Memories of Lueders, Texas
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This is a continuation page starting on August 25, 2004 from the Alumni Memories starting on August 12, 2004

The messages are displayed in sequences as received and without editing. However, when not provided, the author's name and class year were added.

The following Chatter occurred on August 25, 2004

I don't think there was ever another Doctor in Lueders after Old Doc. Williams got killed in a car wreck on his way home from Hamlin. He had an office in the back of the Drug store that Doc and Blanche owned and also an office in Hamlin. We are to Young to remember Doctor Louder but how many of us took piano lessons from his widow. She and Ruth Olsen were the piano teachers and we usually had a joint recital at the school.
Sharon Rose "Hines" Hudson  -  Class of 57 in Wichita Falls
Don, Dr. Bailey had already left Lueders by August 1939 because he delivered me in Abilene on the 7th of August that year. (telling my age huh). (Just as a fyi Dr. Estes was Billy Sol Estes father or uncle, I'm not sure which.) Dr Bailey was still alive in July of 1950 I know.

Sharon Rose "Hines" Hudson  -  Class of 57 in Wichita Falls

Do you recall what years that was that Mrs. Loudder gave piano lessons?

Her name was Vada Fisher Loudder and she didn't die until 1970 (In Jones County). She and her husband and probably an earlier wife, are buried in the Gunsight Cemetery in Stephens County.

Don Latimer  -  Class of 56

Hi Don,

l remember going to Mrs. Louder's with Joyce Sides when we were in lower grade school years ( and being so Jealous) because l couldn't take lessons. That was somewhere in the dinosaur yr's.,right? Since we graduated in '49.

Reba G "Meil" Davis  -  Class of 49

My vote is,yes, to continue, but please do edit my spelling. I should proof read before hitting send.
Dorene McAlister  -  Class of 55
My aunt Maxine Vaughn Payne has been trying to remember the layout of down Lueders when she was a kid and wrote me this information:

I have figured out about those different businesses in a big building near the bank.

The first grocery store on that side of the street was the Red and White. O.K! I remember when it was put in. A family name McQuarry ran it. They had two little girls the age of Wene and me. Bazil and Ruth. I will never forget how their mother dressed them. Short dresses with Bloomers below the dresses. The bloomers came to their knees. We were about eight years old. That would be around 1932 or three. That could be when John Scott moved across the street. Before that the Diggs had moved to town and Francis was a little tot. She had a nursery rhyme book, I remember. They lived in one of grand pa's (James Harrison Vaughn) houses up the road from us. Her dad worked as a Barber for John Scott as I said before next to the Bank!! O.K. now, who rented the big building before Red and White remodeled it for a grocery store? JOHN SCOTT!!

My aunt also told me that my great grandpa (James Harrison Vaughn) had built a 2 story white house up the hill from my Grandmother's house. After the years, it was torn down and another house built there and that house stands there today. It's up the hill from Shirley Evetts house.

I saw where Bill Story's mother passed away in Abilene last week. Said his wife was Janie....... would that be Janie Smith from Lueders?

Terry Johnson Blackburn  -  Class of in 66
Niece of Maxine Vaughn Payne

The following Chatter occurred on August 26, 2004

Mrs. Louder know Lueders has had quiet a few "eccentrics" during its day and time. I can think of "Granner" Douthit, Peggy Yaeger, Ruth Benton, on the women's side. Cy Veal on the men's side and IM sure there are others.. I can remember Chester Prince's father standing down in front of the Winkles' Locker Plant with the other men. He was wearing rhinestone, cateye sun shades... I think he had found em some where. Didn't matter to him that they were women's at all.

I guess Im one of the eccentrics now (grin). Anyway back to Mrs. Louder. My mother took lessons from her in the late 1920s early 30's. I think we have a picture somewhere of Mom with the other students in front of Mrs. Louder's home.

