Memories of Lueders, Texas
Pirate Chat Line Chatter for 2nd Quarter of 2007
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April 4, 2007
Hi All,

Donna, class of 1961, just registered at the website. She has subscribed to the Chat Line.

Welcome Donna!!

Cheers, Carlene Burkman Black, Class of 72

April 4, 2007

I just registered and hope to hear from a lot of you guys soon. This is the year for Homecoming isn't it? This is my e-mail at work, but it is ok for me to receive here, I work for really nice brothers who hail from Andrews Texas. Got to be good, from West Texas, right?

Donna (Dodgen) Freeman, Class of 61

April 4, 2007

Donna I am Lee Bledsoe class of 54. I see that you and your brothers live in Andrews. I met a guy at Texas Tech by the name of Bobby Ellis. We had some good times and I have wondered what became of him. Andrews is not so big and I thought maybe you had heard of him. I also knew Lenord Dodgen when he was with the Abilene P.D. and worked with a Dodgen at the Lueders Refinery.

Lee Bledsoe, Class of 54

April 5, 2007

I remember you Lee, nice to hear from you. I guess my message was confusing.

I work for 2 brothers who are from Andrews but I was born and raised in Lueders. Leonard is my brother, my dad worked at the refinery, he name was John Dodgen.

The brothers are Gerry and Matt Tucker and their parents still live in Andrews. But the boys re-located to Austin, that is where I am for now.

Nice to hear from you, hope to see you at Homecoming this fall.

Donna Dodgen, Class of 61

April 5, 2007

Hi Donna, I am Frank Burkman (mousey) class of 59. Good to hear from people from Lueders.

I now live in Ft. Worth. I remember you and your classmates.

Frank Burkman, Class of 59

April 5, 2007

Hi Frank, I lived in Ft Worth for several years before here to Austin area. My email mislead some of you. I don't live in Andrews, my bosses are from there. I have been in the Austin area for over 3 years now. Hope to see you at Homecoming in the fall.

Donna Dodgen, Class of 61

April 12, 2007
Hi Pirates,

The Chat Line has been awful quite so I would like to generate some action by having you tell us what the attached image is of and if you know tell us all you can about the image..

Of course, It is a building and once up on a time it stood in Lueders, Texas.

So, if you know what is it is, please tell us all you can and we will add it to our history section of the web site.

I have already sent this to a few of you. so, please don't say anything until every body knows and then you too should tell us what you can about the building.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 12, 2007
That is the First Methodist Church building.

DeWitt Wilhite, Class of 39

April 12, 2007

Dewitt, I don't remember it. Don Latimer gave me the picture several months ago and I've been planning on putting it on the school web site but, got off on to some other things and never got around to it.

I have since forgotten what Don told me about the picture and I know he will tell me again but, I would like to learn as much as we can about it's history from others so we can explain it on the web site in the Lueders History Section as best we can..

Did it burn or what and when was it replaced and how or anything like that you can recall I would appreciate knowing myself.

It was very interesting to learn from Don that the church bell in the current Methodist church came from the Post Oak School house.

I find that interesting because I went to the 1st and 2nd grade at Post Oak and can remember the teacher letting me ring the bell to start and end recesses. As I recall it we got to take turns because it made you an important person. Ha!

Now, I would like to know by what authority and who was the culprit who came and took my school bell..

We moved to town in August 1943 and I started the 3rd grade in Lueders in September.

I don't know the final year Post Oak operated or who ended up being the teachers. Mr and Mrs Mars were both teaching my my 1st year and I can remember them leaving but, I don't know when and I don't recall having any other teacher while attending Post Oak.

Fact of the matter is Don gave me 7 pictures of the Post Oak school at the same time and I was going got add as much as I can about Post Oak and put it on the Lueders School site because I consider the closing of all the little outlying school districts like Post Oak, Berry Hill and others to be part of the Lueders School History because these kids started being bussed in to the Lueders school and it would be interesting reading to know when all that took place.

I no longer can remember all those little community and schools that surrounded Lueders so how about all you Pirates who attended those out lying schools refresh our memories where they were and what they were. I just had another come to mind and that was Paint Creek and I can no longer recall where that was.

The Nugent kids started coming to Lueders and Anson and can remember that Kenneth Scott who lived in Nugent attended grade school but, went to high school in Anson.

My older sisters attended Post Oak grade school but Albany High School when we lived on the J. P. Vickers Oil Lease But, then that was because Post Oak was in Shackerford county.

So, please tell us some of you memories about the Methodist Church building getting replaced with the rock church currently there. AND Thanks for the answer.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 12, 2007

When we first moved to an oil lease West of town, I was barely 4 yr.s old. We attended the old Methodist Church. As young as I was, I barely remember it. I think it was south of the highway, but really do not remember where it was. I would like to know as well.

I believe that the new stone church was build before the old church was torn down or whatever happened to it. My Dad help build the new church and it does have a date on it's cornerstone when it was built. Also Rev. (Dr.) Vernon Henderson helped with some of the carpentry, if I remember right. He was the minister, at least part of the time when it was being built. For anyone that may remember him, he and his wife, Viola, had their 75th wedding anniversary last Sept. and Vernon was 104. Mrs Viola Henderson was 100 in Feb. but did pass on recently. I believe that both of them taught some at Lueders. I think that Vernon taught shop, but someone out there may remember better than me.

Mary Lou "Odell" Bavousett, Class of 51

April 12, 2007
Hello Pirates,

I believe Mary Lou is correct. The original First Methodist Church was on the south side of the highway. It was about one block south of the highway on the same street that the present Methodist church sits.

There was a strong wind storm that shifted the church on its foundation and the decision was made to tear it down and build a new church. A lot of the material from the first church was used in the construction of the new building. which was completed in 1941. Because most of the labor was donated and a lot of the materiai discounted, Louise Odell (Mary Lou's Mother) stated that the total cost of the new church was $2200 dollars

Thomas Latimer, who lived across the road from the Post Oak School, was responsible for getting the Post Oak school bell donated to the Methodist Church. Two of his sons, Venton and Clyde Latimer installed it. Olivia Latimer Lewis Buzzard (a sister of Venton & Clyde)furnished me with some of the pictures of Post Oak and of the Methodist Church. I believe the same picture of the Methodist Church was in the big newspaper that was put together for Homecoming, 1981.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

April 12, 2007

Can someone tell me where the Tosh Drug Store was located in Lueders?

Dorman Holub, Class of 71 at another school

April 12, 2007

It was in the middle of the block on the north side of the street, straight across from the J. A. Wilhite grocery. Old Doctor McDonald had an office in the back of the store.

DeWitt Wilhite, Class of 39

April 12, 2007

It is my understanding from my personal research that the Tosh Drug Store was owned by Jack Tosh and his wife, Eva.

That they had three sons, Wallace, Jack, Jr. and Tommy.

I noticed also that in 1932, Jack Tosh purchased the Shipp's Drug Store and they renamed the store - City Drug Store.

DeWitt - your mentioning of the fact that it was on the north side of the square authenticates my research. I'm glad to find our about Dr. McDonald. In 1932, the doctor in the back of the store was Dr. Dunlap.

Does anyone know what happened to the Tosh family?

Thanks for the insights.

Dorman Holub, Class of 1971 at another school

April 12, 2007

Dorman, I am now a little confused if I read you correctly, you say Jack Tosh purchased the Shipp's Drug store in 1932 but, how can that be if Mr. Shipp was still running the store in the 40's and 50's when I was growing up.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 12, 2007

E. Ray, from reading your e-mail regarding the smaller schools - Paint Creek is still open, I think they still have a 6 man football team (I went to Paint Creek in the 1st, 2nd, 6th,7th and 8th grades before coming to Lueders and they had a 6 man football team at that time - I remember when I came to Lueders they had an 11 man team - I thought, oh my, this is a BIG school). Gov.Rick Perry graduated from Paint Creek.

Rayleen "King" Pittcock, Class of 53

April 12, 2007

There is a bill of sale filed in Jones County deed records that show that Jack Tosh purchased the Shipp Drug store with its fixtures.

It is quite possible that Mr. Shipp re-purchased the store at a later time - I haven't had time to look through the later Jones county deed records to authenticate that fact.

In the 1930 Jones County census, it states that Jack Tosh was a poultry farmer.

In the 1932 Stamford American, it states that Jack Tosh was a capable and experienced druggist.

Dorman Holub, Class of 71 at another school

April 12, 2007

I am confused also about the Tosh Drug store. I've been personaly doctored several times in the O T Shipp drug store by mr. Ship in the 1940's and 50's.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

April 12, 2007

E. Ray, Mr. Tosh was in the drug business in the 1920's and early 30's. I am not sure when he went out of business, but it was before O. T Shipp. Of the Tosh boys Tommy was killed in the Pacific during World war II. The last I knew of Wallace he lived in Breckenridge,and I don't know what became of Jack Jr.

The Methodist Church in the picture was south of the highway and facing west. It was in the third block south of the current location. At that time the Methodist parsonage was on the location of the current Church. The Baptist Church was on the southwest corner of the same block, with the parsonage directly west across the street.

DeWitt Wilhite, Class of 39

April 12, 2007

Could it be possible that the bill of sale on record was mis-filed and it was when Tosh sold it to Mr Shipp because that would fit what Dewitt is saying and what some of us know for fact relative to the 40's/50s'.

Because like Carol said, Mr. Shipp used to doctor us all. He was not suppose to but, he has given us kids many a shot of penicillin and other prescription medicines.

Besides that, aren't the Politicians always doing the opposite of what they say. So, perhaps they got the bill of sale backwards -- Ha!

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 12, 2007

It is possible that the bill of sale could have been mis-filed.

But, let's look at the primary evidence.

Stamford American newspaper Friday, 15 January 1932.

The note is from the Lueders correspondent:

"Jack Tosh purchased the stock of former Shipp's Drug Store. Mr. Tosh is an experience druggist. The new firm will be known as City Drug Store.

O.T. Shipp is remodeling his business house on the north side of the square."

I suspect you could say that the bill of sale was incorrect - but then the bill of sale was filed on 1 January 1932 in Jones county.

Primary documentation seals the case every time.

Dorman Holub, Class of 71 at another school

April 12, 2007

I don't remember the Tosh Drug Store, but I do remember Shipps. There is a picture and obit of a Nathaniel J. Tosh, Prisoner of war of the Japanese government, and grandson of Dr.I.Z. Brown, in the Lueders Website (History of Lueders).

Dorene McAlister, Class of 55

April 13, 2007

Hello Pirates,

I just got off the phone after a nice long conversation with Tommy Leon Tosh, 82, the youngest of the Tosh boys. He lives in Breckenridge.

Nathaniel "Jack" Tosh (1891-1950) opened his drug store in Lueders in 1914 and sold it to O.T Shipp in 1926. He had to take it back in 1932 becasue of Mr. Shipp going bankrupt. Mr. Shipp eventually moved a small building alongside of that space and opened another drug store.

Jack Tosh, with help from Mr. Putnam at the bank, went into the sheep business around Cottonwood, TX.

Jack Tosh's wife was Eva Brown, was a daughter of Dr. Isaac Zachariah Brown (1865-1930). Dr. Brown and his wife are buried in the Lueders cemetery.

The other Tosh boys were Wallace Eugene Tosh (1915-1991) and Nathaniel "Jack" Tosh (Junior) (1919-1945). "Juniior" died while a Japanese prisoner of war. He was captured at the start of the war and died near the end, on a ship that was sunk in what is now the Formosa Straits.

Jack Tosh, his wife Eva, and Wallace are buried in the Hart Cemetery in Stephens County.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

April 13, 2007
Thanks Dorene.

Nathaniel J. Tosh, Jr. is listed as of the 1795 prisoners that died on this "Hell Ship" October 24, 1944.

The Arisan Maru was torpedoed by an American submarine on October 24, 1944. There were 1800 POWs aboard - 1795 died. This Hell Ship sank in the South China Sea making it the worst naval disaster in the history of the United States. Two days later, five of the survivors were rescued by a Chinese fishing junk. The Chinese helped them reach American Air Corps forces. Other survivors were recaptured by a Japanese destroyer and taken to Formosa.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

April 13, 2007

I recall full well both drug stores being on the north side of the one and only street that went through Lueders. As best as I can remember both of them were there when DeWitt and I graduated in 1939. I know full well Mr. Shipp was because I had the Abilene Reporter News and he had the Ft Worth Star Telegram in 1938. I believe it was the fall of 38 Mr. Shipp asked me to take over the Star Telegram as he did not have time to fool with it. That way I could take care of delivering both papers at the same time.

I was more than happy to do this. When I got out of school in the afternoon I would roll all the papers I had to deliver for both newspapers and then get on my bicycle and deliver then. I know I would get up early in the mornings because the papers were left on the sidewalk near the Nance Ice House, right by the Tosh drug, about 4 o'clock so I would roll them and deliver them then get back home to do my chores, eat breakfast and get to school by 0800 hrs.

You talk about getting old I cannot recall who took the paper routes over from me when I graduated from high school.

F.W.BURKMAN, Class of 39

April 13, 2007
Good Work Don,

You have explained and cleared up our confusion of how Mr. Shipp was there in the 40's and 50's when there was a bill of sale from him to Tosh in 1932 in 1932.

But, can you clear up my mind a little more. --- Am I to understand that Mr. Shipp moved a building in beside the Tosh drug store and now we had two drug stores side by side.

Was this small building he moved in sitting where the current Shipp building is located.

