- "Creating Short Cuts" -

NOTE:...  Images taken in Windows - 98

For our Example, Let's add a "Short Cut" to your DeskTop to use "Windows Explorer"

Here's How:......     Read it all and look at the Images and Then.....

1. Click on START -
Note :... Don't hold the mouse button down after clicking on START (Most Folks Do) - After clicking on START and the menu pops up, Just take the mouse and move the cursor to PROGRAMS.

2. Go to PROGRAMS and find "Windows Explorer" on the pane which opens after highlighting Programs.
Note :... In some versions of Windows such as XP, "Windows Explorer" is found under Programs/Accessories

3. Position the Mouse Cursor on or Highlight "Windows Explorer"

4. Click the RIGHT Mouse Button - After clicking the RIGHT Mouse Button a screen will appear which will look as it does in the Short Cut Image-1

5. Click on "Create ShortCut" - Nothing will appear to have happened - BUT!! Look at the very bottom of the Program Menu and you will find a new Program Selection which says "Windows Explorer [2]" as can be seen in Short Cut Image-2

6. Now Highlight the "Windows Explorer [2]" and press and HOLD DOWN the LEFT Mouse Button. - While holding down the button drag the "Windows Explorer (2)" over to a vacant spot on the DeskTop and release the mouse button. When you drag it off the Program Menu or release the Mouse Button the Program Menu will disappear.

7. You will now have on the DeskTop an Icon for "Windows Explorer" and a Quick Way to get it loaded when you want to use the program. The New Icon should appear as shown in Short Cut Image-3

You can create Short Cuts this way for any program you like which you use often and desire to have a quick way to get it loaded.

However, the above is the hard way to create a "Short Cut Icon"  -  The easy way is too right click on the program and highlight "Send To"  -  Another window will pop up and you click on, "Desktop (Create Short Cut).  -  Shown:...   HERE

Bingo, you should now find a new Icon added to the Desktop.

Any time you want the Short Cut Icon removed from the DeskTop, you can High Light the Icon and Click the Right Mouse Button and then select DELETE. - This ONLY deletes the Icon from the DeskTop and not the program.

Don't be bashful about adding ShortCuts to your DeskTop - You can see from the images this Dunce's DeskTop Screen is full of Program Icons.

Short Cuts may be made for any Folder or Executable Program File using the same procedure of Right Clicking on the Folder or File.

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