Memories of Lueders, Texas
Pirate Chat Line Chatter for 3rd Quarter of 2006

July 2, 2006
Dorman and Alumni:

I've never seen it or ever heard of "The Pirate Loot". I'm looking forward to seeing images of parts of "The Pirate Loot" on the's Alumni website, if you can scan it. I'm also, looking forward to the TRIVIA answer on July 4th!

I haven't seen very many guesses. Even though I graduated in 1972, I'm going to give a very wild year guess.

Year Guess: 1925

Hey Pirates! What are your guesses?

Cheers, Carlene "Burkman" Black, Class of 72

July 2, 2006
Hey..... anyone out there that went to Lueders High School in the late 50's? Let me hear from you. I would like to know .....How are doing? Where do you live? What Class? Do I know you are how do you know me? Just anything. I live in Fort Worth.

Frank Burkman, Class of 59

July 2, 2006
So far, we've had the following guesses.

Before 1938

I've given you 2-3 hints. One of the hints is the answer - if you will just think about it.

Another hint I can give you - is that one of the top three years - is the correct answer.

I should also say as well - Don Latimer did email me and he gave me the correct year of the naming of the Lueders Mascot "The Pirate". But, you'll have to ask him how he came up with the exact year.

The man who gave the Lueders athletic team - was the Lueders coach at the time.

Remember - July 4th - I will make everything known.

Good Luck.

Dorman Holub, Class of 71 - Graham, Texas

July 2, 2006
Hello Pirates,

You may recall a couple years ago when we started a section on the Lueders Avoca Web Site called "The Dunce's Corner" -- This was started after my visit to the 2003 homecoming where I was asked by a few of my classmates how to attach and send pictures with e-mail.

After returning home and sending my classmates screen prints with instructions how to attach images to email, Carlene and I discussed doing something to help all Pirates with computer questions and so with tongue in cheek we came up with "The Dunce's Corner".

Shortly afterwards, Carlene had to move the L-A web site to a different hosting service and in the process we lost the capability for me to update the files and add new topics due to restriction on the number of secondary accounts.

At the time we even discussed eliminating the Dunce Corner but, decided it was there and to just leave it although it would not be updated.

Because of this, not much has been said or done with the Dunce's Corner.

If you've overlooked it, the Dunce's Corner link is located on the Main Menu of the Private Section or what is the first screen after signing in to the web site and I am happy to now tell you that Carlene figured out a way for me to now update the files.

AND, I am pleased to tell you that just today I updated the "The Dunce's Corner" and added two new topics, one of which is titled "Setting Up E-Mail Accounts in Outlook Express using Windows XP" and the other is titled "Screen Resolutions, Pixels, DPI, Spaces and More"

I did not pick these topics out - I did them after being asked by others for help with the subject topic

Let's Face It, Computers came along way late in most Pirates life time and they are not the easiest thing to get a handle on or grasp exactly what it going on and then many of us are too shy to ask HOW or WHY.

With that in mind the Dunce's Corner was born and you are invited to e-mail questions to the "" which will be answered on the Pirate Chat Line. We will copy the question into the message and then answer it and also post it as a Topic in the Dunce's Corner.

Names of the people who ask the question will not be revealed. But, by putting the questions and answers on the chat line we will be helping all us Old Pirates to learn more about the computer and you may be surprised how much more you will come to enjoy your computer.

Frankly speaking, I won't know all the answers but, I do know where to go get the answers.

Many of us don't know what resolutions is or how to change it and frankly I for one still get confused by it all. However, what I have learned might help some of you to better understand it and find you might even want to change your setting.

Resolution has to do with the size of things on the computer screen and if some of you don't exactly see as good as in your younger days, a lower resolution setting will make text and other things bigger on the screen.

If your not familiar with resolution or how to change it, you can now go to the "Screen Resolutions, Pixels, DPI, Spaces and More" link on the Dunce's Corner and it has images and instructions which will explain how to check and change your settings.

I have attached some images I created which will easily tell you what settings you currently have and they are shown below this message:

I hold the opinion that today most computers Users operate at a setting of 800 X 600 and most of us, who create web sites, program to those settings. However, I find some folks do operate at a higher setting and I am curious what the average settings are out in Pirate Land.

I therefore ask that all Pirates look at the bars below and reply back to this message and simple tell us which bar exactly fits the width of your screen.

This will allow Carlene and I to better program the web site for the average User.

Now listen up Pirates, there are about 95 of you who will receive this message and I will expect 90 of you to reply back. We know and understand there are many of you who choose not to write in the Pirate. But, we know you enjoy reading what others write and we understand that and it makes us happy to knowing you appreciate having the Pirate Chat line and the enjoyment of reading it. We know this because a lot of you have told us so in private messages.

But, this time how about responding and let us know if we are correct in our assumption that most of you use the 800 X 600 setting. I'll even forgive you for not using the official signing procedure with your reply if you will just tell us color of bar or the width of the bar that exactly fits your screen.

Happy Pirating to you all ------- E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53 and the Pirate Web Master

July 2, 2006
Mr. E.R Smyth you must be using an extra wide screen because my screen will only display half of your lines. I am not to smart with computers so maybe I can adjust. My Son works for IBM in Austin, so I will ask him.

Frank Burkman, Class of 59

July 2, 2006
Thanks, now I can read. I sent it on to my son, he does this for IBM plus their ART.

Frank Burkman, Class of 59

July 2, 2006
Hi E. Ray,

I personally use 1024 but I only do so because I want to see my total screen without scrolling. I sometimes have to squint to be able to see.

Thanks for all the two of you do to bring us all back together. This morning as I sat in front of my computer I received a letter from the pirate chat with Frank Burkman there asking that old friends and classmates respond. I think of Frank and those of his class (59) and mine (60) our ball team members and reminisce of the memories spurred with just one name.

Frank reminded me of Gary, Carol, Wayne, Janice, Arla and the rest of the class of 59. It made me think of the little red scooter Winston would ride to school. When I looked back to the 59 year book I saw there the podges of each class and combining parts of individual photos from each class. There was one which had my mouth neck and shoulders under Don Smyths noise eyes and hair, My hair and eyes on Sam's mouth, neck and shoulders, Winston's eyes, ears, hair on Donnie's mouth, neck and shoulders. Many others are there among the pages of the 59 yearbook. As I looked and reminisced on the hair, eyes and smiles portrayed in each and I realized how much of who I am came from who they were. As I look at the world today and what is going on I think back to how God favored us.

When I look back and compare those days to today I see something we had that the rest of the world seemed to miss out on.

Some how it seems we had an innocence's and an insight there that remained with us through the years some even today continue to give back to the world around them the values, wonders and blessings God spread among those who passed that way.

Through out the Bible there are stories of how God chose times, places and individuals to mold and shape the world around them then, now and for many generation to come. Many will never know the impact their lives have had and will have on those who have come in contact with them through the years. Somewhere back there, there is someone stepping in the prints in the sand that was left there as we passed that way and it just might be that there are those walking in their prints as well.

The Psalmist wrote, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD;" stating how God will favor that nation. I believe God makes that promise to the city, school, class and individual who will seek to have that continual ongoing relationship with him. I believe that just as those pages in the 59 year book were fashioned together for the pleasure of those who see them for years to come that God uses people to fashion individual lives into what he knows the world will need in the next year, or generation. So thanks for using the talents you have to bring so many beautiful memories to us all.

Chuck (Doug) Thomas, Class of 60

July 2, 2006
E Ray, I personally use 800x600 so I can see to read, of which neither one of the resolutions you printed out work. But, if I put it on the 1264x768 they all work just fine. This is the resolution my husband uses, so we're always switching out. Thank you and Carlene so very much for making the chat line easier for everyone to enjoy.

Terry Johnson Blackburn, Class of 66 - Abilene High School

July 3, 2006
I am going to say 1926 --- December 17th if you want an exact date.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

July 3, 2006

You noticed - the second time around.

