File Transfer Program
The E-Mail System is not capable of handling large files due to the ISP's allotted mail box size.

However, the serious computer User can use a "File Transfer Program" which provides the capability to directly transfer files between Computers/Servers.

To do this one must have their own web site or server space set up for FTP accounts and then it is easy to transfers images, documents and other large files between relatives and friends.

Even without the personal capability, having and knowing how to use a File Transfer Program offers additional benefits because companies, schools, governments, etc. provide access to their servers to download programs, documents, etc.

For example, most IRS Tax Forms are available at the IRS web site using a "File Transfer Program"

One of the oldest, easiest and most popular transfer programs is WS_FTP which use to be free and still is providing you obtain one of the older version.

Newer or later version are not necessarily better and the older versions of Winsock FTP work just fine with the current versions of Windows.

The current version of WS_FTP is located at:...

The older versions are available at:...

The following "Image Screens" with instructions will tell the User how to download, install and use the WS_FTP program.

But, first a few suggestions and preliminary things to do:...

It is not important that all Users have the same filing or organizational system but, it is very important that all User's have a computer organizational system and know how to use it with Windows Explorer.

For this example, we suggest you make 3 folders directly off the root ( C:\ ) of drive C.
Note:.. If not done as suggested the Instructions and Image Screens will not jive.

Using Windows Explorer make the following Folders:...

1-WS  ......   Folder for our Web Site files.
2-FTP  ......   Folder for our WS-FTP program
3-DOWN ......   Folder we download files too.

After making the above 3 Folders, the next step is to go to the Old Version web site by Clicking:...  HERE

The Old Version web site screen will appear as partly shown below:.....

The portions of the screen shown above is in the lower left corner at the bottom and the file to be download is the last one named WS_FTP LE 6 (1.9 MB) which is the version 6 released in 2003. Accordingly, Click on the WS_FTP LE 6 and the following screen will appear.
As indicated by the "If download does not start, click here" we found it necessary to always click on "Click Here". So, do so and the following screen will appear.

Be aware, some of the following screens may appear
differently depending on the browser being used.
Verify the "Save to Disk" is selected and click on OK.
Your screen will not have the 3-DOWN showing in the top box to the right of "Save in:" so, click on the small arrow on the right hand side of the box and browse to the "C:\3-DOWN" Folder and once 3-DOWN is showing in the box, click on SAVE which will save the wsftp6.exe file to the 3-DOWN Folder. - Proceed to the next screen which provides the next steps to take.
Next step is to click on START and RUN which retrieves the above screen and then you click on "Browse" and go to the 3-DOWN Folder and Highlight the File "wsftp6.exe" as indicated in the next screen.
At the above screen with wsftp6 highlighted, click on OPEN. The following screen will appear.
At the above screen, verify the Open: box indicates "c:\3-down\wsftp6.exe" and click on OK which will start the "Install Program".
Depending on your system, the above screen may or may not appear. If it does appear, click on "Run" and proceed which gets you the screen shown below.
The above screen will probably go by so fast you don't notice it and the following screen will appear and be on top of this screen.
The above screen is not much more then cosmetics so, click "Next" and proceed.
The normal licensing screen most programs have. Click on the "Accept" button and the "Next" to get the screen shown below.
The above is a very important screen because it allows selecting where the FTP program will be installed on the hard drive. Click on "Change" which gets the following screen.
In the above window navigate to the C:\2-FTP Folder, highlight it and click on OK.
After clicking OK the previous window will return as indicated below.
Note:...   The window now indicates the new installation path of C:\2-FTP - Click "Next"
The above is a pretty standard window for installing programs and I usually just click "OK" or "Next" as the case may be.
The above is pretty much a standard window giving the User one last chance to cancel the install prior to copying the program's files to the hard drive.
The above window indicates the progress of copying the files to the hard drive.
The above window reflects the installation was a success and you can quit the Install Program by clicking on "Finish"

The next step is to load the program "Windows Explorer" and navigate to the 2-FTP Folder as shown below.

With 2-FTP highlighted in the left panel the right panel will show the installed files of the WS-FTP6 program as reflected above.- Note:.. The file name may or may not include the extension depending on the default settings in Windows Explorer.
Next step is to Right Click on the ws_ftp95.exe file and open the windows as indicated above to create a desktop icon. With the windows open, Left Click on Desktop (create shortcut)
A Desktop Icon will be created same as the one shown above on the left. - It is suggested the Icon be renamed to shorten it and the easiest way is to highlight the Icon and then Press the F2 key which is the Hot Key for "Rename".   Choose a name of your choice.   My renamed Icon usually looks like the one shown on the right.

Renaming the Icon finalizes the installation and we can now click on the Icon to load the FTP program which will open to the screen shown below.

The above reflects what the initial screen will look like which shows the IPSwitch web site address which is the makers of WS_FTP6.   Each time the FTP program loads it always defaults to the last address visited. The selected address shows in the box named "Profile Name:" and you select the web site to visit by clicking on the small down arrow on the right side of the box.   -  Go to Next Screen.
Clicking on the down arrow of the "Profile Name" box opens the list of the web sites which come with the program. It should be noted, this version of WS_FTP was created in 2003 and some of the addresses may no longer be valid.
New Profile Names and Addressees are created by clicking on "New" and filling in the boxes similar to what is shown above for my grandson Jacob's web site.

The required information and login requirements will need to be furnished by the web site/server owner.

Clicking on the "OK" in the lower left corner of the smaller window with the login info initiates the connect sequence.

Once connected the smaller window disappears and the screen will look like the one shown below.

As indicated by the two small windows on each side at the top, the window on the left is my (your) computer. - The window on the right is the server being connected too. In this case it is the server in Orlando where my web site's rented hosting space is located.

The files on the left are identical to the ones on the right because a web site is created on your own computer and then uploaded (Transferred) to the web site host computer/server.

Transfer of the files is accomplished by highlighting the desired file/s and then clicking on the arrows in the middle between the two screens.

The arrow on top pointing left sends the files from the Orlando Server to my Computer and the lower arrow pointing to the right sends the files from my computer to the server in Orlando.

AND YES, it is simply as that.

Note:...   In the lower left corner the box says "Close" and it is this box you click on to close the connection to the other computer/server. When disconnected this box will say "Connect" and clicking on "Connect" will bring up the window with all the addresses in it.

For convenience when working on a given web site the start up folders which the FTP program defaults too after loading may be changed by clicking on the "Start Up" Tab and defining the desired Folders as reflected by the above screen image.
Clicking on "Options" brings up the above window and as indicated WS_FTP provides many options to aide in transferring files.

However, since this is not a college course and was only intend to show how to transfer large files we will not get into options except for two.

WS_FTP keeps a log of every file transferred and places the log file in the web site folder. However under the "General Tab" there is a box to uncheck and the log will not be maintained.

The second one we will point out is the "Convert" Tab which will convert file extensions from HTM to HTML during transfers. This is an important feature because some web sites require only the 3 character extension of HTM and others require the full HTML extension. This was necessitated by the short names of Windows 3.1 and the switch over to long file names with Windows 95 But, WS_FTP took care of it by providing this "Convert" option.

What is written here is an effort only to explain how to get in the business of transferring large files.

However, if you have a question ask The Head Dunce by Clicking:...  HERE

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