Terry Blackburn provided the following relative to this photograph........... My aunt said the building was a large metal building on the same side as Shipp's drug store....she said it had stairs outside the building leading to rooms above the shoe shop and this is where Mr. Allen lived and the Dodgens lived with him. She also said she was about 5 or 6 years old when her daddy had his shoe shop there so that would be 1933 or 34 when that picture was taken.

OTHER INFO FROM TERRY Ok.....Aunt Dackie (Maxine Vaughn Payne) and her twin Corienne Vaughn Cox graduated '41 from Lueders. She said the name of the shoe shop was Vaughn's Shoe Shop and George Francis Vaughn (Arkansas) was doing this line of work when she was born in 1925, so she's assuming that when he and my great grandpa James Harrison Vaughn (Missouri, born Feb. 17, 1853, died Dec. 1940 and buried in Lueders) came to Lueders is when he opened his shoe shop. It was still open when he was on his death bed and he died in 1942, so that would be the end of his business. My great grandpa had a little country store where he sold material, harnesses that my grandpa made, and barrels of food, etc. She said she thinks it was on the side of the street as the bank, but can't remember exactly where. She said during the depression, the Vaughn family had to move to Abilene for a couple of months to make a living and my great grandpa had a cafe, but she couldn't remember what my grandpa did.

Aunt Dackie said my grandpa's 1st shop was in Mr. Allen's (Arlene Dodgens's dad) building. That is the shop the picture of him inside I sent you. The 2nd shoe shop was in Mr. Foxe's building and the 3rd one was in a white wooden building south of the H.P. This is where the shop was located when he died.

"Photo courtesy of Terry Blackburn, Class of 66"
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