The first two photos below show the equipment which required servicing in the field.
The next 4 photos show our ingenuity in rigging the Atlas RP1 Tanks to service the units.
One of the 5 Paul Nitrogen and Oxygen Rechargers
One of the 4 Haskel Helium Compressor Units
The RP1 Catch Tank which was mounted on a skid and used to load the Atlas Missile with RP1 fuel. The Atlas stayed loaded with RP1 and this was why the unit was called the Catch Tank. The skid and tank sit in the north east corner inside the missile enclosure on level 8 of the silo.
The tank was removed from the skid and mounted directly in the trailer. The small gas vessel on the right side was also part of the Atlas skid as was the two regulators in the line going across the front. The small vessel was pressurized with nitrogen gas and that was used to pressurize the RP1 fuel tank to force out the diesel fuel.
This unit was rigged for Water/Glycol. The Paul Rechargers had a Hot Water System heated by the diesel exhaust which circulated through 3 heat exchangers which converted the liquid nitrogen or oxygen to gas at pressures up to 10,000 psi Go2 and 15,000 psi Gn2.
A diesel engine ran a hydraulic pump which powered the Haskel Helium Compressor used to pressurize helium vessels at KSC. The units seldom required servicing in the field but, a portable unit was needed to stow a supply of hydraulic fluid for servicing the units.
A typical location were the units might require field servicing is reflected by the above photo taken at the Gn2 Battery for Launch Complex 34/37 where 3 Paul Rechargers were in simultaneous operation.
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