What eventually happened to the Tosh Drug Store if he took it back from Mr. Shipp in 1932

I can vaguely remember Mr. Shipp remodeling the current building we all know.

In my first memories the prescriptions were filled over on the left side of the building as you entered and then he enlarged the store and built a new prescription area that was over on the right side and in the back of the building. It had a window in the wall of the prescription area but, seems I always stood inside the door on the left side of the window to watch him make the prescription.

Now days, nobody grinds up the stuff and makes a prescriptions like he did.

If Mr. Shipp stayed put in this place where he moved the building into then where or which building was the Tosh Drug store in.

I hope you can put the info Dorman and you dug up into a form so you can add or revise "A Little History of Lueders, Texas".

I was planing on putting the picture of the Methodist Church in the picture section and if it just occurred to me that I should put the church link in with the "A Little History of Lueders, Texas" same as I did with the picture of the Odell Grocery store.

Maybe I should do both. I'll give it some thought. A link within the history story is easy. Building or modifying a picture section with thumb prints is time consuming.

To refresh our memories, I've attached a picture I took in 2003 of what was Mr. Shipp's drug store. I don't recall the canopy over the door being there during Mr. Shipp's time. I do remember the sign saying "Shipp's Drug Store" with the Shipp's over and above the words Drug Store

Anybody else have any pictures old or new of building in or around Lueders which we could add to the web site.

Scary to realize that we are among the last generation alive that have memories of Lueders when it was a thriving, active little community of a bunch of hard working and happy folks.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 13, 2007

Thanks, Frank -- This sort of clears up a question I just asked Don Latimer which was, "Did both the Tosh and Shipp drug store stand sit side by side?"

I remember the Fort Worth Star Telegram coming into town every day on a greyhound bus.

As soon as we moved to town, Daddy had the Fort Worth Star Telegram delivered to the house which was something new to us after living out on the J. P. Vickers Oil Lease, 3 miles east of town

I was 9 years old when we moved into town and I can remember this paper boy riding by on his bicycle and throwing down 3 or 4 rocks at my feet where I was standing in the street and he said to me "Here take these, I had them ready for your dog and he is going to get some rocks if he don't quit chasing me"

Appears, "Old Patty Boy" our pet bull dog didn't like city living and bicycles.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 14, 2007

Frank, I intented to tell you it was August 1943 when we moved to town so the paper boy had to be someone besides you who was going to throw rocks at my dog. Ha!

I expect in 1943 you was in the Navy and far away from Lueders.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 13, 2007
Good morning Ray;

Yes in 1943 I was nowhere near Lueders, of course I was married and in the US Coast Guard with duty station at the Sabine Life Boat Station, Sabine Pass, Tx.

F.W.BURKMAN, Class of 39

April 14, 2007

Putting my name at beginning:..............
Terry Johnson Blackburn, Class of 66 - Abilene High School

I questioned my Aunt Maxine Payne, class of '41, about some of these things and she responded with:...............

Interesting about The Toshes. Tommy was in my class at school, a cute little kid. He sat across from me in class. He had all kinds of school supplies EVEN a large box of all colors of crayons! He could waste paper, probably had a nice book sachel. The thing funny I remember about Tommy when we were in fifth grade was, one day our teacher, Miss Myrtle Commons had us turn in some home work and Tommy said he forgot his. He had done this before, so the teacher said," I will let you go home and get it. He lived just down the road from the school. When he got back, he said" I couldn't find it!" I believe both his parents worked in their Drug store.

Terry, I remember the little Post Oak school up a rocky road on a little hill, in the direction of the Clear Fork of the Brazos River. When I was in high school one of two girl's who was in my class had parents who taught at Post Oak school. Wallace was the name of the family The girl in my class was Owida. I don't know how she spelled her name but it was pronounced O-weed-a. Her sister's name was Betty. They went to our church. (which was 1st Baptist)

As for the little schools around Lueders. There was an Erickdale community out North of Lueders which may have had a school. It had a lot of Swedes who lived out there. I believe they had a church, so I bet they had a school. Stamford wanted the schools to consilidate with them ,but they chose Lueders. The new bus that picked up kids north of Lueders was known by the kids as "The chicken house bus because it hat a flat top.

Ask Don if the Latimer kids, Olivea and her sister lived some place toward Post Oak school, and came to Lueders School later. I don't remember if Paint creek consolidated with Lueders School. I remember riding the bus there for our football games. Maybe later they they did. I finished school in 1941.

April 15, 2007
Hello Everett Ray and all pirates.

I remember welll Mr Shipps drug store. You are right about how it was laid out Everett Ray. On the right side just inside the door was the "soda fountin" I remember getting ice cream cones there. I don't remember if he made anything else or not.

Doc Williams had the drug store across the street. His Dad was the Dr in the early 40's. His 0ffice was at the back through a curtin. Dr. Williams got killed in a car wreck coming back from Hamlin where he also practiced medicine. I don't know just what year but it was quite a while before we left Lueders. Doc never did the "doctoring' like Mr. Shipp though.

The picture you posted shows the side of Odell's grocery store and the side of John Scott's barbarshop

The Post Oak school Closed about the time you move into town Everett Ray or a year or two thereafter. Where you turned to go to the school was my Grand parent's Tonroy's Place.

I vaguely remember going to the school with her and my Mother but I don't remember why. Grand Mother was real good friends with Mrs Latimer. If you could contact Mike Latimer or his brother you probably could get more info about the school. Venton and Audie Fay built a house out there and lived there for some years. Maybe after they sold the one in town to Red and Arlene?????

The Wallaces did not teach at Post Oak they taught a Hastings school the other direction from Post Oak. The school was north east of town where Tom Gifford, Tuke Hines, the Hughes, The Harendts alll lived. Out toward Bluff Creek.

I now have a new computer and I have a bunch of my Mothers pictures from her younger days and I will try and leare how to email themtob Everett Ray so he can post them in the site.

Sharon "Hines" Hudson, Class of 57 - Wichita Falls High

April 16, 2007
Hi Pirates,

Here is one of the 7 Post Oak photos Don Latimer gave me.

I chopped the one copy down to show the areas of the school building as I remember it.

A second image is the original as Don gave it to me.

I am currently working to add all the picture and my memories to the school web site which is going to take me a few days or more.

Rena Dell McAlister - LHS, Class of 50 has provided me a few of her memories and as soon as she learns I did receive her message I expect she has some more because she has had trouble getting e-mail to me and now she will know that has been corrected.

Here is the chopped out image:............

Photo shows the east side

NO. 1 represents the storm cellar located about 75 feet south of the building and directly in front of the schools south entrance The cellar was about 25 feet long by 8 feet wide with door on east end as I tried to indicate. I will have some stories on the cellar later because our family and others used it many a night since tornadoes were a dread at the time.

N0. 2 - Out in front of the cellar and was two swing sets and a merry go round which I tried to show.

NO. 3 - Look at the top of the square and you can see the round water cistern which was the schools water supply.

NO. 4 - Is the south porch area and you entered into a coat room which had a door to the west class room..

NO. 5 - Represent the coat room which sit between the west and east class rooms and above the coat room we had a school bell with a rope hanging down in the coat room to ring the bell.

NO. - 6 & 7 represents the 2 class rooms, west side was the lower grades and east side was the upper grades.

NO. 8 - is the auditorium area. Note: roof color difference due to it being enlarged

NO. 9 - is the stage area

NO. 10 - was the basement area which was the school kitchen and lunch room area.

On the west side and directly outside the west class room about 20 feet away was a two room out house one side for boys and one side for girls.

You will notice a difference in the roof color and that is because around 1938 or 40 they increased the size of the auditorium and added the basement which was under the stage area of the auditorium. Smart idea because it required less digging.

Prior to the addition you would have to say that the north room was not much more that just a meeting room.

About directly behind the north addition and back aways was a small house which is where the teaching couple lived.

Also in the north west corner of the school ground stood a small house which is where Vinton and Audey Faye Latimer lived whose son Wayne went to Post Oak and was Lueders graduate Class of 52. His younger brother Mike didn't go to school yet but, he played with us every recess period.

I will tell more later and will see what Rena has to say. She may even tell me my memory is all haywire Ha!!

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53 -- Original Photo is attached

April 16, 2007

Sharon I know my memory is not as good as you other Pirates but I have a very clear memory of Shipps drug store. The fountain was to the left when you went in the door.

Many times when we got bored we would threaten to march through the door by force until George Newell would open up and let usbuy ice cream bars and drinks.

Also on the left or West side sat that old round top radio that we got all the election news from. My dad bought that old radio and it was the only one I remember growing up with. Listened to Terry and the Pirates, Green Lantern etc. on it.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

April 17, 2007
Hi Pirates,

With some help from Rena Dell McAlister Class of 50 and Don Latimer Class of 56, I have made a major addition to the Lueders Web Site and the History Section to be specific.

The link is on the bottom of the Main Lueders History page and is titled:..........
"Surrounding Communities of Lueders, Texas"

Every since Don gave me the old pictures of the Post Oak School one of which was a picture that included my older sister Eileen, I have pondered how we might work them into the web site.

I consider these surrounding communities very much a part of Lueders History and a part of the School Web site because so many of the kids were consolidated into the Lueders school.

I therefore created a complete new section for the Surrounding Communities and what we are really talking about is the country schools.

I have fond memories of living out on the J. P. Vickers Oil lease for 6 years and going to Post Oak School starting in the first grade and then moving into town and starting my 3rd grade in Lueders School.

What you will find is a START and or a BEGINNING to the new section. How far we can go with it will depend mostly on your sending me your pictures and your memories.

If you will look the section over you will see that regardless of which community you come from or what you have to offer we can link in your part of the story relative to the surrounding communities..

There are 24 pages, 16 images and 16 thumb prints currently in the new section. With the going rate for doing web pages running at $75.00 to $100.00 per page I was wondering who to send the bill too. AND BTW, one of the images was touched up by Pat Culpepper, Class of 61 so she has a bill too. Ha!!

Enjoy the new section and please send us your memories and pictures we have a place for each of you already set up and should be able to see that when you view the new section.

Ramona Mullins you were born at Post Oak so get out of the aerobics room and send me some memories.

Cheers, E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 17, 2007

you are right carol. My old timers kicked in. I don't remember the radio though either at your house or in the drug store. but I remember listening to all the radio programs. I remember breaking my neck to get home on Sunday evening by 5:15 pm so I could listen to Roy Rogers.

Sharon "Hines" Hudson, Class of 57 - Wichita Falls High

April 17, 2007

Everett Ray, Don't forget Swans Chapel school or Echdahl ( that is not spelled right) anyway the Lutheran church north west of town. Paint Creek is north east of lake Stamford and further north west of Lueders. Really closer to Stamford than Lueders I think. I'm not sure just where Swans Chapelis but some where around the Lutheran Church.

Does anybody know what happened to Norman and Waylon Shurley? They lived out in that area and might know something about it.

Sharon "Hines" Hudson, Class of 57 - Wichita Falls High

April 17, 2007

Sharon, Swans Chapel is not north of Lueders, it is about half way between Lueders and Anson, acutally is 3 miles west, 2 miles north, then 3 miles west.

Billy Patton, Class of 57

April 17, 2007

Norman and Wayland live in Stamford. Wayland married Connie Ivy from Stamford. They all still attend the Lutheran Church.

Frank Burkman, Class of 59

April 17, 2007

Bringing up Ericksdahl brings to mind John Boyles some of you may remember. His mother taught at Ericksdahl and he had a sister Lanell who now lives down the street from me. She went to Lueders for a year but chose to go back to Ericksdahl.

John may have finished at Lueders, some of you in his class help me on this. He has passed away a few years ago. I think he had brain cancer.

He was at one time the Superintendent at Aspermont.

I met him there when Knox City and Aspermont played one another at the Aspermont homecoming.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

April 18, 2007

Billy do I under stand what you saying because if I following your direction from Lueders would I not be 6 miles West of Lueders and 2 miles North which is about where the swede church is.

Maybe I'm messed up - but, you said 3 miles west twice and perhaps you meant one of them 3 miles to be a different direction.

I have now been in Florida 42 years and I really can't recall any of the communities location except Post Oak and Nugent.

I'm also getting e-mail that says that Ericksdahl was really the Swenson School so can someone clear up my muddy mind..

AND I got a new one named Rockdale. Seems like that is familiar to me but, it sure is foggy in my mind.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 17, 2007

Rockdale school is in Haskell County.

Swenson School and the Ericksdahl school are the same school. Swenson School is the first name of the school.

Swan's Chapel school was originally the Crow School. The Crow School was build by Nimrod Crow, the father of Thomas Frank Crow. The School was later rebuilt and called the Swan's Chapel School.

Swan's Chapel - from the Volunteer Fire department in Lueders, take FM 1597 for 5.5 miles to the intersection with FM 600. Turn south on FM 600 and go .3 miles to the intersection with County Road 260. Turn west on CR 260 and go 3 miles to the Swan's Chapel community. The cemetery is on the north side of the road. The school was located on the south side of the road.

All of this information is located in the Jones County TX GenWeb Archives.

Dorman Holub, Class of 71 at another school

April 18, 2007

Ok Pirates you been doing good with the chatter but, I am only going to give you a "B+" grade.

If you want an "A" your going to have to clear up some of this mud you throwed on the board.

I have now added Hastings and activated all the Surrounding Community links and come up with a way to post most any memory relative to any school or community which you have.

AND, I have now posted the last chat line messages George Cox and Carol Felts sent out with there memories of Hasting and Ericksdahl.