I remember going over to see Mrs. Louder. She loved to be comfortable and kept her pajamas on most of the time because they were comfortable to wear!! Her house was full of magazines and books...All of which she read. Her mind was constantly active Im sure. She had a sense of humor that was delightful, she cut thru the BS as I remember. The last time I saw her, she was living in the retirement home that was in Stamford. It was in the old Stamford Inn. Mrs. Louder was there running around in her pajamas..having a great time visiting with all the folks, many of whom she knew! She enjoyed it! Instead of resisting the inevitable, she embraced it and made the best of it!! What can we learn from that ???

Stephen Vinson...(actually I graduated from Abilene High in 1967 but I claim my class here in Lueders 1967.)


I looked in my copy of a 61 Lueders annual and didn't see any McCorkles.

There is a Douglas Presley McCorkle, Jr. born Sep 9, 1950 in Coleman County, died Apr 25, 1970, buried in the Higland Cemetery, Stamford. Vietnam Veteran.

There is also a Ronnie Cheryl McCorkle born Dec 18, 1946, her mother was Ila Madene Bagwell and her father was Douglas P. McCorkle.

There's a Douglas P. McCorkle, born Dec 24, 1922 and died Mar 14, 2003. His last residence is given in Social Security as being Stamford, TX.

If he was living in Stamford, someone should have seen his obituary.

There's a phone number listed for Douglas and Dolores McCorkle in Stamford but I got an answering machine when I called it. I'll try again later.

I'll see if I can find out more.

Don Latimer  -  Class of 56

They wouldn't be there in 1961 Don. They went there during 1964 and '65 I think. Douglas Presley was the "Rusty" I was talking about. :-( Can't believe it was just in 1970 that he was killed....seems like eons ago to me! The McCorkles were originally from Albany.

Cheryl is Bobby's and Rusty's sister and yes...their mother was Madene! I have no clue as to who the Douglas and Delores McCorkle are that live in Stamford now. Does it show that Madene is alive? Is she living in Stamford? What about Cheryl?

Thanks for your help, Don.

Terry Johnson Blackburn  -  Class of 66 in Abilene
Granddaughter of Mamie Vaughn

Stephen, l'm glad you're not as old as me -- your memory still works good! You are so right about Mrs. Louder--she had a beautiful spirit and an open mind. Very intelligent lady.She was one of my favorite Lueders. And you know me, the more accentric the more l'm interested. Reba G "Meil" Davis  -  Class of 49
There is a Tommy McCorkle in the fourth grade of the 1952 Pirate year book. Marty Ann probably knows something of him. Thurman would know about the McCorkle's from Nugent.
Chuck Thomas  -  Class of 60
Chuck, with the help of Don Latimer I found them!!! Talked with Cheryl by phone tonight, but her mother wasn't home. Will call her again tomorrow to see if she answers. Cheryl and I will be meeting up Tuesday when she goes to visit her mother!

Case of missing McCorkles solved! LOL

Terry Johnson Blackburn  -  Class of 66 in ABilene
Granddaughter of Mamie and George Vaughn

The following Chatter occurred on August 27, 2004

To our Fellow Pirates,

Don Latimer and I both have an announcement to make.

I was getting ready to tell you that I had posted another 101 Memory Messages to the Web Site when I received the following from Don

"Ray, I've made quite a few changes and additions so I thought I would send a new edition. --- Don"

This means that you have a newly updated "A Little History of Lueders, Texas" to read and 101 Memory Messages for the 8 day period of August 17 through August 24th.

I thought 198 Messages all on one Link was a little much so I decided to keep these messages separate from the previous 97.

As a result of this, you will find a slightly revised menu after click on the Lueders History link on the Pirate Menu at

Just carefully look the History Menu over because there is a selection for the Messages of August 12th-16th and another for the messages of August 17th-24th

For the record we had five positive feed backs to keep the Memories Messages posted on the web site and the more important one, we had ZERO negatives.

If I have missed any messages please let me know.

