About the Lueders Pirates Alumni Web Site
The Lueders Pirates Alumni Web Site was first conceived, created and placed on line by Carlene "Burkman" Black, Class of 72 in the summer of 1999 using the domain name of "www.luedersavoca.com"

Due to the Lueders and Avoca schools being consolidated in 1967, initially the web site was divided into 3 different sections known as the Lueders Pirates - Avoca Mustangs and Lueders-Avoca Raiders .

Shortly after the web site went on line in 1999, E. Ray Smyth, a Class of 53 Lueders Pirate volunteered to be the Webmaster of the Lueders Pirate Section.

Carlene had hoped an Avoca Alumni would volunteer to do the pre 1967 Mustang Section and she planned to maintain the Raiders section and take care of the overall web site.

In the beginning the main home page open to the public consisted of an obituary section, a Dunce Corner, history of the two towns and general information about the site as well as a place to register to enter the private area.

The private area required a login name and password to gain entry and was the information areas contained in the three different sections of:.. Pirates - Mustangs - Raiders.

In 2004 an e-mail message system for each section, i.e. Pirates - Mustangs - Raiders was setup whereby e-mail could be sent to all other alumni members within each section using one e-mail address. This mail system became known as the Chat Line when Edith "Raughton" Atkison, Class of 53 stated in a message "there sure was a lot of chatter going on."

Having reached her grandmother years and wanting to have more time with her family, and after 11 years of the constant attention a web site requires, Carlene made the decision to shut down the web site effective July 1, 2010.

In doing so she asked for volunteers to take over her duties and continue all 3 sections of the web site.

No one volunteered except E. Ray was willing to carry on the Lueders Pirates Section.

In that regard, E. Ray did a complete major overhaul of the Pirate section and obtained the www.luederspirates.com domain name and placed the new Lueders Pirates Alumni Web Site online on June 18, 2010.

As planned the www.luedersavoca.com web site was shut down on July 1, 2010.

However, the Pirates - Mustangs and Raiders Chat Lines were using a different internet server and they continued on as before until October 24, 2010 when they too were shut down.

In preparation for shut down of the three Chat Lines, a new Pirate Chat Line was placed in service on October 21, 2010 by E. Ray using the mail system of www.luederspirates.com web site.

The www.luederspirates.com web site and the Pirate Chat Line are located on a server in Orlando, Florida.

All former Lueders Pirates and associated individuals are invited to come join us and may do so by completing the form found:...   HERE

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