How to Use Background Images - Part 4

Part 2 showed the BODY attributes reflected below:......

<body bgcolor="#000000" link="#ce0000" alink="#7f00ff" vlink="#152dbc">

To use an image for a background, the "bgcolor=" attribute is changed to "background=" as Shown Below:......

<body background="images/bg-chief.jpg" link="#ce0000" alink="#7f00ff" vlink="#152dbc">

The Above "background=" is retrieving the image named bg-chief from the Sub-Folder named "images".

Depending on the choice of Background, Only a small image is required.

The background images used on my personal web site is Shown Below:......

The images used on the Apollo Web Page for the Space Walk of Fame required a larger Image in order to obtain additional Contrast i.e. More Craters on the Moon and that image is shown Below:......

To view a Web Page with just the bg-chief image in use, Click:...   HERE

To view a Web Page with just the bg-moon image in use, Click:...   HERE

While the bg-chief image married together without showing seams the bg-moon image does not vertically and this is due to the different screen resolutions.

I did the Apollo Page over 10 years ago and can tell from it's 640 pixel 640 width that I made it go completely across the screen in order to clear up some of the mismatch I now see.

Only on a few Special Pages have I used images for a background. I much prefer staying with the solid color background.

Frankly, I have never attempted a full size image for a background because as stated I prefer the solid back grounds and even then you have to be selective because what is red in your computer may be a turd brown in another because computer monitors do not display all colors the same.

My 2 Cents on Background Images.

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