Export - Import of Address Books  -  Netscape to Thunderbird
The above caption and the following screen examples were made exporting an Address Book from Netscape 7.02 and importing it into Thunderbird 1.5

However, regardless of the Browser or E-Mail Program being used, the principle is the same and even the screen examples shown should be very similar.

Using Netscape and Thunderbird each screen or window necessary to complete the Export / Import is shown below.

Beneath each screen or window is an explanation of the screen above.

I have blocked out the e-mail addresses on each screen to maintain privacy and it may be noted that I reduced the window size to better show the full screen on the web site.

First things first, Click on "Window" and "Address Book" as reflected above.
Verify the Address Book to be exported is highlighted in the pane on the left side and Click on "Tools" and "Export"
At the above screen, Select the location folder for the Exported File to be saved in - In this case, The Root Folder of Drive E: was selected.

At the bottom of the screen verify the "Save as type:" window indicates LDIF - Name the file as you like and add the LDIF extension as shown.

This completes the Export from Netscape and we should now have a file named TEST-1.LDIF in the root folder of drive E:

Next Step is to Load Thunderbird:...........

At the Thunderbird Screen, Click on "Tools" and "Address Book"
At the Address Book Screen, Click on "Tools" and "Import"
At the above screen, Verify "Address Book" is checked and Click on "Next"
At the above screen, Select LDIF as indicated and Click on "Next"
At the above screen, navigate to the folder chosen to save the exported file in and select the file and Click on "Open"
The above screen is provided to show the progress of the Import.
The above screen reflects the completion of the Import and you may click on "Finish"
As can be seen above, the Import comes in as a new Folder i.e. New Address Book. - The User may now leave the new address book as it is or the addressees may be moved into the Normal "Personal Address Book" by highlighting the TEST-1 Folder (Book) on the left and then selecting the desired e-mail addresses on the right as shown in the next screen.
After selecting the addressees to be moved, hold the left mouse button down and drag the files to the "Personal Address Book". It will not appear the selected addresses moved but, a check of the Personal Address Book should reflect the new addresses.
After moving the addresses the imported Address Book in this case "TEST-1" can be deleted using "Edit" - "Delete" or right click and select "Delete" - An imported Address Book can also be renamed by clicking on "Edit" and selecting "Properties"
As shown in the above screen, when you compose or write a new message the imported messages are available either in the imported address book of "TEST-1" or the "Personal Address Book" may be used. -- It should be noted the "Personal Address Book" and "Collected Address Book" are part of the program and can not be renamed or deleted.


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