Memories of Lueders, Texas
Pirate Chat Line Chatter for 4th Quarter of 2006

October 20, 2006
Hi, Pirates, I received an attachment from F. W. Burkman, Class of 39 with the following message.

I believe this is J.D. (Onion) Brown. I know he was living here in San Antonio but I was not in touch with him. Also there is a sister listed as Mary Ann Ivey and as best as I recall he had a sister named Mary Ann.

J. D. Brown

I forwarded Frank's message to Don Latimer for his genealogy records and here is an excerpt from the message I sent Don.

Don, I received this from F. W. Burkman and thought it might interest you. I remember being in grade school and watching JD play football. He was one hell of a football player and I can tell from the picture this just can't be anybody but the JD from Lueders. Reminded me that Hub Brown made the best hamburgers I ever ate. I remember when they opened the new cafe there where West Texas Utilities ended up being which was beside Fred Side's Garage. It had a real clean looking white front trimmed in red.

I will try to get this on the Pirate Chat Line, Photo and all ------------------ Ray

PS: to Don Latimer, Class of 56, send me the class year for J D and I will get this on the L-A web site in the section of his class. AND I will remind Carlene to up date the main obituary section.

Note to All:............ Frank's message indicated this was on the " web site and in the "Express News" of San Antonio, Texas

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

October 21, 2006
Why is the question about Slim Willet going around? Have I missed some news?? Carol Felts 1953
October 27, 2006

Wayne Verble, Class of 53 sent me the following message and attachment.

I am sure you want to post this. She was a good friend and teacher --- Wayne


Today, October 27, 2006 --- Carol Felts, Class of 53 with help from his wife, Zo sent me the following message and attachment.

E Ray we haven't seen this on the chat line yet. Carol thought you might like to put it on. He is busy wiring a bldg.

Thanks Zo It's from Abilene Reporter if this attachment doesn't work. Thanks Zo

As Zo's, message indicated her attachment didn't work so I retrieved this image from the Obituary Section of the Abilene Reporter News Web Site.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53
December 11, 2006

Hello Pirates and a Big Merry Christmas to you all

Danny Weeks, Class of 57 sent the following to Sharon "Hines" Hudson, Class of 57

Hi Sharon, I hope this finds you well and looking forward to a very Merry Christmas.

One of my new hobbies in retirement is story writing, so I hope you will enjoy the attached. Dan Weeks

AND then Sharon sent me the Following:...............

Everett Ray I am sending this to you because I don't know how to get it to go with out it being an attachment. I told Danny Wayne I was going to send it to the chat line as I'm sure nearly every one remembers all those Christmas Eves. It wasn't just the Baptist church it was the whole town.

This is no "story"! Only those of us who lived at Lueders know how true it is. I remember one year my Uncle Raymond Tonroy was Santa and he had Kaikies on under the Santa suit. I asked him "if he was Santa why did he have Kaikies on. He said because it gets cold at the North Pole. I didn't find out until years later that it was Uncle Raymond.

AND, here's the story Dan attached as a Word Document to Sharon's message which she forwarded to me..............

  Daniel Wayne
November 24, 2006
Creative Nonfiction
About 678 Words
Christmas Past
Lying In The Middle Of The First Baptist Church Of Lueders Texas

When I was a child, I lived in the small West Texas town of Lueders where it was the Christmas tradition to have Santa visit all the children at the church on Christmas Eve.

Virtually no one had a chimney for Santa to come down, and neither did the church, but some how that didn't seem to matter.

The program was always the same. About dark-thirty everyone arrived at the church.

The preacher would say a prayer, then we would all sing a couple of Christmas songs, and then one of the Sunday School Classes would act out their version of the Nativity with a couple of bails of hay, a camel that had been cut out from a cigarette advertisement, and some wooden sheep for props.

This was a very problematic portion of the program for me. I was always a secret admirer of Old King Herod.

Even as a child I understood "political correctness" (although I had never heard the term) enough to know not to tell anyone in The First Baptist Church Of Lueders Texas that I admired Old King Herod.

So, what did I find likable about the villain of the Christmas Story?

About ten seconds after Herod sent the solders to look for Baby Jesus, Mary and Josef ran for Egypt, and as soon as they got off the stage the lights came up and Santa came bouncing in.

Santa would sashay all around the church with a Ho-Ho-Ho, ringing his jingle bell, and asking each child, "Have you been good this year?"

As Santa made his way toward me each year all the scolding and punishments I had received all year flashed before my eyes, and each year I was even more certain than the year before that lying to Santa in the middle of The First Baptist Church Of Lueders Texas was a, for certain, go to hell sin.

Anxiety would build until Santa was standing in front of me asking," Have you been a good boy this year?"

Did anyone think I was going to say," Hell no, I've been a rotten little fart?"

Political correctness always worn-out. I focused on the bag of toys and lied in the middle of The First Baptist Church Of Lueders Texas, "Oh yes Santa, I've been very good." Santa was as good a lier as I was. He pretended to believe me.

The next step in the process was for Santa to pass out a Christmas Stocking to each child.Santa would call each child's name and we would go down to the tree to get our stocking.

It was one of those loosely woven net stockings that contained an apple, an orange, some candy and nuts, and if you were a lucky boy the little toy inside it was a whistle.

When we got back to our seat we, the boys, would immediately have a whistle blowing contest to see who's whistle could make the shrillest most obnoxious noise.

It wasn't hard for our parents to put a stop to the whistle blowing contest because we couldn't hear our name called for our "real" present. The one we had been waiting for since last Christmas.

On Christmas Eve 1949, when I was ten, I had suffered through the entire program up to the second name call.

It seemed Santa had called everyone's name except mine. Maybe he didn't believe me after all. When Santa finally called my name I scurried down to the tree where Santa was searching franticly behind the tree. It seemed he searched forever.

He finally brought out a long, relative thin, box all wrapped in Christmas paper and ribbons. It seemed much heavier than I expected as I carried it back to my seat to unwrap it.

When the paper and ribbons were off, there it was. The thing I had coveted most. A brand new in the box Daisy Red Rider B-B gun.

Written By Dan Weeks, Class of 57
Sent to you courtesy of Sharon "Hines" Hudson, Class of 57 - Wichita Falls High
AND, E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

December 13, 2006
Now that brought back memories. One year we just knew Santa had on Cheryl McCown’s daddy’s black boots. I still don’t know if we could be absolutely positive about that fact.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Carolyn Mullins Pearson, Class of 1965

December 20, 2006

From Our Family To Yours

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas
and a happy prosperous New Year!

Carlene Burkman Black, Class of '72

December 22, 2006

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