Now there is not much posted nor did George or Carol say a lot. However, any small memory will trigger the memory of others and before long we will have something very worth while to pass on to our grand children and great grand children.

Here is the links I now have listed

Berry Hill -- No Memories Posted
Ericksdahl -- Carol Felts Memories
Hastings - George Cox Memories
Nugent - No Memories Posted
Paint Rock - No Memories Posted
Post Oak -- You have seen it and we have several things

Now, Please Listen Up - I been out of Texas over 40 years and my memory is fading on the communities I never had much to do with so I need some help clearing up a few thing.

Sharon Hines brought up the name Swans Chapel - Then in a personal message, Rockdale was mentioned and it was pointed out that Ericksdahl was actually the Swenson School.

It has also come to my mind that my own dear Classmate Ernestine Segerstrom lived in the "Swede" Community and I recall her going to some school out there but, I have no idea where or what.

I know we referred to the "Swede" community but, perhaps there was never any official reason to do so.

My Irish life was simply, I lived in the Post Oak Community and went to the Post Oak School. But, I reckon them Damn Swedes as Ernie says did it differently.

So, can you Pirates help clear up my muddy mind and tell me which communities had which schools and how this all was once up on a time.

If Ericksdahl was really the Swenson School, it is no problem I just want to explain that on the web site so our grand kids can one day understand it all.

Please be aware that Carlene and I have discussed a way to preserve all that is on the LuedersAvoca Web Site so that once she nor I are around that all we have collected is not lost.

Texas Tech University who is charged with preserving Southwest Texas History which is called, "The SouthWest Collection" has been invited to download all that is on the web site.

We have not discussed it but, I am sure for a small fee Carlene could put the complete web site on a CD to hand down to your kids. So, keep in mind the archived e-mail chatter and all that is here can be preserved and handed down..

There is also no reason to keep you from downloading any of the stuff like the archived chat line messages to your own computer and do it yourself.

If you do not know how to do that, send me a private e-mail and I will be happy to explain how..

So, please go take a look at how I am doing the" Surrounding Communities" section where we have just a few memories and see what you might have to tell us.

AND Like Bob Hope said:..... "Thanks for the Memories" And if you will, clear up the details of the schools and which community they belonged to or vice-e-versa

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 18, 2007

I was raised in the Ericksdahl community which is located about 10 miles due east of Stamford and north of Lueders. The red brick Swenson school building was located about 3/4 miles east of the Bethel Lutheran church in the Ericksdahl community. I attended Swenson school in the third, fourth and fifth grades. Mrs. Russell was the teacher, Ernestine Segestrom Heller was in my class, some of the others attending were my sister, Jane King, Roger and Sylvia Hokanson, & Warren Olsen. In the fall of 1949 I started attending Lueders having gone to Paint Creek the 3 prior years. A station wagon driven by Richard Nauret and later Ernest Armstrong picked up the students in our part of the Swenson school district and transported the younger children to the Swenson school and taking the older students to where we met the Lueders School bus at the highway where we traveled to Lueders. Later the Lueders bus extended their route and picked up all the students. Time has taken it's toll but I think this was when they stopped having school at Swenson and the Swenson school district was divided between Stamford, Avoca and Lueders.

The Berryhill Community and school, in Shackleford County, was located east of the Ericksdahl community. Rockdale community is located about 17 miles east of Stamford in Haskell County, at one time they had a school and two churches, Lindsey Chapel church of Christ and the Baptist Church. I attended the Church of Christ along with Mary Von Cobb and W. H. McKeever.

Paint Creek, located in Haskell County near Lake Stamford, is still having school.

Rayleen King Pittcock, Class of 53

April 18, 2007

Rockdale: From Lueders go north until you run into the Bunkley Ranch, turn left and you are not far away.

Clarence & Lorene Raughton were residents of Rockdale. Their son, Rudy attended Paint Creek and was an excellent football player. Last I heard of Rudy, he was teaching at Roscoe. I feel sure he has retired by now but who knows.

I used to go to the Stamford side of Lake Stamford through this way. I doubt I could find the way anymore.

Marlin Felts, Class of 57

April 18, 2007
E. Ray,

The picture you posted and call Post Oak School is the school I know as the Berry Hill School. When was the name changed? As children we went into the cellar and saw a lot of old/antique things stored there. I remember seeing old photo albums and was disappointed to hear that they filled it in. Somebody should excavate it.

Thanks! - Jo "Bennett" Burns, Class of 67

April 19, 2007

Joe in case you have not seen them, go take a look at all 16 of the photos now on the web site in the Post Oak section to see if it will refresh your memory.

There is a picture of the Post Oak Class of 1910 and Post Oak so far as I know has always been named Post Oak. Post Oak is located 3 miles east of Lueders near the West side of the Bluff Creek Ranch.

Berry Hill is north of Lueders on the farm to market road going by the Baptist Encampment Grounds and is near where the paved road goes back west towards Stamford in the area we used to refer to as the Ivory Pool or the Ivory Oil Field.

See, I got real Smart when Bobby Reves sent me a map with all the schools marked on it which is also now on the Web Site with a link called "Vicinity Map"

I'm working on another e-mail which will follow this one

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 18, 2007

Well, I finally got some of this mud out of my head Thanks to some fine help from Bobby Reves, Class of 63.

Dorman Holub cleared up the Swan Chapel location and then Bobby sent me a map where he had identified the different schools and I polished it up a bit and the subject map is attached.

The map really cleared up some things in my head and I must confess I remember nothing about Swans Chapel and not much about Swenson it was always Ericksdahl to me and I had that all over the place. I changed the Ericksdahl link to Swenson and then changed it back and ended up doing the link as Ericksdahl \ Swenson

I was the one who brought up Paint Creek and I guess it stuck in my head because I reckon we always played them in sports. However, I took Paint Creek off because it is still a school as informed by Rayleen King, Class of 53.----- Rayleen also had memories and they have been added to the Ericksdahl \ Swenson section

Pat Culpepper, Class of 61 sent me some Nugent history taken from the Hand Book of Texas and that is now posted in the Nugent section.

Marlin Felts, Class of 57 had memories of Rockdale and that has been added.

Marlin told how to get there by going to the Bunkley Ranch and with the map now on the web site that sentence could have been removed except I choose to leave it because I have not heard the name Bunkley Ranch in years.

Bobby's map is also now a part of the web site and has a link on the main menu called "Vicinity Map"


E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 19, 2007

Forgot to mention that Don Latimer, Class of 56 sent me an except from the Lueders History and I have now revised the history part of the Surrounding Communities Section to include what Don sent me..

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 19, 2007
Good map. - Also Add:..............

Pleasant Hill school - it was located four miles south of Anson
Antelope school - It was six miles east of Anson and one mile south of the highway. It included the Bethel church and the town of Funston.
New Light School - seven miles northeast of Anson.
Lakota School - four miles north of Anson.
Tuxedo school - located at the town of Tuxedo, 10 miles west of Stamford.

Dorman Holub, Class of 71 at another school

April 19, 2007

Mr. Holub and any Pirate, Do you know if any of the communities or schools Dorman has listed below that had students who transferred into Lueders School.

If not, I would prefer not to add these to the map. My thinking is, this is the History of Lueders and it's school and only those communities who had students transfer to Lueders and became part of it's history should be on the map.

THANKS, E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 19, 2007

The Swan's Chapel thing ...

My milage may be not "exact" - when you leave Lueders going west past the football field you go to the end of that highway, turn left, go about 2 or 3 miles, then turn west and go about 3 or 4 miles, Swans Chapel is on the right at the cross roads.

There is the remains of the church building, and the Cemetary.

My grandfather preached, lead singing at that old church building and is buried in the Cemetary (along with my grandmother and several other relatives).

The old school used to sit there close by ... a lot of years ago.

Billy Patton, Class of 57

April 19, 2007

To Billy Patton: You might be interested to know that several years ago the Swan's Chappel building was moved to Stamford and is now part of Oliver Elementary School in Stamford. My wife's mother went to Swans Chapel and finished school at Anson and she kept us up with the history of Swnas Chapel.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

April 19, 2007

Billy, You are right about Swans Chapel now that I think about it. Everett Ray ask Edith about Swans Chapel because I think some of the Wills family used to live around there. Richard might know too.

The Swede community was called that because if you will stop and think everyone that lived out there were Swedish decent and settled all in one area.

My mother Cora Mae Tonroy Hines best friend was Minnie Koch Schmidt who lived at Ericksdahl and she would tell me how she would go to the "Swede Church" almost every Sunday night because they always had a "social" after church. In the back of my mind I was thinking of a Swenson school but couldn't really remember any thing, it was just a goast memory.

I also got my areas confused about Bluff Creek and Berryhill. I know Bluff Creek is East of town, almost to 9 mile hill toward Albany. Does any one have any memories of Hendricks Boys Ranch. I think it was out toward Berry Hill wasn"t it? Mr. Roe Dublin was forman of the Ranch. Carol you may have more memories than me because if I remember right Red and Mr. Dublin were real good friends and your Dad hauled cattle for him. I think it was out toward Berry Hill wasn't it.

You are right Everett Ray about one memory jogging another. Red'S cattle truck brought to mind how he always took all the Seniors to Carlsbad Cavern every year for there Sr. trip and how I couldn't wait until I was a Sr. so I could go in that truck.

Well I could sit here all day and remember but I need to do some other things. It's more fun to remember than work.

Sharon "Hines" Hudson, Class of 57 - Wichita Falls High

April 19, 2007
I for one agree Ray.

I am familiar with lots of small communities near Stamford we could name but where would it end? Sundown, Sunset, Corinth, New Hope, we've not even included Avoca!

Carol Felts, Class of 53

April 20, 2007

Bobby Reves, Class of 63 lives near Berryhill so he went by yesterday and took a couple of pictures of the school house and provide a couple of memories. This has now been posted in the Berryhill section.

I know some of you are lazy about visiting the web site so I have attached the photos to this message.

But, please go check out the site updates because I have also archived the chat line messages for the last quarter of 2006 and the 1st quarter of 2007.

Ya, I got behind on that job. So, fire me ---- PLEASE !

In case you forgot we had the deaths of Onion Brown and Evelyn Cobb in the last Qtr of 2006 and Alma Lou "Wills" Sims and Oliver Davis in 1st Qtr of 2007 and those obituary's are now in the archived section.

Also Calvin Sides, Class of 46 is there except it is only an e-mail messages from his cousin Max Dillard, Class of 53. If Max has an obituary I will be happy to post it.

I have also now added my classmate, Lou "Wills" Sim to the Class of 53 Memorial Section and folks it was hard to add a life long friend and true buddy to your classes group.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 20, 2007

Mary Lou Odell, sent me the following for posting:........ E. Ray Smyth Class, of 53

Everett Ray,

I did not notice that anyone has said anything about G. C. Cooley, Jr. passing away. Some people may not remember him, but I have known him ever since we lived in the Lueders' area. He was a neighbor when we lived west of town on the oil lease. He would come to the Homecoming. I saw his Obituary in the new Stamford paper, The Stamford Star of March 1, 2007. I will write out what it printed.

G. C. Cooley, Jr.

G. C. Cooley Jr. 96, of Stamford, passed away on Wednesday in Anson. Funeral services will be at 10:00 A.M. Friday at the Tankersley Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. George Crittenden officiating. Burial will follow in the Clear Fork Cemetery in Lueders, Texas.

G. C. was born August 12, 1910 in Shackelford County to Grover and Alice Cooley. He was a lifetime resident of the area, graduating from Lueders High School then joining the family farming and ranching business, doing this until retirement in 1975. G.C. was a member of the Lueders Baptist Church and the Lueders V.F.W. he was a veteran of W.W. II where he was a member of the Wildcat Division of the Army. Me married Alice Newcomb in 1977 in Lueders.

G. C. is survived by 2 nieces, Martha Roberts and husband J. D. of Hurst, Texas and Sandra Carrigan of Hawley, Texas. Hi was preceded in death by his parents and his wife.

Also, Edith had told me about Horis Davis had died. If you remember the theater that was built on the east side of town, Hois's parents built that. His sister Edith was in my Freshman class and then got married that summer or by the end of our Freshman year. The girl Horis married lived a couple of blocks from us when we lived in Lueders. I went to the Abilene Reporter News and got his Obit. Do what you wish with these.

Mary Lou "Odell" Bavousett, Class of 51

April 22, 2007

I just had to post this to "WELCOME" Robert Clifton Cobb, Class of 37 to the Pirate Chat Line.

Carlene just had me post his e-mail address in the Pirate Section.of the Web Site.

1937 is the oldest class we have with one of it's members participating in the Chat Line.


E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 23, 2007

t's good to have Clifton in there as he was involved in the consolidation of the schools north of town into the Lueders school system, and can give you a lot of first hand accounts.

I have a little history that no one has written about, because none of the writers are old enough to know this.

The first rural school to consolidate with Lueders was the Bumpas Hill School. It was located about five miles southwest of town on Tommy Graham's land. It was a one room, one teacher school, that only taught the first seven grades, and had about fifteen students according to Boyd Graham.

I have discussed this with Boyd and Bob Vaughn, and to the best of our memories it was closed in 1935 and the students moved into Lueders. Bob said that the building was used as a community center for some years before being torn down.

I have some more history for you about the Hastings School. In the 1920's the teacher was Mr. Herrick (father of Ralph and Herman Herrick, local merchants). Mr. Herrick would walk the approximately five miles to school each day and carry his shotgun, and on his way home in the evening he would shoot enough quail for the family's supper. Ralph told me that they ate lots of quail in those days.

