Hid or Un-Hid Files and Folders with Windows Explorer
Each file on a computer has attributes that can be or changed or added. Two attributes all Users are familiar with are the Date and Time. Another is the "Hidden" attribute and a lot of Programs Hide Certain Files and Folders from the User's View. One of these is Thunderbird which Hides the User Profile.

Files with the Hidden Attribute may be Hide or Un-Hidden using Windows Explorer as shown by the Following Screens.

If new to computers the program, "Windows Explorer" in Windows XP is found under START - ALL Programs - Accessories - Other version of Windows has the program in different menu locations but, "Windows Explorer" comes with all versions of Windows.

At the Above Window, Click on "Tools" and "Folder Options which Opens the Window Shown Below
At the Above Window Select "View" which Opens the Window Shown Below
At the Above Window Select the Appropriate Radio Button to Hide or Un-Hide the Files and Folders
After Selecting - Click on OK
You may note in the Window Above, Both Radio Buttons for "Displaying the Full Path in both the Title Bar and Address Bar are Checked. This User prefers that for Reasons Explained Below.
As Shown Above, The Thunderbird Profile of Lonestar has been unhidden and the 343gls5g.Lonestar profile folder is highlighted which displays the full path to where it is located in the "Address Bar". Take note that there is not room for the full path to be shown in the window of the Address Bar. However, the full path is displayed in the Title Bar. One of the reasons for showing the full path in both places is because you can copy the one in the Address Bar but, not the one in the Title Bar. If the Radio Buttons are not checked then the only thing displayed in each of the Bars is the one file or folder name that is highlighted.

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