Again let me say that I have posted them in sequence just as received and even included those that do not pertain to any history but, considered this best in the interim to have them all posted and then at some later date after everyone has a chance to review the summation we will edit out the so called garbage or what is not pertinent to the subject of Memories of Lueders, Texas.

So, check Don's new history update out and check your Memories Summary.

E. Ray Smyth  -  Class of 53 and your Web Master.

E. Ray and Don, oh and Carlene too!

Yall have done a tremendous job of keeping up with all of the Pirate messages, history of Lueders, and Pirate web site in general. Please keep it going as you are!!!

Terry Johnson Blackburn  -  Class of 66 in ABilene
Granddaughter of Mamie and George Vaughn

Don I don't remember just how long Mrs Loudder gave piano lessons but I tool from Her in 1946/48, She also taught my cousin Larry Tonroy in about 1940. Sharon Rose "Hines" Hudson  -  Class of 57 in Wichita Falls
Here is my sister’s memory of Mrs. Louder. She taught Kay well because she was the pianist in Anson in High School and later in other churches.

Yes, I remember Mrs. Louder very well. I took piano lessons from her, started my third grade year and took during my 4th grade year. I loved her. There was a contest when I was in 4th grade for a silver dollar for the student who could memorize the most piano pieces for the recital. I won the prize! I don't remember how many songs I played by memory, but I'm sure everyone got tired of it before I finished. ha Most of them were just 2 lines long; they couldn't have been very long because I was just learning to play. ha John T. Murray  -  Class of 57 in Anson
Kay Murray Blackburn  -  Class of 59

I have also enjoyed reading all the old memories of Lueders. Please keep up the good work. Thanks to E Ray, Don, & Charlene
Linda "Evetts" Fulgham  -  Class of 63
The following Chatter occurred on August 28, 2004

Im giving my memory a test as of now. Starting from the west end, north side of Lueders main street, Im going to try to name the businesses that were there when I first started noticing such things .umm around 1957.

First one I recall was J. C. Wills welding shop. Then Jack Felts Station, followed by maybe another station or Shirley's Cafe..Then next was the post office, then Winkles' Locker Plant then Putnam Insurance, then Maurene's Beauty Shop, Charlie Webb's Grocery Store, Shipp's Drugs, John Scott's barber Shop, Mrs. Griffiths Cafe, Texas Utilities, Fred Sides Garage and then I think Eckdahl's blacksmith shopp was still there. Sanders Garage then Dean Hine's Filling Station and store.

On the other side of the street going east to west was..The Refinery, The old Louis Douthit Gin, Cap and Mrytle Terry's Gulf Station, A Dry Cleaning Shop, Diggs' Barber Shop and Cafe, An Oil Supply Office, Not sure about the next building, then Smart's Drug Store, Herrick Hardware, Vinson's Drygood's, Red Felts Grocery Store, Bailey's Cafe, Lueders Variety Store, Farmer's State Bank, Hocus Pocus Building with Willie Parker's Feed Store and Ike Mitchel's Plumbing. Then Back of that to the West. White's Texaco Station and Auto Parts store. Then Lueders Train Depot, and Homer Thomas Grain Elevator. Thats all I can think of.

I have not One picture of Lueders from that era. None of my dad's drygood's store, nor of my grandparen'ts insurance office. No pictures from the 1950's or 1960's of the downtown of Lueders. So odd that my family did not take any pictures of Lueders down town at that time. Since both my grandparents and my dad had businesses there.

Does any of this jibe with other's memories of this time?

Stephen Vinson  -  Class of 67 in Abilene

I can't imagine anyone wanting to be removed from the LuedersAvoca mailing list!!! Maybe it was more email than the person could handle, huh? I'd much rather have an over-the-limit on my email account from the LuedersAvoca news than any junk that is capable of filling it up, wouldn't yall?