That's all of the history of the rural schools that I can think of for now, if I think of anything else I will pass it along.

DeWitt Wilhite, Class of 39

April 24, 2007

Yes, DeWitt, I can provide more history about the schools north of Lueders than most people might care to know.

In ther fall of 1935, the one-teacher Cobb School and the two-teacher Rockdale School "transferred" to Lueders.

There were many financial considerations that caused this to be more acceptable to those schools and consolidation was not required at that time.

Patrons of the Berryhill school (between the above schools and Lueders) chose to continue its school for its elementary students there.

Former school administrators could provide more authentic details on the following information than I can.

As I recall, in later years the Gilmer-Akin Law required school districts to consolidate but it must be with a contiguous district.

Since Berryhill continued to maintain its school, Cobb & Rockdale Schools were not permitted to consolidate with Lueders but were required to do so with the newly developed Paint Creek School.

Another item of interest currently -- I do not think there are any school age children now residing in the land area that composed the former Cobb or Rockdale school districts and very few people of any age living there.

On the lighter side, some may remember the school bus we rode into Lueders. It had an unusual design and we called it the "chicken coop" because of its appearance. Also, that was before the roads in our area were "all weather" roads and became almost impassable when it rained.

Consequently, students riding that bus spent nearly as much time pushing it as riding.

Cliffton Cobb, Class of 27  -  Just 70 years ago next month.

April 25, 2007
Hi Pirates,

Thus far, for the month of April there have been 67 messages posted to the Chat Line and I have now archived for your non stop reading pleasure 61 of the messages.

The 6 messages I did not archive pertained to e-mail address changes and other minor stuff that don't really add anything memorable or historical to the archiving.

Most of the 61 messages posted pertained to the Surrounding Communities which were also taken and placed in the appropriate school/community history sections.

I also received 30 or 40 personal messages regarding the Surrounding Communities section and those memories type messages have been posted to that section.

I have also spit polished the Surrounding Communities Section from one end to the other and added a map to the Post Oak and Bumpass Hill section. So you should review all areas

While doing the maps for Bumpass Hill and Post Oak which came from Map Quest, I got to having some fun and ended up with a complete Map of Jones County about like I did with the Terra Server Images.

It took me 9 straight hours of manipulation to paste together a mosaic 2355 X 2275 Pixels in size which is about 3 or 4 times bigger then your computer screen. However, it gives us some detail of all the country roads and location in Jones County and it is quite easy to scroll around to view all the areas.

I must have pasted together over 500 screen prints to accomplish the fitting together each of the pieces because Map Quest don't give you much of a screen full. But, once done it's done.

While at it I also added one slightly larger scale of just the Lueders Area that all fits on one screen.

These are in the History Section under the Terra Server and City Map Link.

NOW, Gimme a Heads Up Here:...... I had to wade through nearly a hundred messages and if I missed posting anyone's message either from the Chat Line of one of your personal messages to me. Please forgive me and feel free to climb my case about anything I might have overlooked or screwed up because remember I'm just a dumb old country boy and a senile one at that..

By The Way, if you have not learned as yet about the Print Screen key and screen capture you should because it is handy as a button on an out house and so simple to use.

You can capture anything on the screen by pressing the "PrtSc" key which is on the keyboard just to the right of the F12 key. It is how I captured all the mapquest screens and pasted them into one big image of Jones county.

You can try it your self by pressing the PrtSc key and then load up Microsoft's little paint program and click on "Edit" and "Paste" and what ever you had showing on the screen when you pressed "Print Screen" will be in MS-Paint program ready to modify and or save to the hard drive.

I use the method all time when I pay a bill on line because I can capture the transaction in case the bank or someones says I didn't pay my bill.

Be aware also that there is software available that will do much more and capture lots of things that run across the screen but, for a simple save one screen full this method works just fine.

NUFF for now -- Let me know of any errors or other goofs and THANKS for all your memories.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

April 27, 2007

Next Tuesday, May 1, is Fish Day at Lueders.

If you are in the area or want to come, it is held at the American Legion building on the east side of Lueders. Bring a side dish if you can and plan to visit with come old friends. There are usually quite a number of "old" graduates of Lueders there. I can say that because I will be there, too!!

Hope to see some of you there.

Greta "Olson" Corbitt, Class of 52

April 27, 2007

I forgot to add that some of us are going to be playing some music--old country, etc.--and if you want to bring an instrument and play with us, well, we'll be glad to have you.

Greta "Olson" Corbitt, Class OF 52

April 28, 2007
Hello Greta, I would give what's left of my eye teeth to be able to come to Fish Day and see old friends.

Please take lots of pictures so Everett Ray can post them on the web site.

Sharon "Hines" Hudson, Class of 57 - Wichita Falls High

April 30, 2007

I'll not be able to take pictures because I'll be playing music with a band. Maybe someone else is coming who will be able to do that.

How about you, Carol? Or does Zoe do all your photography?

Greta "Olson" Corbitt, Class of 52

April 30, 2007

You probably don't remember me, but I was Sheridan's friend.

My mother and Father owned the Maytag laundry north of your house.

Your mother tried in vain to teach me to play the clarinet and the piano. It did not work or take. Sheridan played the Sax. I guess music was just part of your family's life.

I hope you and Sheridan are well.

Jimmy Fitzgerald, Class of 54 - Abilene High

May 2, 2007

The fish day was rather soggy this year--4 inches of rain, including that morning. However, it was pretty well attended, even though there were fewer than previous years. That was the 49th annual Lueders Fish Day.

Homecoming is tentatively set for October 20. The committee hasn't met and approved that date, but the coach scheduled a game on Sat. night especially for that. We will be playing Wichita Falls Christian. If you're not on the mailing list and want to be, get your address to me or Ada Barnes.

Greta "Olson" Corbitt, Class of 52

May 3, 2007

It's ADA WILLS, not Barnes. What's really pitiful is that this is the second time I've done that!!! Ada, I apologize, profusely! Some of you are old enough to know that age throws spikes in your memory. Seems like when I get one thing in my mind, it's hard to get it out!

Anyway, I know some of you got a good laugh of it!

Greta "Olson" Corbitt, Class of 52

May 6, 2007
Hi Pirates,

You will recall that last September, I posted a new section on the web site called "Music of our Youth" and at the time I told of running across Sugar Foot Collins of the Ida Red Band in 1986 while in Victorsville, California

Shortly after that Mary Lou "Odell" Bavousett sent me an autographed photograph of the Ida Red Band.

I frankly have been a miss in my duties to do something with it but, have now fixed that by posting the photograph in the Sugar Foot section of Music of Our Youth where I installed his complete cassette tape of music.

For your conveniences it is also attached to this message.

We can give Mary Lou a big thank you for adding another memory to the school web site.

AND my personal THANKS with an apologia to her for taking so long to do something with it.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

May 6, 2007

I cannot find these pages you say are posted. Would you please send me a link?


Jimmy Fitzgerald, Class of 54 - Abilene High

May 6, 2007
In response to Jim Fitzgerald's question:.............

Go to Pirate Section's Main Menu and click on "School Memories"
On the School Memories Page, Click on the Link "Music of Our Youth"
On the next page which I call the Music Menu,
Click on the link which says "The complete Cassette Tape of Sugar Foot on Stage"
On the next page is a little history of my meeting up with Sugar Foot in 1986
AND at the bottom of this story is a link which says:.............
Mary Lou "Odell" Bavousett provided an autographed picture of the Ida Red Band and it may be viewed by Clicking:.. HERE

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

May 9, 2007
Hi Pirates,

John Tom Murray, Class of 57 reminded me a while back I had an article about his Grand Mother so, I finally got off my duff and got it posted. It is in the Lueders History Section under the link named "Memories in Snapshot of Lueders, Texas and then a thumb print link says "One of Our Pioneers"

However, for you Couch Potato Pirates the following is what I posted:................

PS: To John Tom and Max, if you have other memories or want anything added just holler. If I made any errors I'm sure you will also point them out --- Ha!

Often times as one grows up they miss things that go on around them simply because it seems all too natural.

GranMa Murray was a name I knew as a kid, never knowing and never wondering if she had a first name because she was just GranMa Murray to us all.

Of course GranMa Murray was Max Dillard, Class of 53 and John Tom Murray, Class of 57 real Grand Mother.

I first became acquainted with GranMa Murray soon after we moved into town in 1943 because my classmate, Max was living with his grand mother so he could go to school in Lueders while his mom and dad were in Savannah Georgia so his father could help with the war effort by building ships in the Savannah Shipyard.

Most all the kids of my era knew GranMa Murray's house as a place of refuge if needed.

We thought nothing of stopping off and using her garden hose in front of the house which I did on an occasion when Bill Taylor, Class of 54 threw mud all over my Henry J when he spun out of a mud Hole behind Cap and Myrtle Terry's service station.

I didn't go home and wash the mud off because it was simpler to use GranMa Murray's water hose which was right in the front yard and I was trying not to be late to class.

Homer Swinson was with me and I recall hitting Homer right in the face with the water hose when I tripped over a small fence.

On another ccassion, we played a trick on Coach Howard so, I could take the Henry J to Aspermont on a school outing instead of going on the school bus and we used GranMa Murray's house as the place to meet and leave Homer's car.

I don't recall us asking or even telling GranMa Murray because it was such a natural thing for us to do.

As mentioned, things went on you never knew as a kid, It made me feel good when my mother told me my father use to pick up GranMa Murray's mail up at the Post Office and take it to her.

Mother also told me, GranMa Murray had a daughter who lived in Albany, Texas and Mother would take her over to visit with her daughter. If I ever knew that I had forgotten it.

I think this is but an example of how all the folks were in Lueders at the time.

I also never knew anything of GranMa Murray's back ground and found it quite interesting to read about her in the below newspaper article which I discovered in a box over at my mothers several months ago.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

May 15, 2007

Rena and Dorene McAlister, Class of 50 and 55 with some help from their spouses scanned in and sent me some pictures of a class at Berryhill school and a picture of the Hasting's school house with some kids in front.

Also sent me two pictures of some kids at the Post Oak School, Fact is one of them had me in it as it was a 1941 photo of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade classes. The other is a 1941 picture of the Choral Club.

These picture are now posted in the corresponding school section and the Post Oak Pictures were added to the Historical Pictures of the Post Oak Section.

Enjoy, E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

May 16, 2007

Are there any Rising Sun School alumni on the chat line? If yes, please respond to Dan Weeks (SHS 57) at

Dan Weeks, Class of 57

May 17, 2007

Rayleen "King" Pittcock, Class of 53 sent me a 1944/45 Photo of Swenson school class which she and Earnestine "Segerstrom" Heller, Class of 53 were in and it has been posted to the Erickdahl - Swenson section.

Enjoy -- E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

May 22, 2007
Hello Pirates,

I just received a call, around 1:00 this afternoon, from Florence Jumper in Malakoff, TX 75148 ( (903) 489-2203), that John Hayton passed away last night, May 21.

She was trying to remember who the man was that had called her and talked to her some years ago about John. I could not remember, for sure, who she had told me, but I figured some of you out there would know. She said that there will be visitation Wed, at 6:00 to 8:00 at the Tomlinson Funeral Home  -  403 E Royall Blvd - Malakoff, TX 75148 - PH: (903) 489-1500.

He will have a Mason Grave Side Service Thurs. at 3:00 there in Malakoff. She said if you needed any information or directions you can call her. Florence was a neighbor of John's. A Mrs. Lee Cliber (not sure how the name is spelled, could be something like Cliver ) has been taking care of John's affairs.

I know many of you are interested in hearing this and know of others that would be as well.

Mary Lou "Odell" Bavousett, Class of 55

May 22, 2007

I forgot to say in my last note, that John died about 8:10 last night, May 21. Florence Jumper, John's neighbor, told me that when he went to the nursing home she got the blanket (throw) that he had received at Lueders.

I do not know when this was given to him. She had it cleaned and has saved it for him, still wrapped like it was from the cleaners, and plans to take it down to the funeral home and put it over his legs. I thought some of you that may have been involved in the time that he received this that you would appreciate knowing this.

Mary Lou "Odell" Bavousett, Class of 55

May 23, 2007
Thanks for letting us know.

We had been wondering about John.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

May 26, 2007
Hello Pirates,

I was talking with my younger brothers and the subject of the Lueders Cafeteria came up.

I'm sure a lot of you have some memories of eating in the cafeteria.

Both Jerry and Ronnie have strong memories of eating there, most of them good.

Ronnie, class of 65, stated that the hot rolls they served were the best he's ever eaten in his life. He recalls one meal when all he ate was the rolls. He traded the rest of his food for rolls and then went back for seconds. He claims to have eaten 22 of them that meal. Ronnie's last year at Lueders was 61 so it was probably Mrs. Moorehead that baked them.

Ronnie also remembers one of their regular meals as being sauerkraut and vienna sausage. That sound pretty good to me right now. You can't get the old fashioned vienna sausage anymore.

Jerry, class of 61, remembers that one of their regular meals was something like sliced spam, except that it was breaded and fried. He thought it was delicious.

Jerry recalls a lot of sliced cheese being served and that a lot of the students would take their cheese and stick it to the bottom of the tables instead of eating it.Then when they were sitting up and taking down the tables, a lot of cheese was always found on the bottom of the tables.

l remember that for at least one year, the ladies came up and cooked three meals a day for our football camp week. Of course we all had good appetites so we didn't have any trouble eating it.

The years I was there it was always 25 cents for the meal. Seem like we prepaid for the meal and got a small coin shaped meal chit to turn in.

