2004 Photographs by Jerry Latimer
The 2004 Photographs of Lueders, Texas were taken by Jerry Latimer,  Lueders High School Graduate, Class of 61.   Jerry currently resides in San Francisco, California and made the pictures during a family visit to the area in October 2004.

The photos are sequenced so a trip around town can be made, the first 5 pictures are of the downtown area and then starting with Photo 6 the visitor may take a ride down the North Side of the street and end up at City Park on the Clear Fork of the Brazos.

After a trip to the Baptist Encampment Grounds and across the Albany Bridge the photos return you down the South Side of Main Street which is State Highway 6 and then it is a jaunt around town to a few Business, Homes, and Churches.

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"Have Fun and Enjoy the Pictorial History of Lueders, Texas"
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