"Music of Our Youth"
Lueders High School  -  Lueders, Texas
Our Town - Lueders, Texas Tool Pusher from Snyder
Hot Rod Lincoln What's He doing in My World
Moonlight Serenade Don't Let The Stars Get in Your Eyes
Mineral Well Crazy Water Hotel Your Cheating Heart
Lubbock Texas in my Rear View Mirror Waltz Across Texas
El Paso Gas Cotton Eyed Joe

Sugar Foot Collins on Stage - Victorville, CA  -  1986
      1.   Tennessee Waltz Our Town       3.   Put Your Head on my Pillow
      2.   Sentimental Journey       4.   Up A Lazy River
The Complete Cassette Tape of  Sugar Foot on Stage

1.     A Special Presentation from the LHS Class of 60
2.    A Special Presentation from the LHS Class of 60
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