I'm not real sure of all this.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

May 26, 2007
Hi Pirates,

I must reply to this. I like Jerry (Gerald) as I think we called him then or maybe just the teachers did!!!

How ever I also remember the rolls quiet well my self. To have them during the year was a treat as my Mom did yeast rolls for the holidays. The 'Spam Stuff'! It would not shock me at all if that recipe didn't come from Mrs. Carmen (homemaking class)

To this day all of my family still like what we call 'Chicken Fried Spam'. I introduced it to my husband and it is one of his favorite meals. I call it my quick meal.

Now cheese..............I like cheese. I would never put it under a table. I don't remember that part. Yes the sauerkraut and vienna I also remember..................but as you see, I was in class with Jerry. I think we were all country kids that would eat anything.

I did not know what fast food was until I was old enough to know about the 'Super Dog' in Stamford.

Pat "Culpepper" Roberts, Class of 61

May 26, 2007

All you young guys remember the cafeteria but how many remember the little white lunch room that sat north of the building with the rock side walk leading to it?

Our lunch was already set on the long boarding house style tables and Mrs Doughit would stand at the door and make sure we ate all our food. My Grandma Hines worked in the "lunch Room" my first year in school.

Nearly all the "town kids" went home for lunch unless their mom's were pulling cotton or at the laundry washing and wouldn't be at home.

Then they moved in the long white building just outside the back door for the cafeteria except it was still "the lunch room" then.

I remember Mrs. Morehead but I don't remember any of the other ladies that worked there.

You could buy a meal ticket for .50 cents I think and it was good all week. If we were lucky we could go Ode Davidsons "campus" and eat but most all the high school kids were there. He had hamburgers and such or you could get a "plate lunch" if you could find a place to sit to eat.

Sharon "Hines" Hudson, Class of 57 - Wichita Falls High

May 26, 2007
I wonder when the cafeteria opened.

I remember when it was west of the old elementary school which was later the Ag building.

Sometime in the 1940's?

Carol Felts, Class of 1953

May 26, 2007

I was waiting for some of the others to jump in there but I thought I would go ahead and reply.

The white barracks style building west of the school was probably moved into place in 1948. It was open for the fall of 1948. The Home Economics was in the south end, the lunch room was in the north end. When I started school there in the fall of 1950, the 7th & 8th grades were in the middle. I don't know where the lunch room was prior to the white building being moved in.

Prior to the building being moved in, the rest rooms were located outside the main building between the two wings and near the south side. You had to go outside to get to the rest rooms. The Home Economics class was held where the high school boys rest room was later.

The 8th and 12th grades graduated from the old stage in 1952. The first class to graduate from the new auditorium was class of 53. The new wing was started the spring of 51 and finished in time for the start of the 52/53 school year. Prior to that, the ag boys met under the bleachers of the gym.In the fall of 52, they moved to the middle of the white building and the new ag shop was located on the north end. The white wooden building was torn down when Lueders Avoca consolidated in 1967.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

May 26, 2007

In the early 40's when I started to school I don't remember Lueders having a lunch room.

A lot of kids would walk down town to eat at Hub Browns cafe ( those GOOD hamburgers) and some would eat at Davidsons next to the school.

Seems like we got an hour off for lunch, so some of us would go home. If we didn't have a lunch room maybe some brought their lunch and ate in one of the classrooms, too long ago for me to remember.

Dorene McAlister, Class of 55

May 27, 2007

Boy, I thought I had a good memory but, you folks are telling me some things I can't recall at all.

I don't remember the outside rest room nor a white building which was a lunch room.

Of course, I usual walked home for most all my lunches and therefore was not as familiar with the lunch room surroundings as others might have been.

I do recall the new grade school, auditorium, and lunch room additions as Don describe and he has the years correct because after a discussion I had with Wayne Verble a few years back it caused me to review the school year books and the addition was not there in the pictures of 1951/52 but, was there in the 1952/53 year book.

Now, I recall and the year books confirm us having the FFA Ag classes under the gym bleachers starting in the 1950/51 school year and Mr. Tidwell taking over for Brad Rowland who had to go into the service due to the Korea war.

The next school year as I recall it we had the new long white building which had home economics in the south end and the AG shop on the north end. The middle of the long white building had a football equipment storage area on the east side and opposite of that on the west side in the middle was the AG class room.

Now as I start writing this I recall that the long white building was also there in the 1949/50 school year because that was my freshman year and I remember coach Barry issuing us football equipment from the room and us holding 2 a day practices. That was the year the McCurdy's moved to Cisco because I recall Albert McCurdy and and I suiting out together for the first day of football practice and then he moved to Cisco before we played any games. .

Incidentally, we also lost Coach Barry because he too had to go in service after that school year due to Korea.

I think 1949/50 must have been the year we had football camp and stayed at the school house but, that is awful vague in my memory. Even seems like we slept in the white building in the north end.

I am having a little trouble following what is being said.

So, I'll ask the question. Was the long white building the only white building or was there another one before it was moved in and if so was the lunch room in the north end prior to the AG shop being there.

I'm having trouble adding this all up to make sense because AG was under the bleachers in 1950/51 and then AG was in the north end of the long white building in 1951/52 but, the new lunch room was not ready until 1952/53

It could be that we were under the bleachers for two years and didn't get into the north end of the white building until 1952/53 year.

Yep, That has to be correct we started FFA in 1950/51 and was under the bleachers for two years until start of school in 1952.

Whatever the case, it sounds like there was something in the North end of this long white building before it was the AG shop which I just don't remember

I do remember the rest rooms all being changed around and the new door being cut into the west wall for the showers and football dressing room which was actually behind the stage in the old part of school

Nuff of this -- I got brain drain ---- E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

May 27, 2007
O K guys

Re: the little old white building that was the school lunch room that sat north of the school,

If any of you have the first 5 year books,look in the 1948 book on the page that starts the grade school pictures and you will see the rock side walk that led to it.

The long white building had not been moved in yet. You can also see Mrs. Wallace's house in this picture too. Now if you have it go to the 1949 year book and the picture before the grade school pictures you will see the new building. Yes, the lunch room was in the north end.

Sharon "Hines" Hudson, Class of 57 - Wichita Falls High

May 27, 2007

I well remember the old white outdoor toilets that sat west of the school between the two wings.

The girls on the east end, boys on the west and we had a long trough with several faucets to wash our hands before we came in from recess. And liquid soap is not that new! Mrs. Douthit had a big green jug from which she poured a little onto your hands before you washed and came in.

BUT, the lunch room vo-ag homec building sat directly west of the old school. It was almost as long as the school was wide. I only remember the lunch room at first because that was where I ate lunch if mother was working or something.

Seems the meals were .10 cents apiece.

Most of the time I walked home and back.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

May 27, 2007

I remember the buildings being as Carol described. I definitely remember the outdoor restrooms. I always went home for lunch and only got to eat in the cafeteria 2 or 3 times. I thought that was a great treat. I didn't appreciate that my Mother cooked a hot meal for us every day at noon.

Everett Ray--the ag teacher was Truman Kidwell.

I guess I'd better clarify my previous statements--I remember the outdoor restrooms, but didn't know about the interior of the boy's part.

Yes, we were the last class to graduate in the old building. However, our senior class picture was taken in front of the new addition--right in front of the offices.

Pat--is the spam you were describing just breaded and fried like chicken fried steak? We love fried spam sandwiches, though we don't eat it very often, trying to cut down on too much fat, etc. All the really good food is loaded with fat, sodium, and all kinds of bad stuff!!!

Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

May 28, 2007

The long white buiilding was previoiusly an army barracks from Brownwood, Camp Bowie.

It was cut into 4 or 5 pieces and Claude Webb moved it to the school location.

I believe Everett was correct about football equipment being issued from the middle of the building.

The lunch room prior to the long white building was in a tin building on the north side of the school grounds, west of Davidson's cafe as I recall. I know I am right. (HA).

Kenneth Stanford, Class of 1953 ( I think )

May 28, 2007

I'm glad someone besides me remembers the old lunch room that sat north of the school. I was beginning to think I pulled it out of my hat.

Sharon "Hines" Hudson. Class of 57 - Wichita Falls High

May 29, 2007
Hi Pirates,

Ramona "Mullins" Hamilton, has asked me to post a message from her family who is seeking pictures of her sister, Jessie Dean "Mullins" Reves.

For those not aware, Jessie Dean is in ill health and therefore some urgency to their desire of pictures for a memory book they want to put together for Jessie Dean.

I'm sure any pictures would be greatly appreciated because as many of you know and is mentioned below they lost most of their family pictures when the Mullins farm house burned down.

The following is their message and request, ---- Posted by E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53
From: " E T REVES"
Subject: Jessie's Book
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 16:59:55 -0500

Family :

I have a dear friend who wants to make a memory book about our mother, Jessie Reves.

It will include pictures and memorabilia.

I would like to get some pictures of her from her childhood, teens, young adulthood. Most of our pictures were lost when her mother's house burned to the ground years ago. If you have a picture, please send a copy of what you want to keep or the original if you don't. If you know the date or general time frame, please include that. There will not be room for everything of course.

If you recall a favorite story about her, that would be appreciated as well.

If you know of anyone else that might have something, please pass this on.

Please send to :
Sarah Reves
c/o Jessie Reves
1021 Eilers
Schulenburg, Texas 78956

You may contact me at or

Send ASAP so that Jessie can enjoy them now.


May 30, 2007

I was wondering about the Lueders "Motel" that was located on the south side of the highway a few blocks east of the main block I know that Herbert Newberry ran the Motel/filling station/conveience store from the laste 40s to early 50s. I believe his son Jeff Newberry, was in the class of 57 for a few years before the Newberrys moved to California. I think that Jeff died in Avoca in 2004.

Jeff had an older brother Freddie and an older sister, Isabell.

Then in the mid 50s, the convience store/filling station/courts was oiperated by O.B. West. I've seen his ads on old football programs. I don't know anything about O. B. West.

Carol Felts told me that after his dad, Red Felts, closed his grocery store in the main block, that he ran the convience store/service station/motel for awhile. I would guess that this was in the late 60s or early 70s but I'm not sure.

Does anyone know anything about the motel section? How many rooms did they have? What year was the business opened and when did it close its doors?

I don't know of anyone that ever had a room there, does anyone else?

Don Latimer, Class of 56

May 30, 2007

if I remember correctly--Newberry sold the station & motel to Smokie Warren.

Jeff was in the class of 57.

Mickey & Isabell (Newberry) Cline moved to California. Isabell passed away probably in the 60's leaving two children (Ida Faye and one son-can't recall his name at this time).

Jeff served in the US Navy and was honorably discharged. Lived in California for quite some time before moving back to Lueders. He had so much potential and was a great guy but he had very little desire to succeed and make something of himself; however, I think he was doing what he wanted to do.

After I moved from Lueders, I pretty well lost contact with Jeff. I never heard what happened to Freddie. Mrs. Newberry, I think was the sister to O.B. Diggs, or maybe Mrs. Diggs.

Marlin Felts, Class of 57

May 30, 2007

Kenneth I'm sure glad you jumped in there! I was telling Zo the only ones who really knew about the lunch room would be the bus students.

I rarely ate in the lunch room and don't even remember the metal building. I should because I played touch" football with Bob Sanders and Billy Bounds over there north of the grade school. I remember the fence because it was those short posts with cable strung between them.

I tackled someone there one day and his leg was broken and I got in a whale of a trouble. Mrs. Douthit told me to never play with the "big boys" again! I guess I didn't. That's why Bobby and Billy called me Supermouse.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

May 30, 2007

Marlin thanks for jumping in. Brought up a few memorys.

Do you remember 1953 when we helped Buddy Felts move to California and we visited the Newberrys'? You and I went to church with Mrs. Newberry.

I was expecting a huge church in California but it wasn't any bigger than the Stamford church.

That's the last time I saw any of the Newberry's

Carol Felts, Class of 53

May 30, 2007
Hey Class of 53 boys:

I have checked with the legal profession and found out the statue of limitations protects us.

Remember when we broke into the cafeteria kitchen at night and stole the canned peaches.

I had two, one-gallon cans of peaches under my arm and dropped one on my toe and thought it was broke. I cut a steel toe out of work boots to put in my tennis shoes to protect two black toes without nails for two months.

Anyone dare to admit to being with us that night?

Also remember eating those dry baked potatoes and a small piece of steak before the football games? The upper classmen always had a candy bar in their pocket to make up the difference.

Max Dillard, Class of 53

May 30, 2007

Max, I am thrilled you told the story of the gallon cans of peaches because it might interest you to know that during a recent phone conversation with Don Latimer I was telling him about our midnight capers of breaking in the school lunch room and taking gallon buckets of peaches and peanut butter along with a box of crackers or two and did so on more then one occasion. Not too many but, more then once.

Don told me of some of his memories about the lunch room and I assume it was our conversation which prompted Don to post the first story about the lunch room and I am tickled Don's message triggered so many memories from all the other Pirates so your telling the story was great and here is how I tell the story.

As I told Don and your aware, our caper required carefully laid plans and we usually tried to keep one of the high school class room windows unlocked. which was usually in the science room because those windows didn't face the street and if memory servers me correctly the science room was not used in the later periods of the day and after the room was so called secured for the day we would sneak in and unlock one of the windows so it would be ready in case we wanted to play basketball in the gym or whatever just for the heck of having something to do.

I wonder how many Pirates have played basketball by the light of the Texas Moon shinning in through the skylight type windows on the side of the gym roof.

