler Adams in Stamford on December 1926. They moved to Lueders in 1932 and farmed until 1980. Cuyler passed away in 1999 and Glenn moved to Granbury in 2003 to be near his children.

Glenn was a member of the Lueders Methodist Church since 1932 and a member of the Masonic lodge.

Glenn was preceded in death by his parents, his loving wife of 72 years, two brothers, and three sisters.

He is survived by one son Kenneth Stanford and wife Carolyn of Granbury; one daughter, Joyce Kelly and husband Rayford of Granbury; six grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild.

The family wants to express their heartfelt gratitude to the staff of The Gables of Granbury and the American Hospice for their loving care of their father.

The family requests that memorials be sent to The American Hospice, 3124 S. E. Loop 820, attn: Cleburne Chapter, Ft. Worth, Texas 76140.

Sandra Reves

September 6, 2007

Hi, For anyone interested; Glen's obit is also in the Star-Telegram, todays edition.

Pat Culpepper, Class of 61

November 13, 2007
Hi Pirates,

I just returned home 3 days ago, after a tiring but, pleasant 25 day visit to the trails of my youth and of course that included Lueders Homecoming on the 20th of October.

Don Latimer and I did as planned following homecoming and spent a few days together romping around Lueders, Albany and Breckenridge looking into historical things and taking pictures.

Digital Cameras are pretty neat when taking photographs because one doesn't have to worry about film but, it sure do create some work when you go click-click-click and then have to sort through them all.

Over the 25 day period, I took 1,662 photographs and have just posted 85 of them to the School Web Site.

All 85 of them were taken inside the school auditorium on the day of homecoming.

You will find a new link near the bottom on the main menu of the Pirate Section.

The Link says "2007 Homecoming Photographs"

Over the next week or so as time permits I will be posting additional photos and some minor tid bits of history I was not aware of before. Don has also accumulated some new stuff

Fredrick Lieb provided us some additional historical photographs as did Mary Alice "Putman" Vandeventer.

I found out the Lueders Train Depot is now located on the Ben Richey Boys Ranch in Abilene and have many new photographs of it to post.

If I don't get things posted as soon as you would like please remember I now have a mother in a nursing home and upon my return I learned she is causing problems by refusing rehab treatment, So, I am trying to sort through her situation and take care of her medical problems.

Also up on returning home, I found my part time maintenance employee in jail and had to or rather choose to, go bail him out so right now my plate runneth over.

But, the homecoming photos are posted and there for your viewing pleasure.

If you discover any mismatches between the thumb prints and the larger prints or any other goofs I made don't hesitate to point them out.

Enjoy - E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

November 13, 2007

I Can't find the pictures..point me in the right direction.

W Barton, Class of ??

November 13, 2007

See the attached Image of the Pirate Main Page -- E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

November 13, 2007

Thanks for thinking about this and all the hard work it took to get this on the web. This is a neat way to keep in touch, especially for us “dropouts”.

Jimmy Fitzgerald, Lueders grades 1 thru 5, Graduate Abilene High, 1954

November 13, 2007

I agree with Jim. When you see all the photos it makes you feel as if you made a trip home. I did look at all of them.

Pat Culpepper, Class of 61

November 13, 2007
Hi Again Pirates,

Marlin Felts, Class of 57 provided us with 49 additional photographs of Homecoming and they are now posted on the school web site for your review.

Marlin's photos provide a good mix because, unlike those I took, Marlin's are pretty much all close ups of one or two individuals.

You will find a 3rd link now added to the 2007 photo's link page which indicates they are Marlin's photos.

If any other Pirates have photos of this years homecoming and will send them to me we will be happy to add them to the collection.

Enjoy ---------- E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

November 14, 2007

I'm so sad that I didn't make it to the homecoming.

I'm really enjoying all of the pictures and I appreciate you posting them for us E. Ray.... It's been years since I've seen some of these people and I can't for the life of me remember the names, but the faces sure are familiar, a little older as I know I am and no one would recognize me if they saw me on the street! Now, if only there is a good samaritan out there who will label those close ups so people like me can have a name to put with the face???

