The Quirks of the Browsers

In doing web pages I find the different browsers of Microsoft's Internet Explorer - Mozilla's Firefox and Seamonkey have a few "Quirks" where what works in one does not in the other and vise verses.

One of those quirks is shown here in the following screens.

My normal browsers is Seamonkey and I do the coding of web pages by hand using Symantec's MS-DOS program "Q and A". i.e. a word processor or plain old ASCII text editor.

As I do pages I routinely check with Seamonkey to make sure the coding is correct and the page appears as intended. I also do a lot of Cut - Copy and Paste using my previous web pages.

Recently, after doing a whole web site section which consisted of 49 pages, I decided to test with Internet Explorer and discovered I had a major problem as IE was not displaying the pages the same as Seamonkey or Firefox.

You seldom if ever find any display differences between Firefox and Seamonkey as well as Netscape because all three come from the Mozilla Group.

However, it is a different story with Internet Explorer as the follow screen will indicate.

I pretty much use the same basic format for the bottom of all my web pages and shown below is what the bottom of my 49 pages looked like in Seamonkey or Firefox.

As shown above, all is well and the bottom of the page is as intended.

However, when viewed with Internet Explorer it is as shown in the screen below.

As shown above, The top red line is short and there is no space between the two items and the spacing is wild where the copyright line is located.

I decided to attack the copyright line spacing first and the coding for that section is shown in the screen below.

As shown above the coding appears correct and Firefox/Seamonkey have no problems and the page passed through a HTML Validator program.

I finally found a cure and the coding change is shown below.

Absolutely nothing in the coding was changed except the space was removed where the "/center" coding ends each line as shown above.

For some strange reason Internet Explorer reads that differently then does the Mozilla Browsers.

With the line spacing solved, the Red Line situation remained and after running the page through a validator program which pointed out I had not turned off a table I discovered my typo error of the missing forward slash as shown below.

As can be observed above, the "/" is missing from the "table" turn off code in the last line.

With that corrected Internet Explorer displays the page correctly as shown in the screen below.

As the above screen indicates, IE now displays the page correctly. Why it did not like the space before "/center" is very strange and one of the reasons I don't like or use IE.

The table turnoff code was a true code violation but, why it effects the red line as it does while Firefox and Seamonkey ignore it, is a mystery to me.

So Much for the QUIRKS of the Browsers

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