Regarding the lunch room, the door to the pass through window of the current lunch room had no lock and no outside handles but, had handles on the inside to raise and lower the window.

The sliding door or window was very heavy and without any outside handles it was assumed it could not be raised from the outside.

However, we knew there was no inside latch or locking means and we discovered we could bump up on the outside face of the window with the palm of our hands and it would jump up a little and the second or third guy could slip their fingers or at least a knife under the window to get it started up enough to get our hands under the window so we could raise it.

As I told Don, I think we used two guys to bump the window up because two could usually get it to go high enough for a third person to get their fingers and hand under the window. If only one bumped it up it was hard to go high enough to get your fingers under.

The lunch room's stock room was there just inside the south side entrance door and was never locked and so we helped ourselves to a gallon or two of peaches, a gallon of peanut butter and headed for the Albany highway bridge across the Clear Fork to enjoy our snack.

After filling up on peanut butter and crackers and topping it off with a desert of peaches what we couldn't eat was dropped off the side of the bridge into the river to get rid of the evidence.

I might add we usually did a pretty good job of eating it all and we never took more then we thought we could eat. I am not trying to justify our capers but, I do point out we were not destructive nor did we take it to throw away.

In other words we were nice honest thieves. As I write this and memories start coming back seems like these capers ended when after about the second or third heist we found the door to the stock room locked and that ended our midnight snacks.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53 ---- PS: to Max, this was not stealing and we broke nothing to get in. This was, "Maximum utilization of Government Supplies and Equipment."

May 30, 2007
I forgot something,

Carol Felts, Class of 53 ------ I'm a rat so tell us your side of the caper story and Homer you probably drove the get away car so how do you tell it.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

May 31, 2007

Yes, I remember. The most vivid part was crossing the desert without airconditioning. I don't remember attending church.

Did you get the message on Harrel Petty passing away yesterday evening. His funeral will be at First Baptist Church, Stamford at 2PM Friday.

Marlin Felts, Class of 57

May 31, 2007

Saddened by the news that Harrel Petty passed away.

His parents co-owned and operated a dairy business with my grandparents for several years during the 1950's and early 1960's. The "dairy farm" just across Cottonwood Creek seemed a rough place to live and try to make a living. Through a lot of hard work and perserverance the dairy buisness did succeed for a while. I am still in awe of all the work involed back then.

Mrs. Petty, "Turk" as the adults knew her, was one of the kindest ladies Ive ever known.

All the buildings on the dairy farm are gone now, victims of time, but the memories are still there. I give Mrs. Petty credit for giving a good start to the angus calves I had as an ag project one year. She bottle fed them early on and that made them turn out good steers! I'll always remember her with great respect. I think Harrel possessed similar qualities, I had the chance to work with him for a while on the homecoming committee.

Re: the Lueders Motel. During my time here, I beleive Smokey Warren owned the place. Albert Wilhite worked for him during the summers as I recall. The Wyatt family owned it during a spell as I remember. One time a photograper came to Lueders and set up shop in one of the motel rooms. All the parents took their kids there to have pictures made. My mother, bless her, managed to get 4 unruly kids (us) into "Sunday best" clothes and took us to the motel and had our picture taken. We still have the picture and it came out nicely, considering the subject matter. I can vaguely remember that. Being 58, I am beginning to experience glitches in the hard drive. I guess we work around that as we go along.

Stephen Vinson, Class of 67

June 1, 2007
Harell Adolph Petty
Tankersley Funeral Home
Friday, June 01, 2007

Harell Adolph Petty, 75, of Stamford, passed away on Wednesday May 30, 2007 at his home. Funeral services will be at 2:00 p.m. Friday at the First Baptist Church in Stamford with Revs. Calvin Gray and Marlin Felts officiating. Burial will follow in the Clear Fork Cemetery in Lueders, TX under the direction of Tankersley Funeral Home of Stamford.

Harell was born May 9, 1932 in Lueders to Van and Nellie Dee Petty. He was a lifetime resident of the area. Harell graduated from Lueders High School. He was a banker in Lueders for many years before moving to Bryson, TX and worked as a banker for 14 years. He then moved to Stamford in 1970 and started working for West Texas Utilities, and retired after 24 years as the General Sales Manager. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge, was a former member of the Lions Club and was a member of the First Baptist Church in Stamford. He married Carole Ann Felts on December 21, 1953.

He is survived by his wife of 53 years, Carole Ann Petty of Stamford, 1 son, Wade Petty and wife Lisa of White Deer, TX, 4 daughters, Amy Barrington and husband Brad of Fort Worth, TX, Ellen Petty of San Angelo, Nan Wiley of Merkel, and Bailee Wiley of Stamford, 11 grandchildren, Dustin, Cody and Ty Barrington, Candice Causey, Jenny Combest, Suni Jo, Cassie, and Parker Petty, Krystal Sluder, Kerrie Wiley, and Kelby Wiley, 3 great grandchildren, Hannah and Hailey DeLa Cruz and Kailee Sluder, 2 brothers, Gilbert Petty and wife Ann of Rule, TX, and Foy Gene Petty and wife Donna of Marble Falls, TX. The family will be receiving friends at the First Baptist Church fellowship hall immediately after the committal services.

Memorials are requested to be sent to either the First Baptist Church, P. O. Box 24, Stamford, Texas 79553 or The West Texas Rehabilitation Center, 4601 Hartford, Abilene, Texas 79605.

Sandra Reves

June 1, 2007
I took the following from the Abilene Reporter News
E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53
June 1, 2007

Zo and I just returned from Harell's funeral. Carole Ann looked good, the church was full! Marlin Felts helped with the funeral.

They had this picure on the back of the order of service. Nothing about the Masons but the funeral director did present Carole with a U S Flag at the cemetary.

Saw Ernestine Heller there, Anita, Leroy, Alice Thomas Backus, Glenda Walls Cox, James Cox, Wayne Cox, George Cox, Harry Prince (he is in a wheelchair) Lots of old Lueders people there. Thanks Ray for getting this on the web site. Ernestine got the message from the chat line.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

June 2, 2007

I forgot to name Ramona Mullins Hamilton, Connie Wiley, Paula Sue Hughes Harrison, Gerald Moore, Oscar Armstrong (pall bearer), maybe I'll think of others or they will write in.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

June 2, 2007

Ray I sent a message but is being held for some reason. In case it doesn't make it I was asking Max Dillard where his grandmother was when we ate some of the stolen goods at her house?

I remember we had some chocolate milk plus other things and several cars in front of Mrs. Murray's house when one of the coaches and I guess Mr. Denham drove up. We did a super job of hiding the evidence!

Carol Felts, Class of 53

June 2, 2007

I sent a message, too, which has been held for some reason.

Greta "Olson" Corbitt, Class of 52

June 2, 2007
Back to the cafeteria.

I rarely ate there but I remember eating there once and they served peanut butter and crackers for desert.

Now we know they just ran out of peaches because they did not order enough for both the noon and the midnite run.

My mother loves these stories.

Marie "Watkins" Fuller, class of 57

June 2, 2007

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Too many recipients to the message.

Please address your message "Only" To:

For your message to go to all subscribed to the Pirates Chat Line and not be auto rejected/held, do not have any other email address in the fields, TO: CC: BCC:

Note: If you were replying to a message, click on "Reply" and not "REPLY TO ALL" and remember to check to see if any other email address is in the field TO: before you click send.

Thank you! Carlene "Burkman" Black, Class of 72 and My Boss

June 3, 2007

My Aunt, Maxine Vaughn Payne has been sending me a lot of "I remember when" emails. I'm thoroughly enjoying them and felt that maybe some of you Lueders folk will too. Am going to share the latest one I got from her.

Terry Johnson Blackburn, Class of 66 - Abilene High


I finished school in 1941. Our Band Hall was the old metal building, a good walk from the school on the north side. Far enough away, our music probably didn't bother other classes. We would practice our marches up and down that road on the south side of the school. Our Band directors at that time was Mr. Reynolds, then Mr. Haden. I never will never forget my embarrassing moments one day, when marching across a MUDDY football field, at a football game out of town. As most of you might know we all needed to wear black shoes with our uniform. I didn't have a pair of black shoes, and probably couldn't afford to buy a new pair, so I wore my sister's black patent Sunday shoes with bows on them, and you guessed it! One stuck in the mud and I had to reach down and put it back on! Had it been a laced oxford, that would not have happened.

I remember the class called "shop" where boys, and I believe a couple of girls, learned wood work. That was under the bleachers at that time. It seems to me Stanley Cameron taught shop. I know he taught ag. The girls had to be in the same class as the boys, and there were some embarrassing times learning about animals, etc. together. What would we do now days in some schools learning what they are TAUGHT?

Our Home economics class with a kitchen was the last room, (west on the right ) of high school building. I don't know if the class has been moved or not. The first room was for sewing. Miss Fairy, (later Mrs. Johnson) was our teacher. We had to make a dress for ourselves so we could model it for assembly. So many of us kids made mistakes that she let us take the dresses home for our mom's to correct. My dress was two pieced, and the skirt had about six gores. I had sewn the wrong gores together! For the meal we planned in our group, we cooked creamed beef on toast which I still cook sometimes, and we had orange slices dipped in powdered sugar, hot chocolate. We had to plan our on meal and cook it.

I remember the out door restrooms, and having to wait so long that we were sometimes late for a class.

Back in about 1933 0r 34, when teachers use whippings for misbehaving and also if kids made below 70, I would shake and be afraid of every test day that came up. Even in high school I couldn't concentrate for fear of some kind that never left me. It was a few boys who made below 70 in spelling at times, and had to stand in front of he room on one foot, and if a foot dropped the teacher hit that leg with a ruler. I won't call her name, but I bet no one forgot her. She had a real high temper. We had some nice teachers of course, but that didn't make the scare leave me.

Maxine "Vaughn" Payne, Class of 41

June 3, 2007
o.k., carol felts,---reba meil '49 here

Did you have to say lots of OLD lueders people there?? l think l might have been the oldest one there. l've tried to think of someone older, besides Harrell himself, as he was just about l or 2 hours older than me. l always razzed him about being the old man of the 2 of us.

lt was really a mini homecoming and l know he was happy to know everyone was there. You see, odd ball that l am, l believe they continue to know and are aware of everyone here. l'm certainly looking forward to that experience anyway.

xoxoxo to all, Reba Meil, Class of 49

June 3, 2007

Greta Olson Corbitt informed me of this obituary.

Taken from Abilene-Reporter News Sunday, June 03, 2007

Novilla Templeton 71 of Ranger passed away on Saturday June 2, 2007.

Services will be 2 PM Tuesday June 5th, 2007 at the New Hope Baptist Church with Rev. Jimmy Caraway and Rev. Ronny Guess officiating. Burial will be in Macedonia Cemetery under the direction of Edwards Funeral Home in Ranger, Texas.

The family will receive friends at the funeral home on Monday June 4th from 6 to 8 PM.

Mrs. Templeton was born on July 4, 1935 in Albany, Texas to Henry Clarence and Virgie Mae (Price) Edwards. She attended school in Lueders, Texas and in Abilene, and graduated in 1953 from Ranger High School. She married C. W. "Bill" Templeton on April 17, 1955 in Eastland, Texas. They moved to Abilene in 1956 and had the first of two children, Carla in 1957 and Karen in 1959. In 1965 they moved back to Ranger where they bought 75 acres. Novilla worked for A. T. Baron and B D Trucking for seven years, a year for HTH, three time for Victor Cornelius, a year at Bruner Chevrolet, 2 years for Steve Benefiel's Wrecker Service, and ten years for Charlie Mac Richardson. In her early years she loved to rodeo and barrel-race. In her later years she enjoyed cross stitching for all of her family. Novilla was preceded in death by her parents, and a brother Gerald Edwards who died in 1976.

Mrs. Templeton is survived by her husband C. W. "Bill" Templeton of Ranger, daughters Carla Gomez and husband Joe of Granbury, and Karen Jernigan and husband Bill of Ranger, two grandchildren Stacy Regon-Vann and Bryan Henson and a great-grandson Dalton Vann.

Sandra Reves

June 3, 2007

I was saddened today when Wayne Verble, Class of 53 sent me an e-mail to check the Abilene Reporter News for the obituary of Novilla "Edwards" Templeton who died Saturday June 2, 2007.

Novilla left Lueders and moved first to Abilene and then to Ranger about the time we went into high school but, she was always considered a part of the Class of 53 because we spent most of our grade school and childhood years together.

I was aware Novilla had cancer because when Lou "Wills" Sims, Class of 53 passed away I phoned Novilla to make her aware of Lou's passing but, was only able to talk to her husband who told me that Novilla was in the hospital being treated for cancer.

Lou and Novilla had been pretty close childhood friends and I myself can easily recall many fond childhood memories growing up with Novilla who was very much a tom boy type who loved horses.

I am real glad now that while home for our 50th class reunion and homecoming in October, 2003 that Lou and I drove over to Ranger, Texas and visited with Novilla and her husband who has spent his life pumping oil wells around Ranger so, he and I hit it right off.

We all had a good time talking and barbecuing hamburgers for supper and we stayed till around 10:30 that night reminiscing about our childhood years and all that has happened up to now.

I myself had not seen Novilla since I attended Ranger College in the fall of 1953 and Lou had not seen her in a long long time so we really enjoyed our time together.

With them both now gone, the 2003 visit is all the more a cherished memory of mine and one I'm very glad Lou and I took the time to go do. Here is the Obituary from the Abilene Reporter News:....