Dorman Holub, Class of 71 - Graham, Texas

July 3, 2006
NAW!! -- Dorman I cheated - Don Latimer sent me a Cc: of the private message he sent you but, then it was interesting that Don caught something nobody else did including me.

Just thought I would have some fun!

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

July 3, 2006
I should have known.

I'm still waiting for you or Don to tell me the name of the coach who is responsible for the giving the Pirates that name.

As to why the Pirates - here's what the newspaper says:

"A pirate means a persons who takes what the others have, by robbery on the high waves or in harbors. He is a person of cruelty who takes the advantage of others and claim them for his own. We do not mean to act in this manner to other teams but we expect to take the basketball from our opponents and collect as many goals as possible."

Seniors that year were:
Otto Lambert
F.B. Tonroy
Francis Lieb
Charles Oldham
Olin Cowan
Janie Webb
Viola Aiken

Anyone want to guess the name of the following:

Feed Store
Barber shop
Service Station

Dorman Holub, Class of 71 - Graham, Texas

July 3, 2006
Frank, It sounds like you have been using a real high resolution which made everything real small on the screen and now by reducing the resolution setting you can now read it better.

If that is the case then I am tickled pink and it makes my time all worth while doing such things knowing you can now enjoy your computer a lot more. Frankly, computers aren't all that complicated if folks will take the time to learn a few basic things.

If we can stir some interest in the Dunce Corner perhaps others will jump in and offer things they have learned. Shortly after I purchased my first computer in April 1987, I joined a local computer club with over 600 dues paying members and at each months meeting there would be on average 200 members in attendance. At the meetings there was a question and answer session that lasted nearly 2 hours each month with most all the members asking questions and a whole bunch doing the answering.

Bouncing questions and answers back and forth among all the members taught me a lot and if we can get that sort of thing going with the chat line you will be amazed what you will pick up on and then you can start running your computer instead of it running you.

I want to know more about your situation and determine at what resolution you had been running previously. If I sound over zealous about resolutions settings it is because I just went round and round trying to build a web site for an artist friend of my wife's who doesn't know computers and she kept telling me the images were too small then after 3 days of trying to determine what her problems was I discovered she was operating the computer with a 1280 X 768 resolutions setting which made everything extremely small on the screen. And bless her heart she didn't have a clue that it could be changed.

Let me say this about the computer screen and resolution settings. It is often times hard to switch after getting use to using something in a certain configurations. When I replaced my computer 3 years ago my son suggested I go from a 17 inch monitor to a 19 inch which I did and then when I got the 19 inch home I hated it and let my son know in no uncertain terms he had talked me into something I didn't like and he said "Dad, shut up and use it 3 days and then tell me you don't like it." 3 days later I told him Thanks.

My point it this, Try the different settings and use what you think you will like for a day or two to get use to it. I frankly don't know how anyone uses anything much above 800 X 600 because I have tried the different settings and I simple can't read the text above 1024 X 768 setting and even at 1024 it is difficult for me to read.

Carlene can tell you I used the 640 X 480 settings for a long long time and she told me things were moving into the 800 X 600 pixel range and for several months kept telling me I was out of date and should go to the 800 X 600 setting and I can't remember but, I think it was only after getting the 19 inch that I did change to the 800 X 600 setting. I was use to the great big old Icons and text and didn't want to change. But, I changed and got use to it and now I think it is the setting to use.

So, Frank I would like to know more about what setting you had been running and which one you settled on using.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

July 3, 2006


July 3, 2006
Hey, Wasn't the answer to the Pirate Loot date in the subject field of the email? I saw that at first and then later couldn't remember where I saw it. Just thought I would ask.

Dorman, The above is what one of our shy Pirates sent me in a private message. I know her well but, took her name off. I guess Don is not the only wise guy. - See I told you'll we had shy Pirates

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

July 3, 2006
Speaking of Lueders history:

here are some links you might care to see:

Herrick's Dry Goods Lueders, TX

Lueders Limestone

Lueders Oil Refinery

Dorman Holub, Class of 71 - Graham, Texas

July 4, 2006
Hey Pirates,

Don Latimer, Class of 56 just had audacity to ask me if I had received the updated history he e-mailed me a full month ago. Even found a picture of the Glenn Odell Grocery store he sent me on the same day. i.e. June 7th

Don shouldn't be too concerned because I also discovered some pictures of the Lueders Train Depot which I had asked Lee Bledsoe, Class of 54 to make for us last July, 2005.

I didn't realize my C.R.S. disease had gotten that bad and so, I spent my 4th of July updating the Lueders History section.

You will have to read Don's "A Little History of Lueders, Texas" in order to find the links to review the Odell and Depot Pictures because I choose to locate the links immediately following the paragraphs were Don tells about the two subjects.

I provided "Return Links" for an easy return straight back to where you were reading in the history story.

There are 8 photographs of the Depot which is now located at 101 Fulwiler Road in Abilene which is about a block or so north of business I-20 west.

I believe the Glenn Odell picture to be made sometime in 1947 because I blew up the image to read a car license plate that is in the picture. Except for the shadow were the cars are located it is an very sharp and excellent black and white photo.

To review Don's History of Lueders you go the Lueders Avoca web site at:..... and after signing in you click on the Pirate Logo and then at the Lueders School Main Menu just below the picture of the school house on the left side, you click on "Lueders History".

At the next screen which is the Lueders History Menu there is a link on the very top of the link menu which says "A Little History of Lueders, Texas" and you click on that.

Enjoy and a pleasant Forth of July to you all.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

July 5, 2006
Lost track of time today.

Pirates Names Given Lueders Athletes NAME TO BE ESTABLISHED FOR FUTURE TEAMS

At last the Athletic teams of the Lueders High School have been given a permanent name. Many years in the past the students have felt need of a name for their athletic teams to offer a bit of publicity.

Some of the teams have had a name but they have never been given a permanent one. The athletic teams of the future, in Lueders High School shall be called the "Pirates".

Mr. Campbell, the Principal of the Lueders High School and coach of the boys' basketball team suggested the naming of the athletic teams. It was brought before the students several days later to decide.

The person who selected the name of the mascot of Lueders was the student body of Lueders that school year, 1926-1927.

Dorman Holub, Class of 71 - Graham, Texas

July 30, 2006
Odean Jamar, 96, passed away Weds. July 26, 2006. Funeral to be held at 2:00 pm on Sunday July 30, 2006, at Kinney-Underwood Funeral Chapel, with burial to follow in Bethel Funston Cemetery. There was a visitation at Kinney-Underwood Funeral Home in Stamford Saturday, July 29th, from 6-7 pm.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Richard Jamar; and her daughter, Mary Fern Jamar.

Odean Jamar is the mother of several Lueders Alumni graduates, Wayne Jamar, Atha Jamar Eller and Richard Jamar.

Carlene, L-A '72 Admin.

August 4, 2006
Ok, all you Pirates are being much too quite.

Other then Carlene's recent post, We last had a posting on July 5 and that was now a month ago so I reckon it is time we try to crank things up for a period.

I will give you a couple of memories I consider kind of cute and which I laugh about considering how things change.

In 1938 when I was all of 4 years old we were living on the J. P. Vickers Oil Lease which was in the Post Oak Community 3 miles east of Lueders.

That year, my Dad purchased a new 1938 Buick of which he was quite proud and I think it cost all of about $750.00. At the time, it was a mighty fine car and had a radio and heater but, the new thing on the car which my Dad showed everybody and what every body talked about and wanted to see was the turn signals.

I don't think there was even any signals on the front of the car but, right in the middle of the rear trunk lid it had a Buick emblem and on each side of this emblem it said "Buick Eight" which was wrote on red lens of the turn signals.

When the left signal was turned on the word "Buick" flashed and when the right signal was turned on the word "Eight" flashed.

When people looked over my Dads new car it was my job to turn on the key and then turn on each signal so the people could stand behind the car and see how this new invention worked.

