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"Don't Scream at Me" - You don't see it much any more but in the days of BBS and Fido Mail and prior to the Internet, lots of beginners came on line and for unknown reason they had an urge to use all upper case letters to write their messages - I was no different and after being chewed out a couple of times and being told by people to "Quit Hollering at Them", I learned to keep the Caps Lock Off.

I learned it is considered bad manners because it makes the text hard to read and is hard on the eyes.

A combination of upper and lower case letters is easier on the eyes and much more readable.

Use paragraphs and punctuation as taught in school. A Mum Bo Jumbo all jammed together in one paragraph may save the writer a few seconds but, shows little regard for the person reading it on the other end.

This is not an opinion, it is E-Mail etiquettes established over the years.

"Forwarding Messages in E-Mail" - After E-Mail has been forwarded 4 or 5 times it gets an equal amount of 4 or 5 Headers attached which includes all the E-Mail addresses of everybody it has been too.

When you forward E-Mail to a general list, those addressees listed in the Header wind up all over the world because of other people forwarding the message to their friends.

Receiving Forwarded E-Mail with a bunch of Headers intact can be a pain and it is unnecessary.

As a courtesy to those receiving the E-Mail you Forward, it is suggested you delete the previous Headers.
""Here's How""
After clicking on "Forward" and the Forward Message comes up, Position the mouse pointer at the beginning of the Header and Press the Left Mouse Button and drag through all the Headers and down to just above the Message you want to Forward On.

With the Header and any other junk info highlighted, Press the Delete Key on the keyboard.

Next, Click on "Address" and select who you desire to Forward the Message too.

It is suggested you consider the fact that all the E-Mail addresses tagged as  "To:"  or  "Cc:"  are being broadcast across the internet.

Accordingly, when sending or forwarding multi addressed messages and especially those jokes we all love to forward and forward and forward, that you use the  "Bcc:"  address tag to hide all the recipients addresses.

With the recipients address hidden, their address will not be broadcast throughout the internet by everybody who Forwards on a message.

If desired, when forwarding messages, additional information can be added at any place within the document.

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