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53
June 3, 2007

Sandy, we must have been doing our post at the same time. I just sent the one I did and then retrieved mail to find your posting about Novilla.

E. Ray, Class of 53

June 4, 2007

Bobby Reves, Class of 63 has been helping me precisely locate the Hastings School house location and we think we know where it was but, we have decided we would like a second opinion so how many of you can take the attached map and put it in the windows paint program or other image program and mark the exact location and send it back to me either by the chat line of my personal email address of

OR if you can explain on the map where it was located it would be fine providing my old senile brain can be made to understand.

Bobby tells me that out in the general area where Hastings was there is or was also a building that they used as a voting place for political election.

Can anyone provide the location of that building and tells us any history of when it was built and used and in general anything at all about the voting place. Is this voting building still standing.

Bobby tells me that the place we previously marked on the map on the school web site as being Hastings School was the voting place but, we would like a second opinion on that also.

Thanks for any thing you can provide and here is a map to use

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

June 4, 2007
Hello E Ray,

I think Hastings school sat just about where you have the first road marker on the map. Tom Gifford's farm was at that corner and Tuke Hines farm was right next to it. We always passed the school building going to Uncle Tukes's house.

Seems to me when the school consilidated with Lueders that Mr and Mrs Wallace moved the building that was a house provided for them into town just west of the bus barn at the school and continued to live in it, Maybe Paula Sue Hughes or Betty Wallace can shed some light on it.

Mr Wallace was Super. and he and Mrs Wallace taught the classes. He never taught at Lueders but she taught in grade school. I thought second grade too at one time

Sharon "Hines" Hudson, Class of 57 - Wichita Falls High

June 10, 2007

In a recent chat line message from Marie "Watkins" Fuller, Class of 57 she again mentioned how much her mother enjoys the chat line stories so here is another story for her Mother and this time Marie is even one of the players.

It is also one of my "Stories for the GranKids" and incidentally I have recently posted a few additional stories to my web site which now consist of 22 family stories or family info.

Those of you who remember the collie dogs might enjoy the story I wrote on the dogs and learning of where they came from and how the collies got started.

As you stop and think about it our dogs, Jumbo and Lassie must have supplied the Lueders community with cu doodles of collie puppies over the years and they were always given away.

I give thought to wondering how many descendants of theirs are still running around Jones and Shackelford county.

Perhaps one of the Pirates reading this got one of Jumbo and Lassie's Puppies

The Stories for the Grand Kids are located:..   HERE

Here is the story which happens to have Marie in it and it's my pleasure knowing her mother will enjoy it and please remember these stories are being addressed too my 7 grand children.

Granny's Parakeets

I titled this "Granny's Parakeets" to get your attention because you all grew up knowing your Great GranMa who you called Granny. But, be aware your Great GranPa was also involved with the parakeet birds as the story will indicate.

You never had the opportunity to know your Great Grand Father but, I can tell you that he was a rough, gruff, tough, cussing, hard working disciplinary type of man who had a heart that melted into butter when it came to animals and other things he was fond of.

The parakeets was one of them and over the years your Great Grand Father and Granny had 3 different parakeets.

The first to arrive was a gift from my sister Eileen who worked with a Jerry Quinn at Bell Telephone in Fort Worth, Texas and he raised parakeets.

Granny named him JoJo and he was blue, yellow and white in color.

Tough old guy as he was, your great grand father took a liking to JoJo and enjoyed his talking very much. Of course he never fed or cleaned JoJo's cage because he left that to Granny.

However, he did decide that JoJo deserved the comfort of a large cage and he and I went to the lumber yard, got the materials and we spent all one day and part of another making JoJo a cage which had a wooden frame and used telephone wire for the bars of the cage. I got the joy of painting the wooden part blue.

JoJo wasn't around too long because he liked being out of his cage and flying around the house which we often allowed.

One day he was out and someone came in the back door not knowing and JoJo flew out the back door.

The Lueders men and farmers from the country side enjoyed sitting downtown shooting the bull and whittling away at wood with their pocket knives. For a time there was even benches sitting in front of the stores for this purposes. However, after awhile the merchants got tired of sweeping the sidewalks off and the benches disappeared.

I was down town with my dad during one of these bull sessions and I recall Mother phoning Daddy and telling him about JoJo getting out.

My Dad immediately dropped the conversation with his friends and we rushed home and my Dad looked all over the place trying to find JoJo.

We never did find JoJo and my dad was really upset and missed having JoJo to talk to.

I think everybody in Lueders was aware JoJo had escaped because I recall someone out in the country talking about a blue colored parakeet landing on their screen door but, when they went out and tried to catch him he flew off again.

Sadly, JoJo was gone forever and never seen again.

The second parakeet was "Topper" - Topper never was too popular because he just never did learn to talk very much.

For awhile we had thought him to be a female because female parakeets don't talk. But, then we learned females have brown beaks and males have blue beaks.

Topper had a blue beak so he was a male but, he was one of those that just didn't say much of anything.

Topper was found dead in the bottom of his cage one day and buried down by the back yard mesquite tree with all the other Smyth animals and pets.

Aw!! But, then came Pretty Boy who never knew when to shut up.

Granny says she could be down in the basement doing laundry and hear Pretty Boy upstairs jabbering away to himself.

One of the reasons was because Pretty Boy's cage stayed on the bar between the breakfast nook and the den and thus Pretty Boy got in on all the conversations at the dinner table.

Pretty Boy was a most memorable and remarkable bird who chattered non stop and would respond to sentences much like a person.

You could ask, Pretty Boy "Where's E R" and Pretty Boy would usual reply back, "Gone to Town"

He learned to say "Love Donnie" because he would sit on my brothers shoulder and Donnie would lean his head over against him and say. "Love Donnie"

Marie Watkins who lived next door was a very close friend of my sister Iva and was over at our house a lot.

As I was refreshing my memory with my mother to write this story, Mother laughed and said, "Marie was over at our house more then she stayed home."

Because of this, Pretty Boy picked up another of his sayings which was "Here Comes Marie"

He picked this up because our front gate was made of metal and would rattle when opened and closed.

Mother said, when Donnie would hear the gate rattle he knew it had to be Marie and he would say "Here comes Marie" which Pretty Boy picked up on right away and it became one of his favorite sayings.

Mother also told me that she could remember how fond Buster Winkles was of Pretty Boy because on his visit with my Dad he would always talk to Pretty Boy.

Pretty Boy's Vocabulary consisted of the following:    
Hello Pretty Boy Love Pretty Boy
Good Morning Where is Everett
Love Donnie Mama Come Here
Where is E R - Gone to Town What You Say
Mama, Pretty Boy wants out Marie
Here comes Santa Claus Here Comes Marie
Lueders No. 8 Where's the Paper
Put on the Coffee Pot Welcher
Where You Going What
Bring the Paper In Iva's Going to Church
Where is that Bird Shut Up Bird

Granny put together a scrap book about Pretty Boy and the book indicates he was purchased from Atkin's Bird Farm on August 8, 1953 and the last page indicates he died on January 21, 1958 so Pretty Boy was around for about 4 and half years.

The scrap book has 4 pages about Pretty Boy and 15 pages of pictures and articles from newspapers telling about the antics and vocabulary of parakeets around the world.

Granny told me that Pretty Boy got sick and wouldn't say anything and was just sitting in the bottom of the cage and then when they could tell the end was near they sit up all night with Pretty Boy.

When the end came, Pretty Boy was buried in the Mesquite Tree Cemetery with all the other Smyth animals and pets.

You might note that Granny saved one of Pretty Boy's feathers and it is in his book.

I choose not to put the 15 pages of newspaper articles on the web site but, to see the 4 main pages of Pretty Boy's Book, Click:..   HERE

E. R. Smyth and Pretty Boy
E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53
June 10, 2007

That picture of E.R. is great. I guess I had forgotten how he looked.

While reading your story I was holding my breath in fear that I was responsible for the death of Pretty Boy.

The part about me at your house all the time is a given. Alma was so nice to tolerate me.

Marie "Watkins" Fuller, Class of 57

June 11, 2007

Marie, I should tell you that your mother herself is mentioned in the story about the dogs because one time she was over at our house laughing and talking about witnessing a round and round circus between me, daddy, and lassie in our backyard when Lassie was protecting me from a whipping daddy was trying to administer

It would be interesting to me to learn if she still remember the episode.

I might should warn you that if you start to print out the dog story that it is about 26 pages long..

Of course you can printout only the section of the story your want by highlighting it and then copy and paste into the little program NotePad or other word processor to be printed out from it.

Marie, it is nice to know that you and Iva were such good friends and too bad that her life was cut short and you didn't get to watch your grandkids grow up together.

Mother can not talk of Iva with out mentioning you and the fun things you two would do. She mentioned recently the fact you too were all time acting silly together and then laughing about it.

I guess as a big brother I didn't pay too much attention to either of you because I don't really remember you being over at the house that much. So, I guess you where no pest to me and knowing mother I'm sure it was a joy having you and not a pest to her either.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

June 11, 2007

Hope the other Pirates do not object to personal stories.

Anyway, speaking of pests, Alma used to say "take 'Little Donny' with you". Bet he isn't little anymore.

Something else I remember is going with Iva in "the Buick", that is we were in the back seat, E.R. is driving, chewing a cigar and spitting out the window. Lots of times that didn't make it out the window and we got a mist.

I'm sure we were acting silly then but didn't say a word.

Maybe you could send me a condenced dog story.

Marie "Warkins" Fuller, Class of 57

June 12, 2007

Marie, I'm sending you an excerpt of the dog story by private e-mail.

I too hope that other Pirates don't object to some personal conversation being injected.

But, then again I consider our time in Lueders an open book and really not too personal because in the small town of Lueders everybody knew what everybody else was doing and in so many ways all our lives were entangled with that of the rest of the community.

In other words, nothing that ever happened in Lueders was very personal.

Unlike today, my memories are of a community where everybody was looking out for everybody else and doing so unselfishly.

A Floridian once ask me how come all the people out west were so friendly and helpful and I explained to him that in the early days of settlement of the west that people had to depend on others to survive and when your welfare and sometimes even your life depended on others you learned to like one another.

I think todays world could use some of that now.

E, Ray Smyth, Class of 53

June 16, 2007
Taken from Abilene Reporter News

Mary Frances Anders

Kinney-Underwood Funeral Home
Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mary Frances Anders, 79, of Stamford, passed away on Friday, June 15, 2007

Funeral services will be held at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, June 16, 2007 at Trinity Baptist Church with Rev. Robert Wingrove officiating. Interment will follow in Highland Memorial Cemetery under the direction of Kinney-Underwood Funeral Home.

Frances was born on January 28, 1928 in Lueders, the daughter of the late Oscar and Linda Pollard Diggs. She married J. L. "Chill" Anders on June 9, 1945 in Avoca. He passed away on February 5, 2003. She was a lifetime resident of Jones County, was very active in the Stamford V.I.P. and a member of the Trinity Baptist Church.

She was preceded in death by her parents; husband; and sister, Lorene Routon.

Surviving Mrs. Anders are her daughter, Diane Pritchard and husband Greg of Dallas; son, Mike Anders and wife Joanne of Houston; three grandchildren, Justin Pritchard of Boston, Massachusetts, Grant Pritchard of Los Angeles, California, and Courtney Anders of Houston; great-granddaughter Elizabeth Mary Pritchard; and several nieces and nephews.

Sandra Reves - Mrs. Bobby Reves, Class of 63

June 16, 2007
Taken from Abilene Reporter News

Mary Frances Anders

Kinney-Underwood Funeral Home
Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mary Frances Anders, 79, of Stamford, passed away on Friday, June 15, 2007

Funeral services will be held at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, June 16, 2007 at Trinity Baptist Church with Rev. Robert Wingrove officiating. Interment will follow in Highland Memorial Cemetery under the direction of Kinney-Underwood Funeral Home.

Frances was born on January 28, 1928 in Lueders, the daughter of the late Oscar and Linda Pollard Diggs. She married J. L. "Chill" Anders on June 9, 1945 in Avoca. He passed away on February 5, 2003. She was a lifetime resident of Jones County, was very active in the Stamford V.I.P. and a member of the Trinity Baptist Church.

She was preceded in death by her parents; husband; and sister, Lorene Routon.

Surviving Mrs. Anders are her daughter, Diane Pritchard and husband Greg of Dallas; son, Mike Anders and wife Joanne of Houston; three grandchildren, Justin Pritchard of Boston, Massachusetts, Grant Pritchard of Los Angeles, California, and Courtney Anders of Houston; great-granddaughter Elizabeth Mary Pritchard; and several nieces and nephews.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

June 17, 2007

I was sadden to learn of Mary Francis Anders death by the Chat Line messages from Sandra Reves and Carol and Zo Felts.

I must admit however, I barely knew who they were talking about because I never knew her by any other name but, "Shorty" Diggs.

But, Shorty I knew quite well because for some reason we were always Buddys and was happy to meet each other.

Could have been that was because they lived just down the road from us and her father cut my hair all time I was growing up in Lueders.

I also knew Chill going back to the days when he worked for his father in their body shop in Stamford and later on when he had his own shop he did some minor body work on a 1951 Ford I had.

For those Pirates who might be having a problem remembering Mary Frances (Shorty) I have inserted a picture I took of her at the 2003 homecoming.

I also inserted an image copy of the obituary as it appeared in the Abilene Reporter News and previously posted by Sandra and Carol/Zo.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53
June 17, 2007

I asked at church today if Shorty had been ill or what was her problem.

I was told that what they heard was that she was having a stent put in and died during the operation.