Terry Johnson Blackburn, Class of 66 at Abilene High

November 14, 2007

Well Dang it -- I told myself I would not attempt to add names to the homecoming photographs because doing repetitive coding to 49 pages of HTML code is a very boring and terribly monotonous chore.

However, after some one said they hoped someone would provide the names, my use to be friend, Don Latimer sent me a list with a great majority of the names on it for each picture. so, I felt obligated to start adding the names.

Here is the list Don sent me numbered to coincide with the order of the pictures. I did add a few names and changed the format a little to make it easy to insert and use while adding the coding to the web pages.

Those wanting to help with the names should print out this e-mail and compare it with the names Don and I have come up with.

If you can help just revise the list and send it back to us and let us know the number of the photo you added or changed in case we made an error.

Let me assure you that if any are wrong it will have to be those Don provided because I'm not telling the names I added. HA!

Several pages are still missing names but, those Don and I came up with have already been added to the web site and it would be nice to add the names we are missing so any help would be appreciated.

HERE'S THE LIST --- E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

01. Harry Garvin - Mary Ann Cobb Latimer
02. ?????? ?????? - Mary Ann Moore Bauernfeind
03. Kenneth Hansen
04. Doris Shott Garvin
05. Harry Garvin
06. George Cox - Mary Alice Putnam Vandeventer
07. Meldine Wills Manly
08. Glenda Walls Cox - James Ray Cox - Ramona Mullins Hamilton
09. ?????? ??????
10. Carole Ann Felts Petty
11. David Edgar - Billy Patton
12. ?????? ?????? - Norman Lambert
13. ?????? ??????
14. Jerry Ham
15. George Cox & his wife Pat
16. Norman Shurley
17. Wayne Cox
18. Don Latimer
19. Wayne Latimer - Don Latimer
20. Greta Olson Corbitt
21. George Cox - Norman Lambert - Wayne Cox
22. Maudene Keesee Galbreath
23. ?????? - Tommy Garvin - Harold Barnes - Zo Ann Felts - Carol Felts
24. Buddy Thomas
25. Ramona Mullins Hamilton
26. ?????? ??????
27. ?????? ??????
28. ?????? ??????
29. ?????? ??????
30. Betty Bailey Cain
31. Earnestine Segerstrom Heller
32. Harold Barnes
33. Harry Prince
34. Tommy Garvin
35. (Maybe) Roger Hokanson - Sheridan Olson
36. (Maybe a Reves) - Carol Felts
37. Harry Garvin - David Edgar (the Back of)
38. Sharon Newsom Lambert - Arla Walls Felts - Wayne Cox
39. Sharon Newsom Lambert - Arla Walls Felts - Wayne Cox
40. Warren Olson
41. ?????? ??????
42. ?????? ??????
43. ?????? ??????
44. Edith Ham
45. Gerrell Moore
46. Sylvia Hokanson Trammell
47. ?????? ??????
48. ?????? - Carol Mullins Pearson - George Wesley Pearson
49. ?????? ??????

November 15, 2007

Maybe some other folks are like me and need to know how to get the homecoming pictures. Hopefully, all the question marks will be correct names soon. By the way,

I am Carolyn; Daddy was Carroll.

Carolyn "Mullins" Pearson, Class of 65

November 15, 2007

Perhaps I should have mentioned the fact that these names only apply to the photographs Marlin Felts provided

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

November 15, 2007

I'm thoroughly blushing now, but what can I say except....

Thank you, thank you and thank you to Don and E. Ray!!!!

Terry Johnson Blackburn, Class of 66 at Abilene High

November 15, 2007

Everett, thanks a lot for publishing the pictures I took at homecoming. As I stated to several I sent them to --the subjects were great but the pictures were not I appreciate all the work you are doing to keep us all informed of what is happening at Lueders.

Marlin Felts, Class of 57

November 15, 2007

Everett, Picture # 2 is Roger & Mary Ann Bauernfeind. Roger is May Ann's husband.