BTW.....I have now talked with BOTH Cheryl McCorkle AND Madine McCorkle!!! We will definitely have our meeting in Abilene one day next week. Cheryl is coming up from South Texas. Is this exciting or what??? Terry Johnson Blackburn  -  Class of 66 in ABilene
Granddaughter of Mamie and George Vaughn

The Homecoming scheduled for this year is for the Lueders-Avoca RAIDERS. The school has been consolidated for 39 years, and this is the second time for the Raiders exes to be scheduled to be together. The Lueders/Lueders-Avoca Homecoming is scheduled for 2005. Sandra Reves  -  Class of 65 in Avoca
My class was the last graduating class from Lueders High School...1967 I think its more like 37 years. Not that it makes all that much difference.

Stephen Vinson  -  Class of 67 in Abilene

In the early 50's, on the football days, there were always parades downtown. I think mother ttook some pictures of floats and they always threw candy and gum. I believe we have some pictures somewhere of downtown.

Asa we get through with a remodeling job on our b-room, I will see if I can find them. Seem's as tho they were of Cheerleaders on the float and the hardware store was in the background.

Cheryl "McCown" GIlmore  -  Class of 65 in Wichita Falls


It sounds pretty close to me. The ones just east of the Smart's Drug Store are the hard ones to come up with. Eargle White later had his Auto Parts Store just east of the drug but that was after they tore his other location down to widen the road. I don't recall what was in their prior to that.

Somewhere around the Dry Cleaners Hart had the Lueders Limestone Office. I believe it's still a limestone office building.

Also in the same area Humble Oil Company had an office. Clifford Yeager was a gager for the Humble Oil Company. I believe his wife's name was Peggy.

Mrs. Diggs had her cafe just west of the Diggs Barber Shop.

Maureen later moved her beauty shop to where the dry cleaners had been.

That's all I can contribute for now.

Don Latimer  -  Class of 56

Hart's Limestone Business office was located in one of those buildings east of Diggs' Barber Shop. I don't remember the exact sequence.
Aaron Petty  -  Class of 54
I have a call in to Tom Hart who lives here in same town I do. I figure if anyone can tell us exactly which building Hart's Limestone Business office was in, he could. As soon as he calls me back I'll let yall know.
Terry Johnson Blackburn  -  Class of 66 in Abilene
The following Chatter occurred on August 29, 2004

Monte Smart had an office and storage for tires between Jack's station and Shirley's Cafe. Shirleys cafe was the old filling station before Buddy Felts bought it and put in a grocery and filling station.

The dry cleaners was originally a filling station also. It opened to the street just opposite of the Gulf Station. The Lueders Limestone opened an office in there sometime. Diggs' Barber Shop and Cafe, I don't remember Diggs cafe.

Don't know what years either of us are writing about, that makes a great deal of difference.

Carol Felts  -  Class of 53

Carol, thanks for filling in the missing parts. My era is around 1957 or so..that year...I was 9 years old and started noticing such things as buildings and knowing the owners.. So yep.. 1957/58 would be the years im talking about.
Stephen Vinson  -  Class of 67 in Abilene
The following Chatter occurred on August 30, 2004