That is one of those stories that may or may not be true. However, that was the story I got today.

Greta "Olson" Corbitt, Class of 52

June 20, 2007
Hi Pirates,

Some of you won't care for this but, just maybe some of you could use something I discovered long time ago, which is a small simple Graphics program first used in the days of Windows 3.1

Now when I say Graphics, I mean images, pictures, photos, and photographs i.e. using the format of BMP, TIF, JPG. GIF etc i.e. the file extension name to name a few..

I ran across the program "LView" years ago and started using it do do all the images on the web pages I do and as of now I can't run my computer with out it.

LView will pop on the screen immediately and what you see is what you got meaning you see the actual size of the image and you can resize, crop, rotate, flip or flop, and add text to pictures very very easily and very very simply.

My problem has been that the original version of LView was for Windows 3.1 and while it it would run on Windows 95 and 98, it would not run with Windows XP -- I am very fond of LView and can hardly do a web page with out it.

Because of that, I've been forced to stay with Windows 98 simple because I needed to use LView to resize and crop the images for use on the web pages. Compared to LView all other Graphic programs are awkward clumsy, and a pain in the butt.

Now let it be known that several new version of LView came out and I even purchased the latest version but, they ruined the original LView program by making it just like all the other stinking graphic programs.

The original LView is a very simple little program that shows you what you got and your can figure it all out in a New York minute.

But, whoa was me because it would not run on Windows XP.

I knew there had been other version of LView in between the original and the current version which I don't care for and one night about 6 months ago I was google searching the Internet for LView hoping to find other versions and perhaps one that would run with XP and low and behold I did just that.

The version I found is not quite as simple as was the very first original but, it is close and one I can live with and it does work with XP.

AND, Please understand this original LView program is SHAREWARE meaning that it is absolutely free.

The following is on the bottom of the web page where you download LView and you can go there by clicking on the link:.. HERE   to download your very own copy. LVIEW.EXE (342,325 bytes) is a self-extracting compressed file.

Create a directory on your hard drive for LView, copy LVIEW.EXE to that directory, double-click on LVIEW.EXE and it will expand into seven uncompressed files. You can then delete LVIEW.EXE.

If you want this program I would suggest prior to going to the site that you create a new folder on your C:\ Drive simply named LVIEW and then when you download or save the program file to your hard drive you save it to this LVIEW Folder.

After downloading, Click on START, Click on RUN, Click on BROWSE and go to the LVIEW Folder and select LVIEW.EXE and then Click on OPEN and then Click on OK. When LVIEW runs it should extract 7 files and one of those will be the executable file named LVIEWP1B.EXE to load LView with.

To put an Icon on the Desktop to run LView,. Load the program Windows Explorer and browse to the LVIEW Folder and RIGHT Click on the file named LVIEWP1B.EXE after RIGHT Clicking a window will pop up and select "Send To Desktop" which creates a ShortCut Icon on the DeskTop.

That is all that is necessary and you should find LView a valuable tool to add to the enjoyment of running your computer.

Not a day goes by that I don't use LView in one form or another and after this message has digested I will offer you one of my tricks that I use LView for all the time..

By The Way, it was LView that I used to paste all the Terra Server and Map Quest images together to make the maps I did for the Map Section on the school web site.

Let me also say that LView is not a high powered do it all graphics program because it does not do a lot of things other programs do. But, when it comes to resizing, cutting, cropping and chopping up images I reach for LView every time.

LView is my default graphic program which means when I click on an image for viewing with Windows Explorer or other programs it is LView that opens and displays the image.

If any of you choose to download LView and then have trouble getting it installed or how it operates just send me a private e-mail message and I will help you with it. It would be good to send me your phone number because I have flat rate long distance service and I would be happy to call and walk anyone right through the process of downloading, installing and how to use it.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

June 21, 2007

I have lost a part of my childhood and I need someone to help me regain it. As part of my duties at the Lueders Laundry, I was responsible for keeping the gum-ball machine and cold drink box filled. Those were jobs I totally relished because I could have all of the gum and as many drinks as I wanted free. I remember most of the drinks names, but one escapes me… the name of the chocolate drink. I have lost a lot of sleep over this, so I would appreciate any help I can get. Does anyone remember what that chocolate drink was called? This was right after the war.

While I am on the subject of chocolate I am curious to know if you remember the taste of the chocolate milkshake in Williams Drug store. Considering all of the things that I have forgotten, I am beginning to wonder if my mind is playing tricks on me, or if my taste buds have gone south along with my other senses. At any rate I have been in search of that special taste for many years, all to no avail.

Speaking of remembering, someone mentioned that they got to wind the back reel on the movie projector in the Tent show. I did that once, but I did not know it was a chronic thing and that it was a ruse to allow the owner to spend a little “Quality” time with someone of the opposite sex.

My father helped build the permanent movie theater. My memory of that was walking out on the concrete slab right after it was poured and wondering how a building that small could be a movie theater and then looking at it after it was finished and marveling at how much bigger it had gotten. Is that the way you remember it, or is my mind just playing tricks again?

Jimmy Fitzgerald, Lueders 1-5 Grades and Class of 54 at Abilene High

June 21, 2007

Wow! Jim you've got my mind racing a hundred miles an hour!

Unfortunately I no longer have brakes. I can see that chocolate bottle in my mind but can't bring up the name, and yes I remember those chocolate shakes. They were made with REAL ICE CREAM AND REAL CHOCOLATE SYUP.

Nothing will ever match that. I never had the priviledge of winding the reel on the projector but I can remember the skits the Names family did while dad was changing reels back there.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

June 21, 2007
Well I couldn’t resist.

Remember the old taffy candy they sold in the tent theater with a prize in it or a prize slip that you could redeem for a fur animal. I remember putting the candy in the space heaters setting in the middle of the tent and it burned.

After the show was shut down and moved out, they left more than 50 pounds of the stuff behind and we fed it to Tommie’s pigs and it made them sick.

My Grandmother Dillard at 75 walked to the show every time it changed with three of her buddies in any kind of weather. She would not miss a chapter of Flash Gorden.

Heck this is fun. Wonder if the big schools ex-students in Dallas have these memories?

Max Dillard, Class of 53

June 21, 2007

I remember the popcorn in the red, blue, green and yellow cellophane cones, and I remember the 50 or so wooden folding chairs, setting on a dirt floor. I remember paying my nine cents and walking into the canvas army tent on a warm summer’s night, sitting in those chairs, eating the popcorn, drinking a bottle of RC cola, and watching a Flash Gordon episode. It just didn’t get any better than that.

Jimmy Fitzgerald, Lueders 1-5 Grades and Class of 54 at Abilene High

June 21, 2007

I believe the name of the chocolate drink was call 400. At least that's what hit me when I read your comments.

Carole Ann "Felts" Petty, Class of 54

June 21, 2007

That still doesn’t ring a bell.

Jimmy Fitzgerald, Lueders 1-5 Grades and Class of 54 at Abilene High

June 21, 2007

Amen! and you had that penny to buy candy with when you had a dime for a ticket.

Carol Felts. Class of 53

June 21, 2007

Hey I just Googled chocolate drinks and the title Yoo Hoo came up. Maybe that's what it was called. Carol Felts. Class of 53

June 21, 2007

After reading up on the history of Yoo-hoo, it has my vote as being the drink that we all tried. An amazing thing about Yoo-hoo is that as long as it's sealed, it has an open-ended shelf life. It will never spoil, unlike Dr. Pepper which will only last about six months.

When I was about 10 and would accompany my mother to the laundry, one of my favorite activities was to get as many different bottle caps as I could from the coke box, remove the cork from the bottle caps and then attach them to my t-shirt by having the bottle caps on the outside and the cork on the inside of my shirt. Some of the caps had stars on them and I could pretend it was a shefiff's badge.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

June 21, 2007

Does this picture of the "Chocolate Soldier" pop bottle help any?
I remember drinking these as well as the "YooHoo".

For those of you who search topics on the Internet, one of the most extensive search engines on the web is The search engine goes through about 20-25 search engines to locate information. If you can't find it on , it is most likel NOT to be found.

Sandra Reves - Mrs. Bobby Reves, Class of 63

June 22, 2007

I remember the tent show too,, but I remember the one the Davis' built better.

Mother would give me a quarter to go to the show on Saturday afternoon to see Roy Rogers, Gene Autry or one of the cowboy shows and also the serials, Nioka the Jungle Girl and Flash Gordon and who knows how many more.

On Saturday night they would have a drawing for five dollars at intermission and I remember Mrs Dillard won ( I don't know which one because there were two. One lived in the little rock house next to the Lamberts and one lived cattycorner across from the Baptist Church) anyway they just gave her 4 dollars and said the other 1 dollar was for taxes and I got so mad I didn't know what to do. I thought that was so unfair and I was only 9 I think.

June 23, 2007

Taken from Abilene Reporter News, June 23, 2007

Jessie Dean Mullins Reves

Schwenke-Baumgarten Funeral Home
Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jessie Reves passed away at home surrounded by her family June 20, 2007, after a brief illness due to cancer.

She was born September 9, 1925, to Alton and Verna Mullins, in Lueders, Texas. She attended Post Oak School, Lueders High School, and Hardin-Simmons University (1945). She married E. T. Reves, Jr., on September 13, 1945, and they made their home successively in Lueders, Hurst, Odessa, and Alvin, before moving to Schulenburg, Texas in 1992. She was active in the Baptist church in each community in which she lived.

Jessie was a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, great-aunt, and a sincere friend to many. She was a central figure in the lives of many children: her own, her grandchildren, those of her extended family, and others. In her loving, gracious way, she had a significant and positive influence on many people. Her main occupation was as a homemaker, and she worked for Dr. George Sullivan during the first four years of his orthodontic practice in Odessa.

Jessie's twin brother, Carroll Wayne Mullins, of Lueders, preceded her in death in 1978. Her younger sister, Ramona Mullins Hamilton, lives in Irving, Texas. She is survived by her children, Cynthia Newsom, Randall Reves, and Sarah Reves, ten grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren.

A celebration of Jessie Reves' life will be held at the First Baptist Church in Schulenburg, Texas on July 7, 2007 at 5 pm.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that contributions be made to Hospice of South Texas, 404 N Texans, Hallettsville TX 77964

Sandra Reves

June 23, 2007

Soda Pops I can recall from Zora's Laundry and Fitageralds across the street: Nehi (Grape and Strawberry), NuGrape, Sunrise, Orange Crush, Chocolate Soldiers, Royal Crown, Grapette, Bargs Rootbeer, Squirt, and a strange drink called Pomac made from grapefruit juice I think, it was pale pink. I'm sure there were others. Jane Scott and I have named the sweet pea wildflower "Grape Soda Flower" We think it smells like grape soda.

Stephen Vinson, Class of 67

June 23, 2007

You forgot Delaware Punch.

Sharon "Hines" Hudson, Class of 57 - Wichita Falls High

June 23, 2007
I'm aware Sandra Reves has already posted this from the Abilene Reporter News. But, I thought some of you might like to have a JPEG image same as it appeared on the papers Web Site.

To save the image to your Hard Drive, --- Right Click on the image and select SAVE.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53
June 26, 2007

Pirates, I received the following e-mail message from Pat Culpepper, Class of 61

I went to the link shown in her e-mail and, after some slight alterations, the image shown below Pat's message is what is on the Malakoff News Web Site.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 63 --------------------------------------------------------------

Hi, I have been watching for this and now see why it was 10 days after death. Thought you might want to load this to the site. Later Pat

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53
June 26, 2007
Hi. Pirates,

Earlier this month, I decided to check the Malakoff News Web Site to see John's Obituary and found it. I was surprised to see that he was not buried until May 31, and not being buried that Fri. after his death, which would have been May 25th. I could not go to the services on the 25th.

When I read the Obit that he was not buried until the 31, I was a little upset as I don't think any of us knew this and may have gone to his services if we did. That was not what Mrs. Jumpper told me and did not let me know otherwise, but guess Mrs. Cliver changed her plans for the services for some reason. However,John was buried on his birthday this way.

Some of us was in hopes that someone from Lueders would be at the funeral. John did not go to Malakoff from Lueders but was at, at least, three other schools as some of you know.

Mary Lou "Odell" Bavousett, Class of 51

June 27, 2007
Hi to all,

I also noticed the 10 day difference. My husband is also a Mason. I ask him if that could have had any thing to do with it. Depends what size his lodge was. Some are small locals and some are very large.So it is possible, if any of the guys were out of town and apparently he requested the Mason service because it is not done automatically. I am sure there is a Mason out there that can explain this better than I. I consider it an additional honor of diginity for that service and it is usually done at the cemetery. Some Mason's want it and some don't.

Hope this helps the same question as I had.

Pat Culpepper, Class of 61

June 27, 2007

I would like to take a few minutes at homecoming to read off the names of ex-students and teachers, etc. who have died since our last homecoming, which would have been 2 years ago.

The homecoming committee hasn't approved my idea, yet, but I don't think that will be a problem. I've got some names listed, but I know there have been many that I've forgotten about and with some I'm not sure that it was within that time period.

Anyway, I'd really appreciate your help with this. Shoot off those names to me when you think of them.

Thanks, Greta Olson Corbitt, Class of 52

June 27, 2007

Greta let me remind you that a quick review of the Archived Chat Line Messages might provide you with some forgotten names.

The Chat Line Messages are archived up through May 16th so they are up to date except for the last 5 weeks to date

You might consider using the "FIND" feature of the browser and search for the word obit which will go to any of the messages with the word obit or obituary in it.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

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