#9 Bailee (Carol Ann Petty's gread granddaughter.
#12 Carol --Larry Ham's wife along with Norman Lambert
#13. Carolyn Edgar, David Edgar's wife.
#24 Jo Evelyn (Casbeer) Garvin along with Buddy Thomas
#27 Reba Gayle (Mills)
#28 Raymond Reeves
#29 ???McCown
#36 Raymond Reeves along with Carol Felts
#39 Norman Shurley standing on the far right.
#41 Sonnie Olson
#42 Sheridan Olson's daughter
#43 Dorothy Bennett
#49 Gaynelle (Petty) Ham (Jerry Ham's wife)

May be that this will help some.

Marlin Felts, Class of 57

November 15, 2007

Folks -- Don Latimer - Marlin Felts - Mary Lou Odell and Sandra Reves have sent me additional e-mail's with additional names, a few corrections and a few disagreements on the spelling.

As of 6:30 PM Texas time on Thursday November 15, 2007 which is right now I have posted all the names they have sent.

Will all of you review the Marlin Felts homecoming pictures one more time and see if we are all in agreement and if we can come up with any more names.

Any misspellings or other mistakes would be appreciated.

Thanks for all the help - E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

November 15, 2007

Pirates --- Got a new subject to throw in here.

I think, I mentioned spending some time with Fredrick Lieb while I was in Texas.

Some of you may not be aware but, Fredrick has spent a lot of time researching Lueders History and has spent time in Austin going through the Texas archives.

Also remember, both of Fredrick's grand parents were among the first pioneers to settle in Lueders and much of his extensive knowledge relative to Lueders early days comes from them

He and Mary Alice Putman Vandeventer have done work together to research Lueders History and compile old photographs and other historical documents.

Fredrick tells me that most of the history books are wrong on many aspects of Lueders History and how the town of Lueders came to be and has shown me documents to prove his point.

I have known of Fredrick's knowledge for over 20 years and tried for 20 years to get him to put what he knows in writing and in a chronological order so folks like me could understand and follow what he has in his head.

I've wanted him to do in his words what Don Latimer has done relative to Lueders history and then get the two of them together to iron out a really complete and accurate document of Lueders past.

There is a difference between the two of them because Don Latimer's history contains the wonderful stories about the people of Lueders whereas Fredrick's contains the hard rock history of how Lueders came to be and the very early days of it's beginning.

I think a marriage of the two would produce a wonderful story about the history of Lueders, Texas.

But alas, I don't think I will ever be able to tie Fredrick down long enough to get anything on paper.

Fredrick and I attended first grade together at Post Oak school and I was recently amused by Fredrick when he learned about my one page history and bus route drawing I had put on the web site about the Post Oak School and community.

In my 42 years of living in Florida, Fredrick has not once found it necessary to phone me. However, after learning about and reviewing my drawing of the Bus Route and where people lived he immediately phoned to tell me what all I had wrong. Ha!

I am pleased to report I printed out the drawing and took it to Texas with me and Fredrick has now corrected the drawing and I will post a new one as soon as I have time to re-do it.

I spent 3 different afternoons visiting with Fredrick and much of our conversation was recorded because we were discussing history and I plan on sending the tapes to Don Latimer with the hope it will aide him in some of his additions and revisions of his history..

On my last visit with Fredrick and his wife, I used their computer to scan in about 20 old photographs he had.

One of the more significant ones is attached and is now posted in the Historical Picture Section of the Lueders History on the school web site.

Here is what I said about the photograph:........................
The Doodle Bug as it was affectionately known was a two car passenger and mail train which ran between Cisco, Texas and Stamford, Texas. As Don Latimer's "A Little History of Lueders, Texas" explains, the Doodle Bug Passenger and Mail Service through Lueders stopped sometime in the 1950's. The above photograph is historically significant because it shows Mr. Newell taking deliver of the last bag of U.S. Mail to be delivered to Lueders by the Doodle Bug.

