File Association and How to Change It
Most Users are aware when they click on a file it usually opens up in a program.

Most Users are aware most all files have a file extension such as .TXT or .DOC or .XLS or .WMV as well as many others.

Most Users are aware when a video file arrives attached to e-mail and the User clicks on the file with the extension of .WMV file it will open in Windows Media Player and play the video.

Like wise, clicking on a .DOC file opens in MS-Word and clicking on .XLS will open in MS-Excel. ----- .TXT is normally opened in NotePad.

This occurs because those are the Default Settings of Windows. Default simply means that is the normally setting.

The program to be used depends on the "FILE ASSOCIATION" setting.

By Default, normally an .HTM or .HTML file is opened in the User's Internet browser because this is the file extension for web pages.

When clicking on an HTM or HTML file, this User prefers to open the file in NotePad so the source code of the web page can be viewed and the coding changed.

Therefore, he changed the "FILE ASSOCIATION" to the program "NotePad"

How to change the Default Setting is explained in the screens below.

The easiest way to change one extension type is to use the Program Windows Explorer and Right Click on the file name and select "Properties" as shown in the following screen.
As Shown Above, Left Click on "Properties" at the bottom of the Small Window
After Clicking on "Properties" the following Screen Appears
As Shown Above, the CAMPOUT2.HTM file is currently set to open with Internet Explorer
To change "File Association", Click on "Change" and Window Shown Below will open
As Shown Above, a list of Programs is available to select from and "NotePad" is selected
If a special application is needed the "Browse" allows selecting any Program Available
As Shown Below, "NotePad" will now be used to Open any HTM file on the computer
As Shown Above, "NotePad" will now be used to Open any HTM file on the computer
Same Song - Different Verse Below
To review all "FILE ASSOCIATION" on the computer, Use Windows Explorer
and Click on "Tools" and "Folder Options" as Shown Below
As Shown Above, Clicking on "Folder Options" opens the Window Shown Below
As Shown Above, Selecting "File Types" Opens the Window Shown Below
The Smaller Window in the Window above is positioned to show the HTM and HTML File Extension. As indicated NotePad is set to Open HTM Files while HTML is set to open with Internet Explorer. This User often times saves text files with the extension of RAY and selecting "NEW" allows the User to create a new "File Association" so in this case NotePad could be used to open the text files with the extension RAY.
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