Stowage and Backing Up E-Mail in SeaMonkey Version 1.1.19

The normal default location used by SeaMonkey to stow the Profile folder and it's associated files with address books and sub-folders for e-mail is located in the path on drive C: as shown here:...
C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\616ih6cj.Default User\Mail\

By default these folders are hidden and the user must take Windows Explorer and un-hide the files by clicking on TOOLS - FOLDER OPTIONS and VIEW as shown in the screen below.

Note:... Windows Explorer is found in START and ACCESSORIES in Windows-XP.

Also be advised, if the User has created their Profile in the recommended location off the Root of Drive C; then the following steps are not applicable relative to the location of their Profile files.

Shown Above is the Window used to hide or un-hide normally hidden files and folders.
Assuming we had created a SeaMonkey Profile named SM-2010 and negotiated to the Profile using Windows Explorer it would appear similar to the screen shown below.

Note: The ppnt7h4k.slt is a folder automatically created by SeaMonkey when the Profile is created. It is within the SLT folder that SeaMonkey's BookMarks and Address Books are stowed.

Assuming we had already setup a mail box and our ISP mail was using Bellsouth and we highlighted the folder the right side of the screen will appear as shown below.
As Shown Above, Your mail is stowed in the files named "Inbox" and "Sent" and those are the only 2 files necessary to copy or backup. The MSF files are all database files and should not be copied or backed up as SeaMonkey will create new MSF files based on the current location and status. As indicated Draft and Trash Messages are stowed in the Draft and Trash file.

However, since the bookmarks and the e-mail address book/s are stowed in what is called the "SALT" folder which is a folder automatically generated by SeaMonkey it is recommended the entire profile be backed up which in this case would be the folder named SM-2010.

AND, That is how you Backup Profiles and Mail Boxes in SeaMonkey.

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