Incidentally, the switch for the turn signals was sort of a small lever and was mounted on the gear shift lever which by now had been moved from the floor board to the steering column. Right beside the small switch lever was a little green light to tell you when the signals were turned on.

Another memory was our getting an air conditioner for the house, The first few years we lived on the oil lease the lights in the house were operated by gas which was piped into the house directly off the oil wells. The half inch pipe hung down out of the ceiling and had a gas mantle with a globe over it much like a Colemen Camping Lantern has. We had to turn on a petcock type valve and light the lantern with a match when it got dark. This was high class living because I remember Sue and Clyde Mims who lived across the road from us had coal oil lanterns for light.

After a few years my Dad had a chance to purchase a second hand generator except here again we had different words for things and back then a generator was called a "Light Plant".

My dad installed the Light Plant in the Bath House outside and ran a couple of wires into the house and through the attic and each of the 4 rooms had a light socket which was taped to the gas pipe sticking out of the ceiling.

When it started getting dark, you had to go out and crank up the light plant.after filling up the gas tank which held about 2 gallons of gasoline. Then along around 9:30 to 10:00 PM you had to make the decision of going to bed or going out and shutting down the Light Plant and filling it up with gasoline again because it was going to be running out of gas. I remember those occasion of sometimes going to bed and sometime going out and re-servicing the Light Plant because it was usually a topic of discussion about which to do, go to bed or fill up the Light Plant.

If we filled up the tank, I had a major roll to play because I had to go along and hold the flash light for my Dad and one of the first things you did was shine the light all around the bath house inside and out to make sure there was no rattle snakes around. Of course Dad did that part of the shining and checking.

Another quirk of the Light Plant was that it would only power 2 light bulbs at a time and if you wanted to turn on more then two rooms in the house you had to shut off the light bulb in one of the other 2 two rooms and on those occasions when you forgot, it would kill the light plant unless you were real quick to catch your error.

Later on my father obtained a larger Light Plant which would power all the house with room to spare and would run lots longer on a tank of gas.

Be it the larger light plant or other reasons my father purchased one of the new fangled inventions called an air conditioners or evaporator cooler for the house.

This contraption consisted of a fan mounted in a housing made in the shape of a half a circle. The front side of the half was solid and had about an 18 inch hole where the fan was and the backside of this half circle housing was made with pads which were kept soaked with water coming from a garden hose left to trickle water onto the pads. The water coming out a hole in the bottom of the A/C housing allowed another garden hose to be connected so the water could then be put into a flower bed.

I recall neighbors from all around the Post Oak area coming by the house and seeing this new contraption in operation and how it worked by keeping the pads soaked with water.

A circulation pump and float valve to eliminate the waste of water was available at the time of purchase but, it cost extra so my Dad declined the extra cost but, after a couple of months he decided it would be worth while so, a pump and float valve were installed and once again all the neighbors came by to see how this part of the new invention worked.

This same air conditioner was installed in a front living room window after we moved to the house in Lueders and I have a couple of pictures showing the backside of the A/C. I don't recall seeing any other window cooler shaped exactly the way this one was with it's boat type fan blades.

All others I'm aware of had a square shaped housing with a squirrel cage type fan. Of course, I left Texas in 1962 and it has now been 44 years since I have had much to do with evaporative coolers because we can't use them in Florida due to the humidity.

We used the old A/C for several years there at the house in Lueders and if finally rusted out and daddy replaced it with a new squirrel cage type unit.

Life goes on and not much stays the same but, this is a couple of my childhood memories.

Such things in life are some times amusing. I was telling my daughter who turned 50 yesterday I was in the process of writing this tid bit on car signals and she said Daddy, the other day at a red light I was signaling to a friend of one of the kids to roll down the window and this young girl did not understand the cranking motion I was giving her because apparently all she has ever known was electric windows in a car and didn't know about cranking a window up or down.

Just as amusing to me was the fact my father who was born in 1900 told me the first car he ever saw coming down the road scared him so bad he ran and climbed a tree to get away from it. He said, he first got scared because he could hear it coming and didn't know what it was.

Amazing the changes made just the last 100 years and I wonder how it will all be in the next 100 years.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

August 7, 2006
This will be our first year to participate in Box Tops for Education. We will earn cash that can be used for school materials. Purchases may be books, math and science materials, playground equipment (like balls and jump ropes), globes, etc. We need the Box Tops for Education official coupon clipped from participating products. They are on products like cereals, yogurt, Hamburger Helper, Old El Paso, snacks, Ziploc, and many others. There will be a box set up on our campus to collect the coupons. If you would like to mail the box tops, please mail to L-A ISD, 334 McHarg, Lueders, TX 79533

Sandra Reves

August 7, 2006
If you would like to know what products/brands have the box tops for education to clip, you can web to:

Or here is a link to the PDF file to view all the brands:

I'm clipping, how about you?

Happy Clipping, Carlene Black, L-A '72

September 4, 2006
Lueders-Avoca Launches Box Tops Fundraiser
Our Elementary/Junior High campus has recently launched our 2006-2007 Box Tops for Education fundraising campaign. This year the school has set a goal of earning $500 through the Box Tops program.

Box Tops for Education, a school fundraising program sponsored by General Mills, is now in its tenth big year. Box Tops has helped America’s schools raise over $175 million to buy the things they need such as library books, school supplies and playground equipment. The Box Tops for Education program offers school supporters three easy ways to earn cash for schools through everyday activities like buying groceries, shopping online and making purchases with a credit card. Schools can earn a total of up to $60,000 each year.

If you’d like to help the students reach their goal, there are several easy ways to get involved. Collect Box Tops from hundreds of familiar, participating products and send them to Lueders-Avoca Elementary/Junior High, "Attention Claudia Lovett - Box Tops Coordinator" at 334 S. McHarg, Lueders, TX 79533.

You can also sign up on the Box Tops website at:... . Designate Lueders-Avoca Elementary Jr High School as the school you wish to support.

At the Box Tops website, you’ll learn more about all of the easy ways you can choose to make a difference -- all at no additional cost to you.

Thank you for your help.

The Lueders-Avoca students and faculty appreciate your support.

September 10, 2006
Ok all you couch potato Pirates, I been having some fun and I want you to get off the couch and go take a look see..

If your not aware Don Latimer, Class of 56 has quite a music collection and a few months back he provided me with some old songs he thought I might like to hear again.

Of course all of you remember Slim Willet and KRBC. Slim even appeared on the Lueders Stage one time right there in the gym when it still had a stage.

Among the songs Don gave me was some of Slim's and here lately I been playing all the old songs on my computer while I did other important things like playing games.

I've really been enjoying all the old songs from my younger days and had not heard in a long long time.

I was sitting here the other night thinking my Pirate Classmates sure are missing out and would probably like to listen to what I was listening too and then I got to wondering if I could make them play on the normal school web site pages without using the slide show I have previously used.

Well after some effort and time, I am happy to tell you that I got 12 songs playing on the school web site and I rigged them up kind of cute..

I should tell you that one of the songs was only recorded in 1992 and it kind of out of place but, I think you will find as I did that it sure do fit Lueders, Texas and every time I listen to it, it makes me both sad and happy. Sad as Lueders is today but, happy for the memories it brings back. The song is first on the list and is called "Our Town"

I used 3 of Slim's songs and the others hold no special spot with me nor are they my list of 12 top favorites. They are just 12 songs that were handy and of our times. I did put in one of Glenn Millers just to avoid all hillbilly and satisfy the ball room dancers.

There is two other songs which makes for a total of 14 but, those two are a special presentation from the Class of 60 and I shall let you see for yourself what that is all about.

To listen to the tunes go to and sign in. After signing in click on the Pirate Logo. At the main menu of the Pirate section, click on Lueders History. On the Lueders History Menu, click on "Music of Our Youth" which is located on the second line and right side of the link menu.

In case your using Firefox, Netscape or another browser besides Internet Explorer you need to know that the songs will currently only play when using Internet Explorer.