I will post the remaining pictures as I have time --- Enjoy, E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

November 15, 2007

02. Rodger and Mary Ann Moore Bauernfeind
23. Mrs. and Tommy Garvin
26. Dixie Bennett
27. ? Mims ?
28. Andy Reves
35. Roger Hokanson – check
36. Andy Reves – check
37. Between Harry Garvin and David Edgar is Henry Burkman
43. Dixie Bennett
47. Mrs. Hokanson (Roger, Sylvia, and Janice’s Mother)
48. Cheryl McCown Gilmore and Wes Pearson (Carolyn Mullins Pearson’s
husband) George Wesley Pearson, Jr. is correct.

Submitted by Carolyn "Mullins" Pearson, Class of 65

November 16, 2007
Thanks to:...

Don Latimer - Sandra Reves - Mary Lou Odell - Marlin Felts and Carolyn Mullins

All 49 of the homecoming photographs provided by Marlin Felts have now been identified with the peoples names.

We trust all names are accurate with the correct spelling -- If Not, Please let us know.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

November 16, 2007

A very big THANK YOU to all for providing names. I am so embarrassed to admit that I didn't recogonize many of the people, and as I've said previously I'm sure no one would know me if they saw me on the street, either!

Several of the people wouldn't remember me as a youngster because they were already moved away when I started hanging out at my grandmother Mamie Vaughn's.

However, I knew them because of their brother's, sister's or friends that told me about them. A few added years can really make a difference in a persons looks sometimes, not to mention what it does to mental "cells, as is my case". ;-)

Terry Johnson Blackburn, Class of 66 at Abilene High

November 16, 2007

Mother is Dorothy Bennett. Daddy was Dixie Bennett. :)

Myra Bennett Moreau, Class of 71

November 16, 2007

This is just to correct some name misspellings. #23 Maudene Keesee Gilbreath, #32 Ernestine, #43 Sheridan

Greta "Olson" Corbitt, Class of 52

November 17, 2007

Correction: to 2007 Homecoming pic name Rega Gayle (Meil)Davis .

Reba Davis 1949

November 17, 2007

Corrected and I don't think you wanted me to use Rega as you suggested Ha!!

But I did change the Gail to Gayle

Please take a look and see if we now got it correct --

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

November 17, 2007

Marlin Felts, Class of 57 sent me 17 photographs provided by John Tom Murray which were taken at their 2007 class reunion held in Abilene, Texas the night before our 2007 homecoming.

Those photographs have now been posted with the previous homecoming photos and a link to them is on the 2007 homecoming photo menu, just below the Marlin Felts link.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

November 17, 2007

Thanks for catching my mistake, ER.

Reba Davis, Class of 49

November 17, 2007

You know it's funny that l typed Rega because one of the Spinks children (Barbara Cox's niece) called me Boga Rega. So l guess my brain threw that memory to me---couldn't have been my typing!!

Reba Davis Class '49

November 18, 2007

Hi, I received this today (11-18-07) from Ada's niece. Those that don't know. This is Richard and Ada (Crawford) Wills..........both '61

Thanks, Pat "Culpepper" Roberts, Class of 61

Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2007 6:16 AM
Subject: RE: Update on Richard

Richard passed away @ 3am Sunday November 18th at Hendrick Medical Center Hospice. Services are tentatively set for Tuesday November 20th. Arrangements are being handled by Lawrence Adams Funeral Home in Anson, 732 Avenue I, Anson, TX 79501(325) 823-3251

I will email everyone the exact date, time and location as soon as it is definite. Please remember Ada, Richie, Leticia, Pam and their families in this time of grief.

May God Bless everyone!
Suzanne Doerschuk Shahan

November 19, 2007

Hi Pirates, This is in today's Abilene Reporter

Richard Louis Wills
Lawrence-Adams Funeral Home
Monday, November 19, 2007

Lueders, Texas -- Richard Louis Wills, 63, died Sunday, November 18, 2007, at an Abilene hospital. Services will be 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 20, 2007, at Bethel Baptist Church with Dr. Arlie Hoover and Harold Barnes officiating. Burial will be in Bethel Cemetery, directed by Lawrence - Adams Funeral Home.

Born May 4, 1944 in Stamford, Richard was a son of the late Harvey (Biggon) and Lorene (Spitzer) Wills. He graduated from Lueders High School and married Marie Ada Crawford June 9, 1962 in Halfway. He retired from the City of Abilene after 23 years. Richard was a farmer and member of the Nugent Church of Christ.