No where have I seen anything about the pool table/pin ball machine was short lived I suppose. It couldn't have been in the variety store or grocery store because they were still in business in the mid 60's. But it was on that side of the street which would be south side?
Terry Johnson Blackburn  -  Class of 66 in Abilene
The old post office was originally a service station that sold tires, kerosene, coal among other things. It was owned by Guy Price. Later the front and side was filled in with stone and converted into the post office. I saw a picture that Ronnie Reynolds had.
Marlin Felts  -  Class of 57
At one time the building that housed Shirleys Cafe was a Service Station owned by Horace B. Cox this was in the mid Forties. There was also a Hamberger Joint at the end of the South side of the street across from Cap and Myrtle Terry owned by a Mr. Snell.This was during WW2. He was thought to a member of the Communist Party because he got all the propaganda Papers from the Communist Party That's all I can think of now. - Later!!
Ken Webb  -  Class of 46
I think at one time they had a pool hall either in the Smarts drug store or the store west of Smarts.
Glenn Commons  -  Class of 54
I have a "vague" memory of the "pool hall." After Monte and Erna closed the Drug Store, I believe someone opened a pool hall there. That was when I was in the 8th or 9th grade...somewhere in the mid 1960's, probably 1963 or 1964. I remember because my dad, being a devout person and extemely strict, wouldn't let me go there.
Stephen Vinson  -  Class of 67 in Abilene
Why are we talking about buildings, when the best women in west texas came from Lueders,Tx. I married one 43 years ago and I still think they are the best! It is a matter of pride and reasoning that has to do with it. I remember the skating rink and the old buildings, but most of all I remember the good times at the skating rink and the river park and all of it. I just wish I were 17 again and it was happening again!!!!
From the Husband of Wanda "Shott" Beil  -  Class of 1961
No Chatter occurred during the period of August 30, 2004 to September 5, 2004
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Chatter commenced again on September 6, 2004 as follows
We reckon it was a Time Out for Hurricane Frances which hit Ft. Pierce, Florida on 9-5-04

My aunt Maxine Vaughn Payne would like to know if Mr. and Mrs. Diggs are still alive and living in Lueders, and if not, did they pass away in Lueders or move elsewhere.
Terry Johnson Blackburn  -  Class of 66 in Abilene
I think Mr. and Mrs. Diggs have been deceased for some time. I also believe they passed away in Lueders or Stamford. They had a daughter that lived in Stamford the last I had any knowledge of her.
Glenn Commons  -  Class of 54
At 55 I bought a new set of "wheels" ..only two! Went to Wal-mart in Abilene and saw this bicycle that had my name on it...79 bucks ain't bad!
Now that I have transportation that doesn't use gasoline, I have been taking a ride around Lueders and looking at places from a different perspective. The view from a bicycle is quite different from the view out a car window.
I passed the fieldstone house on the northside of Lueders I have known as the "Eubank's" house. Mr. and Mrs Denham lived there once I think. A young couple have moved in and they have made it their home. They have done some fixin' up and the improvements look good. When I passed by they were in the yard so I stopped to tell them how much better the place looked! Turns out the dad works at one of the new quarries and that provides their living. Sound familiar? Everything old is new again! If yall want to get more information about any of the old places in Lueders, I'll ride my bike over to the spot and write down my impressions and type 'em up here.
Stephen Vinson  -  Class of 67 in Abilene
That would be great, Stephen. If you have a digtal camera, take a picture of the places and send with your email. I'd love to know who used to live there ......say back in the '50s and before that time and who lives there now.
Ernestine Heller  -  Class of 53
Mr. and Mrs. Diggs' daughter lives in Stamford. I know her name but right now I've gone blank (senior monent I guess). She married Chill Anders. Chill died a couple of years ago. Really nice people! I think a of them. I visit with her whenever I see her around town (Stamford) and at some social functions we both happen to attend.
Ernestine Heller  -  Class of 53
I went and looked back in the obituaries on Lueders Avoca On-Line; alumni web site and the daughter's name that married Chill Anders is Mary Frances Diggs.
Carlene Burkman  -  Class of 72
The following Chatter occurred on September 7, 2004

Yes the Diggs have been gone sometime now. Their daughter "Shorty" married J. L. Chill Anders and she still lives in Stamford. I see her from time to time, he has alzhiemers and lives at home. They have a son who was on the pro golf tour but I havean't seen anything about him in a long time.
Carol Felts  -  Class of 53
I talked with E. Ray Smyth (class of 53) last night. He and his family are all safe and sound with minimal property damage. A little roof damage and several big trees are down. He doesn't have any electricity yet so they are still basically "in the dark". The electricity is coming on in various parts of town. A lot of the basic necessities are in short supply. He'll be back on line when they eventually get power back.
Don Latimer  -  Class of 56
The following Chatter occurred on September 8, 2004

