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A friend new to computers recently wanted to add something to a message being forward when the E-Mail software would not allow it and my friend ask how to how to Copy and Paste from a message received to a new message.

My friend was told the following:...

Let's say you received a message and wanted to copy a paragraph from that message into another message you are going to write using AOL as an example. (Works same in all browsers)

1. Position the mouse pointer (cursor) at the beginning of the paragraph and hold down the LEFT Mouse button

2. Drag Down to the end of the paragraph and the paragraph will be highlighted or shaded.

3. When you have highlighted what you want copied - Release the LEFT Mouse button.

4. Up at the top bar Click on "EDIT" and then click on COPY. Make sure the paragraph has remained highlighted because if you accidentally click on the body of the message prior to moving up to "EDIT" you will not copy what you intend to copy.

5. NEXT in AOL - Click on "Write" to bring up a NEW message window.

6. Make sure you have clicked down in the body where the message goes and you are ready to write. You might even write the Dear John, part or anything else you want to write.

7. Position the mouse pointer (cursor) at the location where you want the copied paragraph to go. Click on "EDIT" up in the top bar and then click on "PASTE" and the paragraph from the received message will be copied, i.e. Pasted into the new location.

It can be stated a simpler way and the following will do the exact same thing:....
1. Highlight what you what to copy by holding down the Left Mouse button
2. Hold down the CTRL Key and press the C Key.
3. Go to where ever your want the stuff copied.
4. Hold down the CTRL Key and press the V Key.

One character or a complete message can be copied using the same procedure.

It is suggested the User practice COPY and PASTE right in a BRAND NEW message. Just type a sentence, highlight it and hold down CTRL and press C -- Move down a little and Hold down CTRL and press V

NOTE: You can copy "from" but you can not PASTE back into a "Received" message.

If you keep pressing CTRL-V it will keep putting in the sentence as many times as you like.

CUT is also on the "EDIT" Menu - CUT is also used to MOVE something - Lets say a paragraph.

If you highlight a paragraph and then go to "EDIT" and click on "CUT" it will remove the paragraph.

However, it is now in a buffer area of the computers memory and you can move the mouse pointer (cursor) some place and then use the PASTE to re-insert the paragraph back in.

Instead of using the Pull Down Menu under "EDIT" to select CUT you may use the short-cut keys of CTRL-X

So there you have it, CUT - COPY and PASTE.
AND remember the CUT - COPY - PASTE is on the "EDIT" Pull down Menu
--OR-- the Short Cut keys which do the same are:...
CTRL + X for CUT

Also be aware that if you COPY something and then CUT or COPY anything else you loose the original thing you intended to copy.

The BUFFER in the Computer Memory's where things being CUT or COPIED are kept is called the CLIP BOARD.

If you want to see what is on the clip board to be copied go to START - PROGRAMS - ACCESSORIES - SYSTEM TOOLS and then click on the "ClipBoard Viewer" - A little screen will come up which looks like Note Pad or a small Word Processor program. - You can even save what is on the Clip Board to a file.

NOTE :... Where Clip Board Viewer is located depends on the version of Windows.

I suggest prior to visiting the Clip Board Viewer you copy a paragraph so something will be in the Viewer for you to look at. If it is empty you won't learn much.

Remember, every time you CUT or COPY something it goes on the Clip Board and automatically erases anything previously CUT or COPIED.

Anything on the Clip Board can be PASTED into MOST any document or any program on the computer including images.

For fun, I suggest you hit the key on your key board marked "Print Screen" and then go look at the Clip Board Viewer.... You should have a picture of whatever your screen looks like in the Clip Board.

One final thing - The difference between CUT and DELETE is CUT goes on the Clip Board - DELETE is gone gone gone.

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