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I hold the opinion that no one will every understand or fully enjoy their computer until they learn about the "Path Command" and know how to use "Windows Explorer" which is a Windows program provided to manage your documents, images, and all other files.

"Windows Explorer" allows you to find, rename, cut, copy, delete and move your files around on the hard drive.

It is best one forget trying to think of their files and images being in "My Documents" - "My Pictures" - "My Music" - etc., because they are not.

The files you create are recorded to the hard drive in folders and their location may be where ever you choose to locate them.

AND yes you record (Save) the files to the hard drive much like songs are recorded to a 45 RPM record. Old Hank Williams recorded and we played.

The hard drive is a disk we record too and then play back, simple as that.

In most cases the novice User records the files to the folders named "My Documents" and "My Pictures" and never really understands where they are located.

That comes from the fact the User all too often thinks the computer a complicated machine when in fact many things about it are really easy to learn and understand.

Using Windows Explorer, understanding the Path Command and knowing where your files are located on the hard drive is no more complicated then knowing where your socks are in the house.

I compare the hard drive path to a house because your house has a path to all items in it. Most assuredly, all of us have a dresser or chest of drawers in the bedroom with a drawer where we keep our socks.

Your house probably looks something like the following image and it is a simple conclusions to get to the socks we must follow the path of:....

Front Door---Foyer---Hall---Bedroom 2---Chest---Drawer 2---

Unlike our house we must remember the hard drive has only one door which is called the Root and it is from this Root Folder that all other things (Folders) grow. We see and know this as C:\ -- In other words our Front Door on the computer is C:\

Had the above image been our hard drive the "PATH" to our socks would have looked like this:.. C:\Foyer\Hall\Bedroom 2\Chest\Drawer 2

In the real world using Windows Explorer the Tree and Path would have appeared as shown in the image below:..........

And with out the clutter of writing on the image it appears as shown below:..........

By Default, Windows creates a "My Documents" Folder for each User of the Computer and the path to that folder is C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents and the path to the "My Documents" folder on my computer is shown by the following image:..........

In other words if you have not changed the default settings by reassigning "My Documents" to a different folder then the path should be shown as indicated above and using Windows Explorer you should be able to find your files at the location shown which is the path of:...   C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents

The "My Documents" folder shown above does not indicate any files because I have reassigned it to use a folder on my hard drive D:

Also, the Path shown is using Windows XP - Windows Vista and Windows 7 may use a slightly different path.

Start using Windows Explorer and Good Luck !!

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