Richard was preceded by a brother (Milton Wills).

Survivors include: his wife, Marie Ada Wills of Lueders; one son, Richard Wills, Jr. and wife, Beverly of Iowa Park; two daughters, Letitia Smith and husband, Allen of Kamay, and Pamela Strout and fiancé, Chris of Humble; nine grandchildren, Carl, Candice, Sara, Christine, Sandi, Amy, Juli, Patrick, and David; and one great-grandson, Brayden.

Family visitation will be 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday, November 19, 2007, at Lawrence - Adams Funeral Home. Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society.

Source: Abilene Reporter News Nov 19, 2007

Pat "Culpepper" Roberts, Class of 61

November 19, 2007

My appreciation to all of you who have been thanking me for the things I do on our web site.

One of the pleasures I receive from doing our web site is, I get to see and enjoy all the photographs and historical things before anyone else does.

Some of the older photos are just real neat and I have attached one which comes from Fredrick Lieb's collection.

Since we've been naming those in Marlin's pictures, I thought prior to posting it, I would mail this one out to all the Pirates and see if they can put a name with it.

Probably the one individual who can, is of who it is but, I thought it would be neat to see if anyone else had an idea.

I will only tell you that it is of a Lueders High School Graduate and they did attended this year's 2007 homecoming,

AND with all my affection here it is:..... E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

November 20, 2007

I am so sorry I cannot see the picture for some reason.

Carolyn "Mullins" Pearson, Class of 65

November 20, 2007

Hi, I need to make a correction. Richard was class of 1962. I am not sure where I got the other.

Pat "Culpepper" Roberts, Class of 61

November 28, 2007
Hello Pirates,

I'm directing this to the class of 63. I know there's several of you out there and any one else that might know.

The official date for the New Elementary wing, lunch room and auditorium is for the year 1952/53. There's no doubt that the first high school class to graduate in the new auditorium is the class sof 53.

My brother Jerry Latimer, class of 61, swears that he was in the new wing for his third and fourth grades which would have been the 51/52 & 52/53 shool years.

My thought is maybe they completed some of the class rooms before they finished the lunch room/auditorium. Construction was started in the spring of 51.

Anyway, members of the class of 63 should remember if they started the first grade, 51/52 school year, in the new wing and can clear it up for me. Or any other classes around that time may know the answer.

Thanks, Don Latimer, Class of 56

November 28, 2007

I graduated in 63 and I think we were in the old part of the school my first year of school. Mrs Douthit was my teacher. Its been so long I'm not sure but I think this is true.

Linda "Evetts" Fulgham, Class of 63

November 28, 2007

Linda is right, we were in the old building for the 1st grade, Mrs. Douthit was the teacher.

Bobby Reves, Class of 63

November 29, 2007

I was thinking we were the first first grade class to be in the new building. Is that correct?

Carolyn "Mullins" Pearson, Class of 65

November 29, 2007

Had I stayed in Lueders and had I graduated from high school (two big 'ifs") I would have been in the graduating class of 1963. I remember Ms. Douthit fondly and remember that she also had my mother (June Walls) in 1st grade.

For any of you other class of '63 members, can anyone tell me what happened to Johnny Lambert. I saw that he passed away and was sad to hear that as he was my very first boy friend (if you can call it that in 4th grade)

Sandra Kay Gregory (now Martz)

November 29, 2007

I went to first grade in the new building.

Lottie Purcell Doty, Class of 64.

November 29, 2007

As I remember,the desks were all scooted together and Mrs. Vinson had each of us to select our desk and moved some of them as OUR CLASS kept increasing as the classtime approached.

It seemed that we were not the first first grade class in the new building, Our first grade class was the largest to begin school in Lueders. 40 something students, It was sad to think that so many had to leave for one reason or another, to have only 12 or so to finally graduate in 1965,

Cheryl "McCowan" Gilmore, Class of 65

November 30, 2007

Sorry it is taking me some time to get those things Don Latimer and I accomplished during our visit for homecoming posted to the school web site.

