Kennedy Space Center  -  Bendix General Foreman, E. Ray Smyth at his desk on July 16, 1969 - 4:00 AM
Note: This photo was put on the Apollo Monument at the Space Walk of Fame in Titusville, Florida as shown HERE
The scheduler was located in the opposite end of the trailer and he maintained the status console shown here. The console with its 24 hour markings on the clock was where the pressure status of all the milk run batteries was maintained as well as other status we desired. The boards on each side indicated where each of the 80 plus gas trailers were located through out KSC. In the days before computers we simply pulled a string assigned to each gas trailer out to the appropriate locations and plugged it in.

A teletype machine sitting next to the schedulers desk was where the support request came in from the central support office located in the launch control center at the VAB.

Once the teletype messages was received the scheduler issued the foreman a work order to accomplish the task.

When the work order was accomplished or our routine milk runs completed the work orders were closed out by the scheduler after updating the status console and boards.

It might interest the grand children to know that their GranPa could sit and study the 80 plus gas trailer location boards a few minutes and then keep them in his head. He could not match the exact trailer number to the specific location but, he knew the type trailer and where all 80 plus were located. Of course the gas trailers were routinely moved to different locations so he had to stare at the boards about once a week to keep his head status current.

The status console was designed by GranPa and built from plywood by one of the mechanics, Joe Davidow. The status boards for the gas trailers were purchased.

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