I am working to fix the pages too work with all browsers and I'm about half way to accomplishing that. but, for now we are using an embedded coding which also means the songs will require some time to download. So, if you still have a dial up service it may take a few minutes.

Using a DSL or other high speed service it takes just over 1 minute to load one song but, once loaded to your computer there will be no delay the next time you play the song.

Have fun and enjoy the songs.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 12, 2006
E. Ray and Don, thanks for the old songs on the web site.

By the time we got a TV (in 55 I think) Slim had his own TV show on channel 9. Everyone claimed they didn't watch his show, but I did. I didn't give a whit about Slim, I was in love with his girl singer, "Little De-Don."

D. W. Weeks, Class of 57

September 13, 2006
All right, how many of your Pirates were at the Nugent school upstairs to hear Slim Willet play and sing in person. I was young, but I remember. My class is turning 60 this year. Here comes December soon!

Carolyn Mullins Pearson, Class of 65

September 14, 2006
It sure brings up old memories. Several of the members of the class of 56 went over to the Nugent School to listen to Slim and his group.

I recall that a lot of the guys were hollering for "Little Deedon" (not sure of the spelling) and then the girls started hollering for Dean Beard. Dean would go on to almost make it big in Rock and Roll.

When I joined the Navy in the fall of 56 along with Durwood Taylor, Harry Prince and Aaron Petty, there were 17 of us from the Abilene area. One of the 17 was a young 17 year old named Renny J.(Shug) Shugart who was from Merkel which was also where "Little Deedon" was from. Shug was in the same class at Merkel as "Little Deedon" so naturally we asked if he knew her. Shug's opinion was that she was extremely stuck up and unfriendly. I don't know what became of her but Dean Beard (from Coleman) died when he was 59.

Anyway, the old Nugent auditorium was really rocking with Slim Willet and his performers.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

September 14, 2006



September 14, 2006
I believe "Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes" was his hit song. At least that’s the only one I can remember.

I was in High School in Anson working at a grocery store when I first heard Slim. He was singing in Truby on a more or less regular basis. Our butcher had something to do with the program and a friend and I decided we would attend and sing "Your Cheating Heart". This would have been in about 1955 or 1956. We chickened out!!!

Over the years I have asked a number of people if they ever heard of Slim or his song and not one remembered him.

E. Ray you sure come up with some interesting topics to get things started.

John T. Murray, ANSON HS 1957

September 14, 2006
E Ray:

I remember Slim, and like you remember his songs. "Don't' Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes" made famous by Perry Como which was his best known song, but the one I remember was one he sang at the Pecan Festival in De Leon during his glory days named "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It. Won't Hold No Beer". Slim sang that right slap in the middle of a series of Gospel Quartets there that day. The crowd was respectful but stunned at his audacity.

The second most vivid memory was of him trying to sing that at the assembly at Abilene High. He was drunk and forgot the words to his own song and had to sit down. Apparently he got some of the holes plugged in his bucket.

Here is some additional information on Slim:

Slim Willet is best remembered as the writer of "Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes." The song was a #1 hit not only for Willet and his partner Skeets McDonald in 1952, but It gave Ray Price, Red Foley and Perry Como hits on both the country and pop charts.

Born Winston Lee Moore on Dec. 1, 1919 near Dublin, TX, Willet received a BA degree in journalism in 1949 from the Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene.

Following a short stint in the aircraft industry, Willet began broadcasting on Abilene country station KRBC. He remained a popular DJ at the station until 1956. He used his popularity from the radio show to form his first band, the Hired Hands. In 1950 Willet released his first single "Tool Pusher From Snyder." Willet and the Hired Hands made regular appearances on The Big D Jamboree up until 1954 on WFAA in Dallas, as well as becoming as the Louisiana Hayride for four years beginning in 1951.

In the early 50's, Willet released a few hit singles on the 4 Star label including "Red Rose," "No Love Song To You," and his biggest record "Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes." By 1954, Willet set up his own label, Winston, releasing sporatic singles over a ten year period culminating with "You're the Only Woman," his final release in 1966.

Slim was working fulltime at KCAD in Abilene, where he was part owner, until his death in 1966 from a heart attack. In 1994 Slim Willet was named to the Country Music DJ Hall of Fame. ~ Al Campbell

For lots of additional info on him and his songs google "Slin Willet"

Jim Fitzgerald, Lueders 1st thru 5th grade, graduated 1954, Abilene High Eagles

September 14, 2006

I hadn't heard that story about Slim but I don't doubt it. It was reported that he had a few drinking buddies.

"My Bucket's Got a Hole In It" was written by Clarence Williams and was a # 2 country hit for Hank Williams in 1949. Then in 1958, it reached # 12 on the pop charts for Ricky Nelson.

Slim had written an earlier hit, before "Tool Pusher From Snyder", called "Pinball Millionaire", but signed over part of the artist's rights to get Hank Locklin to record it. Hank had a hit with it. I recall Slim singing it but don't know that he ever recorded it.

Don Latimer, Class of 56

September 14, 2006
Just a line to say how much I have enjoyed all the music on the Lueders Web Site. I especially enjoyed Slim Willet singing "Tool Pusher From Snyder" mainly because I live in Snyder// But I really enjoyed all the songs.

Rena "McAlister" Potter, Class of 1950

September 14, 2006
Sharon, I'm curious, how do you know Buck White was playing the keyboard.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 15, 2006


September 15, 2006
Folks, I ask Sharon how she knew Buck White was on piano for "Don't Let the Stars get in Your Eyes" because I also knew that and was curious how she knew.

So, let me now tell you a another story which shall become one of my stories for the grandkids.

In 1993 my brother Donnie Smyth, Class of 60 was living in Nashville, Tennessee and had become acquainted with Porter Wagnor and others who worked at the Grand Old Opry. In other words he had some Grand Old Opry Connections.

Also in 1993 my wife's mother was coming to visit us in Florida or so she thought.

The wife's mother who was 80 at the time, was a great country western music fan who never let anything keep her from watching the "Nashville Now" Show every night of the week. Her TV set was seldom tuned to any channel except TNN.

Knowing her to be this great big fan of Nashville Now and the Grand Old Opry, We had months before her arrival, arranged with Donnie to get us tickets and VIP seating to "Nashville Now", "Grand Old Opry" and a filming of "HeeHaw"

So, my mother-in-law flew into Orlando one afternoon and the very next morning, we loaded her and my own mother also 80 at the time and headed for Nashville.

Not often a couple can take their two mothers together on a trip but, we were allowed that privilege and I shall never forget the trip nor the enjoyment of going down the highway with the both of them in the back seat at age 80.

The wife and I laughed at the thought of having a hard shell Baptist and a Church of Christ in the same backseat of a car for 4 days. (2 days up & 2 back)

I ask Donnie not to put us on the front row so we had center seating and 4 rows from the front at the Nashville Now Show and the Grand Old Opry.

The Saturday night Grand Old Opry has two shows of 2 hours each (could have been 1.5 hrs) and our tickets were for the first show.

During the show, they will allow up to 10 or so people back stage to visit with the stars. There is a guard on the door and once the limit is reached no more guest are allowed back stage and there is also a time limit. However, the elite or old time stars can sign you in by name and then you are allowed to remain backstage as a special authorized guest.

During the first show we sit out front but, Donnie went back stage and got Porter Wagon to authorize all 6 of us to be backstage for the second show. So, Donnie and his wife, me and mine, and the 2 80 year old mothers roamed around back stage all during the second show..

Directly behind the stage is a lounging area for the stars and their guest and on each end of the stage towards the back is real wide corridors with Dressing Rooms on each side.

I might should say, this lounge area did not have any beverages, it was just a large area with chairs and couches for people to sit backstage.

Roy Acuff's dressing room was on the left side and closest to the stage. Porter Wagoner had the same dressing room but, in the corridor on the opposite end of the stage.

The other stars did not have specific dressing rooms assigned.

On stage and directly behind the band is two rows of theater style seats which are for special guest.