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The following Chatter occurred on September 9, 2004

The Dam Sept. 2004

I had the day off today I road my bicycle down to"bridge" street then I "trespassed" and walked the road that goes around the reservoir and up to the pumphouse at the dam. As I wallked the road around the reservoir, I remember people telling me how it once was. The men working at the filtration plant kept the reservoir all cleared of brush and they mowed the grass on the banks keeping it fit enuf for folks to go there and have picnics. They mowed that grass with "push" mowers too. Eric Lundstrom was one of the last men to do that work. He was the last one on board so to speak, after Stamford Lake was built.

I passed the filtration plant, built sometime in the 1930's. It is still standing. Then I made my way up to the original pump house. Now that is a monument to hard labor. "Keene Built It" the concrete stamp says on the side. Of course the inside is marred with grafitti thanks to spray paint and adolescent mischieviousness. But the feeling is still there of the might of water being held back by a dam. Sad to say..even what I knew as the deepest part of the lake right next to the pump house is so silted in that there is probably only 2 feet of water there now...TREES and plants grow on the LAKE side of the dam..near the pump house. If you want to know what will probably make the dam fail..its the trees with their roots that now have begun to grow ON THE DAM !!! But none the less, on a cool "pre-fall" day some of the old magic of the place comes back. That dam is probably 85 years old if you figure when it was started 1919. As I climbed up into one of the deep window sills in the pump house, right next to the dam...I got kinda scared..That was good!! At least that part hasn't changed !!

Stephen Vinson  -  Class of 67 in Abilene

The following Chatter occurred on September 10, 2004

I spoke with Ray Smyth, class of 53, tonight and he's still "camping out" at his museum where he has electrical power. The power hasn't come back on at his house yet. It's been out a week and he doesn't know when he's getting power back.

Otherwise they're doing well. Titusville is gradually getting back to normal.

Don Latimer, class of 56.

The following Chatter occurred on September 11, 2004

Don- Thanks for the update. E. Ray has mentioned the museum on several occasions but I do not understand what it is? Do you have any information? Did his house sustain much damage? Thanks
John Murray  -  Class of 57

I know just a little about the "museum." I guess that Ray and his wife, Jackie were filling up their house with so much collectable "stuff" over the years that they figured they could have their own museum. It's not open to the public but it's in a separate building that's in a different part of town from where they live.

You can check it out at the following web site.

Ray said that they sustained some roof damage and that they had several trees that were blow over. They haven't removed the trees yet.

Don Latimer  -  Class of 56

Thank you for sharing your bicycle stroll to the Dam. It was a place where we all have many memories of growing up,along the river and the grounds of Lueders. I have often wondered what the Dam looked like today.

One thing that stands out in my childhood memories was the big tabernacle at the encampment grounds. There was a wooden Totem Pole nearby with faces carved on it. Do you know any history on it? I am sure it has been gone a long time. This was back in the 40's.

Dorene McAlister  -  Class of 55

Note: forwarded message attached

We are also curious about what kind of museum he has also. Waiting to hear! Being in touch with Lueders folks is great!

Carolyn "Mullins" Pearson  -  Class of 65

The following Chatter occurred on September 12, 2004

John Wesley Helmer was born November 6, 1867 at Columbus, Texas.

[1]John married Minnie Ramsel in February of 1690 in Columbus. Minnie was born June 19, 1868 in Lexington, Texas. John and Minnie lived in Lee County southwest of Dime Box for the first ten years of their marriage. They had a total of eight children while they lived in Lee County but only four surviving to adult hood. Lewis, Viola, Lillie and Eva. Lillie had a twin sister Lela, who died in infancy.

