Setting Up E-Mail in SeaMonkey Version 1.1.19
After the Initial Install or Creation of a new Profile is completed in SeaMonkey,
Clicking on "WINDOW" and then "Mail & Newsgroups" in SeaMonkey will
retrieve the window shown below which is the first Mail Setup Window.
The above Window appears on initial installation or when creating a new profile
Make sure "Email Account" is selected and Click, NEXT
Neither of these 2 boxes will keep the mail system from working. On Sent mail the Top Box shows who the mail was sent from and the bottom box shows the Sender's Email address. However, If the bottom box is incorrect then the recipient can not reply back.
POP should be selected in most all cases
Top Box can be any valid email address one has an account with.
Bottom Box must be settings of ISP the Computer is connected too for access to the internet.
Make absolutely certain the "Global Inbox" is not checked

Settings for Bright House Road Runner in Central Florida are as Follows:
Incoming Server is:...
Outgoing Server is:...
Port settings if needed are:...   Incoming Port = 110 and Outgoing Port = 25

Bellsouth settings for both boxes is:....
ATT settings are TOP = - Bottom =
Note:...   Bellsouth and ATT settings may vary depending on geographical location.

Top Box must be the Incoming E-Mail Address
Bottom Box depends on Out Going Server Settings
Above Box matters not as it is Account Name only and can be anything
As a rule Ray Prefers leaving the box to "Download Messages Now" unchecked
Once Setup, Ray Recommends selecting the WIDE View as indicated above
Ray's never found a need for a Search Bar in E-Mail and uses the settings shown above
Small Icon shown above, Opens the preference window and Ray's Preferred settings are as indicated.
The Sender - Subject - Date can be swapped in positions by dragging and dropping.
Small Icon shown above, Opens the preference window to allow for showing the Unread and Total
Keep in mind, SeaMonkey is the Original Netscape updated to the present by the Mozilla Group and All the Preference settings shown are what Ray prefers after using the program since 1993 i.e. 17 years.

Also be advised there is a 2.0 version of SeaMonkey available but, it is different from SM-1.1.19 as it is operating on the same engine as does Firefox and Thunderbird and for the present Ray prefers to stay with version 1.1.19 of SeaMonkey

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