After visiting Roy Acuff and a few of the other stars, our mothers set on the stage right behind the band for all of the second show.

Me and Donnie stayed backstage and roamed around visiting everybody. Our wives and mainly mine ran around taking picture and getting autographs from every one.

When Porter Wagoner's turn came to do his 30 minute segment he told me and Donnie to come on out to the edge of the stage and stand while he did his segment.

So folks, I can now say I appeared on the Grand Old Opry because although we were at the edge of the stage we were clearly visible to the audience. It was kind of neat getting to do something not every one has an opportunity to do. More special when it was something as a kid you grew up with and spent a many a Saturday night parked out at the cemetery in Stamford, Texas kissing and smooching while listening to the Louisiana Hay Ride, Big State Jamboree, Del Rio Texas, Grand Old Opry and Ernest Tubb's late show.

The White's were on the Opry that night and when they learned backstage we were originally from Abilene they became quite friendly and wanted to talk about Abilene because they also once lived there.

Then after learning we had each lived in Abilene at the same time, Buck and I spent some time talking together comparing landmarks and of course the subject pretty quickly turned to Slim Willet, KRBC, and the Big State Jamboree.

I told Buck he played a mean piano but, if I ever ran into Mickey Gilley I was going to tell him he should record Slim's "Don't Let the Stars get into Your Eyes" because for a long time I had really liked the beat of the piano in Stars.

Buck looked at me and Said "Ray I was the one playing the piano on that recording" I was embarrassed and said "You got to be kidding me" and what else could I say but, "Well then you should record it again."

As most of you know Johnny Russell always told jokes on stage so, I told him of a joke he could use. I claim my biggest thrill while back stage was a hug from Connie Smith. Her song "Once a Day" has always turned me on.

All in all it was somewhat exciting and to be able to have our mothers with us at their age was very special.

Donnie couldn't do anything about the seating at the filming of "HeeHaw" and we had to stand in a block long line for about an hour because Garth Brooks was the special guest on that show and he was an hour late getting there. I don't know why but, I was surprised to see him arrive all alone and driving a pickup truck himself.

On one of the days there, Donnie took us on a tour of Music Row, Old Ryman Auditorium, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and then around to all the homes of the stars.

The house Hank Williams had owned was vacant and we got to get out and look through the windows and all over the place outside. It was nothing fancy but, was large with a huge room on the back for entraining and had about a 4 car garage as I recall.

The two 80 year olds hung in there and never complained but, they also hit the sack as soon as we got back to the motel each night.

After arriving back home, my wife made her mother a picture album with all the pictures of the stars and autographs she had collected and sent it to her Mother who was at the time living in Corpus Christi where her oldest daughter also lived.

So, Sharon I knew Buck was on that recording and now you know why I was curious. Like you, I have always remembered him telling me that.

Let me tell you another story I have always remembered about "Don't Let the Stars get in Your Eyes" -- Some of you may remember J. T. Whitworth who attended Avoca High School and later was a long time police officer in Stamford, Texas.

In 1955 and 56 J. T. and I were roughnecking together on a drilling rig about 18 miles out on the Aspermont highway. One day while eating lunch the crew was talking about Slim Willet and J. T. said something to the effect that what made "Don't Let the Stars get in Your Eyes" such a hit was when Mamie Eisenhower requested it be play at Ike Eisenhower's Inauguration as President. -- Now I have never confirmed what J.T. said to be true or not and wondered if it was then, which artist was doing the singing. Maybe Don Latimer can confirm that for us and find out who's version of the song it was. I will guess Perry Como.

One more and I will quite.

While living in Abilene I had my hair cut at a Barber Shop which had about 6 chairs in it. One day while getting a hair cut they had the radio turned on and Slim Willet was doing his DJ show.

I made the comment to the barber that I liked his choice of radio program. He said, "You like Slim" I said "Sure" He said, "Not everybody does you know" He then told me the story that awhile back he was cutting a guys hair and the subject of Slim's radio show came up and the man in the chair said "That Slim Willet is about the silliest bastard I ever heard on the radio"

What he didn't know was, Slim was sitting in the next chair and apparently this guy had never seen Slim before.

The barber said, Slim never said a word until he got up and then he walked over right in front of this guys chair and looked him straight in the face and ask, "Did you make $75,000.00 dollars last year." The guy stammered a little and said, "Well of course not" and Slim said, "Well I did, I am seventy five thousand dollars SILLY" and walked out.

The barber said the guy in his chair never said another word.

O" how I miss the days of Big State Jamboree, Western Chevrolet, KRBC and Slim's DJ show because I use to listen to Slim every afternoon either coming from or going to a Texas Oil Well Drilling Rig.

AND now Sharon you know my curiosity and YES some things stick in your memory for unknown reasons.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 21, 2006
Howdy Pirates, We hear of people reaching the age of 100 but, I've never personally known anyone until now.

I am happy to advise all of you that Glen Stanford who is the father of Kenneth Stanford, Class of 53 and Joyce Stanford, Class of 56 celebrated his 100th birthday on September 15, 2006.

Glen served for several years on the Lueders School Board and I considered it appropriate for the school web site to pay him homage on such an occasion relative to the milestone he has reached. Fact is, anyone who reaches the age of one century deserves our blessings be they a former board member or not.

With this in mind, I asked Kenneth a few months back to send me pictures of the occasion and I would see what I could do with them on our school web site.

I am happy to tell you that this tribute has now been posted on the school web site and the link to it is on the Main Pirate Menu at the top in RED -- Same location as was F. W. Burkman's tribute - i.e. it replaced Mr. Burkman's tribute but, his is as it has been on the Class of 39 Menu.

Kenneth's wife Carolyn sent me the pictures and Joyce sent me a newspaper write up.

Carolyn's message has a little about Glen's event and I am taking the liberty to post her message here in the Pirate Chat Line.

Her Message was as follows:..................
Hi. Here are pictures of Glenn's 100th birthday. He had a party at the Gables, the retirement center where he lives. Then on Saturday we had another party for him at De Cardova Country Club. I will send some pictures from that party too. We had guest from the Methodist church in Lueders and some former Lueders people. All six grandchildren were there along with many great grandchildren. It was a terrific party. He is still in great health, can hear, has his own teeth, and takes a water pill ever once in awhile along with 1 baby aspirin per day. We think he looks younger than 100 years via the attached pictures. End of Carolyn's message.

If you will review the pictures on the web site which Carolyn sent I think we will all agree that Glen sure ages well.

For you lazy ones I have attached one of the pictures to this message. But, you should go read the article and review all the pictures because it is of a man who lived and raised his kids in Lueders, Texas and who kids graduated from Lueders High half a century ago..

So, let us all pay homage to Glen and if any of you have stories or even anything you want to say to Glen, send them over the chat line and I will post them in the section I built for Glen.

For you senile ones, the school web site is at:..... and after signing in, You click on the Pirate Logo which pulls up the Lueders High School or Pirate Main Menu and the link to Glen's tribute is in Red at the top of the menu.

Enjoy --------- E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

To View Glen's Tribute now, Click:...   HERE

September 21, 2006
For some reason, I must be one of the senile ones! I can't ever sign in.

At Uncle Alfred Arrington’s funeral, I thanked Glen Stanford for being such a great employer to my uncle. Thanks for letting us know Mr. Stanford turned 100 this week. The picture is great! Please pass along belated birthday greetings to him. Thanks, in advance.

God bless you all,

Carolyn Mullins Pearson, Class of 1965

September 23, 2006
How many Pirates remember Radio Station KWFT in Wichita Falls. In the forties and fifties it was a very popular radio station and played good old fashion music.

The Stamps Quartet did 3 programs a day and another popular program was the Ida Red show with her band, The Kentuckians.

My dad was a Shriner and once a year he would attend the Shriners convention in Wichita Falls and occasionally our family went with him and we stayed in the Kemp Hotel in downtown Wichita Falls.

