Preference Settings & Importing Addresses
into SeaMonkey 1.1.19 using a LDIF Format
Load SeaMonkey amd Click on Window and Address Book as shown above
Click on the small Icon indicated and Select only Name - Email and Home Phone as shown above.
NEXT - Click on VIEW - Show Name As: and select "Last, First" as shown above
To show an example of importing an outside Address Book which has been Exported out of another Mail Program or another SeaMonkey Profile in the LDIF Format, we will use an actual Address Book which is the addresses of the 40 members of the Florida Senate plus 1 Senate Aide
To Import an Address Book, Click on TOOLS and IMPORT as shown above
At this Window make sure "Address Books" is selected and Click on NEXT
At this Window select the LDIF, CSV, Etc. as shown above and Click NEXT
Navigate to the File named Florida Senate.LDIF and select it
After selecting, the window should look something like the above - Click on OPEN
A Progress Window will appear next as shown above
The above window will appear once completed and the User needs to click on FINISH
Once Finished the Address Book will look like the above with "Florida Senate" in the column on the Left
Select the "Florida Senate" Address Book and the Window will appear as shown above
Close the Address Book and go back to the SeaMonkey Browser as shown Below
To Send or Recieve a Message, Click on WINDOW and the Mail & Newsgroups as shown above
The above is the main Mail Window of SeaMonkey - To send mail Click on, "Compose"
After Message is prepared, Click on "Address"
Normally the Personal Address Book would be showing addresses at this point. But, in this example No Addresses are in the Personal Address Book
To show the Florida Senate Address Book just imported, Click on the Personal Address Book and then Click on the Senate Address Book as shown above
Normally the initial Address Window will be narrow as shown above but, it can be grabbed on the edges and widened as shown in the screen below
One or more names can be highlighted and then the desired method of To: or Cc: or Bcc: can be chosen by clicking on the method in the Center Column - In the above example 2 of each were chosen. After choosing, Click on "OK" to place in Address window of the message
Once inserted into the address window the method of sending can be changed by clicking in the area to the left of the address window
When Message is addressed and completed, Click on the "SEND" button as shown above
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