GranMa Murray  -  One of Our Pioneers
Often times as one grows up they miss things that go on around them simply because it seems all too natural.

GranMa Murray was a name I knew as a kid, never knowing and never wondering if she had a first name because she was just GranMa Murray to us all.

Of course GranMa Murray was Max Dillard, Class of 53 and John Tom Murray, Class of 57 real Grand Mother.

I first became acquainted with GranMa Murray soon after we moved into town in 1943 because my classmate, Max was living with his grand mother so he could go to school in Lueders while his mom and dad were in Savannah Georgia where his father was helping with the war effort by building ships in the Savannah Shipyard.

Most all the kids of my era knew GranMa Murray's house as a place of refuge if needed.

We thought nothing of stopping off and using her garden hose in front of the house which I did on an occasion when Bill Taylor, Class of 54 threw mud all over my Henry J when he spun out of a mud Hole behind Cap and Myrtle Terry's service station.

I didn't go home and wash the mud off because it was simpler to use GranMa Murray's water hose which was right in the front yard and I was trying not to be late to class.

Homer Swinson was with me and I recall hitting Homer right in the face with the water hose when I tripped over a small fence.

On another occasion, we played a trick on Coach Howard so, I could take the Henry J to Aspermont on a school outing instead of going on the school bus and we used GranMa Murray's house as the place to meet and leave Homer's car.

I don't recall us asking or even telling GranMa Murray because it was such a natural thing for us to do.

As mentioned, things went on you never knew as a kid, It made me feel good when my mother told me my father use to pick up GranMa Murray's mail up at the Post Office and take it to her.

Mother also told me, GranMa Murray had a daughter who lived in Albany, Texas and Mother would take her over to visit with her daughter. If I ever knew that I had forgotten it.

I think this is but an example of how all the folks were in Lueders at the time.

I also never knew anything of GranMa Murray's back ground and found it quite interesting to read about her in the below newspaper article which I discovered in a box over at my mothers several months ago.

E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53

Article was published on February 1, 1951

Lillie Grogan Murray  -  March 18, 1880 - April 12, 1962
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