Setting Up E-Mail in Thunderbird Version 2.0

The normal default location used by Thunderbird to stow the Profile folder and it's associated files with address books and sub-folders for e-mail is located in the path on drive C: as shown here:...
C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\616ih6cj.Default User\Mail\Folder for mail is here and usually is same as ISP.

By default these folders are hidden and the user must take Windows Explorer and un-hide the files by clicking on TOOLS - FOLDER OPTIONS and VIEW as shown in the first screen below. Note:... Windows Explorer is found in START and ACCESSORIES.

I suggest it is much simpler and less complex to use Windows Explorer and create a folder named PROFILES directly off of the C:\ root and then another named TB-2010 off the PROFILES Folder so it looks like what is shown below in the 2nd screen.

Note:.. I create a new Profile at the beginning of each new year to keep my old mail from becoming too large a file. It is recommended that not over 2 or 300 messages be kept in one folder and to compact the mail folders often to close up the gaps in the file for those messages that have been deleted.

I therefore name my profiles for each year and hence the name TB-2010 for the Thunderbird mail for the year 2010

The Thunderbird Profile Manager is not normally used and to force Thunderbird to load the Profile Manager a Command Line Parameter must be inserted in the Load Command and that is accomplished as shown starting with window 3 below.

I believe in the KISS Principle and once established this method is much simpler and easier to use.

Windows Explorer window used to hide or un-hide normally hidden files and folders.
The NEW Profile Folders PROFILES\TB-2010 as seen in Windows Explorer.
Next:.. To force The Thunderbird Profile Manager to load,
RIGHT Click on the Thunderbird Icon and select Properties as shown below:...
In the "Command Line" Path shown below as Target: add a space at the end of "thunderbird.exe" and then -profilemanager as it is now shown in the box
Putting in the above causes the Profile Manager of TB to load
Using the -profilemanager provides you the following window
where you can create, rename, or delete a Profile.
Initially you will have the "Default User" Profile as shown above.
Clicking on "Create Profile" displays the first window shown below.
Above window is self explanatory
After Clicking on NEXT you get the window below
Note that it shows the old long path to the profile except the self generated "5ag6o6z3"
will be different numbers and letters from the ones shown here.
At the above window, Click on the Box that says "Choose Folder and select
the new C:\PROFILES\TB-2010 folder previously created with Windows Explorer.
Your Window will then look like the one shown below
Now change the box with "Default User" in it to anything you like.
I use my wife's initials on hers and my name RAY on mine plus the year.
For us, this indicates the User and the year of the mail.
Using the wife's Profile as an example, it is now ready to create by clicking on "Finish"
After clicking on "Finish" the Profile Window now shows JAS-2010
as shown above and is ready to setup the mail box settings.
From this screen you choose a Profile and click on "Start Thunderbird" to load Thunderbird
The Above is:... The first screen to setup e-mail
In the Above:..
The top box is the name that will show in FROM when composing a new message.
The bottom box is the address that will show in FROM when composing a new message.
Neither of these settings have anything to do with the mail system working.
The above is the Server Settings and what goes in depends on your ISP - My ISP is Bellsouth and therefore the setting is:..

CAUTION: Un-check the Global Inbox - DO NOT CHECK the Global Inbox.

When the Global Inbox is checked all mail is stowed in the Local Directory Folder regardless of the number of mail boxes and you can not reassign folder location for each of the mail boxes in the event you have one or more and it is just better not to use the Local Folder in a normal User setup.

The above is for your email address as established in your ISP settings.
The above can be anything but, should describe what it is and
in this case it is the mail box for Jackie Ann Smyth at Bellsouth
Keep it short for it keeps the window narrow where you read mail.
Above is the final setup screen showing all the settings
Once setup your mail will now be stowed in the folder as
now shown in Windows Explorer above - HOWEVER - HOWEVER - HOWEVER
We should do one other thing shown below
Next go to the above screen in "Sever Settings" and click on browse so the Local Directory: folder location can be changed. NEXT, Highlight MAIL and then click on "Make New Folder" and type in name as shown in the screen below.

I found naming the folder sometime tricky and you might end up with a folder named "New Folder" - If that happens just highlight MAIL again and do it more carefully the goofed folder can be deleted later with Windows Explorer.
After changing the Local Directory Folder to JAS-2010 it will be as shown above.
I consider this much simpler and now Identified to something more understandable.
All Miss Jackie's email will now be stowed in the JAS-2010 folder.
After deleting the "" folder with Windows Explorer,
the Tree and Path now look like the above in Windows Explorer.
Neater and Sweeter because we applied the KISS Principle.
AND, That is how you create Profiles and Setup Mail Boxes in Thunderbird.

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