But, 25 days in Texas left a lot of knots to retie when I got back home.

My mother remains in a nursing home and she is scheduled for a balloon and stint procedure in a heart artery on December 5th and on the 6th my wife is having kidney stones removed so the old saying when it rains it pours is certainly the case here.

However, I am happy to now tell you that the School History Section has been completely redone with 11 new pictures of different school buildings and a few other historical things which come from mine and Don's efforts while there for homecoming.

He and I have been communicating back and forth with each other for a couple weeks to accurately date the new material in the school history section which is one reason Don has been sending out questions on the chat line and we thank all of you for responding.

If any of you have other similar photographs of the school buildings or other things relative to the history of our school please make them available for the web site.

We can thank Mary Alice Putman, Class of 40 - Fredrick Lieb, Class of 51 - Don Latimer Class of 56 and Mary Ann Moore, Class of 60 for providing most of the material for this new update.

For those not too familiar with the web site the image below is part of the Main Pirate Menu and shows you the Link to click on to get to the School History Section.

Enjoy ---- E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53
November 29, 2007

The written history is a concise accounting of the Lueders Schools and the pictures look great. Fredrick Lieb provided some outstanding old pictures.

Great job on putting them all together!

Don Latimer, Class of 56

December 1, 2007

I got a tidbit here:.....

As a Kid, I had observed the differences of the flat roof between the high school wing and the grade school wing and took notice of the closed up windows on the back of the grade school section but, also like a kid I was off to a ball game or had my mind on girls and never gave one i-oda of another thought to the reason why.

Even as an adult and my later years it wasn't something that got my attention until this recent visit and nostalgic trip around town with Mary Alice "Putman" Vandeventer and Edith Ham.

Mary Alice pointed it out to me and told me the story of when the 1911-1912 school house burned in 1935 which is now part of the story we posted to the school web site.

I just now posted another picture to the school history section and this picture with the following caption is shown below.

"The section of the photo outlined in green is the auditorium built in the 1920's which received only moderate damage in the fire of 1935 and was incorporated into the new school building of 1935-1936 and became what was the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade class rooms of the time."

I thought it all interesting and now we know why this section differed from the high school side and the rest of the building.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

December 2, 2007

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks, Lottie Kay, for the confirmation.

Have a Merry Christmas, all you Lueders folks.

Carolyn "Mullins" Pearson, Class of 65

December 7, 2007

Hi Pirates, I just sent out the following to some of my friends and since some of us Pirates are approaching our autumn years I thought you might find my message of interest - Not about my mother but, about, Balloon and Stint Procedures for the arteries. -- E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53
Hi to family and a lot of other folks I know.

Having reached that wonderful age of frequent visits to the doctor and always wondering what's next to wear out, I thought some of you might be interested in some photos I just posted to my web site.

Most of you are aware my mother reached the age of 95 this past June.

We recently discovered mother had a 75 percent blockage in the left anterior descending artery coming from her heart.

This resulted in a balloon and stint procedure being performed this past Wednesday, December 5, 2007.

After the procedure the doctor showed me and my brother, Donnie a video film and explained the procedure he had performed and what the pictures were showing.

I asked the doctor for a copy of the video and he provided it on CD.

I have now posted 2 frames from each of the 14 sequences in the video to my web site and they may be viewed by clicking:...   HERE

The pictures should be of interest to anyone not quite understanding what is meant by a balloon and stint procedure.

Let me first admit that I sure don't understand it all but, these pictures did help me to understand it better then I had previously and that is why I wanted to make them available to others.

It sounds simple enough because as I understand it they first bust up the calcium blockage with a balloon and after that is cleared out they insert a chicken wire or Chinese fingers type stint device into the damaged artery and then expand the stint device with a balloon inside of it.

The pictures show each different step of the procedure and I have explained each picture as I remember the doctor telling us and from what the pictures show.

Mother is now back in the Royal Oak Nursing and Rehab Center here in Titusville and is doing well for a 95 year old.

Mother hopes to spend 2 or 3 weeks in rehab and then be able to return to her house where she will continue with a therapist and nurse visiting her 2 or 3 times a week.