So happened the KWFT Broadcast Studio was in the Kemp Hotel. The studio was just off the hotel lobby and had a large plate glass window where you could watch the programs being broadcast.

We made it a point to watch both the Stamps Quartet and Ida Red programs while staying at the hotel.

Ida Red and the Kentuckians would do one radio program in the morning and one in the afternoon and then hit the road to do shows in the towns close enough to allow them to get back to Wichita Falls for their morning radio program.

Ida Red and the Kentuckians came to Lueders and performed on the school stage in the gymnasium a least once and I want to say twice during my growing up years. This had to be just before I entered high school or maybe shortly afterwards.

I liked Ida Red and her band and listened to them on the radio a lot. They had a fiddle player name Peewee Stewart and their advertisement said, "come see Peewee play the fiddle standing on his head" and near the end of the program he did just that on stage there in Lueders.

I recall Ida Red introducing the band and telling us that she hoped we didn't think she would be running around all over the country with 4 guys unless she was married to one of them and then she introduced Sugar Foot Collins as her husband.

Sugar Foot played guitar and was also the band clown. During the show at Lueders he put black tape over his front teeth which made him look toothless and that was the fist time I ever saw anyone do that, so it was great fun for a kid and something your memory locked up on.

The name Sugar Foot was also locked away because of it's rarity for a man's name.

And Now for the Rest of the Story !!! ............................

Roy Rogers was a boy hood hero of mine and I wore out many a stick horse making like I was Roy Rogers. I don't think that unusual because I know many others did too.

And, I have admired the audacity of Howard Hughes and some of the things he accomplished during his life time. One of which was the Flying Boat Hercules which the press dubbed the Spruce Goose.

In the summer of 1986, as a finality of our last child graduating from college and leaving the nest we decided to take her on a tour of California with visits to Hollywood, Yosemite, Sequoia National Park, and Fisherman's Wharf in San Fransisco.

I told the wife and daughter while in California they would have to bear me the indulgences of touring the Hughes Flying Boat and Roy Rogers Museum in Victorville, Ca

Therefore,, after touring Hollywood and the Flying boat in Long Beach our next stop was Victorville, Ca and the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum..

We arrived in Victorville around 5:30 one afternoon with plans to spend the night and visit the museum the following morning.

As I checked into the Ramada Inn on Route 66 in Victorville, I noticed a marquee at the doorway to the lounge area which said, "Appearing Nightly, Sugar Foot Collins" Now folks, remember this is 35 + years since I have watched the Ida Red band and a guy named Sugar Foot.

After getting checked in, I walked into the lounge area and there was a guy all alone on the stage playing a guitar and I went up to the bar and asked the bartender if this guy Sugar Foot was around and he said that's him on stage. I asked how I could talk to him and the bartender said "Just go up there and holler at him."

Since it was around 5:30 PM not many people were in the lounge so I walked over to the front of the stage and waited until he had finished his current number and he could tell I wanted something so when finished he asked what he could do for me and I just said, "Kemp Hotel - Wichita Falls - Ida Red" and he said "YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

You could tell I was something that had just walked in from another life time and he was excited and anxious to learn the What - When -Where -Why of how I knew him.

I told him I would have to come back because we were just getting checked in and the wife and daughter were still in the car.. He wanted to know which room we were in and said the main band was coming on in a short time and he would come to our room for a visit.

Within about 30 minutes he came over to our room and we visited for about an hour.

I learned he and Ida Red had divorced and she was now dead. He said, after KWFT he spent several years touring and playing in Hank Snow's band. After all the years on the road he was looking to slow down and ended up with the job at the Ramada Inn.

I asked him his age twice during our conversation and he told me 74 the first time and 79 the next time and when I pointed that out to him he answered well it somewhere in between and he wasn't sure just what it was.

Sugar Foot is credited with being on some of Hank Snow and Slim Whitman's recordings.

At the Ramada Inn, his official title was "Greeter" and he was a warm up man for the regular band that played there at the Inn.

He said he hung out some in the Inn's restaurant and mingled and visited with the guest and that was his job as "Greeter"

We learned he was usually there at breakfast and it was agreed we would have breakfast with him the next morning.

The next morning we had breakfast together and he gave us a Cassette Tape he had recorded while on stage there at the Ramada Inn.

After breakfast we took pictures with him in front of the Inn and he showed us how to get over across the street to Roy and Dale's museum.

I have now had the tape he gave us for exactly 20 years + a couple months. It is a 90 minute tape and completely full of running songs he is doing on stage with nothing but, his guitar and some type instrument he was either playing with his foot or could have been electrical. I remember him having another instrument playing but, don't recall how he was doing it.

I took a picture of him on stage but, due to the lounge lighting it didn't turn out too good.

Having recently done the "Music of Our Youth" segment for our school web site. I thought it would be neat to have something from a guy who once performed on the school stage.

So, I picked out 4 songs from the tape and used 4 of the pictures we took of Sugar Foot on the web page of each song.

Then I got to wondering and thinking why not the full complete tape. To reduce file size I broke the tape up into three segments for each side for a total of 6 segments

Needing 6 pictures to go with those pages, I used 6 of the pictures I made at Roy and Dale's museum.

I figure most of you know that the Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum was moved from Victorville, Ca to Bronson, Mo in 2003.

I have now changed out the coding on all the music pages on the web site and instead of being embedded it is now streaming the MP3 music file to your computer. Therefore, there is a minor delay for the music to start but, it no longer has to wait for a complete download to play the music. It should now also play with all browsers.

I will be the first to admit that Sugar Foot's one man band is not the greatest listening pleasure but, that is not the reason it is there. I put it on the web site for the historical purpose of having something from a part of our past and the fact he has stood on the stage at Lueders and entertained us over 50 years ago.

Now how many Pirates remember the Ida Red band and their being on stage in Lueders. - How many remember listening to KWFT and the Stamps Quartet.

AND how often have you run into a person from your childhood not seen for 35 years and 1500 miles away.

So, go check out Sugar Foot and the pictures.

I might add that I started out using his name spelled as "Sugar Foot" because that is how I remembered it. -- Then while doing some Google searches in an attempt to find some pictures of him, I noticed they were spelling it "Sugarfoot" So, I changed it and then low and be hold, I scanned in the tape and noticed he had it spelled "Sugar Foot" So, I have changed it back and now used "Sugar Foot" on the school Web Site. I would think that correct but, the entire google world has it the other way.

If anybody has trouble hearing the music let me know.

AND remember you get there by going to:.... and signing in. After signing in:.. Click on the Pirate Logo and then at the Pirate Main Screen on the left side click on "Lueders History" and on the Lueders History Menu, Click on "Music of Our Youth" and on the Music Menu you will find menu links to the Sugar Foot Collins songs.

Enjoy, E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 23, 2006






September 24, 2006
Regarding my recent posting to the chat line about KWFT - Stamps and Ida Red I received the follow from a classmate of mine and I am taking the Liberty to share her response to me with the realization and belief that she wanted other Pirates to share. But, used my direct address instead of replying to the Chat Line Message

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53 -- AND here is Rayleen's response..............
KWFT,620 on your dial - I listened to that station until it went off the air a few years ago, it was the one station I could rely on in the Seymour area to keep us informed about the weather.

You mentioned the "Stamps Ozark Quartet" = I remember them so well, having been to several of their concerts. They were Pat Garner, Charles Bartlett, Ford Keith, Glen Payne and the great bass singer, Fred Bennett - I am sure you know that his daughter, Carolyn is married to Kenneth Stanford.

Rayleen King Pittcock, Class of 53

September 24, 2006
Hi all Pirates,

Here is another private message which I received from Carolyn Bennett Stanford, who is the wife of my fellow classmate, Kenneth Stanford, Class of 53.

On a personal response to Carolyn let me tell her, I was fully aware that your father was Fred Bennett of the Stamps Quartet because we discussed that fact at our 50th class reunion and homecoming in 2003.