John and Minnie moved to Stamford, Texas in Jones County in the later part of 1900. In early 1901 they moved to Lueders, Texas. John built a house in Lueders behind what is now the old Lueders Dam. The old house was later known as the Lee Dillard home. The old house is still standing at this writing (August 1983).

I found this tidbit of information today. (Sunday, Sept. 12, 2004). I am thinking that this is the house that used to stand down by the reservoir close to the dam. If I am right, this is the house that Eric and Evelyn (Olson) Lundstrom lived in and that later Zana and (Fats) Davis lived in.

Built in 1901 it was one of the oldest homes in Lueders. It has since been torn down, but apparently in 1983 it was still standing.

I am curious if this is the family of Charlie Helmer.

Stephen Vinson  -  Class of 67


They may be related to Charlie but aren't his parents. I found the following on Charlie.

Charlie and Sara Annie Helmer were the first set of two sets of twins to Joseph and Louisa (Lucy) Tindle Helmer. There were three children older than Charlie and Sara. Charlie and Annie were born in Lee County, probably near Dime Box, Texas on January 12, 1877. When the twins arrived, Lucy was frail and unable to supply enough milk to feed both babies. The family found a female Negro field hand who was feeding a young child of her own, and she became a wet-nurse to help feed Lucy's twins.

Charlie and Annie's father died when they were approximately sixteen years old. Lucy never remarried, and she raised her family alone with the help of her older children.

Charlie Helmer first met and married Jose Carlisle in Lee County, Texas on September 30, 1896, to this union one son was born; Gordon Edwin Helmer. Jose Carlisle Helmer, Gordon's mother, died in 1899 when he was about two years old. On the 1900 census, both Charlie Helmer and Gordon Edwin Helmer were listed as living in the household of Lucy Helmer, in Lee County. Gordon continued to live with his grandmother, Lucy Helmer. Charlie left Giddings, Texas and moved to Lueders, Texas to find work. He went alone to find work and a new life after his wife died.

Charlie left Giddings, Texas and moved to Lueders, Texas. He went alone to find work and a new life after his wife died. Charlie lived in Lueders, Jones County, Texas for several years, and met and married Ethel Lee Cook in 1904. They lived in Lueders, Texas all their married life

Don Latimer  -  Class of 56

You could ask Zana if she lived there. She may know if that were Charlie’s family.
Thanks for sharing.
Carolyn "Mullins" Pearson  -  Class of 65
Every time I mop I think of Charlie’s lesson of mopping back and forth instead of side to side. He said in this manner you use the weight of your body to mop. We never know how much we influence others by what we do and say. Thanks for sharing.
Carolyn "Mullins" Pearson  -  Class of 65
The following Chatter occurred on September 13, 2004

I did some more checking and the John Wesley Helmer was the oldest brother of Charlie.

Descendants of Joseph and Lucy TINDLE HELMER
John Wesley HELMER b. November 06, 1867 in Columbus, TX; d. March 24, 1946 in Causey,NM
Mary HELMER died Unknown
Richard E. HELMER b. February 05, 1874; d. October 22, 1964 in Brazos, TX
Charley HELMER b. January 12, 1877 in Lee, TX; d. November 29, 1963 in Stamford, Jones, TX.
Sarah Annie HELMER b. January 12, 1877 in Lee Co, TX; d. March 15, 1958
Joseph H. HELMER b. March 10, 1880 in Lee Co, TX; d. December 03, 1930 in Harris Co, TX.
Ida HELMER b. December 25, 1882; d. Unknown
Ada HELMER b. December 25, 1882; d. November 16, 1885
William Edgar HELMER b. November 16, 1887 in TX; d. January 03, 1969 in Roswell, NM
Minnie Lou HELMER b. February 12, 1890; d. May 02, 1976 in Bay City, TX.

Don Latimer  -  Class of 56

Hey, we are not only Lueders historians..but seems like we're doing a pretty good job of geneaological research too.

Thanks, Don for your efforts!

Stephen Vinson  -  Class of 67 in Abilene

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