Georgia Watkins, Class of 55 at Baptist Encampment Grounds in 1952
Note:...  The Tabernacle and Totem Pole
AND  Now,  "The Rest of  the Story"
In March 2006, Dorene McAlister, Class of 55 ask on the Pirate Chat Line if anyone knew what happened to the Totem Pole which had been located next to the Tabernacle in The Baptist Encampment Grounds.   -   Carol Felts, Class of 53 responded that it had been moved to the Boy Scout's Camp Tonkawa near Buffalo Gap.   -   With Carol's response, E. Ray Smyth, Class of 53 ask Frank Hilton, a retired professional scouter if he knew anything about a Totem Pole being located at Camp Tonkawa.   -   Mr. Hilton checked with the local Scout Leaders who confirmed the Totem Pole was in fact still located at Camp Tonkawa and provided the photographs which can be seen by, Clicking:..  HERE
"Photo courtesy of Dorene McAlister, Class of 55"
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