But, I got to be honest and tell you, that never came to my mind at all while doing the web site and writing about KWFT and my running into Sugar Foot in 1986. I reckon my concentration was on Ida Red, her band and not the Stamps Quartet.

Interesting how the brain works sometimes:..........

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53 -- The below is Carolyn's message to me ..................

Hi - We just read your bit on KWFT.

I am not sure you know this, but my dad was the bass singer for the Stamps Quarter. We lived there there from 1947 to 1957. His name was Fred Bennett. Some of the other men who sang for the quartet, were Glen Payne who became very famous with the Cathredreal Quartet, Charles Bartlett whose father wrote Victory In Jesus, and Henry Slaughter who will be inducted into the hall of fame in October.

The radio announcer at KWFT was Bill Mack. He had an all night radio program for years after leaving KWFT. I can't believe you remember all of that stuff.

I thought I sent a message to Jimmy Fitzgerald via the school but it didn't come back to me. Any how just thought I would throw that in since it was my dad you were watching through that glass pane at the Kemp Hotel.

Carolyn Bennett Stanford, wife of Kenneth, Class of 53

September 24, 2006
Hi again Pirates,

You may have noticed in Carolyn Stanford's message to me, she wrote the following line.

"I thought I sent a message to Jimmy Fitzgerald via the school but it didn't come back to me."

This and the fact, I sometimes receive non personal but, private messages in response to messages posted on the Chat Line cause me to think we should explain a little more how the Chat Line works.

Carlene does send out the protocol of using the system but, maybe we can clarify some simple points.

First, there are about 90 exe Pirates total who are registered to receive the Chat Line messages.

The Pirate Chat Line address is:......... The address is simple enough to even remember because the laisd stands for Lueders Avoca Independent School District.

The address is no different or no harder to do then any other e-mail address.

However, any message mailed to that address is copied 90 times and then mailed to each of the 90 Pirates registered to receive the chat line messages. This is all done automatically by the mail system at which Carlene Burkman, Class of 72 operates and manages.

So, to post messages to the Pirate Chat Line simply mail your message to:..

To participate in the chat line discussion and let everybody read your response, please REPLY to the chat line message received.

Just remember that any REPLY you make to a chat line message is also copied 90 times and mailed to all 90 of the registered Pirates.

That is the fun of having the chat line, when a subject comes up such as KWFT - Stamps Quartet or Ida Red just jump in and REPLY to the message and all 90 Pirates will enjoy your memories.

When you want to start a new subject or let all Pirates know something just address your new e-mail to:..

A copy of anything addressed to should come back to you also, providing you are registered to receive the Chat Line messages.

AND Thanks to all of you who do participate. Sharing of memories is always wonderful.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 24, 2006
Just a note to all re Nat Fleming. He is currently in the process of closing out his western wear store and retiring. And, Peewee Stewart played in bands all around Wichita Falls up until he passed on a few years ago.

Cheryl McCown Gilmore 1965

September 25, 2006
Hello Alumni, teachers, friends and family,

I'm so glad so many are signing in to the website and seeing what's new in the protected website areas.

If you are having trouble signing in, here is how to get your password or username automatically sent to your email box.

Registered Alumni HELP: If you are trying to sign-in at the website to view the protected areas WebPages and can't get signed in. Here are the steps to get your username and password auto sent to your e-mail address on file at the alumni site.

Here's how:
The next time you forget your account information, there is a link at the alumni web site to have your information sent to you automatically.

To have your password/username sent to your e-mail address that is on file at the alumni site:

1. Web to Lueders Avoca On-Line;

2. Click on "Password Help" found on the far left menu at

3. Under the Lost Password section, type in your e-Mail address on file at and click on "e-Mail Password to Me". Your information will be automatically emailed to you.

To help insure you receive your account information in your Inbox (so the email is not sent to a bulk or junk folder), please add to your address book or safe sender list.

Remember when you are signing in at the website, your username and password are "CaSe Sensitive". Example, if your username has a capital "R" in it, type it as a Capital "R".

If this doesn't work please do not reply to this message instead, email us at:... We will be glad to help you.


Carlene Black, class of '72 Admin.,
Lueders Avoca On-Line

September 25, 2006
Subject: story teller

E. Ray: Thanks for the telephone numbers. I have to admire and sometimes laugh with your memory of your childhood. I was there and I believe I have heard most of your stories but I have to admit you tell them better and better every year and with a declining audience you will get away with it. I use to listen to the old timers tell their stories along side the old Ice house and watch them whittle away. You would have been a noble peer of that group and well respected I must say. Well told story-telling is a forgotten art form and it is being delivered by a master. Sharpen your knife and whittle away good friend. Stay healthy

Max M. Dillard, Class of 53

September 27, 2006
Hi Pirates,

I just today received 4 historical photographs of downtown Lueders, Texas, probably taken it the very early 1900's.

They were sent to me by snail mail from Don Latimer, Class of 56

A couple months back, Don was talking to Bobby Jack Fleming who's father was J. A. "Smokey" Fleming who owned a couple of gas service stations in the early days of Lueders..

Bobby Jack mentioned to Don that he had several snapshots of Lueders main street and Don ask him to make copies for the web site and send them to him. Don in turn made copies and sent me the ones Bobby Jack sent to him so there would be a minimum degrading of the quality during the recopying process.

There were 4 photographs and 3 of them were of Fleming's original Texaco Service Station that was located on the corner across the street from the bank. This was the building that was later walled in and became the Post Office used in the late forties and mid fifties.

NOTE: The photos include most all of the north side of Lueders Main Street - In the 1st photo, you might like to take note of the dust flying from the car coming from way down the street because the highway was not yet paved.

The 4th photograph was what was called the NEW Mobil Gas Station and Don thinks that station was located on the opposite corner which later became Shirley's cafe.

Seems I can recall, Buddy Felts operating a station there were Shirley's cafe was so perhaps he ran it as a station after the Flemings. (I expect Carol Felts can jump in here and give us some memory joggers.)

I have now posted the photographs in Historical Photo Section of the Lueders Avoca Web Site and you get to them by going to:... and after signing in, click on the Pirate Logo and at the main Pirate Menu, click on "Lueders History" and at the next page, click on the "Historical Photos" and at the next page which is the Thumb Print size photos you click on any of the 4 bottom Thumb Prints to view the larger photo of the photographs which Don sent us.

Now folks, as has been suggested, if you find any untruths or whoopers in this message or what has been posted on the web site about the 4 photos please blame Bobby Jack Fleming because all that I've said and posted came from notes Bobby Jack put on the back of each photo. I did use one thought that Don had. So, the story is not mine but, theirs. Ha!!

For anyone knowing Bobby Jack who now lives in Tulsa and would like to contact him, You can contact Don or I. Don sent me his contact info and evidently Bobby Jack doesn't have e-mail.

Enjoy the photos ---- E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 27, 2006
Yes Buddy did run the old station on the corner across from the Post Office west. I guess he had a precourser of the modern day convenience store as he sold groceries and filling station supplies from the same building. He also lived in the very back of the station, had a tiny kitchen etc. back there. I remember the old pump with the glass bowl on top and the hand pump that filled it. I literally pumped gas for Buddy once in awhile.

Carol Felts, Class of 53

September 28, 2006
Hi Pirates,

Got another story to tell and it goes like this:..............

In 1985, Me, my Pickup and a couple of 6 packs went to Texas for a 4 week nostalgic romp around to all the places I remembered as a kid and in 1985 I drove over most all the dirt roads around Lueders.

Working in the oil field on the rod and tubing machine with my dad required us traveling on practically every single dirt road within a 100 mile radius of Lueders and you can run across some interesting things on the back roads.

I am reminded now of the time it had been raining for several days and Clifford Cowan who was one of the two Lueders rural mail carriers had not been able to deliver the mail due to the muddy roads and he came to my father and ask to borrow our 1947 civilian jeep because nobody had received their mail for 4 or 5 days.

