Creating a New Mail Box in Thunderbird 3.0.4
The Screen Shown Below is after 3 different Mail Boxes were set up in TB 3.0.4 and all three mail boxes are live and working for others to send mail to and receive for testing purposes.

However, they will only work for those I choose to give the password too.

These Mail Boxes are on the server at which is my personal web site.

For simplistic and learning purposes the Boxes were named BOX-1 and BOX-2 and BOX-3

What is shown in the following screens is how to create an additional mail box which we shall name of all things mail "BOX-4"

The Profile Name being used is LoneStar

There is a new feature in TB 3.0.4 that is not in previous version and it is called the "Migration Assistant". Personally I consider it excess baggage and an unnecessary feature that only tends to bloat Thunderbird. However, it is there and we will cover it's use at the end of this set up because it does effect how the mail boxes are lined up on the screen in Thunderbird.

At the Above Window, Highlight any of the three current
mail boxes which will display the Window Shown Below
In the Above Window, Click on "Create a New Account"and a Set Up Window will open as Shown Below
Fill in the correct Information as required so it appears similar to what is Shown in the Window Below.
After Information is Entered - Click on "Continue" to Start the Automatic Setup as Shown Below
You Should Observe the Small Wheels rotating by the Server Settings as TB attempts to determine the settings. After the process is complete the wheels will stop and the window should appear Similar to Below
Typically TB 3 has errors and the User must use "Manual Setup" and make the changes as Shown Below
After Clicking on "Manual Setup" the Above Screen opened and we observed "User Name:" was incorrect as that has to be the complete e-mail address and the Account Name was not to our liking so we 1st changed the "User Name:" to be correct as Shown Below.

Note:...   Other Users must determine their individual Settings from their ISP

After correcting the User Name we highlighted the Account Name which opened a different window as Shown Below
We changed the name in the "Account Name:" Box so it appears as Shown Below
We noticed also that the "Outgoing Server SMTP:" was incorrect and we clicked on the
Small Down Arrow to the right of the box which opened a Small Window as Shown Below
As Shown Above the correct Outgoing Server is "" so that was selected by Clicking on "" and then the setup screen appeared as Shown Below
After the Selection were corrected the screen appeared as Shown Above and we Clicked on "OK" which sent us back to the Window Shown Below.

Don't Forget:...   Other Users must determine their individual Settings from their ISP

It was at this point the Account Name was corrected and we now have a TB3-BOX-4 mail box in use.
And it does work as Shown in the Below Window
As Shown Above it can be duly noted we have one message from Lonestar in the Inbox of TB3-BOX-4
AND Now The Dreaded "Migration Assistant"

The following Screen Print was pasted together so all the features can be more easily viewed. However,
I will only cover one of the features and that is the location of the Mail Boxes because at age 75 I really don't care to learn much about IMAP and the other fancy crap Mozilla has chosen to put in TB 3.0.4

It is worth noting that I had a terrible time finding the "Migration Assistant" because it did not show on first being installed and I hated the way the mail boxes were being displayed. I looked for every Option and Preference I could find and I finally found it under "Help" of all places. Why it is not in Tools or Options is beyond belief.

The one part I will cover is the different "Folders Modes" and that section is shown in the Screen Below.
As Shown Above, there are two Modes.

The Top shows the "All Folders" Mode is being used.

The Bottom shows the "Smart Folders" Mode is being used.

The Selection Buttons bounce from side to side depending on which Mode is Selected.

The difference in the two modes effects the screen location of the Mail Boxes as well as the Account Names as Shown Below.

Shown Above is the "All Folders" Mode which is the Layout all previous versions of Thunderbird used.
Shown Above is the "Smart Folders" Mode which groups all the different boxes together as well as the Account Names now all displayed together on the bottom.
I was surprised to learn that the TB mail system works using IMAP instead of POP on the Incoming Sever.

I never really looked into what POP was or really cared. I learned to use POP and went on down the road.

Frankly, at my age, I don't care to know much more then is necessary.

But, it seems TB 3.0.4 insist on using IMAP on the Incoming Server and I don't know anything about it but, was surprised by what I read at the University of Minnesota Web Site and if anyone cares to learn the difference between IMAP and POP I suggest they go to the site by Clicking:...   HERE

From what I read, it appears IMAP is keeping the mail on the University's server and it makes me wonder if that is why I've not found a box to check in 3.0.4 to leave the messages on the ISP server which to me would do the same as does IMAP.

Using SeaMonkey, I currently leave a copy of my messages on the ISP server which serves as an additional backup. Then about once every month or two I use another Profile to download all the mail and take it off the ISP server least the allotted space for the mail box gets full.

In Summary, I don't care for TB 3.0.4 and will continue to use my all time favorite Browser and Mail Program which is SeaMonkey 1.1.19 which is the original Mozilla Netscape updated to the present.

Sadly, the Mozilla Group has also screwed up SeaMonkey with version 2.0

I am fearful that a few Ex Microsoft or AOL Programmers have infiltrated the ranks of Mozilla.

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