Again the pictures are at:..

For some of mom's old friends, I have attached a couple of pictures of mother and her great great grand son E. Ray Smyth IV when he was visiting with her at Royal Oak last month. ---- E. Ray

December 7, 2007

E Ray....thank you for sharing the photos. Very informative and interesting. Especially happy that everything turned out ok for your mother. My mother had that done several years ago and because of it, we had her a lot longer than we would have, had she not had it done. She lived several more years after that procedure.

Terry Blackburn, Class of 66 at Abilene High School

December 8, 2007

I am so glad your Mom got threw surgery ok. You probably don't remember me but I knew your Mom & Dad and Donnie very well.

You see my Dad John Tom Evetts which is really my grandad but Mother & Dad raised my sister Ann and I.

My Dad and E.R. were very good friends back in the day. So many good memories. I really enjoy your pictures and stories you have put on the internet. Hope your Mom continues to do well. Tell her hello for me. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Linda Fulgham, Class of 63

December 8, 2007

Linda, ----- I was old enough to remember when your Dad-GrandDad and my father were real good friends and I can tell you a couple of wonderful child hood memories about your Dad-GrandDad and my Dad.....

Do you remember the Studebaker he had. It was the big one and I think they called it a Land Rover -- It was green and I remember being in it with our Dads when there was ice all over the place it must have been the storm of 47-48 when a sheet of ice covered every thing for several days.

It was so cold our jeep wouldn't start and your Dad was taking us out to oil up the lease when the Studebaker ended up off the road and out in a cotton patch down by the Albany highway bridge.

Seems I recall, they had both been drinking a little antifreeze to keep warm. Ha!

Your Dad-GrandDad was always messing with me, wanting to wrestle and things like that.

I recall part of the story when they were trying to get him to the hospital when he died from a heart attack..

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

December 16, 2007

I am sorry to bring you news of the passing of 1938 graduate Helen “Webb” Patterson. She was the daughter of Charlie Webb and Maggie “Fitzgerald” Web, my aunt, who owned & ran Webb Grocery. Helen babysat me so my mother could work in the laundry. She married Pat Patterson and traveled with him to several places eventually settling in Fort Worth. When Pat died she moved to Marshall to live with her son Howard. Her health has been failing lately.

Her death leaves me as the last “Fitzgerald” from that generation, since my other uncles did not have any male heirs and Helen was the last cousin alive. My two boys, David and Kenneth, will pass the “Fitzgerald” name down.

Here is the write-up from the Marshall News Messenger and I have attached a photo of me, Helen and my sister Juanita about 10 years ago.

Patterson, Helen M.

A private family memorial services for Helen M. Patterson, 86, of Marshall will be at a later day. Ms. Patterson died Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2007, in Longview. She was born Jan. 14, 1921, in Lueders to Charles and Maggie Webb. Ms. Patterson was a homemaker. Survivors include her son, Howard R. Patterson Jr. of Marshall; one granddaughter; and two great grandchildren. Downs Funeral Home

Published in The Marshall News Messenger on 12/13/2007.

Jim Fitzgerald, Class of 54 at Abilene High, Lueders to the 5th grade

December 16, 2007

Although I was already aware of Mrs. Bledsoe's passing, I want to acknowledged that John Tom Murray, Class of 57 also sent me a copy of the attached obituary from the Abilene Reporter News.

Lee Bledsoe, Class of 54 and I ran around together in high school and I was over at their house a lot and shall never forget Mrs. Bledsoe chocolate fudge which we called millionaire fudge because of all the nuts she put in it. It was delicious and I always took full advantage of her generosity by making sure I got my fair amount of pieces.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

December 19, 2007

Also, B. E. (Buster) Brown, long time resident of Lueders passed away on December 11 or 12th and buried at Gorman on Dec 14th. His daughter. Janice (Brown) Grice is a graduate of Lueders High.

Marlin Felts, class of 57

December 19, 2007

After Marlin Felts, Class of 57 posted the notice about B. E. "Buster" Brown, I retrieved the following obituary from the archives of the Abilene Reporter News.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53
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