Clifford's route went west out of Lueders and around to the Nugent area and back into the east side of town.

Of course my father lent him the jeep and Clifford suggested I go along. I would have been 14 or 15 at the time.

We did alright and had no problems until we got on the road over east of Nugent which is the road Bobby Culver and the Newsoms lived on and which comes out just east of the Anson bridge.

In that area the gumbo mud piled up under the fenders and on the right rear where the spare tire was mounted the spare tire would not let the mud roll out and we got to dragging the right rear wheel because the other three wheels were pulling but, the differential allowed that one wheel to slide.

We stopped and removed the spare tire and had no more trouble with the tire not turning.

I told this story once to a Florida boy where all we have is wet sand and he didn't believe mud got so bad it filled up the fenders of a car full of mud. I never was able to convince him it was a true story.

Well any way after we got the spare tire problem resolved, Clifford was going along rather slowly but, some how slide into the ditch on the right side and the ditch must have been 2 or 3 feet deep. Of course it sloped off and with the jeep, no problem except the jeep would not climb out of the ditch. We could go backwards and forwards but, we could not get back up on the road.

We ran up and down the ditch for 75 to a hundred feet but, could not get out

I got out and was pushing on the front of the jeep to help it crawl out and it would get up near the top and then slide back down.

Clifford finally got out and looked over the situation and told me to get in and drive and let him try to push it out.

We had no better luck with Clifford pushing then before and then I decided to back down the ditch a ways and I got to going pretty good and went all the way back to where the jeep slide into the ditch and the darn jeep followed those same tracks and popped back out on the road going backwards.

After that, Clifford told me to drive and we finished the mail delivery without further incident. He was kind of worried about having the jeep stuck in the ditch but, shoot I was having fun.

Well folks, I got side tracked from my intended story. I had intended to say:...

Went down on the river and looked over the hideouts me and my buddies had made while growing up. Never did find the location or Stove Oven Wayne Verble and Fredrick Lieb buried near a small log cabin they built on the south bank across and on the other side of the rail road bridge.

I did find the hideout we had dug out and built back up in a gully down by Lieb's Crossing which was located behind the counties implement barn just north of the Baptist Encampment Grounds.

That was a great hideout and we really fixed it up. We had found a large piece of sheet metal out of a tank top and covered over the rear end of the gully which provide us a roof in the area where we had built us a rock cooking place with a rock chimney 3 or 4 feet high.

At this hideout, we even had a cable stretched across the river with a section of pipe on it and we could ride across the river by hanging on to the pipe.

Problem was the cable only sloped downward one directions and it was hell to get the pipe back to the other side so we could ride across again.

In that area, which was why it was called Lieb's crossing, there was a gravel sand bar and the river was only about 6 inches deep. One week end me and Fredrick spent all day piling up rocks to build a dam across the river and we did succeed in a dam about a foot high. Of course it kept washing out but, looking back I laugh thinking how hard we worked most of the day and why we did it, only little boys know. I expect our daddy's would have liked to see us work that hard doing something productive.

I went out to the oil lease where we lived in the Post Oak Community and the school grounds where I attend the first and second grade. I got out of the pickup and me and one of the six packs walked all over where I had romped as a kid.

The oil lease equipment, house, and all the amenities had long since disappeared but, you could find scattered remnants here and there lying on the ground. I found a wooden rod line holder which I probably had oiled when I was but a kid and that little piece of history now sits in our family museum.

One time, while I was in high school, I was over at Lee Bledsoe's house on a weekend and Skinny Bledsoe found out I had never been up in an airplane before and when he did he said "You done too old to never been riding in an airplane so lets fix that."

Skinny had a small 2 place airplane which he kept hangared up at the Stamford Airport but, he had to have the hourly inspections done over at the Abilene airport and his plane was due an inspection. So he decided I was not going to get any older before my first airplane ride and he told his wife Louise to get the car because she was to pick us up at the Abilene airport. So we drove up to Stamford and Skinny and I took the plane over to Abilene while Louise, Lee and Don Bledsoe drove on over in the car to pick us up. That was my very first airplane ride.

I've always had trouble remembering just what I saw on that flight from the air and had always wanted to see my child hood home and growing up area from the air.

So on my nostalgic trip of 1985, I went to Stamford and rented an airplane to take me riding and we flew around for 2 hours just seeing what dear old Lueders and the surrounding area looked like from the air.

We flew over to Fort Phantom lake and then followed the Clear Fork of the Brazos half way to Albany so I could see all those places where as young boys, we lived and played on the river and where I and lots other Boy Scouts use to camp out and hold Jamborees at the Swenson Jog.

I took along a 35mm camera and had the film developed into slides. Sadly, I was using a telephoto lens that wasn't focusing very good and many of the picture ended up too blurred to see.

I've known I had those slides and been intending for some time to post them on the School Web Site but, never gotten around to it.

And, for sometime, I've had free access to a slide scanner down at the local computer store where I purchase all my computer stuff.

Last week when Don told me the pictures were in the mail which we posted yesterday, I decided it was time.

So, if you Pirates want to see parts of Lueders from the air you will now find 20 aerial photos of Lueders in the history section where all the other historical photographs are posted.

Several pictures are of my child hood home and I won't apologize for that because, after all that's why I was up there.

I will apologize for not having all Lueders homes in the photos but, like I said I lost many of the pictures I took due to a faulty telephoto lens not always focusing.

The 20th photo I posted is not identified because I simple never could get oriented to what it was. Perhaps one of you can tell me what it is.

I also have other photographs that are not posted which are of the Lieb farm and Cap and Myrtle Terry's farm and the Post Oak Community but, they are not posted simple because after 21 years I no longer can remember which is which or what is what.

You will find there are 5 additional bonus photos and I will let you discover what those are when you look at the other 20.

To see the aerial photos, Go to:... and after signing in, click on the Pirate Logo and at the main Pirate Menu, click on "Lueders History" and at the next page, click on the "1985 Aerial Photos"

Enjoy and let us know if you figure out what the 20th photo is.

I hope you like them because it takes about 3 to 4 minutes to scan in each slide and I scanned in over a 100 photos and then had to cut, crop, resize and weed out to the 25 total I ended up with. In other words I didn't do this in one sitting or even one day.

But, then I did enjoy doing them and having them for all to see instead of in the top of a closet where they been sitting for over 20 years. Now even I can much more readily enjoy them again and again and again.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 28, 2006

I believe the unidentified photo is looking Southeast from above the intersection of N. Mcharg and Rhomberg.

When we lived there streets didn't have names, but I think in the early 50s Mrs. Deaton (may be misspelled) lived in the house facing East at that intersection.

D. W. Weeks, Class of 57

September 29, 2006
Thanks DW -- Bobby Reves, Class of 63 also sent me a private e-mail that the aerial photo #20 was a view Looking to the South East so, your belief was absolutely correct and once my brain got oriented it all became clear to me also

To help others:.... the road on the bottom of the #20 aerial photo is the road running north and south in front of the school house. The Vacant grass looking area near the center is where the refinery was once located. The white roofed building also in the center of the photo is the Church of Christ. In the upper left corner under the tip of the wing you can see the Albany highway going on up the hill and you can sort of follow that back into town to help you locate other land marks.

I have now identified the #20 photo on the school web site as being a view looking to the south east so, thanks to the both of you.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

September 30, 2006
Hi Pirates,

This is too let you know all the Chat Line Messages for the 3rd Quarter of 2006 have now been archived and posted to the web site under the History Section.

Although August was slow with only 3 messages September picked up and you had 29 messages.

For the record it was:..............
July = 18
August =  3
September = 29
Total = 50

To read all the chatter go to the Alumni Web Site at and after signing in -- Click on the Pirate Logo and then at the Main Pirate Menu -- Click on "Lueders History" and at the History Menu - Click on "Archive of Pirate Chat Line Messages" The next Menu has the Chatter Messages listed according to the "Date"

I will remind you that the Quarterly Format of posting the messages was started for this year 2006.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

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