Creating a New Profile in Thunderbird
The Initial Install of Thunderbird uses the "Default" Profile and when Thunderbird is loaded it does not initially give the User access to the Window that allows for managing or creating New Profiles.

The following Screens reflect how to make Thunderbird Open the Profile Management Window.

Right Clicking on the Desktop Icon for Thunderbird Opens the Window Shown Below

At the Above Window, Click on "Properties" which Opens the Window Shown Below
In the Above Window, Add -profilemanager on the end of thunderbird.exe as indicated and Click on OK
The Next time the Desktop Icon is clicked on the Profile Management Window will Open as Shown Below
Be advised there may be other then the "Default" Profile showing in the event a new Install
of Thunderbird picked up existing Profile/s of previous Thunderbird being on the Computer.

Selecting "Create Profile" Opens the Window Shown Below.

Clicking on "Next" Opens the Window Shown Below
To use the Default location for the New Profile simply type in a New Name and Click on "Finish"
To select a different Drive or Location or Folder, Click on "Choose Folder"
Note:...   The Profile Name Selected will be proceeded by several Thunderbird Generated Characters.
This can be observed in the Window Shown Below after creating the Profile "LoneStar"
As Shown Above, The LoneStar Profile Name ended up being "efybl7p4.LoneStar"
After Clicking on "Finish" the Profile Management Window now Appears as Shown Below
Anytime more then one Profile exist Thunderbird will load the Profile Manager without the -profilemanager being in the Load Command. However, providing the -profilemanager is removed then the User has the option of placing a Check in the "Don't ask at startup" Box and Thunderbird will load in the last Profile Used prior to placing a check in the Box
This procedure should work with most all versions of Thunderbird.

For the record the Screen Prints were made using Version 3.0.4

After Creating a New Profile It will require setting up the servers and at least
one Mail Box Account which can be accomplished with the link shown below.

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